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Anglo-Welsh Review Archive,

  • GB 0210 ANGIEW
  • Fonds
  • 1957- 2000 (the majority accumulated 1965-1988)

Records relating to the Anglo-Welsh Review, mainly typescripts of material published in the magazine, 1957-1988, including editor's correspondence files, printer's copies and galley proofs, 1957-1988; and subscription lists, 1957-1975. The archive also includes correspondence and papers relating to the publication's demise and closure, 1981-2000 (November 2021 deposit).

The Anglo-Welsh Review.

Association of Artists and Designers in Wales (Ceredigion Branch) Records,

  • GB 0210 ASSLES
  • Fonds
  • 1975-1982 /

Records of the Ceredigion (formerly Mid Wales) Branch of the Association of Artists and Designers in Wales, 1975-1982, including minutes, 1978-1982; financial records, 1975-1980; papers and reports, 1975-1982; and Executive Committee minutes, 1977-1982.

Association of Artists and Designers in Wales. Ceredigion branch.

Association of Artists and Designers in Wales Records

  • GB 0210 AADW
  • Fonds
  • 1974-1998

The fonds consists of administrative records and accounts, 1974-1998, of the Association of Visual Artists in Wales, formerly the Association of Artists and Designers in Wales, comprising material relating to both its national and regional activities.

Association of Artists and Designers in Wales

Brenda Chamberlain Papers,

  • NLW ex 2436.
  • File
  • 1950-1973.

Papers of and relating to the artist and poet Brenda Chamberlain including her radio script 'The Protagonists', 1967, exhibition catalogues, 1962-1973. Also included is a biographical note on the artist, 1973, for Forecast, newspaper of Bangor University students, on an exhibition of her works in the university.

Chamberlain, Brenda

Christopher Williams,

  • NLW MS 12620C.
  • File
  • [1901x1916] /

A draft version (manuscript notes, intermixed with mounted cuttings) of the fifth chapter of a proposed work on the art of Christopher [David] Williams [Welsh artist], by T[homas] Matthews. According to accompanying draft copies of the title-page and table of contents, the volume, which was to consist of five chapters, was to be entitled 'Celf Christopher Williams', and was to be the first work in a series to be called 'Cyfres Gelf Gymreig'.

Matthews, Thomas, 1876-1916.

Cliff (Clifford) McLucas Archive,

  • GB 0210 CLFMCL
  • Fonds
  • [1945]-[2002] /

Papers and art work of Clifford McLucas, including correspondence and papers relating to performance work created by him; his installation work and projects; proposals, reports and articles prepared by him for a number of bodies and organisations; his graphic design and art work, including examples of art work; papers relating to the architectural aspects of his work; and papers relating to the deep mapping work and projects carried out by him; together with papers relating to his general research interests, and to his professional and personal life in general.

McLucas, Clifford.

David Jones (Artist and Writer) Papers

  • GB 0210 DJONES
  • Fonds
  • 1821, 1853-1981 (predominantly 1930-1980)

Literary manuscripts of David Jones, with manuscript drafts of In Parenthesis: Seinnyessit e gledyf ym penn mameu; The Anathemata: Fragments of an attempted writing; Epoch and Artist: Selected writings by David Jones; The Sleeping Lord and other fragments; The Dying Gaul and other writings, and The Roman Quarry and other sequences. There is a substantial body of letters to David Jones from friends, editors and others, 1910-1976; draft letters from David Jones to friends, newspaper editors and others, 1929-1982; and letters by David Jones, 1919-1985, published in Dai Greatcoat: A self-portrait of David Jones in his letters. There are some examples of David Jones' art, and material relating to David Jones as an artist, as well as personal documents, financial papers, family papers, photographs, and accumulated research material.

Jones, David, 1895-1974

Davies (Gregynog) Collection and Deeds,

  • GB 0210 DAVNOG
  • Fonds
  • [1310]-[1958] /

Collection of deeds and other papers, [1310]-[1958], of Gwendoline Elizabeth Davies and Margaret Davies, including printed books, 1478-1844, papers concerning the Gregynog Press, 1922-1960, copies of books, 1923-1940, ephemera, 1927-1962, designs and drawings, n.d.; and deeds relating to properties in Montgomeryshire, 1597-1832.

Gwendoline Elizabeth Davies and Margaret Davies.

Dictionary of Artists in Wales Archive= Archif Bywgraffiadur Artistiaid Cymru

  • GB 0210 DIARTW
  • Fonds
  • [1988x2016]

Research papers, [1988x2016], relating to the publication of the reference book Post-war to Post-modern: a Dictionary of Artists in Wales published in 2015 in English and the Welsh edition Ȏl-ryfel i Ȏl-fodernaidd: Bywgraffiadau Artistiaid Cymru. The papers include minutes of the editorial group, biographical profiles of visual and applied artists, details of exhibitions held and images of their work.

Dictionary of Artists in Wales


Material relating to the 1985 Welsh Arts Council touring exhibition Women's Art in Wales, and to other exhibitions, also mainly by women artists.

Jack Raymond Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 JACKNES
  • Fonds
  • [c. 1930]-1982 /

Papers, [c. 1930]-1982, of Jack Raymond Jones, comprising correspondence, 1956-1982, including letters from Richard Burton, Ray Howard-Jones, Robert Morgan, John Ormond, and Kyffin Williams; drafts of literary works, 1958-[1970s]; articles, 1956-1969; radio and television scripts, 1957-1971; papers relating to exhibitions of his paintings, 1970-1975; financial papers relating to paintings, 1970-1976; material relating to other artists, 1957-1978; papers relating to Jack Raymond Jones's teaching career, 1957-1976; financial records, 1965-1981; personal papers, 1948-1980; miscellaneous papers, 1948-1980; and photographs, [c. 1930]-[1970s].

Jones, Jack Raymond, 1922-1993

John Griffiths (Bombay) papers

  • NLW MS 15331C.
  • File
  • 1864-1905

Papers, 1864-[1910], of John Griffiths, relating mainly to his career as an artist and Principal of the Bombay School of Art in India, comprising thirty-eight letters, 1864-1905, mainly from colonial administrators and officials in India and London, including several Governors of Bombay, and from noted artists (items 1-38); together with miscellaneous papers, 1870-[1910] (items 39-47).
The correspondents are Evelyn Baring, Government House, Calcutta, 2 January 1874 (item 1), [Thomas George Baring, 1st Earl of] Northbrook, June-October 1876 (items 2-3), [Sir] George Birdwood, India Office, 19 October 1888 (item 4), [Thomas Brassey, 1st Earl] Brassey, [n.d.] (item 5), [Sir] Ja[mes] Clark, Bagshot Park, 1864-1865 (items 6-8), John Collier, 11-15 June 1905 (items 9-10, with a draft reply by Griffiths on item 9), Arthur Ellis, [Equerry to the Prince of Wales], January-March 1876 (items 11-13), [Sir] B. H. Ellis, Calcutta, 1874, and India Office, 1885 (items 14-15), [Sir] James Fergusson, Governor of Bombay, 8-12 October 1882 (items 16-17), H. B[artle] E. Frere, 1870-1972 (items 18-19), William Gill, 15 July [?1880] (item 20), [Sir] A[rthur] E[dward] Hardinge, Commander in Chief, Bombay [Army], 2 March [1881x1886] (item 21), [G. R. C. Harris, Baron] Harris, [Governor of Bombay], 16 April 1893 (item 22), [George James Howard, Earl of] Carlisle, 20 September 1892 (item 23), [Donald James Mackay, Baron] Reay, [Governor of Bombay], 6 April 1890 (item 24), F. G. J. [Mackay, Baroness] Reay, 16 October 1890 (item 25), Daniel Maclise, 1 September 1865 (item 26), [Sir] M[axwell] Melvill, 24 March [?] (item 27), George [Porter], Archbishop of Bombay, 21 August 1889 (item 28), Samaldas Parmanand[d]as, [Divan of Bhavnagar], 24 October 1883 (item 29), Val Prinsep, 21 April 1882 (item 30), [Sir] J[ohn] Scott, [?1890s] (items 31-32), Takhtsinhji, [Maharaja of Bhavnagar], 3 March 1893 (item 33), [Sir] R. Temple, [?Governor of Bombay], Matheran, [1877x1880] (item 34), T. H. Thornton, Delhi, 2 January 1877 (item 35), G. F. Watts, 23 July 1865 (item 36), W[illiam] Wordsworth, 24 December 1890 (item 37), and J. Young, Freemasons' Hall, Byculla, 30 October 1888 (item 38). Other papers include an account of a tiger shoot, 16-18 May 1883 (item 39); a table plan for a Farewell Dinner to [G. R. C. Harris, Baron] Harris, 14 February 1895 (item 42); an illustrated brochure concerning the 'Sir J. J.' School of Art, [1910] (item 43); and six newspaper cuttings, 1894-1898, concerning Sir Charles Hutton Gregory and his wife Mrs Fanny Stirling (item 47).

Griffiths, John, 1837-1918

Jonah Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 JONJON
  • Fonds
  • 1946-2004.

Papers of, and relating to Jonah Jones, 1946-2004, including correspondence and papers associated with his artistic work, exhibitions and experiences during the Second World War.

Jones, Jonah.

Kyffin Williams Archive

  • GB 0210 KYFFINW
  • Fonds
  • 1716-[2008]

Papers of Sir Kyffin Williams, 1716-[2008], including correspondence, 1923-2006; diaries and journals, 1939-2006; catalogues of, and papers regarding, solo and group exhibitions, 1950-2006; drafts of books and articles by Kyffin Williams, [?1965]-[?2004]; works about him, 1953-[2008]; financial papers, 1939-2005; personal papers, 1931-2006; together with papers relating to various family members, 1716-2006, and papers accumulated by the artist, 1796-2007.

Kyffin Williams photographs include personal and professional, family, Welsh views, artworks and views abroad, most notably Patagonia.

Williams, Kyffin, 1918-2006

R. L. Gapper Papers

  • GB 0210 GAPPER
  • Fonds
  • 1843-1991 /

Papers, 1843-1991, of the artist R. L. Gapper, including correspondence, plans and other material relating to artistic commissions undertaken by him; records and correspondence accumulated through his work as an administrator and adjudicator with the National Eisteddfod, and also as a lecturer in the University of Wales; and personal papers, including diaries and correspondence. Many of R. L. Gapper's own letters remain in the archive, since he often made copies of the letters he sent.

Gapper, Robert Lambert, 1897-1984.

Ray Howard-Jones Papers

  • GB 0210 RAYHOJ
  • Fonds
  • 1883-1996

Papers, 1883-1996, of, or acquired by, the artist Ray Howard-Jones (1903-1996), including correspondence, diaries, notes and draft poems, and papers relating to exhibitions, together with photographs and slides, and printed material.

A further group of papers of, or acquired by Ray Howard-jones was received June 2006. This group remains uncatalogued.

Howard-Jones, Ray

Samuel Maurice Jones Papers

  • GB 0210 SAMAJO
  • Fonds
  • 1866-1939

Papers, 1866-1939, of the artist Samuel Maurice Jones (1853-1932), including notebooks, letters, lectures and addresses, family genealogical data, newspaper cuttings and other miscellaneous papers; together with letters written to his father, the Rev. John Jones (1820-1886), and a notebook belonging to his brother, John Maurice Jones (1845-1869).

Jones, Samuel Maurice, 1853-1932

Survey of Women Artists and Craftspeople

Questionnaire compiled by Moira Vincentelli completed and returned to her by women artists and craftspeople living and working in Wales, some including covering letters; together with other letters, index cards containing artists' details and photocopied breakdown by % of survey components.


Papurau yn ymwneud â diddordeb Dr Iorwerth Hughes Jones mewn celfyddyd, 1926-1972; llythyrau, darluniau a gwahoddiadau i arddangosfeydd, yn ymwneud â'r arlunwyr Evan Walters a Ceri Richards.