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Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985 -- Correspondence
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David jones letter to Saunders Lewis,

A letter, November 1954 (dated 'Calan Gaeaf MCMLIV' [1 November 1954] but completed at a later date), and decorated with a coloured inscription, from the artist and writer David Jones to the dramatist, poet and critic Saunders Lewis.
The letter contains personal news and refers to the Lewis's contribution to a radio broadcast about David Jones transmitted on the Welsh Home Service, 29 October 1954 (see NLW, Alun Oldfield-Davies Papers 27 for a copy of the script).

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Excelsior gan Saunders Lewis

  • NLW MS 23785E.
  • File
  • [1962]-1980

A typescript copy, [1962]-1979, of Saunders Lewis's Welsh play 'Excelsior', first published Swansea, 1980, with corrections in the author's hand (ff. 1-56); together with correspondence, 1980, in English and Welsh, of the publisher Christopher Davies, regarding its publication in view of the allegation, when broadcast in 1962, that it libelled the Rev. Llywelyn Williams, MP (ff. 57-81).
The typescript consists of pages from the original script, [1962], transmitted on BBC TV on St David's Day 1962 (ff. 5-16, 20-21, 42-51), interspersed with revised sections, [1979], for an abortive stage version (ff. 17-19, 22-41, 52-56), and the new Preface for the published volume, April 1980 (ff. 2-4). The correspondence consists of nineteen letters, April-October 1980, including copies and drafts, mostly between Saunders Lewis, Christopher Davies, Sir Alun Talfan Davies and Glyndwr Williams, brother of Llywelyn Williams. A cutting of Clive Betts' article, 'Saunders Lewis publishes play BBC abandoned' (Western Mail, 1 December 1980, p. 9), is on f. 82. The 1962 and 1980 versions of the play both appear in Dramâu Saunders Lewis: Y Casgliad Cyflawn, Cyfrol 2, ed. by Ioan M. Williams (Cardiff, 2000), pp. 273-414.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Letters to Meic Stephens

Over a hundred and fifty letters, 1961-88 in English, Welsh and French, from various correspondents (surnames Jones-W). The letters, some of which include fair copies of published poems, are chiefly concerned with contemporary writing in Wales in both English and Welsh and with the recipient's work as editor of a number of volumes in this field. The correspondents include Glyn Jones (36, and three poems) 1967-86, Gwyn Jones (6) 1967-87, Saunders Lewis (1) 1974, Roland Mathias (17) 1961-86, Leslie Norris (32, and one poem) 1967-86, Eigra Lewis Roberts (2) 1970-3, R. S. Thomas (1) 1975, John Tripp (8) 1968-78, Harri Webb (14) 1967-79, and Kyffin Williams (8) 1970-1.

Llythyr Saunders Lewis,

Llythyr, 12 Ebrill 1956, oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, Penarth, at Mrs Dodd, yn amgau geirda. = Letter, 12 April 1956, from Saunders Lewis, Penarth, to a Mrs Dodd, enclosing a reference letter.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Llythyrau at O. M. Roberts

Letters, in Welsh, to O. M. Roberts from Saunders Lewis (13), 1932-1961, Robert Williams Parry (12), 1929-1951, Dan Thomas (1), 1948, and Lewis Valentine (6), 1937-1979, relating mainly to the Welsh Nationalist Party and to personal matters.

Parry, Robert Williams, 1884-1956


  • NLW MS 23430D.
  • File
  • 1929-1936 /

Seven letters, 1929-36, from Saunders Lewis to Tegwen M. Clee, afterwards Morris, mainly relating to the Welsh Nationalist Party, together with a draft article, 'Merched Llydaw' by Tegwen Clee, and other related papers, 1929-1931.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Papurau Eileen Beasley

Papurau, 1955-1962, fu'n eiddo i Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, ac sy'n ymwneud â'r ymgyrch ganddi hi a'i gŵr Trefor am yr hawl i gael ffurflenni treth oddi wrth Gyngor Dosbarth Gwledig Llanelli yn y Gymraeg. = Papers, 1955-1962, of Eileen Beasley, Llangennech, relating to her and her husband Trefor's campaign for the right to have rate demand notices from Llanelly Rural District Council sent in Welsh.
Mae'r papurau yn cynnwys llythyr at y Beasleys oddi wrth GDG Llanelli, 24 Medi 1955 (f. 27), a llythyr oddi wrth Mrs Beasley at y Cyngor, 9 Tachwedd 1955 (f. 28); copi carbon o lythyr, [?1955], oddi wrth Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Llydaw], at GDG Llanelli (f. 29); dwy ffurflen 'Notice of Distress' a gyflwynwyd i'r Beasleys mewn perthynas ag eiddo a atafaelwyd gan y Cyngor, Mawrth 1956, Ionawr 1958 (ff. 30-31); a dau lythyr at Eileen Beasley, Rhagfyr 1961, Ionawr 1962, oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, ynglŷn â'i ymchwil ar gyfer ei ddarlith radio 'Tynged yr Iaith', lle bu'n trafod eu hymgyrch (gw. Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (Llundain, [1962]), tt. 27-28) (ff. 32-33). = The papers include letters to the Beasleys from Llanelly RDC, 24 September 1955 (f. 27), and from Mrs Beasley to the Council, 9 November 1955 (f. 28); a carbon copy letter, [?1955], from Janette Queillé, Cuingamps [?Guingamp, Brittany], to Llanelly RDC, (f. 29); two Notices of Distress issued to the Beasleys, relating to property seized by the Council, March 1956, January 1958 (ff. 30-31); and two letters to Eileen Beasley, December 1961, January 1962, from Saunders Lewis, concerning his research for his radio lecture 'Tynged yr Iaith', in which he discussed their campaign (see Saunders Lewis, Tynged yr Iaith (London, [1962]), pp. 27-28) (ff. 32-33).

Beasley, Eileen.

Saunders Lewis letter,

Letter, 13 October 1982, from Saunders Lewis, Penarth, to Kathryn A. Klar, Richmond, California, replying to a letter concerning her research into Canu Aneirin at the University of California, Berkeley.
He describes the negative reaction of Ifor Williams, amongst others, to his book Braslun o Hanes Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg (Cardiff, 1932), the conclusions of which however correspond with those of Klar and her colleagues; he also describes his current state of health.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Saunders Lewis Manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSSAUND
  • Fonds
  • 1901-1991

Papers, 1901-1991, of dramatist, poet and literary critic John Saunders Lewis consisting mainly of correspondence and comprising letters, 1914-1955, between Saunders Lewis and Margaret Lewis (née Gilcriest), including letters written whilst Saunders Lewis was serving in the First World War and whilst he was imprisoned in Wormwood Scrubs in 1937; letters, 1919-1984, to Saunders Lewis from various correspondents, including seventy-three letters, 1923-1983, from Kate Roberts, and fifty-three letters and cards, 1948-1974, from artist and writer David Jones, together with letters, 1937, to Margaret Lewis from David Jones and from various correspondents to her, 1919-1951; letters, 1919-1924, to Saunders Lewis from his father Lodwig Lewis, and letters, 1952, 1984-[c. 1986], to Mair Saunders Jones, daughter of Saunders and Margaret Lewis, including a letter, 1952, from Kate Roberts; together with autograph and typescript drafts of plays by Saunders Lewis, 1936-1983, articles, notes and addresses by him, including students notebooks of 1914-1920, and poetry, 1912-1947, by both Saunders and Margaret Lewis.
References include those to Plaid Cymru, Welsh nationalism, contemporary Welsh literature, the state of the Welsh language at the time, and Roman Catholicism.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Papurau Kate Roberts

  • GB 0210 KATERTS
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1985

Papurau Kate Roberts, 1866-1985, papurau llenyddol a gohebiaeth yn bennaf, yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth Saunders Lewis, 1923-1985 (a gyhoeddwyd yn Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders, gol. gan Dafydd Ifans (Aberystwyth, 1992)), ac oddi wrth ei gŵr Morris T. Williams; gohebiaeth yn ymwneud â gwahanol aelodau o deulu Kate Roberts, 1911-1977; cardiau cyfarch, 1910-1985; darlithoedd,1914-[c. 1975]; papurau'r teulu, 1950-1985; dramâu, 1931-1969; dyddiaduron, 1939, 1944 a 1978-1983, drafftiau nofelau a storiâu byrion a phapurau'n ymwneud â chyfieithu rhai ohonynt i'r Saesneg; erthyglau a nodiadau cyffredinol, [c. 1937]-1974; erthyglau a nodiadau ar lenyddiaeth,1917-1973; cyfrifon Gwasg Gee, 1934-1953; papurau'n ymwneud ag Ysgol Gymraeg Dinbych, 1958-1964; nodiadau ysgol a choleg, 1904-1913; eitemau printiedig, 1898-1988; a phapurau Gwasg Aberystwyth, 1942-1944. Mae'r archif hefyd yn cynnwys grwpiau helaeth o bapurau Morris T. Williams a'u cyfaill E. Prosser Rhys. = Papers of Kate Roberts, 1866-1985, mainly literary papers and correspondence, including letters from Saunders Lewis, 1923-1985 (published in Annwyl Kate, Annwyl Saunders, ed. by Dafydd Ifans (Aberystwyth, 1992)), and from her husband Morris T. Williams; correspondence relating to various members of Kate Roberts's family, 1911-1977; greetings cards, 1910-1985; lectures, 1914-[c. 1975]; family papers, 1950-1985; plays, 1931-1969; diaries, 1939, 1944 and 1978-1983, drafts of novels and short stories and papers concerning the translation of some of them into English; articles and general notes, [c. 1937]-1974; articles and notes on literature, 1917-1973; Gwasg Gee accounts, 1934-1953; papers relating to the Welsh School at Denbigh, 1958-1964; school and college notes, 1904-1913; printed items, 1898-1988; and Aberystwyth Press papers, 1942-1944. The archive also includes extensive groups of the papers of Morris T. Williams and of their friend E. Prosser Rhys.

Roberts, Kate, 1891-1985

Llythyrau K-O,

Ymhlith y gohebwyr mae Saunders Lewis (8); Gareth Miles (2); Derec Llwyd Morgan (5); Dyfnallt Morgan (3); Prys Morgan (1); T. J. Morgan (2); W. Rhys Nicholas (4); Dyddgu Owen (1); Gerallt Lloyd Owen (1); ynghyd â chopi o dystysgrif marwolaeth ei dad John Lloyd, 1979.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985

Llythyrau at Saunders Lewis

  • NLW MS 23918E.
  • File
  • 1908-1978

Papurau, gan gynnwys un llythyr ar bymtheg, 1933-1978, a ddarganfyddwyd yn rhydd y tu mewn i gyfrolau o lyfrgell Saunders Lewis. = Papers, including sixteen letters, 1908-1978, found loose inside volumes from the library of Saunders Lewis.
Maent yn cynnwys llythyrau at Lewis oddi wrth Sir John Herbert Lewis, 1933 (f. 1), Edouard Bachellery, 1950-1951 (ff. 2-4, yn trafod ei lyfr L'oeuvre Poetique de Gutun Owain (Paris, 1950, 1951)), Tony Conran, 1961 (f. 7), Gareth Alban Davies, 1964 (f. 8), Aneirin Talfan Davies, 1969-1970 (ff. 9-10 verso), R. Brinley Jones, 1970 (f. 11), Donatien Laurent, 1975 (f. 14), a Michael T. Davies, 1977 (f. 15). Mae yna hefyd nodiadau amrywiol, 1908-[?1971], yn llaw Saunders Lewis (ff. 18-27), gan gynnwys nodiadau ar G. J. Williams, Traddodiad Llenyddol Morgannwg (Caerdydd, 1948) a G. J. Williams, Iolo Morganwg: Y Gyfrol Gyntaf (Caerdydd, 1956) (ff. 22-25), a Gwaith Tudur Penllyn ac Ieuan Ap Tudur Penllyn, gol. gan Thomas Roberts (Caerdydd, 1958) (f. 27). = They include letters to Lewis from Sir John Herbert Lewis, 1933 (f. 1), Edouard Bachellery, 1950-1951 (ff. 2-4, commenting extensively on his own L'oeuvre Poetique de Gutun Owain (Paris, 1950, 1951)), Tony Conran, 1961 (f. 7), Gareth Alban Davies, 1964 (f. 8), Aneirin Talfan Davies, 1969-1970 (ff. 9-10 verso), R. Brinley Jones, 1970 (f. 11), Donatien Laurent, 1975 (f. 14), and Michael T. Davies, 1977 (f. 15). Also included are miscellaneous manuscript notes, 1908-[?1971], by Saunders Lewis (ff. 18-27), including notes on G. J. Williams, Traddodiad Llenyddol Morgannwg (Cardiff, 1948) and G. J. Williams, Iolo Morganwg: Y Gyfrol Gyntaf (Cardiff, 1956) (ff. 22-25), and on Gwaith Tudur Penllyn ac Ieuan Ap Tudur Penllyn, ed. by Thomas Roberts (Cardiff, 1958) (f. 27).

Lewis, J. Herbert (John Herbert), Sir, 1858-1933

Llythyrau L (Saunders Lewis)

Yn eu plith ceir rhai'n ymwneud â sefydlu Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru. Yn ogystal â'r llythyrau, ceir copi teipysgrif o 'Cywydd Marwnad T. Gwynn Jones' gan, ac wedi ei arwyddo gan, Saunders Lewis; a 'Golygfa Mewn Caffe neu, Y Terfyn yng Nghymru', gan ac yn llaw Saunders Lewis. Hefyd, ceir un llythyr, dyddiedig 1931, at Saunders Lewis.

Lewis, Saunders, 1893-1985