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Aber Research Papers

  • GB 0210 ABRRSH
  • Fonds
  • 1985-2022

Papers of Aber Research, an organisation founded by the donor to conduct opinion polls and gather statistical information on behalf of Plaid Cymru during the 1990s, including a background paper, opinion poll reports, General Election statistical reports, correspondence, press cuttings and related documents.

Aber Research

Background paper on Aber Reseach

The file comprises a paper written by Gwyn Jenkins, explaining the background to Aber Research, its relationship with Plaid Cymru and its role in providing data mainly in Ceredigion and Pembroke North and Ceredigion, but also in other constituencies in Wales.

Jenkins, Gwyn.

Opinion polls

The file comprises reports on the results of opinion polls carried out within the Ceredigion and Pembroke North constituency in 1990, 1991 and 192 and in the Ceredigion constituency in 1996.

General election statistical reports

The file comprises statistical reports on results and voting patters in the Ceredigion and Pembroke North constituency on the 1987 and 1992 General Elections and on the Ceredigion constituency on the 1997 General Election.

Correspondence, press cuttings and related documents

The file comprises correspondence, press-cuttings and related documents, mainly regarding opinion polls and election data. Includes a paper entitled "The People of Penparcau on the NHS: A Plaid Cymru Survey", November 1985; a paper by Paul O'Leary entitled "Ceredigion a Gogledd Penfro: Disgrifiad o'r etholaeth", June 1986; Beaufort Research Ltd: "Wales Opinion Poll Data", June 1987; a typescript article "The 1987 General Election in Wales", probably by Denis Balsom; a letter by Cynog Dafis dated 21 February 1990 regarding opinion poll questions; a paper by Cynog Dafis on he proposed pact between Plaid Cymru and the Green Party dated 4 September 1990, papers on the Plaid Cymru/Green election campaign, 1991-2, including the controversies over Aber Research opinion poll data and statistics gathered at the count, April 192 and post 192 election data and papers.
It also includes a paper entitled "The Ceredigion County Campaign: Draft Basic Policy Paper" by Ken Jones and Iolo ap Gwynn dated 17 July 193; papers relating to the Plaid Cymru Valleys Conference held at Hirwaun on 4 December 1993; a discussion paper by Marc Phillips "Pwyllgorau rhanbarth Dyfed yn sgil ad drefnu llywodraeth leol a seneddol, 194; discussion papers and documents by Aber Research in preparation for the 1997 General Election campaign including a paper by Gwyn Jenkins, 22 December 1992 "Yr Etholiad Nesaf: Rhai Ystadegau Defnyddiol" and various General Election campaign papers.

Cefn Croes Action Group Papers

  • GB 0210 CCAG
  • Fonds
  • 1984-2016.

Papers of the Cefn Croes Action Group (CCAG).

Cefn Croes Action Group

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth Water History Project newsletters, 1998, and flyer and programme for the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Community Theatre's production of Alexander Cordell / Manon Eames's 'Rape of the fair country', 2007.

Cefn Croes Wind Farm Environmental Management Committee

Box of partially sorted papers, including Cefn Croes Wind Farm Environmental Management Committee minutes and papers, 2004-2006. Also papers relating to the Mynydd y Ffynnon upland ecosystem restoration project, 1997-2002, correspondence between Dr Kaye Little and John Wilding of ADAS, 2002-2004, the European Union (appeal to Neil Kinnock, 2002, and complaint to Patrick Wegerdt, 2008), the Derrybrien bogslide, Co. Galway, Oct. 2003, and related letters and papers, 2000-2003.

Ceredigion Council

Papers relating to representations relating to the policy on windfarms in the Ceredigion Local Plan, 1995-1999; the structure of Ceredigion Council and councillors' expenses, 2001-2003; Ceredigion Council's complaints procedure, 2005/06; and a copy of the Welsh Office, 'A stronger voice for local people: consulting on the draft Local Government (Organisation and Standards) Bill, [1999].

Ceredigion Council

The Cefn Croes application to Ceredigion Council; Kaye Little's notes of Ceredigion Development Control Committee meetings, 2000-2001; copies of letters between Ceredigion and the developers from Ceredigion's files; and letters from Kaye Little and Peggy Liford. Also a copy of the Renewable Development Company Ltd (RDC) Cefn Croes wind farm, vol. 1, non-technical summary, July 2000.

Ceredigion Council

File of Helen Kaye's correspondence with Owen Watkin, Ceredigion Council's chief executive, 2001-2003, Bronwen Morgan, Ceredigion's director of legal services, 2002-2003, and DSP Evans of the Dyfed-Powys Police, 2003.

Ceredigion Council

File of Helen Kaye's correspondence with Bronwen Morgan, Ceredigion Council's director of corporate & legal services, with the Commission for Local Administration in Wales, and related papers.

Ceredigion Council Local Plan

Letters and other papers relating to CCAG's inquiries, 2001-2002, into developers' input into changes to the Deposit Version of the Ceredigion Local Plan, 1998, and the consultation for the Unitary Development Plan, 1999.


Papers making links between members of various authorities and organisations, and alleged gaming of the system.

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