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Llythyrau llenorion,

A collection of holograph letters and miscellaneous literary documents. The correspondents include Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'] to [the Reverend] T. Richards, 'Schools', Berriew, 1824 (the publication of Powysion), John Blackwell ['Alun'], Broncoed, near Mold, to [the Reverend] Thomas Richards, Llangyniew, 1827 (the death of the writer's father, a curacy for the writer), Robert Vaughan, Salop, to 'Honest' John Thomas Rees, [16]74 (the arrest of the recipient's brother Oliv[er] for debt) (mounted on a prospectus of Gwaith Barddonawl Thomas Gwynedd, 1822), Daf[ydd] Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Bettws St Garmon, etc. to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Pen yr allt, Dyneio, Pwllheli, 1803-7 (3) (elegies to Goronwy Owen, the works of 'Gutyn Peris', the readiness of 'Dafydd Ionawr' to reconciliate, the return of an essay, references to 'Padarn' and 'Peblig', to Y Greal, and to Jonathan Hughes, the writer's health, the publication of Yr Eurgrawn, the writer's return from Pwllheli) (with verses endorsed), John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'] to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Mrs [ ] Edwards, etc., 1815 and undated (8) (comments on lines 'Ar Ddyffryn Ffestiniog', the loan of books, etc., the writer's health, poetry by the writer, the writer's debt to Mrs Edwards) (drafts and / or copies), John and Catharine Evans, London, to their father John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1810-16 (3) (the death of the writers' mother, advising their brother not to seek employment in London, the death of their brother Nathaniel and cousin Eleanor, the writers' health) (one letter endorsed 'Llythyr Galarus Cathrin ar ol ei Mam'), 'E. E. E. Er. T' [i.e. Ebenezer Thomas, 'Eben Fardd'] to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], undated (the writer's low spirits), William Ellis Jones ['Cawrdaf'] 'Argraphydd a Llunuedydd', Dolgelley, etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1817-20 (2) (Wrexham eisteddfod (1820), personal, the writer's departure from home), P[eter] B[ailey] Williams, Pantafon, Llanrug, to R[ichard] Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], 1823 (the form of inscription on the tomb of 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), J[oshua] M[organ] Thomas, Nevyn, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1822 (2) (poetry by the writer, including an elegy to uncle Joshua Thomas, the loan of books to the recipient, a controversy on baptism, publications in Seren Gomer, a letter from [J. R.] Jones of Ramoth, encloses Village Sermons by R[obert] Robinson of Cambridge and portraits, a request for an English translation of an elegy by the writer), John Roberts [the elder], Llanbrynmair, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1815 (the recipient's affliction, the death of Mrs Ellis, 'a little revival amongst us'), Dav[i]d Williams, Pwllhely [aft. of Castell Deudraeth], etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1816-19 (4) (personal, the writer's reading, the recipient's promotion, poetry by the writer, dreams, the recipient's knowledge of languages), David Ellis, Pwllheli, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1814 (a copy of a paper made for 'Siôn Lleyn', the loan of books), Thos. Roberts, Carnarvon, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1811 (a tender for printing), Iafan Llwyd, Bristol, to cousin John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1823 (the preaching of Dr Robert Hawker of Plymouth, family news, the death of the recipient's mother), [Rev.] David Ellis, Ty newydd [Cricieth], to David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], 'Schoolmaster', at Pentraeth, 1794 (personal, the price of William Owen [Pughe]'s Geirlyfr, the poetry of 'Iolo Morganwg', the writer's search for books), Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'], Braichtalog, Llandegai, to John Roberts ['Siôn Lleyn'], 1814 (request for contribution to writer's proposed book Ffrwyth Awen) and to Robert Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], Betwsfawr, Llanystumdwy, 1817, 1828 (libellous englynion by 'Nwython y Nithiwr' to the writer's book, an elegy by the writer to a daughter of Lewis Morris), M. Davies, Gwynfryn and Penlan, Pwllheli, etc., to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1814-21 (11) (the writer's religious experiences, the texts of the 'Llanhengen' meeting, thanks for verses by the recipient, the loan of books to the recipient, the ministry of Penlan Church, the Baptists at Pwllheli, Bible meetings at Pwllheli, news of ministers of religion and others), Dafydd Saunders 'alias D. glan Taf, doe glan Teifi', Merthyr Tydfil, to 'Du ar Gwyn' [i.e. Robert Williams, 'Robert ap Gwilym Ddu', and David Owen, 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1823 (poetry by the writer and by the recipients) (endorsed are englynion entitled 'Annerchiad ir Du ar Gwyn o Eifion') and to Robert Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), 1835 (condolence, poetry by the writer), Morgan Davies, Nannau, to Rob[ert] Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu], 1826 (poetry by the writer, references to the recipient's wife and to her father), W[illia]m Edwards ['Gwilym Padarn'], Llanberis, to Daniel Evans ['Daniel Ddu o Geredigion'], Maesnewydd, near Lampeter, 1830 (a request to allow John Jones, Llanrwst, to publish the recipient's Gwinllan y Bardd) and to John Jones ['Pyll Glan Conwy'], printer, Llanrwst, 1830 and undated (2) (material for publication by the recipient, payments to the recipient), I. W. Owen, English Bridge Place, Shrewsbury, to [Robert] Williams ['Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'], 1834 (Miss Williams's health and an invitation to Shrewsbury, references to Jane Wynne and the Tudors, comments on sectarianism in Wales), John Evans ('I. D. Ffraid'), Llansantffraid [Glan Conwy], to John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1835 (2) (the purchase of publications, poetry for Yr Athraw), W[illia]m Roos, Carnarvon, to David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], 1836 (portraits, etc. by the writer of Christmas [Evans], 'Dewi Wyn', J. W. Thomas ('Arfonwyson') and Wm. Jones ('Gwrgant')), W[illia]m Williams ['Caledfryn'], Caernarvon, to J[ohn] Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (subscribers to the writer's A Treatise ... on Welsh Poetry) (written on a blank page of a prospectus of the work), H[ugh] Jones [printer], Llanrwst, to John Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (the authorship of an almanac published by the writer), O[wen] W[illiams], Caernarvon and Waunfawr, to J[ohn] Jones, printer, Llanrwst, 1839 (2) (a book carrier's terms, the health of Dafydd Owen ['Dewi Wyn'] and the publication of his poetry, the publication of the writer's Drysorfa [Hynafiaethol], [Rev.] R. Phillips, Bettws, Abergele, to ['Eben Fardd'], 1843 (the publication of a collection by the writer of hymns), Thos. Edwards, Chester, etc., to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], 1841-9 (a work by 'Dewi Wyn' in English, 'Talhaearn's second letter), A[ndrew] J[ones] Brereton ['Andreas o Fôn], Mold, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]51 (enclosing Mold eisteddfod proceedings), [letter written on behalf of] Griffith Griffiths, Henllys Fawr, near Aberffraw, to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), [18]54 (a request for an elegy), Ellis Owen, Cefn y Meusydd, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1815? (a tribute to the recipient's friendship, the writer's reading, the success of Field Marshal W[ellington], the death of the Rev Mr [Thomas] Robinson of Leicester), Richard Jones, Erwystyffylau [Llanwnda] ['Gwyndaf Eryri'] ('enw o Fardd') to [Griffith Williams, 'Gutyn Peris'], 1815 (the publication of the recipient's Ffrwyth Awen, the writer's letter in defence of the poets) (endorsed are Englynion I Anerch Ffrwyth Awen'), J. Evans, Cardiff, to D. Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], c. 1838 (requesting the recipient to correct an enclosed 'awdl'), and Sam[ue]l Evans, Carmarthen, to W[illia]m Jones, Rhoslan, near Pwllhely, 1851 (2) (the success of Seren Cymru). Several of the letters have been printed in 'Adgof uwch Anghof'. Among the miscellaneous documents are printed minutes of a committee held at the Bull's Head, Llangefni, 18 November 1825, to discuss the erection of a monument in the cathedral church of Bangor and a tablet in the parish church of Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf in memory of the late Reverend Goronwy Owen, A.M. (directed to Mr David Owen, Geirwen, Pwllheli); 'Carol Plygain ar Falldod Dolgelleu', 1813, by 'W. D.'; holograph poetry by J[ohn] Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], 1813, including 'Lines on Friendship. Composed by an afflicted hand', 'Lines composed by an humble hand on his Library; which is made up, almost entirely, of books given him by Mrs Hughes, her sister Mrs E. Nanney, Miss Williams, &c.', 'on Longing', and 'Lines on New Year's Day'; verses entitled 'Love and Friendship' (endorsed 'Ann Will[i]ams'); and holograph observations by Samuel Roberts ['S. R.'], Llanbryn Mair, on Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'): Palestina (1851); etc. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes ('Rhestr o enwau ysgrifenwyr y Llythyrau sydd yn y Llyfr hwn') in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with additions by J. H. Davies.

Ffrwd-fâl manuscripts,

(With 111B). Three composite volumes of William Davies (1805-59), Independent minister and schoolmaster, of Froodvale (Ffrwdfâl), Llansawel, etc. containing local pedigrees and pedigree material ('Genealogical Fragments', etc.); extracts from the parish registers of Cayo, 1698-1786, Llanycrwys, 1724-1845, Llansawel, 1764-87, and Talley, 1685-1808; a history of [congregational] meeting-houses at Crofftycyff and Ffaldybrenin, Esgerdawe and Esgerowen, and Crugybar; extracts from printed sources; a history of Crugybar [Congregational] Church, c. 1784; 'Hanes bywyd Mrs Mary Davies o'r Cwm Ann ymhlwyf Pencarreg Swydd Gaerfyrddyn'; lists of Llansawel, Cellan, Abergorlech and Llanycrwys schoolmasters; a list of Abergorlech dissenting ministers; holograph 'Letters from Timothy Davis, Evesham, 1850 (the family of the Rev Evan Davies, Billericay), and Evan Davies, Normal College [Brecon], undated (the admission of William Thomas to the College); a list of 'Clergy of Llanddewi Brefi for the last [i.e. 18th] Century'; notes of sermons preached by William Davies and others at a variety of places, such as Cayo, Esgerdawe, Cryg[ybar], Ffaldybrenin, Park[yrhos], etc., 1827-49 and undated; poetry by William Davies and others, 1836-48 and undated; 'A list of Preachers who were under my tuition at Ffrwdyfal'; 'State of [Carmarthenshire Parliamentary] Election Aug. 7 1837' in the districts of Llandilo, Llandovery, Llansawel, Carmarthen, St Clears, Llanelly and New Castle; numerous lists of books, e.g. 'Carm[arthen Academy] Library' books, and books used in Cheltenham Proprietary School; medical and household recipes; rules ('Rheolau Eglwysig') of Parcyrhos Church, 1841-2; 'Celwyddau &c Crugybar', being particulars of untruths spoken against William Davies, 1835-41 and undated; 'School account of Pupils', 1835-6; hymns by William Davies, 1835; a narrative and poem on 'The Cayonian Hoax neu Helfa'r Box Aur' by William Davies; Carmarthen [Academy] examination papers, 1848; memoranda relating to Rhydybont, Llanfair [Clydogau], Capelerw and Capel Isaac Congregational Churches, Llangeitho Calvinistic Methodist Church, etc.; memoranda of deaths, etc., in Llanwenog; transcripts from tombstones in the parish church of Llanllwni; etc. MS 111 was compiled during the period 1847-8 but parts of MSS 112-13 belong to an earlier period. Each volume is lettered, on the spine, 'Ffrwd-fâl MSS'.

Blodau'r Awen ...

A miscellany in the hand of David Evans, Llanrwst, under the title and sub-title of 'Blodau'r Awen neu Wyneb yr Awenydd. Blodau'r Gerddwriaeth' and 'Lloffion o waith amryw Awdwyr ... yn cynwys Man-gofion Barddonol ynghyd a chwedlau Barddonol a Mangofion hanesol ynghyd ac Englynion ...'. The contents include 'Cofion Barddonol' and 'Chwedlau Barddonol', being poetry by, and anecdotes concerning, John Thomas, Pentrefoelas, [David Thomas] ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), [David Owen] ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), [Robert Williams] ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), Owain Gruffydd, Llanystumdwy, Robert Davies, Nantglyn, Robert Owen ('Einion'), Denbigh, Robert Jones, Llansannan, Owen Roberts, Capel Curig, John Parry, Llanelian, Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], William Edwards ['Gwilym Callestr'], Ysgeifiog, [Evan Pritchard] ('Ieuan Lleyn'], Jonathan Hughes, Llangollen, William Bevan, Gadlys, [David Richards] ('Dafydd Ionawr'), [Morris Davies] ['Meurig Ebrill'], [Owain Roberts] ('Owain Aran'), [David Thomas] ('Dewi Wynion'), John Jones ('Pyll'), [Robert Williams] ('Trebor Mai'), [David Griffith] ('Clwydfardd'), etc.; tombstone verses ('Englynion Beddergryph') from Nantglyn, Llandwrog, Trawsfynydd, Cerigydrudion, Corwen, Llanycil, Pennant Melangell, Llanelltyd, Trefriw, Eglwys Fach, Aberffraw, Henllan, Llanelwy [St. Asaph], Llanbeblig, Bangor, Llanrwst, Pentre Foelas, Llanybydder, Abertawy [Swansea], Ysgeifiog, Llanfairtalhaiarn, etc.; an account of, with 'englynion' to, 'Onen y Bala'; copies of correspondence with 'Trebor Mai', 1874, concerning a collection of tombstone inscriptions submitted by the scribe to the Liverpool [Gordofigion] Eisteddfod; a diagram and account of 'Chwart mawr Bedd-Gelert'; 'Englynion Ar y 25 Mesur ar hugain Cerdd Dafod neu fel y geilw Talhairn [sic] ef Talcen Slip, o waith amryw Awduron'; a copy of the announcement ('Hysbyslen) of Dolgellau Eisteddfod, 1794; 'Man-Gofion Hanesawl' and other miscellaneous memoranda (e.g. 'Suddiad Cwch Abermenai', 'Llif Mawr Llanuwchllyn', 1781); a scale of wages for artisans and labourers adopted by Merioneth Quarter Sessions, 1601; lists entitled 'Casbethau Sion Goch o'r Hendref', 'Y Saith Cysgadur', 'Y Saith Gelfyddyd', 'Y Naw Ach', 'Trioedd y Cyn-gelfyddydau', and 'Saith Rhyfeddod Gwynedd'; accounts entitled 'Cader Idris a'i Chawr', 'Dechreuad Bwyta Gwydd ar Ddydd Nadolig', 'Y Dechreuad o Ymladd Ceiliogod', 'Dechreuad yr Arferiad o fwytta Crempogau', 'Dechreuad Pinau (Pins)', 'Caws Caer', 'Castell Dolyddelen', 'Gruffydd ab Cynan', 'Coelbren y Beirdd', 'Wyth Ran Dyn, au Hanian'; etc.

Awen Dafydd

A volume containing 'Awen Dafydd', being holograph poetry in strict and free metres by David Evans ('Dewi Glan Llugwy'). The titles include 'Dyffryn Conwy', 'Chwe Phenill i Dalhaiarn', 'Diwygiad 1859', 'Englynion Ar farwolaeth Mr. Lewis Thomas Cyfferiwr Llanrwst bu farw y 9fed dydd o Ebrill 1835 yn 60 mlwydd oed ... mab ydoedd i'r diweddar Fardd Mr. John Thomas o Pentre'r Foelas', 'Anerchiad i Gymdeithas Gymraegyddol Llansantffraid Glan Conwy', 'Englynion i Bont Llanrwst', 'Englynion Ar farwolaeth fy Nain Mrs. Mary Evans o Drawsfynydd bu farw Ion 5 dydd 1838 yn 103 oed!!!', 'Englynion a wnaeth yr awdwr ar ddymuniad Cyfaill iddo yr hwn oedd yn aelod o Gymdeithas y Cleifion yn Machynlleth ... 1850', 'Robert ab Gwilym Ddu a Dewi Wyn o Eifion', 'Englyn i Bwlch y Groes', 'Dau Englyn I Thomas Oldfield Yswain Eryr Moelfre Llywydd Eisteddfod Llanfairtalhaiarn', 'Englynion i Llyn Tegid', 'Dau Benill ... i Robert Owen ('Eos Crwst') ...', 'Marwnad Er parchus goffadwriaeth am y Parch. Lewis Roberts Gweinidog y Bedyddwyr yn Llanrwst bu farw Awst 1861 yn 43 oed', 'Marwnad Er Coffadwriaeth parchus am Mrs. Margaret Roberts ... Llanrwst yr hon a fu farw ar enedigaeth un bychan Rhagfyr 19 1857 yn 31 oed ...', 'Chwe Englyn I Hugh Hughes Ysw Tyn twll ger Llanrwst am y daioni a wnaeth i Lanrwst ai chymydogaethau trwy ei anturiaethau mewn gweithfaoedd ...', 'Yr Herald Cymraeg ar Arweinydd', 'Y Brython', 'Y Sylwedydd', 'Y diweddar Edward Jones Maes y Plwm', 'Thomas Edwards ('Twm y Nant')', 'Dau Englyn I Mr. Samuel Davies Oriadurwr ... Llanrwst', 'Dau Englyn ar rhagoroldeb Tobacco Meistri W. Williams a'i fab Caerlleon', 'Chwe Englyn I Mrs. Oakeley Tan y Bwlch', 'Penill I olygydd yr Hyfforddwr', 'I'w roddi ar fedd y Parch. Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd')', 'I Ddrws Ardudwy', 'Recabiaid Llanrwst', 'I Rhuadr Parc Mawr ger Llanrwst', 'Golygfa o Ben Bryn Saith', 'Pedwar Englyn Ar farwolaeth ... David Owen Ysw (Dewi Wyn o Eifion) ...', 'Pedwar Englyn Er Cof am Mr. Robert Davies Nantglyn', 'Afon Dyfrdwy', 'Anerchiad i Diliau Meirion sef llyfr barddonol Meirig Ebrill', 'Anerchiad i Pedr Jones ('Pedr Ddu'), Saer a Bardd Llanrwst', 'Ateb i Anerch Dewi Fardd' (by Pedr Ddu), 'Anerchiad i Meirionydd ar ol yr Etholiad', 'Ar farwolaeth Llithrig Arfon', 'Pan glywais am farwolaeth Pyll', 'I'r Organ sydd yn Eglwys Llanrwst', 'I Dewi Arfon', 'I Joseph Roberts ('Llew Coch')', 'I Mr. W. Hughes (Cowlyd) Meddyg', 'Molawd Dyffryn Llanrwst', 'Penillion a wnaethum ar Lan Llyn Geirionydd Mawrth 15 1855', 'Harlech a'i Thrigolion', 'Deg o Englynion i J. Lloyd Davies yswain Blaendyffryn sir Aberteifi ... 1857 ..., etc., etc. Some of the poems, transcribed under a pseudonym, were submitted for competition at local eisteddfodau. There are a few 'englynion' by Robert Owen ('Einion'), Denbigh, [John Jones] ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), and [Owen Roberts] ('Owain Aran'). The manuscript also includes memoranda correspondence, 1863-5, between David Evans, William Morris ('Gwilym Tawe'), secretary of Swansea [National] Eisteddfod (1863), [Morris Williams] ('Nicander'), and John Griffiths, rector of Neath, relating to the inability of David Evans to recover a 'Casgliad ... o Draddodiadau Gwirebau a Diarhebion Cymreig' submitted for competition at the Swansea Eisteddfod; and a catechism or play entitled 'Gwyddorydd neu Holwyddoreg Anudonaidd. A holwyd ac a Attebwyd yn ysgoldy Gonestrwydd Ar ol Alban Hefin'. Inset are a photograph of David Evans and his memorial card, 1883 (died 4 August, buried 8 August).

Barddoniaith Hirlas

A composite volume almost entirely in the hand of Daniel Silvan Evans containing Welsh metrical translations of poetry by Felicia Dorothea Hemans, Helen Herbert (Aberaeron), Edward Verity (St David's College, Lampeter), Lord Byron, [Johann Wolfgang von] Goethe, etc. and original poetry by D. Silvan Evans, much of it dated at Llanover, Llanarth (Cardiganshire), St David's College, Lampeter, etc. during the period 1843-7; 'Telyn Cymru', being transcripts of poetry in free and strict metres by Thomas Lloyd Jones ('Gwenffrwd'), [John Jones] ('Tegid'), ?Ioan Blackwell ['Alun'], [Thomas Edwards] ('Caervallwch'), [William Owen-Pughe] ('Idrison') and [Daniel Evans] ('Daniel Ddu [o Geredigion]'); 'Selections of English Poetry' by Mary Howitt, Felicia Dorothea Hemans, [William] Knox, [David] Vedder, Letitia Elizabeth Landon (afterwards Mrs Maclean), A. M. G. (Cheltenham; translated from the Welsh of 'Tegid'), Reginald Heber, Mathew Gregory Lewis (from the German of Goethe), Miss [Maria Jane] Williams (Aberpergwm), Bernard Barton, Ambrose Barber (Wadham College, Oxford), [Thomas] Campbell, J. H. Merivale and Thomas Moore; a list of hymns selected for Christmas worship ('Emynau detholedig at Wasanaeth yr Eglwys. Nadolig'); a carol by D. Silvan Evans (sing at Llan ym Mawddwy, Christmas 1874); 'Emynau. Salmyddiaeth y Cyssegr', being hymns composed by D. Silvan Evans during the period 1864-5 (some sung at Llan ym Mawddwy, 1865-74); a hymn by [Morris Williams] ('Nicander'); etc. The spine is lettered 'Barddoniaith Hirlas'.

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903


A small notebook containing 'penillion telyn' and other verses, some to be sung to the airs 'Lili Lon', 'Nos Galan', and 'Ar hyd y Nos'. Some of the verses appear in John Ceiriog Hughes: Oriau'r Hwyr. At the end of the volume the following note occurs: 'Some of the Sheets near the end of your (my) copy are out of place. D. Parry'. An inscription on the inside upper cover suggests that the notebook was originally intended as an account book of Messrs Reed & Owens with Messrs Whitney and Wilson, Barton Street, Liverpool.

Cyfeiriadau Ysgrythurol,

An early nineteenth century volume containing tabulated Biblical references arranged under such subjects as 'Ynghylch yr Ysgrythyrau', 'Am y Drindawd', 'Am Briodoliaethau Duw', 'Yn nghylch Ordinhadau Duw', 'Yn nghylch Gweithredoedd Duw', 'Yn nghylch Cwymp Dyn', etc. Subsequent additions include 'Ychydig Bennillion' ( i.e. a hymn by T. Jones), a transcript of a letter from Evan Harries (formerly of Llandovery) from Calabah Island, near Bombay to David Davies [Congregational minister], Swansea, 1805 (the writer's activities with the Regiment, the writer's religious experiences, greetings) (together with verses by the writer entitled 'Cyngor i Bregethwyr ieuaingc'); expository notes on 'Prynedigaeth', 'Perseverance of the Saints', 'Schism', 'The excellency of the Bible' and 'Astonishing Accuracy of the Bible'; and catechisms on 'Gwir Wybodaeth', 'Am Lygredigaeth Tafod' and 'Am Gyfiawnder Ymarferol'.

Geiriadur barddol 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd',

A volume containing a dictionary of rhymes (i.e. lists of Welsh words arranged according to word endings e.g. adafaela, adara, ... ysgwyddwisg, yswythbysg) in the hand of Evan Evan ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'). Beginning at the end of the volume are a list, in the same hand, of selections from the New Testament appropriate for reading on specified Sundays, and a draft of a 'pryddest', 1 December 1885, on 'Dyffryn Conwy' by 'Hanesydd' i.e. William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd') composed for an eisteddfod at Llanrwst. Watermark: 1834.

Notes and accounts of 'Eben Fardd', etc.

A composite volume in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') containing (?)essays or addresses (prefaced 'Sketches & Stories') on 'Nodweddiad Cenedlaethol', 'Darllenyddiaeth', etc., with a 'Hir a Thoddaid' beginning 'Wyneb y Genedl o hen Baganiaeth', (?) an adjudication on 'Darlleniaeth', with verses entitled 'Darlleniaeth yr Ysgrythyr', a translation into English by Bl. ab C. of six lines from Eben Fardd's 'Dinystr Jerusalem', a notebook bearing on the cover the words 'Dechreu yr ysgol yn yr Eglwys', containing memoranda, accounts, etc., 1824-9, relating mainly to Clynnog school, 1827-8 (names of scholars), with some earlier references to Llangybi and Llanarmon, a list of poems by Goronwy Owen with the year of their composition, and a copy of the protest presented to Lord Mostyn following the awarding of the chair prize at the Rhuddlan Eisteddfod, 1850, for a 'pryddest' instead of an 'awdl', with a copy of Lord Mostyn's reply.

Bardd Treflys MS,

A volume consisting of a notebook which belonged originally to Robert Roberts, Ty mawr, Treflys [Caernarvonshire], 1775, containing mensuration tables, etc. and miscellaneous accounts, c. 1790-1815, mainly in Welsh, by Robert Roberts and one or more of his brothers. Over some of the pages and on additional leaves inserted at the beginning have been pasted cuttings of 'englynion' and other compositions mainly by Richard Roberts ('Bardd Treflys'; 1818-76); there are also some holograph items by Richard Roberts and transcripts by Ellis Owen, Cefn-y-meysydd and by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'). The contents include 'Cywydd am fenthig Lanter Mawrth 20 1844' and 'Cân y Palm oil', both by Richard Roberts ('Bardd Treflys').

Ysgrif-lyfr Hywel Eryri,

A manuscript.volume (28 ff.) containing poetical compositions ('englynion', 'penillion', hymns and carols, etc.) almost entirely by Hugh Evans ('Hywel Eryri' or 'Hugh Eryri' [?1764-1847]), some dated 1827-8 and 1842-3. It seems doubtful whether the volume is in his autograph as an englyn at the end by Morris Roberts, Melin Llanllyfni, dated 22 June 1847, is headed 'Englyn a gyfansoddwyd ar yr achlysur gladdu yr oedranus Fardd "Hywel Eryri".' A page or pages are missing at both the beginning and the end of the volume.


A composite volume containing poetical compositions by Hugh Evans ('Hugh Eryri') [or 'Hywel Eryri': cf. Cwrt-mawr MS 466B], some dated 1826-8 (26 pp., repaired, incomplete); transcripts in various hands of poetry by [Thomas Williams] 'Twm Pedrog' (torn) and of a cywydd by Dafydd Nanmor; 'Duhuddiant i Eben Fardd a'i deulu ar farwolaeth ei eneth ieuangaf - Elizabeth, Medi - 1858' by [Robert Hughes] 'Robyn Wyn' (?holograph); transcripts of poetical compositions by [Evan Pritchard] 'Ieuan Llyn' or 'Ieuan ap Rhisiart'; part of an exercise-book bearing the names of R. Prys Morris, Dolgelley and Myrddin Fardd, Chwilog; and fragments including pedigrees of Bod Ilan (Llanvihangel y Pennant), Y Plas yngheiswyn (Talyllyn), Ynys y Maengwyn ynhowyn Meirionydd and Pughe of Mathafarn, taken from Lewis Dwnn.

Letters to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'),

A volume containing about one hundred and ninety-three letters (numbered, with one or two exceptions), almost all to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), from the following correspondents: Ellis Owen, Cefn y meusydd, 1841-62 (14) (literary matters, 'englynion', etc., mention of the death of [Evan Evans] 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd', acknowledging sympathy, health matters), E. Richards, Pwllheli, 1841 (1) (whether the addressee wishes to have the fixtures in the [?school]house), John Jones, Tremadoc, [18]41 and 1854 (2) (the addressee's intention of composing an elegy on the death of [John] Elias - hoping he can overlook the action of the Anglesey brethren, arranging to go through some of the Arfon churches holding 'seiadau'), Rob[ert] Thomas, Llangybi (Plasdu), 1846 and 1853 (2) (sending essays for adjudication and 'englynion' for comment and emendation (enclosures wanting)), S. Thomas, Plas du, undated (1) (acknowledging a poem), E. M. Ll. Mostyn, Mostyn, 1852 (1) (returning thanks for congratulations on his re-election), L. J. Parry, Madryn, 1840 (1) (he will immediately communicate the addressee's wishes (about the school) to Mr Mostyn), T. Love D. Jones Parry, -----, undated (1) (thanking him for the pedigree, the writer's essay went off on Monday), Lady Jones Parry, Madryn Park, 1847 (1) (sending a book her eldest son desired her to forward), E[liza A. E.] Gwynne, afterwards Roche, Tuhwntyrbwlch (Tuhwntirbwlch), Port Madoc, Bath and Tregunter, 1850-56 (11) (re proclaiming the Madoc Eisteddfod, she has undertaken the task of collecting her father's papers, family matters, Welsh literary and musical activities, mention of Walter Savage Landor), H. Hunter Hughes, Pwllheli, 1851 (1) (information sought by Mr Lloyd Edwards concerning the Nanhoron family), John Jones, Ynysgain, Criccieth, 1858-63 (6) (reference to the resolution passed at Pwllheli respecting the public sports at Holyhead, condolence, pulpit supplies, (?) Pwllheli chapel, Mr Ellis Owen has at last stayed in the Society at Brynmelyn, the addressee's health), John Wynne, Carnarvon, 1861 (2) (thanking the addressee for the lines referring to writer's book, genealogical matters), Rob[ert] Hughes ('Robyn Wyn o Eifion'), [?Llangybi] and Bangor, 1843 and 1852-63 (34, including one to 'Ellin') (poetry, mention of preparations for the Queen's visit, condolence, an invitation to adjudicate, how the writer has not received a prize promised by Lady Jones Parry, Madryn, the state of religion in Bangor, he has received a letter from Mr Gee, Denbigh, asking how much Eben Fardd wants for his poetical works, reference to 'Pwyllgor y Darlun', etc.), Robert Hughes, Conwy, 1852 (1, numbered 47) (a request for a lecture by Eben Fardd on 'Darllenyddiaeth'), R[obert] Edwards, Pwllheli, 1850-51 (6)'(Addysg [Chambers i'r Bobl], difficulties in the way of paying the money he owes Eben Fardd), Edward Roberts, Bala, [18]54 (1) (his progress at Bala College), John Jones ('Ioan Grych'), Tanygrisiau, 1854-57 (3) (acknowledging kindness received, 'eisteddfodau', he now owns his shop), Edward Davies, Bala. [18]55 (1) (he is now at Bala, stanzas of verse), Edward Davies [?same as previous correspondent of same name?], Braich y dinas, [18]55 (1) (it is almost five weeks since he left the addressee - he hopes to return to the school when the weather gets warmer, mention of Eben Fardd's essay in Y Drysorfa), T[homas] Jones ('Taliesin o Eifion'), Llangollen, [18]55 (2) and Pant, [18]67 (1, written to his cousin) (a few weeks ago he saw a suggestion in the Bangor paper that the addressee intends to publish a volume of his complete works, sending 'englynion' on the new church (St Seiriol) at Holyhead and a 'hir-a-thoddaid' for comment, a request for one or two 'englynion' on the occasion of his forthcoming marriage, re marketable commodities, more 'englynion'), Rob[er]t Griffith ('Patrobas'), Nevin, 1858 and 1861 (3, one undated), (wishing to know whether some verses he has composed to Captain Jones Parry, Madryn, for giving land on which to erect a British School [at Nevin], are worthy to be delivered at a meeting, and asking the addressee to compose one or two to add to them if possible, sending a book for review in Yr Herald Cymraeg (enclosures wanting), Tho[ma]s Jones, woodman, Llangybi, [18]58 (1) (enquiring whether the addressee has any material on the early history of Capelhelyg), Owen Jones, Jun[io]r, Plasgwyn, 1859 (1) (the relationship between the writer's father and the addressee, W[illia]m Jones, Portmadoc, 1859-61 (6) (re publishing the works of the writer's uncle, J. Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, with a memoir, etc., condolence), Edward Roberts, Pensyflog, Tremadoc, 1858 and 1861 (2) (a request for a letter of greeting to Cymdeithas Llenyddol [sic] Eifionydd, of which the addressee is a corresponding member, declining an honour or an invitation), Richard Roberts ['Bardd Treflys'], Ty mawr, [18]59-62 (1), (accepting an invitation to adjudicate reading at Clynnog, Mr [Ellis] Owen, Cefn y meusydd has come to the 'seiat', 'englynion [beddargraff]', is glad to hear that the addressee did not mind although the chair was awarded to another at Caernarfon), William Owen, Timber merchant, Portmadoc, undated [1861] (1) (sympathy - his own loss), Griffith Hughes, Glanrhyd, undated (1861) (1) (sympathy), G. T. Picton Jones, Yoke House, [Abererch], 1860 (1) (Ben Edwards has furnished him with the enclosed - thanking the addressee for his interest (enclosure wanting)), John Roberts, Ysgoldy Pencaenewydd, 1860 (1) (expressing thanks for a pedigree or pedigrees - whether the addressee was asked for permission before it appeared in Y Brython), Henry Parry, Tir Bach, Four Crosses, 1862 (4) (apologising for having to be absent from school for so long - the enjoyment he had with the addressee in the weeks that have gone by, [some months later] he has commenced work as schoolmaster at (?) Pencaenewydd, hoping the addressee's health continues to improve, mention of Robert William, Ty'n-y-gors, the writer's health, etc.), R[obert] I[saac] Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadog, [18]61-2 (2) (re material for Y Brython, with mention of Dr Tregelles, etc.) [Joseph Charles Edwards] 'Iorwerth Ddu o Von', Pwllheli, undated (1) (a message for young Parry of Madryn if the addressee is at all acquainted with him, the writer's preaching engagements at Pwllheli and Llanor [sic]), J[ohn] Thomas ('Siôn Wyn o Eifion'), Chwilog, 1827-59 and undated (71) (wishing to know the addressee's present intention re learning the shoemaker's business, was much pleased with the binding, mention of D[avid] O[wen] and the addressee's tr[anslatio]n, sending a trifle as some small acknowledgement of the trouble given in transcribing the memoir, Mr S. Roberts of Drefnewydd or Llanbrynmair, the writer's health, his loss by the death of Mrs Dickinson, Mr W. of Llanrug and Dr Hughes, a stay of over three weeks at Tre Madoc, mention of Dr Pugh(e), further reference to the memoir, [Chambers's] Information for the People, another visit to Tre Madoc, mention of Mr Ross, the portrait painter, Mrs Gwynne [afterwards Mrs Roche], an application for some pecuniary aid from a society in London, reference to the death of Mr W[illiams] of Tuhwntirbwlch, commenting on various poems, is sad to think that their friend R. Hughes is moving from the Llangybi district, Mr Jones Parry's munificent grant, the death of Mrs Hughes, the wife of the late Dr Hughes, a request from Ellis O. Ellis for 'englynion' for the Gallery of Portraits in Liverpool, sympathy, references to the Llangollen Eisteddfod, 1858, etc., etc.), and Richard Jones, Bodfean, 1862 (1) (pulpit vacancies).

Llythyrau llenorion Llŷn ac Eifionydd,

A volume containing twenty-eight holograph letters written by the following correspondents: T[homas] W[illiams] ('Pedrog') ['Twm Pedrog'], [HMS] Amethyst, 1800-01, to his parents (On. W. Llanbedrog, Pwllheli (1), and to [John Roberts] John Lleyn, Bardd, Pwllheli (2) ('cywyddau' and an 'awdl', etc.); Humphrey Parry to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog near Llanystymdwy, 1808 (1) (mention of Y Greal, Eurgrawn Caer'narfon, and the need in Wales for a proper Grammar); John Jones, Secretary, and Joseph Jones, Treasurer, Amlwch to an unnamed person, 1825 (1) (the Goronwy Owen appeal); Evan Richards, Bryneinion [?Brynengan, Llanystumdwy] to John Thomas ['Sion Wyn o Eifion'] Chwilog, 1815 (1) (religious observations); P[eter] J[ones] ('Pedr Fardd'), Llynlleifiad to Ebenezer Thomas, Bardd, 1827 (1) (englynion 'I'r Cadeirfardd Mr Ebenezer Thomas o Langybi'); John Williams, Pandy bach [Tanybwlch postmark], to Richard Jones, Bard, Baptist Street [?Caernarfon], 1836 (1) (the compositions submitted for adjudication); Thomas Roberts (Llwynrhudol), Llundain to Owen Williams, Waun Vaur [sic], Green Street, Carnarvon, 1836 (1), (the non-arrival of a trunk); Owen Jones 'Owain ab Ioan Glan Dwfr Eifion', Felin uchaf to Richard Jones, Melinydd, Llanbedr, 1828 (1) (an 'englyn'); Morris Williams ['Nicander'], Bangor and Amlwch, 1840-51 (6), all probably addressed to Ebenezer Thomas ['Eben Fardd'], although it is only in one that the addressee is named (suggestions with regard to lodgings, etc. at Bangor, literary matters including references to adjudicating at the Aberffraw eisteddfod, reminiscences, Urdd Beirdd Eifion, etc.); Hugh [Derfel] Hughes (Llandderfel), at Ffestiniog and Llangollen, to Ebenezer Thomas, Bardd, Clynog fawr, 1844 (3), (some impressions of his travels [selling his book], Eben Fardd's review in Y Drysorfa, etc.); John Williams, Tuhwntirbwlch, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], undated (watermark 1837) (1) (reference to the writer's present affliction); Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Clynnog, to John Thomas ['Siôn Wyn o Eifion'], Chwilog, 1842-4 (7) (bookbinding, the addressee's memoir of Dewi [Wyn], acknowledging 'englynion' (on the birth of James Ebenezer Thomas), references to Dr Pughe, mention of Eben Fardd's appointment to the Pwllheli Free School, etc.); and David Owen ['Dewi Wyn o Eifion'], Gaerwen to an unnamed correspondent, undated (1) (the improvements at Gaerwen, his wish that the addressee and Sir Thomas Mostyn would grant him a lease, mention of the lease of the meeting-house [?Capel y Beirdd]).

Pedigrees and letters,

A volume containing pedigrees transcribed by J. H. Davies mainly from the Golden Grove Book of Pedigrees, L1659-L1675, followed by a number of holograph letters, etc., the details of which are as follows: Samuel Roberts ['S. R.'], Conway to the Reverend D. Silvan Evans, 1882 (1) (an appeal - some friends are moving to reward the writer for his pioneer efforts to obtain Postal Reforms), J[oseph] Harris ['Gomer'], editor, Swansea to the Reverend Walter Davies, rector of Manavon, 1819 (1) (requesting a few communications for Seren Gomer), lines of verse in the autograph of John Ceiriog Hughes beginning 'Roedd Prydydd yn eistedd ei [sic] wrth ochor y tan ...', a (?) 'hir a thoddaid' and an 'englyn' by Ceiriog in memory of [Ebenezer Thomas] 'Eben Fardd', and a letter from J. C[eiriog] Hughes, Caersws to W. A. Swettenham, 1879 (permanent way materials on hand and wanted), a letter (incomplete) from [Robert John Pryse ('Gweirydd ap Rhys')], Bangor to an unnamed correspondent, [18]78 (the addressee's request to have his letters returned), A. J. Johnes, Garthmyl, Welshpool to the Reverend R. Richards, Caerwys, 1836 (1) (the writer has recently been attacked for inaccuracy by the Dean of St Asaph - a request for information), H. Jones, Dinas and Pen rhiw'r kiln [i.e. Hugh Jones, Maesglasau] to the Reverend Mr Richards, Darowen, 1816-17 (2) (the writer's unhappy state and condition), W[illia]m Owen Pughe, London to Mr Ed. Jones, Minffordd Cottage, Tal y Llyn, 1812 (1) (is glad to hear the addressee has succeeded in procuring a boat for Llyn Cau) and to the Reverend Mr Richards, Llannevydd, 1819 (1) (arrangements for the Eisteddfod at Denbigh on October 6), and writing from Segrwyd, Denbigh to Miss [?A. Lloyd (erased)], 1827 (1) (replying to the addressee's letter), David Thomas ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'] D..., date wanting, to the Reverend John Jones, Rectory, Llanllyfni (damaged) (requesting the immediate return of John Owen of Ceidio's elegy composed and written by Goronwy Owen which the addressee has lent to Mr Richards of Llansilin, with a note from John Jones to the Reverend D. Richards), four bidding letters (David Lloyd and Gwen Saunders, Lampeter, 1807, Richard Dodd and Elizabeth Richards, Carmarthen, 1827, with a specimen of the handwriting of Alcwyn Caryni Evans when he was six years old, 1835, William Lewis and Eliza Thomas, Carmarthen, 1840, and Thomas Thomas and Eliza Evans, Carmarthen, 1848), A. Heber, place and year not given, to her Aunt Cotton (a farewell message on quitting England), and 'The Peteggree of Cernioge' in the autograph of David Jones, Trefriw, written on the back of a broadside (Trefriw, Argraphwyd gan Dafydd Jones) relating to stray sheep and beginning 'Mae Mr Lloyd o Hafodunos ...'.

Barddoniaeth, etc.

A volume of transcripts partly in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen containing 'englynion', etc. by David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Thomas Morris (Pentre Gwyn), 'Iorwerth ab Robert ab Arthur ('neu Ned Glan Gwryd, Glyn Ceiriog'), John Cain Jones ('Siôn Ceiriog'), John Jones ('Myllin'), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), P. Morris (Llanfair Caer Einion), John Athelystan [sic] Owen ('Bardd Meirion'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Dafydd Savage ('Dewi Caer Einion'), Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), Evan Jones (Darowen), J. Robert (Hersedd), [William Williams] ('G[wilym] Caledfryn'), Owen William (Waun fawr), [William Ellis Jones] ('Cawrdaf'), 'S. Llwyd', John Blackwell ('Alun'), D. Hughs (Huws) (Cynwyd), E. Evans ('[Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd'), Thomas Edwards ('Arwydd y Delyn', Corwen), [? Thomas Williams] 'Eos Mynydd', M[orris] Jones ('Meurig Idris', Dolgellau), Dafydd Jones ('Dafydd ab Ioan', Llan Collen), 'Ioan Cadfan' (Llangadfan), William Edwards ('Gwilym Padarn'), [John Evans] 'Ioan Maelor', etc.; letters and incomplete letters to David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Mary Richards and other members of the family of Richards of Darowen from Arthur James Johnson [recte Johnes], 1854 (the death of John Lloyd (Llwyd) Richards, curate of Llan Owddyn (Llanwddyn), David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), 1811-26 and undated (a memorial to Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), a request for a tenancy from Sir Watkin to Samuel Bromley, a feast called 'Ciniaw y Mawn', payment for Y Gwyliedydd, the appearance of 'y gwr lledrithiawg', personal), Thomas Price, Pembrey, 1812 (a request for the services of a clergyman), John Hughes, Llangollen, 1826 (an invitation to preside at Llangollen Eisteddfod), Thomas Roberts [Llwynrhudol], London, 1820 (thanks for the reception of Gwyneddigion members during recent eisteddfodau in Wales and the appointment of addressee (David Richards) as an honorary member of the Society), Roger Clough, Tyn y Celyn, 1824 (Llangollen Eisteddfod committee meeting), Angharad Llwyd, Caerwys, undated (2) (the contents of a letter from Dr. Meyer, the death of Cynddelw [Richards], Welsh manuscripts, Llangollen Eisteddfod, personal), Thomas Cynddelw Richards [son of 'Dewi Silin'] (2) from Maenor House, Ruthin, 1845 (a psalm book, personal), J. Jenkin ['Ifor Ceri'], 1813 (an invitation to dinner), Edward Jones, undated (two manuscripts in the possession of Edward Jones, Llangollen), William Edwards ('Gwilym Padarn'), Waunfawr, 1821 (a gift of £1 from Powys Cymrodorion), Robert Davies ['Bardd Nantglyn'], 1825 (personal, subscriptions to a publication by the writer, news of friends), Dafydd Jones, Llan Collen, 1820 (enclosing 'englynion'), etc.; meditations by Thomas Richards at the end of his first day, 16 July 1826, in his new parish of Llangynyw; 'Helyntion A fuont ar ddamwain a digwydd i D[avid] Riichards] yn ei daith o Blwyf Darowen ... i Nantglyn ... 1814'; obituaries of John Lloyd Richards [1854], Thomas Cynddelw Richards [1848], David Richards ('Dewi Silin'), 1826, etc.; a biographical note on Jane Richards (1756-1842), wife of Thomas Richards, Darowen, etc.

Cerddi, etc.

A volume entitled 'Cerddi Cyf. I' containing transcripts partly by J. H. Davies and some press cuttings of printed and manuscript ballads ('caneuon') and a few 'englynion' mainly of the first half of the nineteenth century. The following authors are named: David Rice (Llansantffraid, Cardiganshire), Maria Williams, 'Boanerges', 'A Real Reformer' (Trefgarn), Stephen Jones (Llanfaeryw, Cilcennin), Joseph Jenkins (Trecefel), John Lewis ('Ioan Mynyw'), Samuel Jones (Bryngwyn), Robert Humphreys, Richard Williams ('Bardd y Gwagedd'), Josiah Jones, D. Saunders ('Dafydd Glan-Teifi'), Daniel Jones and John Jones.

Transcripts by Thomas Richards and David Richards, etc.

A composite volume comprising three exercise books and insets largely in the hands of Thomas Richards, Darowen and David Richards, Llansilin. The contents include a list of names, ages and dates of death of 176 eminent ecclesiastics ('Cofrestr o Enwau, Oedran ac amser marwolaeth y Gwyr enwog canlynol ... '); a tract, 1753 (transcribed 1822), explaining the reasons for the adoption in Great Britain in 1752 of the Gregorian or New Style Calendar ('... y Rhesymmau amlycaf paham y gwnaed y cyfnewidiad diweddar yn y Flwyddyn, ydys yn alw yr Ysteil newydd'); short biographies of early and late British historians ('Ychydig o hanes yr Awdwyr mwyaf hynod a ysgrifennasant am y Brutaniaid yn yr Ynys hon yn gynar ac yn ddiweddar ...'), based on Joshua Thomas: Hanes y Bedyddwyr, Ymhlith y Cymry... (Caerfyrddin, 1778); 'Ymddiddan Myrddin a Gwenddydd' and prophecies attributed to Myrddin and Taliesin; prophetic poetry ('cywyddau', etc.) by Dafydd Llwyd Llewelin ap Griffydd, ?Griffidd ap Dafydd Fychan, Robin Ddu, Owain Twna, Dafydd Gorllech, Ifan Brydydd hir, Huw Pennant, Edwart [ap Rhys], Dr Sion Cent, Ie[uan] Dyfi, Iolo Goch, ?Meredith ap R[hys], Llywelin ap Owain, Rhys Goch or Yri, Thomas Prys (Plas Iolyn), etc.; 'englynion' by Davydd Richard ('D[ewi] Silin') and [John Jones] ('Myllin'); Awdl i'r olygfa o ben clochdy St Paul, Llundain, 1825, by [William Williams] ('Gwilym Cyfeiliog); 'Awdl Ymweliad ei Fawrhydi Sior y Pedwerydd ag ynys Fon' by [William Ellis Jones] ('G[wilym] Cawrdaf') (said in an accompanying note by Mary Richards to be in the hand of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'); 'Coelbren y Beirdd'; a table of first lines of 'cywyddau', etc. by mediaeval Welsh bards; a list of titles of books of Welsh poetry and pedigrees, etc. The first exercise book, belonging to Thomas Richards, is dated 1814 and the second and third, belonging to David Richards, 1811-14?

Y Gell Gymysg, etc.

A composite volume consisting of 'The Bardic Reminiscences. Neu'r Gell Gymmysg', containing, '... Rhagymadrodd a ysgrifenodd y Parch. T. Jones, o Creaton, i'r cyfieithiad Saesoneg o lyfr yn cynnwys 26 o Bregethau Cymraeg, a gyhoeddwyd gan y Parch. Morgan Lloyd, Periglor Ysbytty Evan ...' (Twenty-Six Sermons ... by the Rev. Morgan Lloyd ... London, 1832), Welsh translations of 'A Quaint Sermon and of 'Another ... Titus ii, 9', 'Cyfieithiad O Linellau Saesonaeg, a ysgrifenwyd ar ystôl-gadair y byddai y Parch. George Whitefield yn arfer eistedd arni ...' by [James Hughes] 'Iago Trichrug'; poetry, 1819-38 and undated, by [William Owen Pughe] 'Idrison', [David Owen] 'Dewi Wyn [o Eifion]', John Parry ('Cymmrodorion Llundain'), Mr Jones (Holborn, London), John Dryden, T. Evans ('Flaxd[resse]r Holywell), O. O. (Llanrwst), [Daniel Evans] 'Daniel ab Ieuan Ddu o Geredigion', 'Ieuan Ddu', 'Philogynes', [William Owen] 'Philotheoros', T. Wiliam (Bethesda), [Robert Williams] 'R[obert] ab G[wilym] Ddu, Eifion', R. N. (Cartside Street), [John Davies] 'Brychan', 'Iago Trichrug', J[ohn] Phillips ('Tegidon') (Caerlleon ar Ddyfrdwy), Reginald Heber ('Esgob Heber', bishop of Calcutta), J. Hopkins, R. O. (Llundain), 'Ambrosius' (Bron y Berllan), W. Griffith (Pwllheli), 'Joseph Callestr' (Treffynnon), William Cowper, Charles Mackay, M. B. Tuckey (Cork), Richard Jones (Wern), 'Pedr', [Robert Owen] 'Eryron Gwyllt Walia', Griffith Williams ['Gutyn Peris'] (Braich Talog, Llandegai), J[ohn] H[ughes] (Pont Robert), and W[illiam] W[illiams] (Pant y Celyn), a Welsh translation of an undated letter from R. Bloomfield expressing the willingness of the King to patronise institutions designed to foster the Welsh language, and English and Welsh versions of 'Rules To be observed by this Family (Rheolau i gael eu cadw gan y Teulu hwn. Gwel Psalm 101)'; and forms of letters, petitions, acknowledgments, characters, and addresses largely of Gwydyr estate and Llanrwst interest (e.g. from John Jones, Llanrhychwyn, concerning his rent, 1844, Richd. Williams, Dolwyddelen, concerning sub-letting, 1844, William Lloyd, near Llanrwst, soliciting charity towards a voyage to America, 1845, 'Cymdeithas Gwyr a Llangciau Glanau Lledr', Dolyddelen, on behalf of their Band, 1845, Robert Hughes, Trefriw, concerning a trial for ore in Trefriw, 1846, Jane Jones, soliciting relief to cure cancer, 1848, A. J., Llanrwst, petitioning for a Gwydyr's Pension, 1849, Wynnstay tenants in the township of Maenan, parish of Eglwys fach, soliciting an annual subscription towards the salary of a schoolmaster, 1849, etc., etc.). Inset are verses on the death of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir') by the Rev. R. Williams, Fron, near Bala, 1790, a 'cywydd' by 'Ieuan Brydydd Hir' ('Af fal Merddin Ddewinwr'), and tables of commercial stamp duties, 1841.

Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn ...,

A small volume entitled 'Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn, 1805', containing 'englynion' (chiefly epitaphs), stanzas in free metre including hymn stanzas, and one or two longer poems (e.g. 'Awdl ar Dosturi 1809' and 'Pillion i Dwm or Nant herwydd ei Lyfr, sef Ban y Byd - Creglais o Groglofft &c, 1809, Ebrill 27') by and in the autograph of John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'). Other poets represented are Griffth Williams('Guttun Peris'), W. Elias and O[wen] Griffith. There is also a list of unfamiliar Welsh words ('Geiriau Cymraeg dieithrol yn amlwg'), with the following note: 'Hyn a gymerwyd o gasgliadau Thos Prys Esqur, Plas Iolun, a D. Ddu a S. Lleyn'. On p. 58 is the note 'Mai 11. 1812 Priodais' [see Cwrtmawr MS 510, p. 106].

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