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Liber Landavensis manuscript

Contents in full (Latin unless otherwise specified): [ff. i-ii blank]; a fragment of unidentified text, largely illegible, probably patristic (f. iii); part of a quodlibet of Simon of Faversham (ff. 1-4 verso [flyleaves]); the Gospel according to St Matthew, from the Vulgate (ff. 5-28); [f. 28 verso blank]; the Life of Elgar the Hermit (f. 29); the Life of St Samson of Dol (ff. 29 verso - 36); a description of the city of Rome, and the titles of the cardinals (f. 36 verso); an account of the pontificate of pope Eleutherius (f. 36 verso); agreement between Robert, earl of Gloucester, and bishop Urban of Llandaf, 1126 (f. 37 recto-verso); papal letters and privileges of pope Honorius II (ff. 37 verso - 42 verso); exhortation of cardinal John of Crema in support of the diocese of Llandaf (f. 43); summons of William, archbishop of Canterbury, to a Council of London, summoned by John of Crema, papal legate, and the statutes of the Council (ff. 43-44 recto); two accounts of bishop Urban's first and second journeys to Rome in 1128 and 1129 (f. 44); papal letters of Honorius II and Innocent II (ff. 44-47 verso); an account of the foundation of Llandaf (ff. 48-49); charters of St Dyfrig (ff. 49-51); the Life of St Dubricius (Dyfrig) (ff. 51-53 verso); letter of Ralph, archbishop of Canterbury, granting an indulgence to those who would assist the church of Llandaf (f. 53 verso); letter of bishop Urban to pope Calixtus II (ff. 53 verso - 54); an account of bishop Urban's activities at the Council of Rheims in 1119 (f. 54); solemn privilege and papal letters of Calixtus II (ff. 54 verso - 56); Canons of the Council of Rheims (f. 56); the Life of St Teliau (Teilo) (ff. 56 verso - 62 verso); the privilege of St Teilo, in Latin (f. 63 recto-verso) and Welsh (f. 63 verso); charters of St Teilo (ff. 64-66 verso); the Life of St Oudoceus (Euddogwy) (ff. 66 verso - 69 verso); charters of St Euddogwy (ff. 69 verso - 75); charters and notes on episcopal successions up to the election of bishop Urban in 1107 (ff. 75-112 verso); the consecration of bishop Herewald (f. 108r-v); confirmation by Morgan Hen (f. 102 recto-verso); 'Omnipotens sempiterne deus ...', a collect for the Feast of St Teilo (f. 113); 'landauen' in tantum ...', dues of the archdeaconry of Llandaf (f. 113); 'Hec beneficia collata sunt Landauensi ecclesie per Henricum landauensem episcopum' (f. 113 verso); 'Nomina regum Britannie ...' to 1199 (f. 113 verso); 'Hec sunt estimaciones ecclesiarum commune landauensi ...', in a late 13 cent. hand (f. 113 verso); transcripts of papal bulls, added in a number of mid 12 cent. hands (f. 114); '[Eleutherius na]tione grecus ...' (f. 114 verso); 'Sub Innocentio ... heresis' (f. 114 verso); 'Memorandum ... monstarunt', dated 1332 (f. 114 verso); 'Pater noster ...' (f. 114 verso); 'Om[nibus] ... Pauli', dated 1245 (f. 115); 'V[niuersis] ... Knaytha et multis aliis' (f. 115); 'Carta Johannis de Hybernia', dated 1328 (f. 115); 'La Newlonde', extracts from the Exchequer of Pleas, 1304-1305 (f. 115 verso); 'In villa Wintonensi ... in episcopos' (f. 115 verso); 'Nos auctoritate ... assignamus', possibly referring to the consecration of Nicholas Ashby, 1441 (f. 115 verso); forms of oath of bishop and canons (f. 116 recto-verso); statutes of bishops William de Braose, 1275, John of Monmouth, 1323, John of Eglesclif, 1326, and John Paschal, 1354 (ff. 116 verso - 117 verso); names of the bishops of Llandaf from Dubricius to John Paschal, consecrated 1344, with a continuation to Theophilus Field, consecrated 1619 (f. 118 recto-verso); various memoranda relating to the diocese of Llandaf, including forms of oaths as on f. 116 (f. 119), statutes as on ff. 116 verso - 117 verso excepting those of John Paschal (ff. 119-120), a list of bishops to John Paschal with later additions to Nicholas Ashby (f. 120), 'Nomina episcoporum qui fuerunt in Ecclesia Landauensi ... Fet a rembrer ke en le tens de ces xl Eueskes ... MoCCCoxlviio. Et obiit apud' (ff. 120 verso - 121 verso), 'De procuracionibus annuis debitis domino Episcopo Landauensi ...' (f. 122 recto-verso), 'Synodalia debita' (ff. 122 verso - 124 verso), 'Nomina prebendarum' (f. 124 verso), 'Decima ad opus domini pape vel domini regis Anglie' (ff. 125-126) and 'Que beneficia ecclesiastica spectant ad collacionem Episcopi Landauensis' (f. 126 verso); and a leaf from a collection of decretal letters of pope Alexander III, mostly addressed to English bishops, and interspersed some of Gregory I and one canon of the third Lateran Council of 1179 (f. 127 recto-verso [flyleaf]); [ff. 128-129 verso blank]. For a fully detailed list of the contents of the manuscript, see Daniel Huws in idem, Medieval Welsh manuscripts, 146-150.

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