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Civil war and Commonwealth letters,

A notebook containing transcripts by W. W. E. Wynne of correspondence, 1642-1655, mainly to and from Sir John Owen, taken from originals at Porkington. The correspondents include Charles I, Princes Rupert and Maurice, Gilbert Byron, John Byron, Robert Corbett, H. Mackworth, Thomas Mytton, William Neale, Richard Vaughan and John Williams, archbishop of York. Also included are notes by W. W. E. Wynne on Llanegryn and Llangelynnin churches, Merionethshire (ff. 8 verso-12). 'Historical Letters, &c: Peniarth MS 18 [corrected to] No. 75' on spine; '495' on label pasted on spine.

Wynne, William Watkin Edward, 1801-1880

Light verse and prose,

Autograph and typescript drafts, [c. 1944]-1967, of light verse, acrostics and poems for children by Vernon Watkins, composed 1925-1967 (ff. 1-85), together with drafts for published articles, lectures and radio talks, 1948-[1964] (f. 86-138).
Most of the verse (ff. 1, 3-28, 35-56, 58-68, 71-82) was published in Vernon Watkins, LMNTRE Poems (Swansea, 1999). The prose includes drafts of an article and radio script variously called 'The Place and the Poem', [?1949] (ff. 86-99), 'The Place and the Poem. Swansea' (ff. 100-101) and 'Swansea Poems', 1948 (ff. 102-107), a version of which was published as 'Swansea', Texas Quarterly, 4.4 (Winter 1961), 59-64; 'Poetry of the Second Phase', 1962 (ff. 111-114), partly published as 'The Second Phase in Poetry', Unicorn, 10 (Spring 1963), 9-10; and radio scripts, 'The Need of the Artist', 1962 (ff. 108-110), published in The Listener, 8 November 1962, pp. 756-757, and 'Problems of Communication', 1963 (ff. 115-122), published as 'The Joy of Creation', Listener, 30 April 1964, pp. 720-721.

Vernon Watkins.

An account book

  • NLW MS 1475E
  • File
  • [19 cent.]

A 19th century account book.

Testunau Cymraeg yn llaw W. H. Mounsey

Two composite volumes of transcripts of Welsh texts, with copious annotations, in the hand of W[illiam] H[enry] Mounsey. The titles include 'Hynafion Dyffryn Clwyd' (printed in Y Brython, 1861, pp. 325-6), 'Llyma henwau Maen mawr werthiawg, ei gwrthiau, a'i nattur', 'Llyma lyfyr a elwir Graduelys' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 413-16), 'Rhyfeddodau Palestin', 'Y Llyfr a elwir y Purdan', 'Prophwydoliaeth Dewi Sant', 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Huw ap Rissiart ap D'd, Evan Evans ['Ieuan Brydydd Hir'], Tudur Penllyn, Dafydd Nanmor, Morys Kyffin, 'Llyma henwae y kyffion kler a'r kerddorion a raddiwyd pan vu yr Eisteddfod ddiwaethaf yn tref Gaerwys', 'Llyfr Kadwedigaeth Kerdd Dant', Y Kaniadau y sydd ar y Bragod Gowair (with 'Ar y Kras Goweir y maent', etc.), 'Llyma ymddiddan a vu rhwng Adrian ag Eppig', 'Llyma Ache ag ymddiddane a vu rrwng Selyf ap D'dd brophwyd a Marcholffus', 'Hen chwedl Diawl y Dwndwr' (incomplete) (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 136-7), 'Herodraeth' [i.e. Llyfr Arfau or Disgrifiad Arfau] (incomplete), 'Llyma Ddosbarth y Saith Gelfyddyd', 'Prophwydoliaeth y Bardd Cwsg', 'Prophwydoliaeth y Wennol', 'Cynghorion i amryw ddolurie' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 339-40), 'Klod Kerdd Dafod', (see D. Gwenallt Jones 'Clod Cerdd Dafod', Llen Cymru I, pp. 186-7), 'Achau Powys' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 124-7), 'Chronicl Cymreig' (incomplete), 'Mynachlog yr Ysbryd Glân' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 361-5), 'Arwyddion Dydd Barn' (Y Brython, 1860, p. 56), 'Buchedd Marthin Sant', 'Llyma ystori VII doethion Ryvain (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 81-94) (with variant readings), 'Hanes Gwidw' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 241-6), 'Arglwydd Glyndwr' (Y Brython, 1860, p.345), 'Siartrau y Waen' (Y Brython, 1861, pp. 337-9), 'Rinwedd y Ceilog' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 56-7), 'Llyma ystori teitys vab ysbysionys' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 41-4), 'Pa le y claddwyd y Prydyddion hyn' (Y Brython, 1860, pp. 137-8), 'Rhinweddau croen Neidr' (Y Brython, 1860, p. 137), ['Man-gofion'] (Y Brython, 1860, p. 269), etc. The majority of the transcripts are based on manuscripts in the British Museum. There are occasional annotations and references in the hand of D. Silvan Evans. The volumes are lettered respectively 'Welsh Tracts MSS W. H. Mounsey Vol. I' and 'Welsh Tracts MSS W. H. Mounsey Vol. II.'

Mounsey, William Henry, 1808-1877

Aberaeron manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSABERAE
  • Fonds
  • [18 cent.]-[19 cent.]

Miscellaneous manuscripts from the library of Thomas Davies, Aberaeron, including sermons, poetry and accounts.

Davies, Thomas, -1907

Transcripts, etc.

A manuscript containing transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of pedigrees of Welsh families and of letters of Robert Vaughan (1592?-1666), Hengwrt, as well as various extracts. The manuscript also contains poems by Richard Newcome (1701-1769), Reginald Heber (1783-1826) and J. Slaney.
A letter, 17 October 1634, from [Sir] Marmaduke Lloyde to 'Lieutenant Colonell Davys' [Thomas Davies] is loose in the volume.

Llwyd, Angharad Transcripts by, NLW MS 1572C

Henry Taylor manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSHTAYL
  • Fonds
  • [17 cent.]-[1910s]

These manuscripts form part of the Flintshire Historical Collection once in the possession of Henry Taylor (1845-1927), who was Town Clerk of Flint and whose best-known work is Historic Notices ... of the Borough and County-Town of Flint ..., published 1888. The collection comprises material largely of Flint and Flintshire interest and includes historical material, transcripts of documents and extracts from parish registers, minutes of borough meetings, pedigrees relating to notable families of the district, papers relating to parliamentary elections, correspondence, etc.

Taylor, Henry, 1845-1927, collector.

Autograph letters

Miscellaneous autograph letters, 1828-1901, to George Potts Roskell, Peter Ellis Eyton and others, together with a copy of a letter dated 12 March 1680/1 from Mytton Davies, Gwysaney, to Thomas Edwards, Rhual.

Letters to Edward Lloyd,

Seventy-seven holograph and other letters addressed to Edward Lloyd of Tythyn, barrister, and one of the Commissioners of the Stamp, at his chamber in Grays Inn, at the Stamp Office in Lincolns Inn, at Kensington, etc. The writers include Rich. Brook, Harden, 1699/1700 (the tenancy of the demesne of Argoed by Mold), Geo. Buckby, Lincolnes Inne, 1708 (a demand on behalf of the writer's client Mr. Chapman for payment of money due to him) (with an accompanying statement of account and a list of papers to be delivered to the recipient), Will. Byrd, 1682/3 (observations on the suitability of 'my man' for employment by the recipient), Mutton Davies, Gwyss[aney], etc., [16]79 (2) (negotiations for the purchase of the l[ordship] of M[old]), R[obert] D[avies] [Llannerch], 1707/8-1710 (4) (the receipt of a watch, a payment to Lady Rous, estate matters, a claim by Mr. Cornishe's executors, a request by Jack Chambers for writings in the recipient's custody, lack of respect to the Chief Justice shown by the Wrexham mob and the like in Montgomeryshire), Jonath. Edwards, [16]82 (the terms of a loan to the recipient's friend and kinsman) (copy), Samuel Edwards, Newport, 1681/2-1682 (6) (one copy) (negotiations for the purchase by the recipient of Mr. Kenrick Edisbury's estate, a request for assistance in settling the writer's cousin-german in London, a mortgage contract) (together with a copy by the writer of a letter, 1682, to Will. Warn, Scrivener in the Old Bailey, and a holograph letter, 1682, from Ed. Lloyd, Gray's Inne, to Mr. Warn), Hugh Foulkes, Gray's Inn, undated (the possibility of debt on the Argoed estate), Peter Foulkes, Exeter, 1708 (2) ( the receipt of monies covered by enclosed bills), Rob. Foulkes, Chester, 1692-1706/7 (5) (the renewal by the bishop of Rochester of the lease of Argoed, legal matters touching the title to properties, a request for the revision of the wording of a deputation to the writer, the succession to the bishopric of Chester, personal) (with two holograph letters, [16]92-1693, from Robert Roper to Robert Foulkes touching the Argoed lease), Ed'd Gruffith, Plass Newydd [Henllan], undated (cousin Ned's title to cousin Chambers's estate, the Captain's love for the recipient's sister, personal ), J. Haggersten, Berwick, [16]81 and undated (3) (the writer's debts), Rob't Hookes, 1683 (a request for a loan of £10), R. J., undated (an apology for his conduct towards the recipient), [Sir] Bradwardine Jackson, 1703 (a request to promote a marriage between the writer and the daughter of a Mr. Ashton who owns two quays about Billingsgate and a great estate in buildings at Hampstead), Anne Lewys, from Lleweny [1683 or 1684] (unlucky proceedings of cousin Tr. at Tythin, gifts to the poor at Penybrin, personal), [Mrs.] E. Lincolne, 1704/5 [?-1705] (2) (money matters), John Lloyd, Rossa, [16]82-1688 (2) (news from Place Chambers and Lleueny, an opportunity for the writer to acquire the redemption of lands mortgaged by the late brother of John Griffith), John Lloyd, Llannerch, 1709 (news of Mr. [Robert] Davies, a petition on behalf of the writer's unfortunate brother Tom for an appointment in the service of Mr. Diston) (with a postscript by R. D.), John Lloyd, Pengwern, etc., 1707/8-1710/11 and undated ( 24) (negotiations with the trustees for the purchase of Mr. Moyle's estate in Flintshire, surprise at the enterprise of the French and news of the two fleets being engaged, the health and the death of the writer's brother Robin, the death of Aunt Lloyd of Brynyorkin) (with one draft reply and some endorsements), Trevor Lloyd, Ruthin, [16]81/2 (a request for assistance to set up the writer's brother David in his trade) (with a copy of the recipient's reply endorsed), Jo. Twisleton, 1694 (a request for assistance to get a place for the bearer Mr. Acton, a bookseller), George Booth, 2nd earl of Warrington, from Dunham, etc., 1700-1701 (7) (the writer's love affairs, the writer's deeds to be used as a security, Sir Bradw. Jackson's affairs, a reference to Non-Jurors), John Williams, Wrexham, 1700-1708 (4) (accounts touching Mr. Moyle's estate), Jo. Wolfe, 1709 (the sealing of patents), John Wynne [Leeswood], Flint, 1707 (negotiations touching mills in a lease held by the writer), and Owen Wynne, Pengwern, 1701 (a request for a loan of £100 to pay the bishop of Bangor for the tithe of Llanrhayder farmed by the writer, a warning of constant trouble in Radnorshire until a good chapman is found for it). At the end of the volume are two bills of Owen Wynne, 1708-1709, empowering Edward Lloyd to pay monies to Robert Trygarn and to E. Whitehurst, cheesemonger at Coventry, with receipts endorsed.


A manuscript containing a historical account by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of castles in Montgomeryshire and Denbighshire; transcripts by Angharad Llwyd of Northop parish registers, of pedigrees of Welsh and English families, of an inventory, 1637, of Sir Peter Mutton's goods, of Llewenni rents, 1638, of monuments at Gresford church, and of correspondence, 17 cent., etc. relating to Gwysaney; a letter from Hester Lynch Piozzi (1741-1821); a letter, 1705, to Robert Davies, Llannerch; miscellaneous correspondence and deeds, etc., 17-18 cents.

Transcripts, etc.,

A manuscript containing transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of pedigrees of Welsh and English families, of Denbighshire parish registers, and of various memoranda, manuscripts, etc.; material relating to Salusbury property, 1712; the original manuscript of an elegiac cywydd to Evan Lloyd Vaughan (d. 1791), Cors y Gedol, by John Richard of Llanfair near Harlech; a poem by Jonathan Hughes (1721-1805); a poem in Latin written to a member of the Mostyn family; a letter, 1620, from Sir Roger Mostyn (1673-1734) to Sir Peter Mutton, Llewenni and to Robert Davies, 1665; letters to Angharad Llwyd; etc.

Llwyd, Angharad


Transcripts by Charles Ashton, including a deed of composition between Richard Mytton, lord of the manor of Mawddwy, co. Merioneth, and his tenants, 11 September 1598; and an English translation of a grant of land in the manor of Mawddwy from Richard Mytton to Richard ap Rees David ap Howell, 31 July 1599; extracts from the parish registers of Mallwyd, 1727-1855; a letter from Father T. A. Pope, Oratory of St Philip Neri, Birmingham to Dr D[avid] C[harles] Lloyd-Owen, Birmingham, 11 December 1893; a charter of James I, 11 May 1607, granting Richard Mytton three fairs in the manor of Mawddwy; and a charter of Edward I, 28 December 1291, granting Owen de la Pole a weekly market and two annual fairs at Machynlleth, together with an English translation.

Charles Ashton.


  • NLW MS 3019E
  • File
  • 19 cent.

An extra-illustrated copy, with a few manuscript notes, of Cromwellania. A Chronological Detail of Events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged ... (London, 1810).

Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658

Transcripts by Mary Richards, etc.

A volume almost entirely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen largely containing poetry ('cywyddau', 'englynion', etc.) by Rowland Williams, Sion Philip, Guttun Owen, William Philip, Dr John Kent, Dafydd ap E[dmwnt], Edmwnt Prys, Robin Ddu o Fon, James Dwnid [recte Dwnn], Thom. Williams (1817), Iolo Goch, Ifan Tew Brydydd, Taliesin, Davydd ap Gwilim, Huw Arwystl, Hugh Morris, Edward Morris, Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], [David Richards, 'Dewi Silin'], Robert Parry (Eglwys fach), David Rowlands (Plas Isa, Dolgelley), Rev. D. Davies (Castle Caereinion), John Parry, Robert Davies (Nantglyn) and Hu ap Ier. ap Robert, and anonymous poems. Among other items included are a code of manners ('Dysg Vanners dda'); a pedigree of Oliver Cromwell; a drawing and a description of a brass object discovered at Hen fryn fawr near Caersiws [sic], Montgomeryshire, 1808, 'Teilyn[g]dod a theithi yr Iaith Gymraeg', etc. [from Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'): Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain (Abertawy, 1829)]; and a diagram illustrating the civil order and the ecclesiastical order of the months. Much of the volume appears to have been written during the period 1817-18 but there are some personal and other memoranda dated to 1857. Some of the items appear to have been copied from NLW MS 2691 ('Llyfr Pant Phillip').

Transcripts by Mary Richards,

A volume in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen containing '[C]ronicl y Tywysogion Cymry' (cf. Thomas Jones: Brut y Tywysogion (Cardiff, 1955), pp. 2-24); Welsh and other pedigrees, e.g. of Queen Victoria, King George IV, Gr. ap Kynan, Rhys ap Tewdwr, Lewis ap Owen (Dolgelley), Edmund Meyrick (Ucheldre), Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, Grono Fychan, William Pughe (Mathafarn), the family of Hendre Mur (Maentwrog), Robert Mostyn, the family of Salisbury, Sir Lewis Trelawny, the family of Breubwyll (Llanbedr, Merioneth), Cathrine Lloyd (Abercydill, Cemmes, Montgomeryshire), Oliver Cromwell, etc., and pedigrees from printed sources; a table of British kings entitled 'Tabl o holl Frenhinoedd Brydain, or Penaithiaid cyntaf hyd at ein Brenin George III ... a breintiwyd yn Almanac Mr Thomas Jones am y flwyddyn 1709 ... '; a table of the princes of South Wales entitled 'Cofrestr o Dywysogion Deheubarth y rhai oedd yn Cadw eu Llys yn Nhastell [sic] Dinevwr... '; poetry in strict metres ('awdlau' 'cywyddau', and especially 'englynion') by Gutto'r Glyn, Gruffyth Philip, William Llyn, Tudur Aled, Owen Gryffyth, Wiliam Philip, Owen Gwynedd, Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), Robert Llwydd [sic], Huw Wiliams, Lewis Mon, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, Dafydd Richards ('Dewi Silin'), Sion Cain, Morys Thomas ap Hywel, Huw Arwystl, Sir Owen ap Gwilym, Hugh Llwyd, Sion Philip, Sion Tudur, [John Jones] ('Myllin'), [Moris Jones] ('Meurig Idris'), Robert Davies ('Bardd Nantglyn'), Ieuan Gethin ap Ie'n ap Ll'in, William Miltwn, Richard Humphreys (Llanfair [Caereinion]), Gr[uffudd] ab Gr[uffudd], Llywelyn Goch Ameiric hen, Edmund Prys (Archddiagon Meirionydd), 'Sion Gwnfa', Iolo Goch, Raff ab Robert, [William Williams] ('Gwilym ab Ierwerth'), [Thomas Edwards] ('Twm o'r Nant'), Sr Ifan Llwyd Offeiriad, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), [David Humphreys] ('Dewi Bardd Einion'), (J. W. Hughes] ('Edeyrn o Fôn'), Llywelyn ap Gutto, Hugh Moris, Taliesin, Ifan Jones ('Ieuan Gwynedd'), John Blackwell ['Alun'], [Robert Jones] ('Bardd Mawddach'), [William Edwards] ('Gwilym Padarn'), [Benjamin iones] ('P. A. Môn'), Cadwaladr Dafydd, Evan Evans ('[Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd'), [Rowland Parry] ('Ieuan Carn Dochan'), [William Ellis Jones] ('G[wilym] Cawrdaf'), [John Athelstan Owen] ('Bardd Meirion'), Robert Parry (Eglwysfach), James Dwnyd, Aneurin Owain, [William Williams] ('G[wilym] Cyfeiliog'), (David Richards] ('Dafydd Ionawr') John Parry, John Llwyd ('o Halfen'), etc., and anonymous poems; poetry in free metres by Dafydd Jones ('y Tailiwr hir'), Edmund Prys (Archddiacon Meirionydd), William Phylip, Elis Edward, John Hughes (Llanbadarn Fawr) ('Ioan Glaslwyn', 'Ioan Min Mochno', 'Bardd Ystwyth'), Thomas Ellis ('Bardd Caerwys'), Sion Tudur, John Edward, Evan Evans ('[Ieuan] Glan Geirionydd'), Dafydd Rees ('Saer Coed', Llanbryn Mair), Dafidd Cadwal[a]dr (Llan y Mowddwy), Sion Prys ('o Fowddwy'), [David Jones] 'Ieuan Cadfan', D. Davies (curate Llan y Blodwell), [Benjamin Jones] ('P. A. Môn'), [John Jones] ('Ioan Tegid'), D. Humphreys ('Dewi Einion'), Thomas Jones (Creaton), etc., and anonymous poems; ' ... henwau pymtheg llwyth Gwynedd'; extracts from John Reynolds: 'A true statement of all the Decendant[s] of the late David Llwyd Boneddwr of Cymmerau in the Parish of Llanbadarn fawr in the County of Cardigan' [grandfather of Mary Richards]; accounts of 'plygain' services at Darowen, Llangynyw and Llan Erful during the period 1842-70; 'Constitua seu Edicta antiquitus in usum Bardorum & Musicorum praescripta. Braint arr wyr gerdd drwy waith Tywyssogion Cymry ...'; ' ... Compownd Manwel' by Dafydd Nanmor; an account of trilobites, seals, etc. in the possession of Mary Richards, 1863-5: personal memoranda by Mary Richards; letters from Thomas Richards, Darowen to his children at the Wrexham eisteddfod, 1823 (personal), [ ] to M[ary] Richards, undated (enclosing nuts, the felling of the largest sycamore tree in the country in the churchyard at Llan y Mowddwy), [Griffith Jones] ('Gruffydd Glan Gwynion') [Dolgellau] to Mair Richards, Darowen, undated (a gift of two books to the recipient, London Eisteddfod) (two copies), W[illiam] Edwards ('Gwilym Padarn'), Llanberis to [Mary] Richards, Llangynyw, 1829 (the proposed publication of Eos Padarn), J. Blackwell ['Alun'], Rhydychain to M[ary] Richards, Darowain, 1824 (an enclosed stanza by 'Tegid'), [Daniel Evans]) 'Daniel Ddu [o Geredigion']) to Mair Richards, Darowain, 1830 (the proposed publication of Gwinllan y Bardd), John Evan[s], secretary, Cymmrodorion or Metropolitan Cambrian Institution to [Mary Richards], 1821 (the election of addressee to honorary membership of the Society), and Elizabeth Richards, Darowen, to Miss [ ] Gardner, 1824 (the antiquarian and other interests of the writer's sister [Mary], an old seal given to [Mary] by the addressee); a portion of a bardic grammar entitled 'Dosparth y llyfr Cynta or Pump llyfr Cerddwriaeth Cerdd dafod'; 'Enwau y Gwyr Ieuang a ddysgodd i ganu'r Bibell neu y Flute Germanaidd Gan Mair Richard Ofyddes Darowen, hithau a ddysgasai ei deall gan ei Brawd Dewi Sillin ... '; accounts of the tithe corn of Darowen, 1591-2; armorial bearings (Gwent, Carmarthenshire, etc.); a list of twenty-two books of pedigree ('Llyfrau Ach') of King Edward VI; a list of twenty-four 'cromlechi' [in Anglesey] ('Cofrestr or Cromlechau neu allorau Derwyddion'); 'Hyd a lled a chwmpas y Ddaear ai Thewdwr'; etc. Among the sources quoted by the scribe are a manuscript of Angharad Llwyd (p. 316) and 'Llyfyr Moelyrch Llansilin' (p. 368).

Instructions to the Council of Wales and the Marches

  • NLW MS 6654D
  • File
  • [1673]

A copy of instructions given by Charles II (1630-1685) to Richard, Lord Vaughan, Earl of Carbery (1600?-1686), Lord President of the Council of Wales and the Marches, signed by the king at Whitehall, 9 September [1673].

Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685

King Charles II: Lettre

  • NLW MS 6653D
  • File
  • 1665

A letter dated 26 August 1665, signed by King Charles II (1630-1685) and sent, per the Earl of Carlingford [d. 1677], from Salisbury, whither the English Court had removed owing to the plague, to 'Mon Cousin, L'Euesque de Munster', i.e. Christopher Bernard von Ghalen, prince-bishop of Munster, Westphalia, ally of England in the Anglo-Dutch war.

Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685

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