Ffeil NLW MS 21253D [RESTRICTED ACCESS] - Works of Sir John Wynn of Gwydir

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Works of Sir John Wynn of Gwydir


  • [early 18 cent.] (Creation)

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x, 158 ff. (ff. 29-31, 40 verso-42 verso, 51-158 blank; ff. 1-29 originally paginated 1-57) ; 305 x 200 mm.

Vellum binding with traces of clasps.

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Hanes archifol

There is no evidence as to who wrote this MS, and there is no shelf mark. It is in two hands (apart from the heading of f. i), one in ff. 1-28 verso and the other in the remainder of the MS, both early-eighteenth century. Lot 1515 in the Mostyn sale at Christie’s, 24 Oct. 1974.


Ardal cynnwys a strwythur

Natur a chynnwys

History of the Gwydir Family, headed (f. i, different hand from text) 'A true Coppy of a manuscript written by Sr. jon. Wynne of Gwydir Knt. & Barrt. ut Creditur & patet. 1607' (ff. 1-27). This text varies slightly from that of the latest printed edition (The History of the Gwydir Family, ed. by J. Ballinger (Cardiff, 1927)) but corresponds to the texts in NLW MS 27B, NLW MS 16969B and NLW, Wynnstay MS 120, and like them it contains a few occasional notes, some of them by Humphrey Humphreys, bishop of Bangor (in Wynnstay MS 120 some of these notes have been added to the text in a hand apparently that of bishop Humphreys, see pp. 40, 81). This text of the History therefore appears to derive either directly or indirectly from bishop Humphreys' copy, or copies, one of which was in all probability Wynnstay MS 120. The manuscript also includes further notes concerning 'Meredyth Wynn ap Evan ap Robert', his later life and his progeny (the information concerning the latter is alleged to have been found in 'Sr Thomas ap William's book of pedigrees) (ff. 27 verso-28 verso). These notes are subscribed 'H Bangor 1700' (not an autograph) and correspond to the notes in NLW MS 27B, pp. 111-114, in NLW MS 16969B (at the end of the History of the Gwydir Family) and in NLW, Wynnstay MS 121, pp. 1-3.
Also included in the manuscript are notes on natives of Caernarvonshire 'such as by there own Industry have Advanced their fortunes and became Eminent, ---' (ff. 32-40). These are the notes published under the title of Memoirs in the 1927 edn. of the History of the Gwydir Family (pp. 61-75) with one major difference: the copy in our MS contains a preface (ff. 32-32 verso) which does not occur in the printed edition (or in its source, NLW MS 27B, pp. 5-27). This preface begins: 'Now haveing taken View and Survey of the Soile and Situation of the County of Carnarvon, It would be considered and remembred what Witts and Worthy Members to the Common Wealth from time to time this poor County brought forth, ---' (f. 32), suggesting that these notes were once part of, or intended to be part of, a larger work on Caernarvonshire. The circumstantial information in this preface appears to support the suggestion that Sir John Wynn of Gwydir was the author of these notes (Ballinger, op.cit., p. xiv). Also included are 'Notes to be observed before you let your Survey Pass your hands' (ff. 43-50 verso). These notes also occur in NLW MS 27B, pp.115-137, and were printed under the somewhat misleading title of An Ancient Survey, of Pen Maen Mawr, --- by J. O. Haliwell in 1659 and reprinted by W. Bezant Lowe in 1906.

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Watermarks in the paper similar but not identical to that in paper used in NLW MS 21238B.


Preferred citation: NLW MS 21253D [RESTRICTED ACCESS].


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  • Text: NLW MS 21253D [RESTRICTED ACCESS]; $z - Access to the original manuscript by authorised permission only. Readers are directed to use surrogate copies..
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