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Decentralization in government -- Wales
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Devolution press cuttings

  • NLW ex 1832
  • Ffeil
  • 1968-1979

A scrapbook of press cuttings, 1973-1975, together with loose cuttings and a leaflet, 1968-1979, relating to the devolution question in Wales and the campaign for a Welsh Assembly.


The group comprises Communist policy documents on devolution, 1936-1994, papers relating to the Welsh language and culture, 1949-1968, Scotland, 1967-1992, devolution referenda, 1979 and 1997, Campaign for a Welsh Assembly papers, 1987-1993, and Parliament for Wales campaign papers, 1992-1998.

Heb deitl

Transcripts of interviews with Labour Party figures

File comprises typed notes from interviews with key Labour Party figures including Alun Michael, Huw Roberts (Special Advisor to Ron Davies), Rhodri Morgan and Peter Hain, discussing devolution and the Labour party in the late 1990s and the issues surrounding the resignation of Ron Davies as Secretary of State for Wales and the appointment of Alun Michael as his replacement and his election as Labour's leader in the National Assembly for Wales.

Scripts for the radio programme 'in Britain Now'

File comprises scripts fr Patrick Hanna's contributions to a BBC Radio 4 programme entitled 'In Britain Now', where journalists from the 'regions' of the UK spoke on various topics . The topics covered by Patrick Hannan from Wales included devolution, Gwynfor Evans, the coal industry, miners' strikes, the clean up after coal, Plaid Cymru, Wales as a nation, the European Economic Community (EEC) and industrial illnesses notably pneumoconiosis. The file also contains typed transcripts of the programme which include contributions from correspondents in other parts of the UK.

Cofnodion Ymgyrch Senedd i Gymru / Parliament for Wales Campaign Records,

  • GB 0210 PARWAL
  • Fonds
  • 1988-2000 /

Parliament for Wales Campaign records, 1988-2000, including minutes, accounts, correspondence, and files relating to membership, branches, policy, activities and publications.

A further consignment of papers were recived comprising correspondence, minutes of meetings and financial papers. This group remains uncatalogued.

Osmond, John

Llythyrau at Saunders Lewis,

Ninety-four letters, 1919-1984, in Welsh and English, to Saunders Lewis from various correspondents, together with a few draft letters from Saunders Lewis and four letters to Margaret Lewis, written during her husband's imprisonment in 1937. Subjects discussed include Welsh nationalism, the award of DLitt honoris causa to Saunders Lewis, the Welsh Burial Grounds issue, 1928, and literary topics; enclosures include a copy of a draft constitution and articles of agreement, 1934, relating to self-government for Wales (ff. 161-95). Among the main correspondents are Edward Glyn Jones (13) 1919-28, Robert Williams Parry (14) 1927-44, John Arthur Price (5) 1928, E. Prosser Rhys (3) 1927-9, D. J. Williams, Fishguard (7) 1948-67, and Griffith John Williams (3) 1935-56.

The Labour Party and Wales

The file contains memoranda, reports, circulars, conference papers, press releases, and the texts of speeches by Labour politicians concerning Labour Party policies in relation to Wales.

Welsh devolution

The file comprises memoranda, circulars, reports, consultation papers concerning Labour Party policies in relation to devolution, the 1997 referendum on a Welsh Assembly and the creation of the Assembly.

Campaigns for devoluton

Files contains papers from the Parliament for Wales Campaign and the Cardiff Says Yes Campaign relating to the campaign for devolution and the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales.


Sub fond contains documents related to the campaigns for devolution to Wales and the debate around the location for the Assembly.


File contains amendments proposed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats to the Government of Wales Bill, result of research into attitudes towards the parties and a policy speech by Lord German.

Devolution documents,

Photocopies of official documents relating to the devolution campaign. These include the minutes of ministerial meetings, including meetings with the Lord President of the Council, concerning devolution, and draft governmental statements on devolution.


Material deriving from the 'Yes' campaign [the 'Wales for the Assembly campaign'] in the 1 March 1979 devolution referendum, and papers relating to the evolution and development of Labour Party policy on devolution between 1974 and 1979.

Wales for the Assembly Campaign.


Relates to the 'Wales for the Assembly' campaign in preparation for the 1 March 1979 referendum and John Morris's role in it.

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