English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.



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English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.

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English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.

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English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.

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'Llyfr Jenkin Richard',

An imperfect, seventeenth century manuscript. Pp. 1-160 and 165-232 contain a collection of Welsh free- and strict-metre poems (medieval to seventeenth century) including poems by Howell Thomas Dauid, Jenk[in] Richard, William Jenkin, Giles ap Joh...

Jenkin Richards.

Annotations and extracts,

'Annotations upon certain Cases in Civil-Law collected by Dr. Souch shewing how far some of them agree w[i]th our Common-Law ... by Judge Jenkins'; a poem - 'A farewell to folly'; and notes of a sermon by Dr Owen of Christ Church.

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

Forty-four loose leaves (many imperfect and stained) and a fragment containing miscellaneous material in a number of ?late sixteenth and seventeenth century hands. The contents include notes in English and Welsh on palmistry; transcripts, largely ...

Commonplace book

A composide volume in the hand of the Rev. Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing Welsh and English poetry (pp. 1-102, 127-207, 215-393, 497-507, 549-664), by Ieuan Fardd himself, Edward Richard, Tudur Aled and Edmwnd Prys and others, as well as extr...

English poetry,

A poem [?by William Arundel] dedicated to the Countess Dowager of Peterborough and entitled 'Heaven and Earth or God and Vertusia'.

[?William Arundel].


'A Discourse of the Pedigree of Percy's and Stanley's', being notes on early members of the Percy family, with tables showing the descent of Venetia, wife of Sir Kenelm Digby, from the Percy and Stanley families; together with ...

Humphrey Lhuyd's History of Wales,

  • NLW MS 23202B
  • File
  • [16 cent., second ½]

A volume, second half of XVI cent., probably in the hand of Thomas Powell (d. 1588), Parc y Drewen, Whittington, co. Salop, containing a much shortened text of Humphrey Lhuyd's English version of Brut y Tywysogion, upon which version David Po...

Powell, Thomas, d. 1588

Katherine Philips poetry,

  • NLW MS 776B.
  • File
  • 1650-1658.

The second of two manuscripts (see also NLW MS 755B) containing poems, 1650-1658, by Katherine Philips, including some not printed in Poems By the Most Deservedly Admired Mrs Katherine Philips The Matchless Orinda ... (London, 1667, ESTC R19299), ...

Philips, Katherine, 1632-1664.

Katherine Philips poetry,

  • NLW MS 775B.
  • File
  • 1650-1658.

The first of two manuscripts (see also NLW MS 756B) containing poems, 1650-1658, by Katherine Philips, including some not printed in Poems By the Most Deservedly Admired Mrs Katherine Philips The Matchless Orinda ... (London, 1667, ESTC R19299), t...

Philips, Katherine, 1632-1664.

Letters and papers,

Miscellaneous documents including instructions, 1666/7, by Richard Wynn for the payment of money to him; meditations on sufferings, 1667/8; a form of warrant, 1678, to levy the forfeiture of £5 imposed by the Act for burying in woollen upon person...

Llywarch Hên; Cynddelw; vocabularies

A manuscript in the hand of Ieuan Fardd containing translations of the songs of Llywarch Hên, with accompanying notes (pp. 5-19); notes on Welsh and Shropshire place-names, some taken from the work of Robert Vaughan, Hengwrt (pp. 19-36); 'Ext...


A volume containing miscellaneous items in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). The contents, pagination in brackets, include a copy of an anecdote relating to the struggle between Caradawc ap Bran ap Llyr and the Romans and th...

'Iolo Morganwg' and Taliesin Williams.


  • NLW MS 11002B.
  • File
  • [17 cent., last ¼], [18 cent., last ¼].

A volume containing two dance tunes ('Tom Jones' and 'The Alcove') in a late eighteenth century hand. Written on the fly-leaf, in a late seventeenth century hand, is a stanza ('O greatness couldst thou not thy self contayn...


Two notebooks containing annotations on the Lord's Prayer; moral verses; a list of cattle at Rhûg, 1661; apothegms; Latin-English phraseology; Latin verses; an inventory of linen; etc.

Poems, &c.,

Transcripts from NLW MS 6511B of 'cywyddau' by Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Rhisiart Iorwerth and Lewys Morganwg; a copy of Marw-nad am Gwilim Basset o Fisgin, Yswain ..., (Y Bont-faen, 1771); translations of poetry, including one in the hand of J...


Eight English poems of the 16th century; an anonymous Welsh poem beginning ''Roedd geneth lân, sobr, ar ochr y rhiw'; and extracts in the hand of the Reverend John Williams, Llanrwst.

Williams, John, 1760-1826.

Poetry and prose,

  • Brogyntyn MS II.57i-ii [RESTRICTED ACCESS].
  • File
  • [1640s]-[19 cent., first ½].
  • Part of Brogyntyn manuscripts

Poetry and prose compiled at Brogyntyn for an album (cf. Brogyntyn MS I.29), but left unbound. The items, in various hands, are mainly in English but with a few in Latin, Welsh and French, and consist of political, satirical and occasional verse, ...


A volume of eighteenth century poetry, and some prose, transcribed by Thomasina Smith, afterwards Thomasina Leach, wife of Abraham Leach [the younger] of Corston. Among the poets represented are R. B. Sheridan, John Dryden, Thomas Gray, and Oliver...

Thomasina Smith (aft. Leach).

Poetry, prophecies, &c.

A manuscript containing cywyddau brud and other poetry (pp. 7-8, 13-78, 87-94, 101-111, 115-130, 135-136, 154-298), the poets cited including Taliesin, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ab Edmwnd and Siôn Tudur; prophecies of Merlin (pp. 79-86, 112-114, 131-1...

Recipes, etc.,

An imperfect volume containing medical, culinary, and household recipes, and miscellaneous literary items including extracts from [Edward] Bysshe: The Art of [English] Poetry [(London, 1702)], an incomplete transcript of [John] Dryden's poem ...

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