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Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 20th century

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Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 20th century

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Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 20th century

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A. J. Sylvester Papers

  • GB 0210 AJSYLTER
  • Fonds
  • 1912-1986

Papers of A. J. Sylvester, 1909-1986, including shorthand diaries and notebooks, 1912-1953; subject files, 1914-1948, including files relating to the First World War, 1914-1920, the Paris Peace Conference, 1918-1920, Germany and the Second World War, 1936-1944; material relating to the Liberal Party, politics and elections, 1918-1945; Lloyd George family letters and papers, 1912-1985; general correspondence, 1912-1983; and papers relating to A. J. Sylvester's publications, 1945-1986.

Sylvester, Albert James, 1889-

Clement Davies (Liberal MP) Papers,

  • GB 0210 CLEIES
  • Fonds
  • [1884]-1980 /

Clement Davies's papers, [c.1884]-1967, mainly Liberal Party papers, 1928-1962, Clement Davies's political career, 1929-1965, Welsh affairs, 1936-1962, peace movements, 1940-1962, foreign affairs, 1944-1962, constituency papers, 1951-1962, and home affairs, 1953-1963; and papers and correspondence of Jano Clement-Davies, 1873-1969, and papers of Stanley Clement-Davies, 1920-1963.

Clement Edward Davies.

Dr Thomas Jones CH Papers

  • GB 0210 TOMJONES
  • Fonds
  • 1855-1987 (accumulated [1895]-1987)

Group 1 comprises a substantial corpus of correspondence and papers relating to Prime Ministers, government and society, education, foreign affairs, imperial affairs, Ireland, Wales, Coleg Harlech and the Gregynog Press. There are also classes concerning the Astor family, Abraham Flexner, Violet Markham, Sir Henry Jones and Sir Percy Watkins. There are also papers relating to Thomas's Jones publications and his diaries, privately printed in Switzerland, and a substantial group of press cuttings arranged by subject. -- Subsequent accruals of the papers of Dr Thomas Jones include correspondence and papers, 1855-1955, including letters to and from Dr Thomas Jones; pocket diaries, an account book and pocket notebooks kept by Dr Jones, 1916-[1955]; correspondence and papers, 1933 and 1948-1955, relating to the administration of the Pilgrim Trust; papers, 1955-1961, relating to Thomas Jones's death in October 1955, sympathy letters received, and material concerning arrangements for the memorial service and the administration of the Thomas Jones Memorial Fund; correspondence, 1962-1987, deriving from the use of the Thomas Jones Papers in the custody of the National Library of Wales; and press cuttings, 1912-1955.

Jones, Thomas, 1870-1955

Eirene White papers

  • GB 0210 EIRITE
  • Fonds
  • 1859-1999 (accumulated 1928-1999)

The fonds comprises letters, 1928-1999, to Lady White, diaries, 1936-1984, papers, 1907-1994, reflecting her career as a Labour politician, papers, 1859-1994, concerning her outside interests and activities, records, 1950-1996, deriving from Lady White's involvement in Welsh political and public life, and material, 1960-1990, concerning her activities in educational matters. There are also family papers, 1892-1992, including some relating to Lady White's father Dr Thomas Jones CH (1870-1955) and to her husband John Cameron White (1911-1968). There is also a substantial group of press cuttings and other printed material, 1919-1997. A further two boxes of papers were received in January 2007; this group remains uncatalogued.

White, Eirene

Frances Stevenson Family Papers

  • GB 0210 FRASON
  • Fonds
  • 1910-2018

The fonds comprises a substantial group of letters and papers, 1911-1972, acquired by Frances as private secretary to Lloyd George, including some business papers, notebooks of reminiscences and printed items. There are letters from a number of prominent politicians and public figures. There is also a small group of letters and papers, 1912-1965, concerning Lloyd George himself, papers, 1933-1946, relating to Jennifer Longford's schooldays, and a few papers relating to other members of the Stevenson family, notably Frances's sister Muriel and brother Paul. The material in sub-fonds G was loaned by Mrs Ruth Nixon of Camberwell to the National Library of Wales to be digitised in March 2013 and subsequently returned to her a few months later. Some of this material was subsequently purchased by NLW in 2017 and catalogued as sub-fonds H. The 2017 purchase includes various articles about Lloyd George, a draft memorandum partly in the hand of Lloyd George and partly in the hand of Frances Stevenson regarding the early part of the First World War, letters from Frances Stevenson to her family, including some from the Versailles Peace Conference, notes following Lloyd George's speeches and papers relating to Jennifer Longford including letters between her and Lloyd George.

Lloyd George, Frances, 1888-1972

James Griffiths papers

  • GB 0210 JAMTHS
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1975 (accumulated 1912-1975)

Letters, newspaper cuttings, notes, pamphlets and periodicals, typescripts, reports, volumes of parliamentary debates, and other papers of James Griffiths relating to the following: the coal industry and the South Wales Miners' Federation, 1912-1967; the Labour Party, 1919-1975; the Central Labour College, 1919-1922; National Insurance, 1931-1954; the Colonies, 1939-1972; his work as Secretary of State for Wales, 1964-1966; papers relating to Welsh affairs including devolution, the Welsh Reconstruction Advisory Council, education and local government reorganization, 1935-1975; constituency affairs, 1937-1969; overseas visits, 1936-1968; the Nigeria-Biafra War, 1968-1970; papers relating to his autobiography Pages from Memory, including letters from Gwilym Prys Davies and others, 1961-1969, notebooks, [1960s], typescripts, [1964]-1969, and cuttings of reviews, 1969; unpublished reminiscences, 1955-1974; notes and typescripts for lectures and speeches, 1940-1971; typescripts of broadcasts by Griffiths, 1937-1967; typescripts of articles and reviews, 1940-1974; newspaper cuttings, 1919-1974; and other miscellaneous personal matter, [1930s]-1975; and papers relating to Mrs Silyn Roberts, 1897-1954.

Griffiths, James, 1890-1975

Letters from Hugh Robert Hughes, Kinmel,

Five holograph letters from H[ugh] R[obert] Hughes from Kinmel Park, Abergele, to Henry Howard [? Colonel Henry Richard Lloyd Howard], [18]92-1909 (notes, in reply to queries, on John Vaughan of Caergai, his wife Margaret, dr. of Hedd Lloyd of Hafodunos, whom he married in 1698, the arms and some of the descendants of the said John and Margaret, Rowland Vaughan of Caergai 'a Welsh Poet of some eminence . . . born in 1560', Edward Lloyd of Tyddyn born in 1650 and his two wives, Sir George Wynne [1st bart. of Leeswood, co. Flint] and his wife Margaret Lloyd, an ? inscription at Penucha grin, the Jones family of Penucha grin, David Lloyd of Tyddyn, brother of John Lloyd of Wygfair, [mid 17th cent.], and the Coytmore family of Coytmore; and comments on the 1909 budget).

Hugh Robert Hughes.

Letters from Oxford dons to O. M. Edwards

The series comprises letters written by many Oxford academics discussing a range of college and university business, including the conduct and outcome of examinations, the performance of individual students and organising courses. Some of the letters refer to O. M. Edwards's duties, his plans, applications for posts etc. There are several references to his historical researches and prospective publications. Some of the correspondents discuss Edwards's work as MP for Merionethshire in 1899-1900.

Letters from university principals to O. M. Edwards

The series contains letters with a mixture of personal and professional news. Many of the letters refer to matters relating to the University of Wales and the individual colleges: academic matters, research, appointments and buildings. There are also numerous references to developments in secondary education in Wales and to relations between the schools and the university. Some of the letters arrange meetings with O. M. Edwards. There are a few references to contemporary political life.

Letters to Alfred Thomas, Lord Pontypridd,

  • NLW MS 21958D.
  • File
  • 1886-1913.

Some sixty letters, 1886-1913, to Alfred Thomas, 1st baron Pontypridd, relating mainly to national and local politics and to secondary and university education in Wales. The correspondents include Sir Edward Anwyl (1) 1905, Henry Austin Bruce, Lord Aberdare (1) 1886, Sir D. Brynmor Jones (2) 1900, J. Viriamu Jones (3) 1900, Sir Isambard Owen (1) 1893, Robert Threshie Reid, Lord Loreburn (4) 1908-1911, Lord Rendel (2) 1899, 1902, and Charles Vaughan, dean of Llandaf (6) 1888-1897.

Lord Goronwy-Roberts Papers

  • GB 0210 GORROB
  • Fonds
  • 1900-1997 (accumulated 1930-1997)

The papers comprise correspondence files, 1918-1982, among them general and political letters to Goronwy Roberts and constituency correspondence; subject files, 1913-1981, including papers concerning foreign affairs (some deriving from Goronwy Roberts's trips abroad), domestic politics, Welsh politics and matters relating to Wales, and files of material concerning Caernarfonshire; various personalia, 1918-1982; and miscellaneous papers, 1900-1997, including printed items and press cuttings.

Roberts, Goronwy, 1913-1981

Lord Temple-Morris Papers,

  • GB 0210 TEMPLM
  • Fonds
  • 1929-2010

The political papers of Lord Temple-Morris, including correspondence, addresses and articles on a variety of subjects during the course of his career. Topics covered include the political situation in Iran following the 1979 revolution, UK-Iranian relations, UK-Ireland relations and efforts to establish the peace process in Northern Ireland, pro-European groupings within the Conservative Party and his defection from the Conservatives to the Labour party. The papers are arranged into 6 groups; prospective parliamentary candidate and member of Parliament, 1961-1997; Conservative Party papers, 1966-1997; Parliamentary papers, 1974-2010; defection papers 1997-1998; personal correspondence, 1976-2006 and 2016 donations.

Temple-Morris, Peter, Lord, 1938-

Mike Steele Papers,

  • GB 0210 MIKELE
  • Fonds
  • 1976-1996 /

Papers, 1976-1996, of political interest, including copies of speeches of various politicians, 1976-1996; miscellaneous papers, 1981-1994, including interview notes, drafts of newspaper articles, television news scripts, notes from Rhodri Morgan MP and Sir Bernard Braine MP; press releases, 1982-1995; miscellaneous papers, [c. 1980]-1992, concerning Welsh matters, including the Welsh language, Welsh language broadcasting, parliamentary constituency boundaries in Gwent, the Welsh Office, road tolls, the National Museum of Wales, the distribution of a political newspaper, Y Glorian, in Rhondda schools, devolution, Labour Party Young Socialists; printed parliamentary debates, 1977-1994; House of Commons reports, 1986-1992; and miscellaneous printed material, 1993-1995. Additional Papers of political interest, from the late 1980s to 2007, accumulated by the donor as Lobby Correspondent for the Community News Service, at the House of Commons. This additional group remains uncatalogued.

Steele, Mike.

Robin Reeves Papers

  • GB 0210 ROREEV
  • Fonds
  • 1962-2001

The fonds comprises the papers of Robin Reeves including general subject files, 1967-1987; files concerning subjects of Welsh interest, 1973-1999; files concerning political subjects, 1974-1995; files relating to various organisations, societies, public bodies, newspapers etc., 1975-1996; files relating to various geographical areas in Wales, the British Isles and overseas, 1972-1995; files reflecting his literary interests and activities, 1978-1999; and miscellaneous papers, 1962-2001.

Reeves, Robin, 1941-2001

Ron Davies Papers,

  • GB 0210 RONIES
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1997 /

Constituency correspondence and papers of Ron Davies, 1979-1997, comprising general correspondence on constituency and national affairs, 1983-1997; general constituency papers, 1983-1995; constituents' papers, 1984-1997; subject files from his constituency office and his London office, 1984-1998, including agriculture, the National Health Service and the Welsh language; and papers relating to various pressure groups, 1979-1983.

Davies, Ron, 1946-

Sir Ellis Jones Ellis-Griffith papers

  • GB 0210 ELLITH
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1954

Addresses, lectures and speeches, notes and other papers, 1900-1922, relating to politics, Welsh nationalism, education, rural housing, disestablishment, army recruiting and Sir Ellis's defeat as Liberal candidate for Anglesey; press cuttings, 1883-1926; biographical material, 1949-1954, including an incomplete typescript of a biography by E. Morgan Humphreys; and political letters from Ellis-Griffith, 1873-1926, and letters to him, 1878-1925.

Ellis-Griffith, Ellis Jones, 1860-1926

William George (Solicitor) Papers

  • Fonds
  • 1766-1981 (accumulated [c. 1880]-1989)

Papers of William George, Criccieth, consisting of his personal and family correspondence, diaries and notes, 1881-1960, and papers relating to his publications and public life (including political, legal, religious and Welsh cultural material), 1883-1958, together with diaries, 1881-1915, of Richard Lloyd ('Uncle Lloyd'), and a considerable amount of correspondence and other papers relating to members of the George family, the Lloyd family and the Lloyd George family, 1766-1981. Of particular interest is a very substantial group of papers of David Lloyd George, including: correspondence with William George, mostly 1886-1918; diaries, 1878-1892; letters from prominent politicians, 1879-1913; other letters, including many to family members, 1883-1928; letters from his secretaries, 1906-1963; and working drafts and notes in preparation for his speeches.

George, William, 1865-1967

Wyn Roberts Diaries,

  • GB 0210 WYNROBRT
  • Fonds
  • 1970-1996 /

The political diaries of Lord Roberts of Conwy from 1970 to 1996 divided into 18 volumes. The diaries cover most of Lord Roberts' time as Member of Parliament for Conwy and his entire career at the Welsh Office and include letters, newpaper cuttings and pictures added by Lord Roberts. Many subject are covered including the establishment of S4C, Welsh language legislation, inward investment, the Falklands War, the Gulf War, Northern Ireland, the bombing of the Conservative Party conference in Brighton by the IRA in 1984, general elections and the European Union.

Roberts, Wyn, 1930-2013

Papurau Dafydd Elis Thomas

  • GB 0210 DAELTH
  • Fonds
  • 1971-1992

Papurau gwleidyddol Dafydd Elis Thomas, yn cynnwys adroddiadau a datganiadau i'r wasg, 1975-1991; areithiau ac erthyglau, 1980-1990; gohebiaeth gyffredinol a gwahoddiadau, 1974-1992; gohebiaeth, nodiadau ar drafodaethau a phapurau eraill yn ymwneud â gwaith Tŷ'r Cyffredin, 1974-1992, a Llyfrgell Tŷ'r Arglwyddi, 1980-1991; gohebiaeth â'r Swyddfa Gymreig, 1974-1990; papurau'n ymwneud â Phlaid Cymru, 1974-1992; papurau'n ymwneud â materion lleol, yn bennaf rhai Meirionnydd Nant Conwy a Gwynedd, 1972-1991, a materion rhyngwladol, 1971-1991; a phapurau'n ymwneud ag addysg yng Nghymru, yn cynnwys y Cwricwlwm Cenedlaethol ac addysg bellach, 1974-1991, amaethyddiaeth ac Undeb Amaethwyr Cymru, gan gynnwys lles anifeiliaid ac effaith trychineb Chernobyl ar ffermio defaid yng Nghymru, 1975-1991, diwydiant yng nghefn gwlad, Bwrdd Datblygu Cymru Wledig, ac effaith ail-gartrefi,1976-1991, papurau'r Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol a'r celfyddydau, 1974-1991, datganoli, 1977-1992, cyfathrebu a'r cyfryngau, 1976-1992, cyfraith a threfn, 1975-1989, problemau alcohol a phroblemau cymdeithasol, 1975-1991, yr iaith Gymraeg, 1973-1992; diwydiant, 1974-1989, yr economi, 1972-1990, iechyd a nawdd cymdeithasol, 1971-1990, trafnidiaeth, 1975-1989, ac ynni niwclear, 1971-1991 = Political papers of Dafydd Elis Thomas, including reports and press releases, 1975-1991; speeches and articles, 1980-1990; general correspondence and invitations, 1974-1992; correspondence, notes on debates and other papers relating to the business of the House of Commons, 1974-1992, and to the House of Commons Library, 1980-1991; correspondence with the Welsh Office, 1974-1990; papers relating to Plaid Cymru, 1974-1992; papers relating to local matters, mostly Meirionnydd Nant Conwy and Gwynedd, 1972-1991, and international matters, 1971-1991; and papers concerning education in Wales, including National Curriculum and further eduaction, 1974-1991, agriculture and the Farmers' Union of Wales, including animal welfare and the effect of the Chernobyl disaster on sheep farming in Wales, 1975-1991, rural industry, Development Board for Rural Wales, and the effect of second homes, 1976-1991, National Trust and the arts papers, 1974-1991, devolution, 1977-1992, communications and the media, 1976-1992, law and order, 1975-1989, alcohol and social problems, 1975-1991, the Welsh language, 1973-1992, industry, 1974-1989, the economy, 1972-1990, health and social security, 1971-1990, transport, 1975-1989, and nuclear power, 1971-1991.

Elis-Thomas, Dafydd, 1946-