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Lease by the Abbot to David ap Mered’ ap Dio,

  1. David, Abbot by permission of God, of the monastery of Stratamarcella of the Cistercian order in the diocese of St Asaph. 2. David ap Mered’ ap Dio for 99 years of parcels of land called Y Cae Coch, Cae y Menych, Cae y Penbras and Coy Ellyn [t. Cyffin, co. Montgomery]. Annual rent: 13s 4d. Dated in the chapter house of 1.

Inspeximus of a charter of Wenunwen ap Owin,

Inspeximus of a charter of 1201 of Wenunwen ap Owin, to the monks of Stradmarchell, recording a gift in frank almoin of Wenunwen all the pasturage-rights in the whole of the province called Keveilliauc [Cyfeiliog, co. Montgomery], within specified boundaries.
The boundaries reach from Bon Main Melin to Lluin Ecrois, as far as Blain Nanhanauc, to Abernant Karthbrandu and along the length of this stream to Carnethwyn, and thence to Gobleithen and from there to Blain Nant Teyling to its mouth, and thence the Bacho to Aber Dengum, along the Dengum to its source, and thence to Keilleg’, thence to the Reidiaul, along the Reidiaul to Gwrhet Kei, and thence the Reidiaul again to Aber Camdwr Keveiliauc, and from the latter to its source, thence to Blain Eynniaun, along the Eynniaun to its mouth, and thence along the Deui to Aber Dulas, and along the Dwlas to its source, and thence to Kenghulf, and thence to Blain Lloido, and along the Lloido to its mouth, and thence the Deui to Aber Llewenith, and along the Llewenith to its source, thence directly to Red Pebellua on the Clawedauc, and thence along the Clawedauc to the Gwernach, and along the Gwernach to its source, and thence as the higher hill leads to Red Derwen and thus along the Derwen to Euernoe, and thence Nant er Heyre to Lledwern, and from Blain Lledwern directly to Bon Main Melin. The gift is subject to no secular or ecclesiastical restrictions other than right of pasture which Wenunwen has granted, with the consent of the monks of Stradmarchell, to the monks of Cumhyr between the Corf and the Eynniaun, and to the monks of Kemmer at Lloidarth and Cumketlli on the other side of the river. Witnessed by Sulian the archdeacon, Master Heilin, Master Mabin, Eynniann ap Rod’i, Kadug’ ap G’fri, David Goch, Edenewein Flam, Goronoy ap Eynniann. Inspeximus dated at Gorhambury.

Quitclaim in Carswell and Wroxhale,

  1. Ric’us atte Wike, son of Stephen atte Wyke. 2. William de Seinnor? of Clopton and Juliana his wife of all land and tmts which 2 hold in Carswell and Wroxhale [Wraxhall, Somerset] by demise from Leticia, mother of 1, for an annual rent of one silver penny for life. Dated at Clopton.

Quitclaim by John, son of John, son of Ralph de Wrockwardine in ?Hardwicke,

  • Wynnstay (1945 deposit) GV5.
  • Item
  • 1330, June 23 (Saturday on the eve of the nativity of St John the Baptist).
  • Part of Wynnstay Estate Records

  1. John son of John, son of Ralph de Wrokwardin. 2. Adam son of John Lochard of Wrokwardin and Godithe, his mother of a meadow in le Heordiwike [Hardwick?, Shropshire] between the rabbit warren of the lord of Wrokwardin and the river called Thirne [Tern], for life. Witnesses: Adam le Despenser, Thomas de Leton, Ric’ son of John, William de Panteleg’ of Colmington and Roger de Camvile of the same place. Dated at Wrokwardin

Gift and quitclaim by Peter Corbet in Trelystan,

  • Wynnstay (1945 deposit) GW1.
  • Item
  • 1302/3, March 24 (Sunday after the feast of St Benedict the Abbot).
  • Part of Wynnstay Estate Records

  1. Peter, son of Lord Peter Corbet, Lord of Caus. 2. The free tenants of Trewilestan [Trelystan, co. Mont.] of a piece of land called Strad Neysen? in breadth between the boundaries of Thley and Marten, and in length between the boundaries of Weston up to the stream coming from the holy well called Fenon Wen [t. Trelystan, p. Forden/Worthen, co. Montgomery], and the right to hunt roe-buck, foxes and hares but no other wild animals, reserving to 1 the free chase of those and all other wild animals. Annual rent: 5s. Duties: relief, investiture fees, lairwites (penalties for adultery or fornication), suit of court, three days labour hauling timber at the castle, following 1’s banner and treth gwartheg (cattle tax) payable by Powys cottagers to the chief lords. Witnesses: David ap Ririd, Gruffut his brother, Ed’ ab Ad’ D’d ab Eynon, Gruffut ab Eynon and Maredut ab Ririd.

Gift by Henry Gray of lands in Coedtalog and Garthbeibio,

  1. Henry Gray, Earl of Tankerfeld, Lord of Powys and Tylley. 2. Owen ap Mered’ and Ieuan ap Owen ap Mered’ in return for good service and expenditure in the March of Wales, of lands and tmts in the township of Koytaloc [Coedtalog], Newath Wen, Trehiliarth, Treaber, Trecynhynva?, Pantyllynne and Treloddey in Garthbibio in Karyneon [Caereinion] in the lordship of Powys [co. Montgomery], late in the tenure of 2, which came to the hands of 1 as an estreat by forfeiture. Annual rent: 11s 6d. Duties: Suit of court and any customs or demands of Welsh law or any other law. Dated at Pool Castle.

Demise by Edward Gray of lands in Trefedryd,

  1. Edward Gray, knight, Lord of Powys. 2. Edward ap Rys ap D’d ap G’lim of arable land and tmts which belonged to Edward ap David ap G’lim, Edward ap Ll’in ap M’dyth ap G’lim and Rys ap Ieuan ap Moris in t. Trevedryd in the lordship of Powys, which came to 1 by forfeit from the said felons, reserving to 1 the wood and waste, and in turn to 2 and his male heirs a reasonable estover (allowance of wood) and common pasture. Dated at Pool Castle.

Gift by Edward Gray of lands in Mechain,

  1. Edward Gray, knight, Lord of Powys. 2. John ap Ho’ll Vaughan, esq. of all lands and tmts in lordships of Meighien Ughcoit [Mechain Uwch Coed] and Meighien Iscoitt [Mechain Is Coed], co. Montgomery. Consideration: £20. Annual rent: 20s for customary services, etc. Recites a dispute between 1 and 2 concerning various customary rents and services claimed by 1, issuing out of the above mentioned lands and tmts already in the tenure of 2, which Gruffythe ap Jenkin ap Ll’n ap Eygnon, ancestor of the said John, by a charter dated 4 March 1420/1 held by the gift of Edward Chorlton, knight, late Lord of Powys and the aforesaid lordships.

Bargain and sale with feoffment by Michael Owen,

  1. Michael Owen, gent. 2. Howell Vaughan otherwise Hugh Vaughan of Llanuyollin [Llanuwchllyn], co. Mer. of the lake called Pimbremear alias Llyntegid with its banks, fishing and customary rights in co. Merioneth late in the tenure of 2, and all its lands, rents and annual profits, with power of attorney to John Wyne ap Cadd’er of Reulas [Rhiwlas] co. Merioneth, esq., and John Mydelton of Gwaynennock [Gwaunynog], co. Denbigh, gent., to deliver seisin. Recites a bargain and sale made to 1 by Hugh Counsell of Harmondsworth, co. Middlesex, gent., and Robert Baker (‘Pistor’) of London, gent., of Llyntegid and its lands which Queen Elizabeth had granted to them by letters patent dated at Westminster 4 Feb. 1569/70. Consideration: £26.

Wm Skynner, Monmouth, to [Mr Edwd Williams, Shop keeper, Opposite the Bridewell, Cowbridge],

Asking him to send the writer's shoes and buckle by Mr Gill, the Preacher. He believes he left them in the shop. Also his breeches from Richd Lewis the tailor's. On the dorse are some remarks on Wm Wms and his use or misuse of 'troellion ymadrodd', with an example from Caniadau ... y Môr o Wydr to illustrate the point.

J. Thomas, Leominster, to Mr Edwd Williams, Pentonville, London,

J. Thomas, Leominster, to Mr Edwd Williams, at Mr Wm Owen, No. 22 Penton Place, Pentonville, London. Acknowledging his favour of the 26th. Although of late the subject of Madog's emigration has engaged so many British heads superior to his own something must be said now. Dr Williams' Tract he perused with great pleasure. Setting him right regarding Dr Sam. Jones of Lower Dublin near Philadelphia. Quoting part of a letter from the Rev. Morgan Edwards, Am, dated Newark in Pen[n]sylvania, July 15 1786, referring to Filson's History (of Kentucke), 1784. At present he has no thought of reprinting the History of the Baptists in Wales, but has written it in English near 10 years ago, and his wish is to transcribe this in order to incorporate the improvements in their proper places. He has several friends in London, among them two sons (names given) and two daughters. An unexpected opportunity of sending two (unbound) copies of Hanes y Bedyddwyr. Endorsed: 'Joshua Thomas.'

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