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Letters, etc., relating to the Davies family of Gwysaney

Letters, documents and papers, 1624-[c. 1703], relating to the family of Davies of Gwysaney, including: five letters (including one from Henry Salusburye of Lleweny) to Robert Davies [II] of Gwysaney, 1624-1629; a copy of a deed of sale of the manor and lordship of Ewloe, Flintshire, dated 10 May 1632; papers re. the protest made to the bishop of St Asaph by the parishioners of Nerquis and Treythin, near Mold, in 1640 concerning the lack of divine service in their churches; a warrant from Prince Rupert to Robert Davies [III] of Gwysaney as High Sheriff of Flint to deliver monies collected for the King's service, 1644; appointment by Charles I of Thomas Davies as Colonel of a regiment of Foot and Dragoons in Denbighshire and Flintshire, 1643; a letter from John Owen, bishop of St Asaph, to Robert Davies; memorandum touching the conveyance of the advowson of Owston, Yorkshire, to Henry Cooke, 1702; copy of a conveyance of properties in Brynford, Flintshire (original dated 1363), etc.

Davyes, Robert

Ty Cenedl papers

  • GB 0210 TYCENEDL
  • Fonds
  • 1913-1995 (accumulated 1983-1995)

Papers relating to fringe Nationalist and left wing groups, 1963-1989, including material relating to Welsh Nationalist and Republican Groups, 1963-1989, material relating to Welsh left wing groups, 1969-1979, and papers relating to solidarity groups and campaigns, 1968-1989; published political material such as newspapers and periodicals, 1913-1989, records and papers of Cofiwn, 1970-1990, including material relating to the American Indian Movement Tour of Wales, 1986; papers relating to campaigns and activities of groups such as the the Owain Glyndwr Society, 1975-1990; papers relating to maritime history and heritage, 1973-1995; and miscellaneous papers, mainly relating to organisations in Aberystwyth, 1976-1989.

Ty Cenedl (Organization)

Minutes, correspondence and associated papers

Papers relating to the proposed changes to be put to the Professional Associations, April 1995 (aims); Poetry in healing project (Wales), 1995; Meeting the challenges – Arts Therapies provision in a climate of change, 1997; Borderlands/Ffiniau, a conference to creatively explore familiar and unfamiliar ground in and through arts therapies, 1997; news sheets, 1998; Therapists network day, Llandrindod Wells, 1998; and Gudrun M. Jones, ‘Art therapy in palliative cancer care in a rural community’.

Minutes, correspondence and associated papers

Minutes of AWNCATP/WATAF (NHS committee minutes), 2005-2012; terms of reference and constitution of the Wales Committee for Health Care Professions (NHS), 1997; ‘Arts in health and well being. An action plan for Wales’ developed with Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Assembly; arts therapists in NHS Wales, 2003; graph of art therapies establishments in NHS Wales by arts modality, 2003; examples of compliment slips and headed paper for The arts therapies All Wales Network=Therapïau y celfyddydau Pwyllgor Rhwydwaith Cymru Gyfan.

Minutes, correspondence and associated papers

Papers relating to the conference ‘Siarad yn anweledig/Speaking the invisible’, on language, culture and healthcare at Theatr Felinfach, 2000; poster for a presentation, ‘Therapi celf mewn seiciatryddiaeth fforensig/Art therapy in forensic psychiatry’, Aberystwyth, 2001; dramatherapy and dramatherapists in Wales; and seminars organised.

Welsh Arts Therapies Advisory Forum Records

  • GB 0210 WATAFR
  • Fonds
  • 1988-2012

Archive of the All Wales Network Committee for Arts Therapies Professions (later Welsh Arts Therapies Advisory Forum (WATAF)),1988-2012, including correspondence, agenda and minutes of meetings, and related papers.

Digital archive of WATAF (1 disk), consisting of records, 2004-2021, relating to meetings, and supplementary material donated in January 2022.

Welsh Arts Therapies Advisory Forum

Ann of Swansea manuscript,

  • NLW MS 23958C.
  • Ffeil
  • [?1818].

Manuscript notebook, [?1818], containing copies of prose and poetry by Ann of Swansea (Ann Julia Hatton) connected with her novel Chronicles of an Illustrious House (London, 1816) which caused controversy for satirising Swansea polite society as the fictional 'Gooselake'.
Included are extracts from the novel, specifically sections relating to Gooselake, beginning at vol. 2, p. 74 (ff. 1-18 verso), dated 5 July 1818 (f. 18 verso); two poems responding to the furore surrounding the novel, the first addressed 'To the Great Dons of Swansea' (ff. 19-20), the second beginning 'Arms, Arms I sing! and many battles dire' (ff. 20 verso-26); 'Elegy on the Death of Mr Bamboo', dated January 1817 (ff. 26 verso-28 verso), and a single verse beginning 'Now lost in dust is Cambria's boast', dated 1816 (f. 29). A leaf identifying some characters from the novel with their real-life counterparts has been tipped in on f. i; this suggests that the unknown compiler of the volume had a close connection with Swansea.

Papurau Mathonwy Hughes

  • GB 0210 MATHES
  • Fonds
  • [?1847]-[?1999] (crynhowyd [1920au]-1999)

Mae'r fonds yn cynnwys ei lawysgrifau llenyddol; gohebiaeth bersonol, [?1903]-1992; papurau'n ymwneud â'i deulu, yn enwedig ei ewythr R. Silyn Roberts, [?1847]-[?1986]; papurau'n gysylltiedig â'i waith fel golygydd cynorthwyol Y Faner, 1949-1992; ynghyd â nodiadau a darlithoedd a baratowyd ganddo ar gyfer dosbarthiadau Mudiad Addysg y Gweithwyr, [?1936]-1991.
Mae'r papurau ychwanegol (Rhodd Medi 2021), 1894-2019 (gyda bylchau), yn cynnwys gohebiaeth, barddoniaeth, ysgrifau, papurau'n ymwneud â'r Faner, ffotograffau a phapurau pobl eraill.

Hughes, Mathonwy, 1901-1999

The Hengwrt Chaucer,

A late fourteenth-, or early fifteenth-century manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, lacking VIII(G)554-1481 (i.e., the Canon’s Yeoman’s Prologue and Tale); X(I)1180-end lost).
Doyle and Parkes’s ‘Scribe B’, the scribe of the Hengwrt Chaucer, has long been identified as having also been responsible for writing other manuscripts, including the Ellesmere Chaucer (Huntington Library MS 26 C 9). He was identified in 2006 by Linne Mooney as Adam Pinkhurst, a London-based scrivener associated with Chaucer.

Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400


Poetry of Gruffudd Grug, Iolo Goch, Tudur Aled, Guto'r Glyn, Dafydd Nanmor, Gruffudd Hiraethog, William Cynwal and others by two scribes of the second half of the 16th century.
Pp. 1-26 were written c. 1575.

The Oration of Gwgan,

A late 16th century manuscript in the hand of Owen John (p. 15) comprising The Oration of Gwgan and religious and moral poetry in the form of interludes.

Llyfr Syr Thomas Williams,

A manuscript in the hand of Sir Thomas Williams comprising a treatise on Welsh metres; and copies of the Welsh Grammars of William Cynwal and Gr[iffith] Roberts.


A manuscript in the hands of several 16th century scribes comprising poetry by Dafydd Epynt, Ieuan Llwyd and others, and a Welsh calendar.

Traethawd y Felin, &c.,

A 16th century manuscript in several hands comprising fragments of Welsh grammars; a treatise on milling; drawings of tools; the rules of Welsh metre; poetry; and a poetical dramatic dialogue.

Brut y Brenhinedd Geoffrey,

A manuscript of the first half of the 14th century in the hand of a single scribe comprising a Welsh version of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Brittonum (p. 6); the Pedigrees of the Saints (p. 286) and of the Men of the North (p. 291); and triads (p. 293).

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