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Jones, Rhys, 1713-1801
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A commonplace book,

Copies of Welsh and English poetry and miscellaneous extracts, including poems by William Philip, Robert Hughes, Goronwy Owen, 1741, Rice Jones, Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir'), Thomas Jones, and anonymous poems ('Pan oedd Bess yn ...

Adysgrifau 'Manoethwy',

A composite volume of transcripts in the hand of Owen Jones ('Manoethwy'). The contents include 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', 'englynion', 'carolau' and 'cerddi' by Ifan Tew Brydydd, Hari ap Howe...


Autograph poems by Griffith Griffiths, Rhys Jones (Blaenau), Evan Evans (Ieuan Brydydd Hir), Lewis Morris, Ap Iorwerth, Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg), Owen Williams (Waunfawr), Thomas Jones (Russell Cottage, Denbigh), Rowland Davies, Thomas Edwa...


Cywyddau and other poems by Richard Phylip, Robert Davies (Nantglyn), Rhys Jones (Blaenau), Walter Davies, Robert Edwards (Tai Draw, Penllyn), J. Roberts (Ty-du), John Jones (Tegid), Robert Parry (Robin Ddu Eryri), Absalom Roberts, etc.

Barddoniaeth a nodiadau

  • NLW MS 13691C.
  • File
  • 1773-1842

A copy of Rhys Jones's book Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru .... (Amwythig, 1773), including transcripts of poetry and annotations by the Reverend Walter Davies, 'Gwallter Mechain'. Some of the items appear to have been transcribed from Ll...

Jones, Rhys, 1713-1801


Holograph copies and transcripts of Welsh verse in strict and free metre, including poems in strict metre entitled 'Cywydd marwnaed er Coffadwrieth am . . . Richard Owen, esqr., o Benierth, y rhwn a madawodd ar Byd . . . 1714', by Richar...


Transcripts, mainly by Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau, editor of Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru (Amwythig, 1773), of 'cywyddau' and other poetry by William Llŷn, Rhys Goch Glyndyfrdwy, Tudur Aled, Edward Morus [Perthi-llwydion], Gruffudd Hiraetho...

Jones, Rhys, 1713-1801


A composite volume containing transcripts of miscellaneous Welsh poems, some incomplete, in free and strict metre. The original, brown, paper cover is inscribed 'Amryw Gerddi, Cywyddau, Awdlau, &c., o waith y Beirdd. Date 1766', and ...


  • NLW MS 593E.
  • File
  • [17 cent.]-[18 cent.].

'Cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Ellis Rowland, Syr Dafydd Trefor, Thomas Prys, John Davies, Siôn Tudur, Edward Morus, Rowland Price, Wiliam Phylip, Gruffudd Prys, Owen Gruffydd, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Cadwaladr Cesel, John Roger, Huw ...

Prys, Thomas, 1564?-1634


A transcript by Ioan Pedr and others of NLW MSS 1246-1247D, which contain transcripts by Rhys Jones ('o'r Blaenau') of 'cywyddau' and other poetry by Wiliam Llŷn, Rhys Goch Glyndyfrdwy, Tudur Aled, Edward Mor[y]s, Gruffudd...

Ioan Pedr and others.

Bardism; miscellanea,

A volume (pp. i-xxii; 1-449) containing miscellaneous items, many relating to Welsh bardism, in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'). The contents include pp. 1-3, a note re the proclamation in 1795 of a bardic meeting to be hel...

'Iolo Morganwg'.

Celtic Remains, Annals of Wales, &c.

A composite volume mostly in the hand of Evan Evans (Ieuan Fardd) containing transcripts of correspondence between Lewis Morris, Edward Richard, James Phillips and Samuel Pegge (see Cambrian Register, Vol. i, p. 357) (ff. 1-36); a copy of Morgan J...

Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru

A copy of Rhys Jones (ed.): Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru ... (Amwythig, 1773), with copious late eighteenth century manuscript additions entered partly in the margin and partly (largely) on bound-in leaves at the beginning and the end. The majority of...

Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru, &c.

  • NLW MS 22832C.
  • File
  • [18 cent, last ¼]-[19 cent., first ¼]

An incomplete copy of Rhys Jones, Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru ... (Amwythig, 1773), lacking title-page, some preliminaries, and pp. 265-300 of the text. Y Rhagymadrodd (ff. vii-ixv) is a page-proof copy bearing emendations, possibly in Rhys Jones...

Jones, Rhys, 1713-1801

Gorchestion beirdd Cymru, etc.,

A copy of Rhys Jones, Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru: neu Flodau Godidowgrwydd Awen . . . (Amwythig, 1773), which, according to the signature on the title page, belonged to the Reverend Evan Herbert, then curate of Llanfachreth and Llanelltud, co. Merio...

Rhys Jones, Reverend Evan Herbert and others.

Gwaith Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau

  • NLW MS 7856D.
  • File
  • 1788-1849

A copy, made about 1788 by Cadwalader Pugh, of the poetical works of Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau. Though it does not appear to have been made from the author's holograph collection (Mostyn MS. 163), it contains most of the items included ther...

Jones, Rhys, 1713-1801

Llenorion Lleyn ac Eifionydd,

A composite volume lettered on the spine 'Llenorion Lleyn ac Eifionydd' and described in the old typewritten handlist of Cwrtmawr Manuscripts as 'Llyfr Cywyddau etc. R. Llys Padrig. etc. fol.' The first part is in an early nine...

Llyfr Dafydd Ellis,

A fragment of a manuscript written by David Ellis, Criccieth, containing a 'cywydd' which he addressed to Rhys Jones o'r Blaenau; 'carolau' on 'Charity Meistres', 'Mawl Merch', 'Gwel'r Adeilad...

Ellis, David, 1736-1795

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