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Education -- Wales
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Papers relating to the Central Welsh Board.

  • NLW ex 2304
  • Ffeil
  • 1911-1930

Papers, 1914-1930, relating to the establishment of the Central Welsh Board, including reports, minutes, letters and auditor's reports.

Griffith Jones, Llanddowror

  • NLW MS 8864E
  • Ffeil
  • 1917

An essay entitled 'Griffith Jones, Llanddowror, ac Addysg Cymru' submitted by G[riffith] Pen[n]ar Griffiths ['Penar'] for competition at the National Eisteddfod held at Birkenhead, 1917.

Griffiths, Griffith Pennar, 1860-1918

Education in Wales

Papers of T. I. Ellis, 1924-1940, relating to education in Wales, including reviews of his The Development of Higher Education in Wales (Wrexham, 1935).

Royal Cambrian and Llandrindod Wells Residential School for the Deaf

  • GB 0210 ROYLWS
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2016

Records of the School, 1950-1975, and of TG Richards, Headmaster 1965-1973. The records comprise a school log book, 1950-1969; a pupils' leaving book, 1957-1968; newspaper cuttings, [1965x1975]; notes compiled by the donor about his father, TG Richards, [2016]; photocopy of a short history of the School, written in 1967; and a CD containing scenes of school events and activities, compiled from 8mm cine film taken by TG Richards in the 1960s.

Royal Cambrian and Llandrindod Wells Residential School for the Deaf

Political campaigns

Comprises mainly press cuttings, together with a small quantity of printed items and correspondence, 1969-1995, relating to a large number of political campaigns in which Councillor Ray Davies has been involved. These include the campaign for a new Welsh Language Act and for enhanced Welsh medium education, the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa (over which Councillor Davies went on hunger strike in 1991), CND Wales and the Caerwent Peace Camp, the Gulf War, the campaign against corporal punishment in Mid-Glamorgan schools, Ireland, public spending cuts and the withdrawal of the Labour whip from Councillor Davies in 1981-1982 as a result of his protests against the cuts. There are also further papers deriving from more minor political campaigns in the Bedwas-Machen area. The correspondents include Robert Griffiths, 1981, Hubert Morgan (3), 1980-1981, Toni Schiavone, 1987, Dennis Skinner MP, 1982, and Angharad Tomos (3), 1986-1987.

Griffiths, Robert

Report on Welsh Intermediate Schools

A draft manuscript report prepared by O. M. Edwards on intermediate schools in Wales, discussing the provision of intermediate schools; further education; the inspection of the intermediate schools; the development of the Central Welsh Board; the differentiation of school curricula; the teaching of English, Welsh history and geography; the education of future teachers; and the responsibility for progress.

Board of Education Records

This section comprises correspondence, papers and records accumulated by O. M. Edwards as Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales under the new Welsh Department of the Board of Education from 1907. It consists of correspondence files; notebooks recording details of Edwards's visits to Welsh schools; a register of visits, 1909-1910; and two reports on Welsh education, 1892 and 1911, prepared by O. M. Edwards.

Great Britain. Board of Education.

Letters from Sir John Morris-Jones to O. M. Edwards

The file comprises letters in which Sir John Morris-Jones discusses his career and activities, the contents of Welsh journals and literary matters (notably the contents of the journals edited by O. M. Edwards), his research work and publications. There are also numerous references to the University of Wales and to higher education and to academic matters more generally.

Morris-Jones, John, 1864-1929

Letters from university principals to O. M. Edwards

The series contains letters with a mixture of personal and professional news. Many of the letters refer to matters relating to the University of Wales and the individual colleges: academic matters, research, appointments and buildings. There are also numerous references to developments in secondary education in Wales and to relations between the schools and the university. Some of the letters arrange meetings with O. M. Edwards. There are a few references to contemporary political life.

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The series comprises letters, 1880-1920, addressed to O. M. Edwards, from his first arrival at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, until the time of his death. Many of the letters are from prominent Welsh public figures. The early letters relate to Edwards's career as a student at the UCW, Aberystwyth, the University of Glasgow and Balliol College, Oxford. Some concern his preaching engagements, his plans and ambitions, while others give local news from the Llanuwchllyn area. Following his appointment as Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, in 1889, many of the letters concern his academic work and university responsibilities, and there are numerous requests for references and testimonials from students and former students. Some correspondents write in relation to educational matters in Wales, notably the passage and operation of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889, and the affairs of the University of Wales. -- From the 1890s onwards many letters concern O. M. Edwards's editing of Cymru and Cymru'r Plant, and later Wales, Heddyw and Y Llenor. Intermingled with these letters are some which refer to personal events in Edwards's life: his marriage in 1891, the death of his father in 1895, and the death of the eldest son Owen ab Owen in 1897. In 1899 many letters concern the death of Thomas Edward Ellis MP, the selection of Edwards as his successor as Liberal MP for Merionethshire, and his brief sojourn in the House of Commons until July 1900. -- Throughout these years the letters abound with references to educational matters, notably within the Universities of Wales and Oxford. Others relate to Welsh literary and cultural matters, the publication of Cyfres y Fil and the organization of Urdd y Delyn. A few letters concern Edwards's researches, writings and academic publications. -- From 1907 onwards many of the letters relate to O. M. Edwards's duties as Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales. Throughout the remaining years there are numerous communications from Edwards's former students at Oxford, invitations to deliver lectures and attend various functions and events, and letters relating to the editing of journals, notably Cymru and Cymru'r Plant. Others concern literary, cultural and publishing matters, and many relate to educational themes. These are interspersed with congratulatory messages on receipt of the Medal of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion in 1915 and a knighthood in January 1916. Many of the letters from the final years refer to O. M. Edwards's personal, health and family problems.

Urdd y Delyn

O.M. Edwards: letters to his wife Ellen Edwards

The series comprises personal letters written from Oxford, Cardiff, London and other places discussing his career and professional activities, as well as illuminating the complex relationship, full of tensions and problems, between husband and wife. The letters also refer to many members of the family and to a host of prominent contemporary figures, amongst them Sir Edward Anwyl, Thomas Edward Ellis, Sir John Morris-Jones, Sir John Rhys and Daniel Lleufer Thomas. There are many references to Llanuwchllyn and Penllyn more generally and to O. M. Edwards's wide-ranging services to Wales, including his editorship of a number of journals and his work as Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales after 1907.

Edwards, Elin, Lady, 1868-1919

Papurau amrywiol

Papurau amrywiol, 1927-2003, gan gynnwys tystysgrif Norah Isaac am ennill yr ail wobr am adrodd 'Y Crythor Dall' gan [Syr John Morris-Jones] yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Caergybi 1927; papur arholiad llenyddiaeth Gymraeg Norah Isaac yn dwyn stamp Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Treorci 1928; ei nodiadau, 1945, ar gyfer y Pwyllgor Ymgynghorol ar Addysg yng Nghaerdydd; atgynhyrchiad o [Idris Ll. Foster, Y Gymraeg yn yr Ysgolion Gramadeg (Undeb Cymru Fydd, 1952), gyda sylwadau wedi'u hychwanegu gan Norah Isaac; llungopi o adolygiad, [1950x1958], o 'Hamlet yn Gymraeg - a gan ferched yn unig. Campwaith yn y Barri' ac o adolygiad Mati Rees o Norah Isaac, Crwydro Gorff a Meddwl [Abertawe, 1980]; llyfr nodiadau'n cynnwys sgwrs Norah Isaac ar gyfer rhaglen 'Wythnos i'w chofio', 1976; a thaflen angladd Norah Isaac, 11 Awst 2003.


One of four volumes containing a collection of nearly two hundred letters addressed to Thomas Powel. They relate to matters of Welsh education, bibliography, philology and Celtic subjects. The principal correspondents are Isaac Taylor, Settrington, 1878; Thomas [James] Thirlwall, Nantmel, 1896; John Thomas ('Pencerdd Gwalia'), 1882; James R[ichard] Thursfield, Dresden, 1873; J[ames] H[enthorn] Todd; T[homas] Fisher Unwin, 1911; C[harles] J[ohn] Vaughan, dean of Llandaff; Professor C[harles Edwyn] Vaughan, Cardiff, 1897; Gwyneth Vaughan [Annie Harriet Hughes], 1906; T. R. Wardale, 1890; Sir John Williams, 1894; T[homas] Marchant Williams, 1883-1884; E[dward] P[erceval] Wright, Dublin; and William W[atkin] E[dward] Wynne, Peniarth, 1860 (to Thomas Stephens).


One of four volumes containing a collection of nearly two hundred letters addressed to Thomas Powel. They relate to matter of Welsh education, bibliography, philology and Celtic subjects. The principal correspondents are E[benezer] J[osiah] Newell, Neath, 1890; Alfred [Trubner] Nutt, 1884-1885; Sir Hugh Owen, 1880; Isambard Owen, 1882; John Owen, dean of St Asaph (afterwards bishop of St David's), 1892; Sarah Jane Rees ('Cranogwen'), 1891; Henry Richard, MP, 1880-1881; [Sir] John Rhys, 1881-1883; Llywarch Reynolds, 1881-1902; T[homas] F[rancis] Roberts, Tywyn, 1885; Leslie Stephen, 1883; Margaret E. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil, 1884; Whitley Stokes, 1883; John Strachan, 1906; and Henry Sweet, Christiania, 1883.


One of four volumes containing a collection of nearly two hundred letters addressed to Thomas Powel. They relate to matters of Welsh education, bibliography, philology and Celtic subjects. The principal correspondents are John E. A. Fenwick, Cheltenham, 1883; Samuel Ferguson, Dublin, 1877; Edward A[ugustus] Freeman, Wells, 1876, with an offprint of a letter on English policy in Turkey by Dr Humphrey Sandwith; F[rederick] J[ames] Furnivall, London, 1881; H[enri] Gaidoz, Paris, 1880-1883; John Griffith, Neath, 1890; C[harles] E[dward] T[homas] Griffith, Llandaff, 1919; Robert Harley, Mill Hill, 1877; D[avid] Howell, Wrexham, 1890; J[ohn] Cynddylan Jones, Cardiff, 1879; J[ames] R[hys] Kilsby Jones, 1883; Owen Jones, Llansantffraid, 1894; Rees Jenkin Jones, Aberdare, 1891; C[harles] K[emeys] Kem[e]ys-Tynte, Halswell, 1889; W[illiam] P[aton] Ker, Oxford, 1891-1892; Thomas Kerslake, Bristol, 1880; David Lewis, Llanarmon and London, 1879-1880; Sir William T[homas] Lewis (afterwards 1st Baron Merthyr), 1886 (concerning the Welsh Library Fund); Howell W[illiam] Lloyd, Kensington, 1880; James Macauley, M. D., 1882; Edmund McClure, editorial secretary of the S.P.C.K., 1882; J. J. MacSweeney, Dublin, 1882; Edward Matthews, Bonvilstone, 1876; John Hobson Matthews, Cardiff, 1890; John E[yton] B[ickersteth] Mayor, 1883; Arthur W[illiam] K[aye] Miller, British Museum, 1896; Eluned Morgan ('Eluned'), Bedlinog, 1897; Sir Lewis Morris, London, 1883; William Morris, Bloomsbury, 1877; and George [Friedrich] Müller, Bristol, 1883.


One of four volumes containing a collection of nearly two hundred letters addressed to Thomas Powel. They relate to matters to Welsh education, bibliography, philology and Celtic subjects. The principal correspondents are Edward Arber, Birmingham (to Llywarch Reynolds), 1884; George Duckett Barber Beaumont, Stoke Poges (to John [sic] [i.e. Thomas] Stephens, Merthyr [Tydfil]), 1855, enclosing a copy of his Ancient Oral Records of the Cimri and referring to other Welsh poems the meaning of which could be recovered by his method of literal translation into the Aramitic [Aramaic] language; Walter Bezant [Lowe], 1878-1880; John S[utherland] Black, Edinburgh, resident editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1886-1887; G[eorge] G[ranville] Bradley, Westminster, 1889; J[ohn] Collingwood Bruce, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1886; J. Bryce, Lincoln's Inn; Charles J. Clark, printer, 1896; E[dward] B[yles] Cowell, Cambridge, 1882-1883; D[avid] Charles Davies, Trefecca, 1890; John Davies, Hampstead, 1884; John Davies, Pandy, 1896; T[homas] Witton Davies, Haverfordwest, 1890; Lewis Davi[e]s, Ferndale, 1886; W[illiam] Boyd Dawkins, Manchester, 1882; Arthur de la Borderie, 1883; J. R. Dore, Huddersfield, 1878-1889; John Duncan, Cardiff, 1890; Charles [Isaac] Elton, London, 1884; D[aniel] Silvan Evans, 1879-1883; E[van] W[illiam] Evans, Dolgelley, 1917; T[homas] C[hristopher] Evans ('Cadrawd'), 1906.

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