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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.

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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.

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Welsh language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.

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Achau ac amrywion

Genealogies of Welsh families, in several hands, with additional notes by William Maurice [d. 1680], Cefnybraich, Llansilin; a transcript of a Chirk charter, 1324; a Welsh vocabulary; two pen-and-ink sketches, one depicting Christ healing a cripple and the other depicting two men drinking.


A composite manuscript with the letters 'MSS.' in gold on the spine. Pages 1-13 and 99-119 are possibly in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]. The contents are: pp. 1-8, 'The Roman Towns in Britain according to the Itenerary [sic] of Antonius and their distance from each o[ther]'; pp. 9-11, 'Names of the sevl. British Nations & where situated'; pp. 13-49, 'Wallis's Logick', in the form of questions and answers in English; pp. 81-98, 'De Graecarum Linguarum Proprietate, ex scriptis De Arte Joannis Grammatici'; pp. 99-108, a list of old Welsh words with their meanings; pp. 109-11, a list of Welsh 'Names of Fish' with English equivalents; and pp. 113-18, a list of the Welsh names of birds ('Adar'), with English equivalents. The volume also contains a receipt, 1802, from J. Topham, Treasurer of the Society of Antiquaries of London, to William Owen [-Pughe] for his annual subscription.


A seventeenth century transcript of 'cywyddau' and 'awdlau' by Huw Machno, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Sion Cent, Sion Tudur, Dafydd Nanmor, Iolo Goch, Tudur Penllyn, Guto'r Glyn, Tudur Aled, Ieuan Deulwyn, T[h]om[a]s Derllys, Robert Leiaf, Wiliam Llŷn, Sion Brwynog, Robin Ddu, Gruffudd Hiraethog, Lewis Daron, Owain Waed Da, Hywel Cilan, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Rhys Goch Eryri, Sypyn Cyfeiliog, Lewis Glyn Cothi, Iorwerth Fynglwyd, Ieuan ap Tudur Penllyn, Lew[y]s Morganwg (Llywelyn ap Rhisiart), Deio ab Ieuan Du, Bedo Brwynllys, Wiliam Cynwal, Huw Arwystli, Mor[u]s Dwyfech (Morus ap Dafydd ab Ifan ab Einion), Bedo Phylip Bach, Sion Phylip, Maredudd ap Rhys, Lew[y]s Môn, Ieuan ap Gruffudd Leiaf, Richard Phylip, Rhys Goch Glyndyfrdwy, Ieuan ap Rhydderch ab Ieuan Llwyd, Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Llywelyn ap Gutun [ap Ieuan Lydan], Sion ap Robert ap Rhys, Dafydd Benfras, Bleddyn Fardd, Edmwnd Prys, Gwilym ab Ieuan Hen, Syr Dafydd Trefor, Gruffudd Phylip, Ifan Llwyd (Gwaun Eingian), Edwart Ifans and Rhys ap Robert ap Hywel; 'englynion'; a vocabulary of old Welsh words; genealogies of the Lloyd family of Dulassau, etc.

Barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith,

A volume containing Welsh poetry, mostly in strict metre (pp. 1-433), together with some prose items, including recipes for making inks and baits for catching trout (pp. xvii-xviii), a short Welsh vocabulary (pp. xix-xxii), descriptions of the coats of arms of Welsh families (pp. 444-454) and the names of the Fifteen Tribes of Gwynedd (pp. 454-456), written in a late-seventeenth century hand.
Many of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century poems are addressed to members of the families of Owen of Clenennau and Brogyntyn and Wynn of Glyn and Ystumcegid: the manuscript was probably compiled for Elizabeth Wynn of Glyn and Ystumcegid or for her daughter Margaret Wynn shortly after the latter's marriage in 1683 to Sir Robert Owen of Clenennau and Brogyntyn (see pp. 23-25). An index to the poems is supplied by the scribe on pp. 434-443. Poetry in more than one hand has been added between c. 1691 and c. 1713 on pp. vii, 457-476, 484-485, 489-510, including elegies to Sir Robert Owen by Huw Morys (pp. 468-471) and to his sister-in-law Mrs Catherine Pennant by David Davies (p. 473), and a poem in free metre, dated 1713, probably by Dafydd Williams, Rhuthun (p. vii).

Cell gymysg,

Two fragments (pp. 170-94 and 107-32), the first containing copies of 'cywyddau' by Iolo Goch and Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd o Fathafarn, and the second containing a brief vocabulary (Sae to Silltaerau); an extract from a letter written by John Jones, Dyfynog, to Edward Lhwyd, 10 May 1706, with copies of enclosures ('Bonedd ac Anfonedd'; 'Achoedd Syr Rhys ap Thomas, a list of owners of manuscripts); and 'cywyddau' by Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and Iolo Goch.

Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn ...,

A small volume entitled 'Cell-gasgl Sion Lleyn, 1805', containing 'englynion' (chiefly epitaphs), stanzas in free metre including hymn stanzas, and one or two longer poems (e.g. 'Awdl ar Dosturi 1809' and 'Pillion i Dwm or Nant herwydd ei Lyfr, sef Ban y Byd - Creglais o Groglofft &c, 1809, Ebrill 27') by and in the autograph of John Roberts ('Sion Lleyn'). Other poets represented are Griffth Williams('Guttun Peris'), W. Elias and O[wen] Griffith. There is also a list of unfamiliar Welsh words ('Geiriau Cymraeg dieithrol yn amlwg'), with the following note: 'Hyn a gymerwyd o gasgliadau Thos Prys Esqur, Plas Iolun, a D. Ddu a S. Lleyn'. On p. 58 is the note 'Mai 11. 1812 Priodais' [see Cwrtmawr MS 510, p. 106].

Composite volume of Morris Davies,

A composite volume from the library of Morris Davies (1796-1876), Bangor containing Thomas Charles, Catecism Byr ... (Bala, 1808); Owen Jones, Arweinydd i Wybodaeth neu, Y Catecism Cyntaf i Hen Bobl a'r Ail i Bobl Ieuaingc. (Bala, 1829); Rheolau a Dibenion yr Ysgol Sabbothol yn Mon ... (Bala, 1820); John Hughes, Hymnau I'w canu yn yr Ysgolion Sabbothol ... (Bala, 1821); and an incomplete glossary in the hand of Morris Davies of words (Abba - Pen-bleth) extracted apparently from Thomas Charles, Geiriadur Ysgrythyrol (Bala, 1805). At the end of the volume are pencil drawings, partly coloured, of persons representing M[argaret] A[nn] Parry, M. A. Jones etc.

Daniel Parry-Jones Papers,

  • GB 0210 DANES
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1975 /

Papers including autograph and typescript copies of published and unpublished works, 1948-1975; articles and talks, 1956-1973; untitled articles, 1930-1963; reviews of books written by him, 1948-1977; and correspondence mainly relating to his publications, 1946-1975. Also notes, newspaper cuttings and source material used by Daniel Parry-Jones for his books and articles on the following subjects: Wales and the Welsh Language, Agriculture and the Countryside, Dialect and Agricultural Terms, History and Legends of Monmouthshire, Children's Games, Food and Diet, and Church and Clergy.

Parry-Jones, Daniel, 1891-1981

Geirfa a gramadeg

Welsh vocabularies, with Latin and English equivalents and translations, notes on grammar and construction, lists of rhyming words, englynion, a diagram giving the Welsh terms for the divisions of the day, etc., mainly in the hand of John Edwards, Chirk.

Geirfa a gramadeg

Welsh vocabularies, with Latin and English equivalents and translations, and notes on grammar in the autographs of Thomas ap Wiliam, Trefriw and John Edwards, Chirk.

Geirfa Cymraeg-Ffrangeg

Geirfa Cymraeg-Ffrangeg anghyflawn, gyda rhai ystyron cyfwerth Saesneg, wedi'i sylfaenu ar William Salesbury: A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe ... = An incomplete Welsh-French vocabulary, with a few English equivalents, based on William Salesbury: A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe ...


  • NLW MS 10994C.
  • File
  • [1900x1922] /

A volume of notebooks of Robert Williams, rector of Llanbedrycennin, Tal-y-cafn, Caernarvonshire (author of 'The History of Charlemagne', Cymmrodor, vol. XX, 1907), containing material towards a glossary of Welsh words taken largely from Thomas Powel: Ystorya de Carolo Magno ([London], 1883). Inset is an autograph letter, 1922, from the Reverend J. Bodvan Anwyl ('Bodfan'), Aberystwyth, to Robert Williams.

Williams, Robert, Rev., Llanbedr-y-cennin


A glossary of Welsh common, personal, and place-names, purporting to trace their derivation from Greek.

T. Eurwedd Williams.

Letters, vol. I,

A volume made up of correspondence, poetry, printed items, etc. The letters, about one hundred and six in number, 1786-1806, are addressed (except where otherwise stated) to William Owen [-Pughe], and the correspondents, in alphabetical order, are the following: p. 505, Mary Belk, French Gate, Doncaster, 1805 (1, to Mrs. Owen) (mention of visions of Mrs. Southcott, etc.); p. 443, Edward Charles ['Siamas Wynedd'], London, n.d. (1) (he wishes to subscribe to the dictionary, a series of twelve 'englynion' ('Molawd y llyfr')); p. 471, Wm. Cunnington, Heytesbury, 1806 ( 1) (an account of Marden or Merden between Devizes and Everly [sic]); p. 278, J[ohn] Daniel, [Carmarthen, 1793] (1) (a note re copies ordered of the dictionary); pp. 239, 241, 245, Edwd. Davies, Sodbury, 1792 (2, and 'Scheme of an Essay on the History of the Bards') (sending a paraphrase of Taliesin's elegy on the death of Owain son of Urien prince of Reged); p. 470, Hugh Davies, Beaumares, 1806 (1) (mention of the abridgement of the addressee's great work, he has nearly completed the trifle containing the account of the British names of plants, a gout prescription); pp. 219, 273, 291, 501, Walter Davies, 'Gwallter Mechain', All Souls Col[lege], Oxford, and Myfod,1793-1805 and undated (4, one to Owen Jones) (the addressee's dictionary, the Cylchgrawn, re the return of Owen Jones's books, the writer's work in connection with the S.P.C.K. Welsh Bible, he is setting off for South Wales owing to Iolo [Morganwg]'s strange conduct); p. 163, G[eorge] Ellis, London, [1803] (1) (mention of Walter Scott, the Mabinogion, Leyden's opinion); p. 155, W[illiam] Gunn, Irstead, Norwich, 1803 (1) (the illness of his eldest daughter, requesting further assistance in identifying the British cities of Nennius, the 'Vindication of the Celts' by the addressee's friend); pp. 483, 488, 491, Richd. Hoare, [1805] (2, and a list of persons and places mentioned in the Hirlas poem) (various queries re Giraldus); pp. 281, 379, John Jones, curate of Llangadfan, Llangadfan, 1790 and [1793] (2) (the specimen of the addressee's dictionary, a request concerning a near relation (a girl) who is anxious to come to London); pp. 255, 263, 288 ('englynion'), 381, 439, Thomas Jones, Colommendy, Corwen, Llanrhaiadr in Mochant [sic], and Excise Office, Bristol, 1789-1795 (4, two to Edward Jones ['Bardd y Brenin']) (sending 'penillion' (enclosure wanting), the Bala Eisteddfod (1789), the St. Asaph Eisteddfod (1790), the addressee's proposed dictionary, chance and not choice has brought him to Bristol for two years, mention of John Evans, the Penmorfa Eisteddfod (1795), a young Quaker in Bristol (unnamed), the writer's health); pp. 267, 282, 289, 301, 303, 311, 339, 343, 367, 371, 373, 377, (?)387, 415, Will[iam] Jones, 'Cadfan' or 'Gwilym Cadfan', Llangadfan, 1789-1794 (13 and an address) (words for the dictionary, emigration, autobiographical details, an address 'To all indigenous Cam- brobritons', mention of Ezeckiel Hughes, etc.); p. 345, John Lloyd [Holywell postmark, 1790] (1) (hints concerning the specimen of the addressee's dictionary, subscribers' names); pp. 495, 497, Tho[mas] Lloyd, North Walsham, 1805 (2) (requesting translations of passages (specified) in the 'Wisdom of the Cymri [sic]', Iolo Morgannwg [sic] and the History of the Bards, the Welsh Archaiology); p. 385, Thomas Owans, New Inn, Llanrwst, 1791 (1, to Owen Jones) (a letter to the Gwyneddigion in London mentioning the Llanrwst Eisteddfod and hoping they will be no less assiduous in caring for the work of the old poets, reference to the manuscripts of Dafydd Sion, 'Dewi Fardd', at Trefriw, and to a manuscript of Welsh poetry belonging to Thomas Holland of Manchester, son of John Holland of Te[i]rdan in the parish of Llan-Elian yn rhos, co. Denbigh, his own circumstances); p. 159, Jane Owen, Nassau, New Providence, 1801 (1) ( her plight following the death of John Owen, with a cutting headed 'The Bahama Gazette', 16 Oct. 1801); pp. 285, 295, Richard Powel, 'Y Bardd Glas o'r Gader', Yspytty Ifan, 1793-1794 (2, one to [Thomas Jones, Llanrhaiadr y Mochnant]) (he has not yet received the medal, items of poetry addressed to Thomas Jones, William Owen [-Pughe], and [David Thomas] 'D. Ddu o Eryri '); pp. 277, 307, Morg[a]n J[ohn] Rhees, Carmarthen and Philadelphia, 1793 and 1796 (2 and a printed prospectus of the Cambrian Company); (continued)

pp. 349, 353, 403, 461, W[illiam] Richards, Lynn, 1790-1803 (4) (the addressee's proposed dictionary, the Welsh Indians, how he relinquished his design of compiling a small Welsh dictionary for the use of Gwŷr Dyfed chiefly, mention of three bungling Welsh dictionaries now set on foot); p. 271, Evan Richardson [i.e. Evan Pritchard], 'Ieuan ab Risiart alias Ieuan Llyn', Bryncroes, [17]93 (1) (wishing to know the price of the addressee's dictionary, whether to come to London); pp. 465, 467, 479, Griffith Roberts Senior, Surgeon &c., Dolgelley, 1804 (3) (intelligence that his son Jhon [sic] Roberts is dead, the writer's MSS); pp. 447, 449, D[avid] Samwell, 'D. Feddyg Du', [1797] (2) (the printed proclamation [of the (1798) Caerwys Eisteddfod]); pp. 249, 275, 313, 318, 319, 321, 325, 329, 333, 335, 357, 389, 393, 397, 419, 423, 427, 431, 435, 455, 457, David ( Dafydd) Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri', writing from Waunfawr, Llanddeiniolen, Bettws Garmon, Caernarfon, Llanystumdwy, Plas Gwyn, Llanfair Bettws Geraint, and Amlwch, 1786-1798 (21) (literary matters, etc., including the intention of the writer and others to form a society called 'Eryron' (Snowdonians), Barddoniaeth Dafydd ab Guilym, draft proposals for printing 'A Guide to the British Language' by H. & D. Thomas, a draft title-page, etc., for 'Awdlau ar destynau Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion i'r Eisteddfodau B. A. 1789, 1790, 1791 . . . gan Dafydd Ddu o'r Eryri', and items of poetry); p. 509, G[eorge] Thomson, Edinburgh, 1805 (1) (to Thomas Johnes, see NLW MS 13223C, p. 257) (a request for original Welsh airs, to be harmonized by Haydn); p. 399, John Walters, Cowbridge, 1790 (1) (re the specimen of the addressee's dictionary); and pp. 11, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 49, 53, 55, 59, 63, 67, 71, 75, 79, 83, 87, 91, 95, 99, 103, 107, 111, 115, 119, 123, 127, 131, 135, 139, 143, 147, 151, Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', writing mainly from Flimston but also from London, Llanrwst, Hafod Uchtryd, Cowbridge, and Gileston, 1788-1806 (33) (literary and personal matters). Some items of poetry are to be found in the letters (see under the names Edward Charles, Edward Davies, William Jones, Richard Powel, and David Thomas). At the beginning of the volume, pp. 3-10, 15-24, are a number of 'cywyddau' attributed to Dafydd ap Gwilym, with notes. These are in the autograph of Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg', and they include the poems now known as 'Cywyddau'r Ychwanegiad'. Also in the volume are poetical compositions, some holograph, by Goronwy Owen (pp. 199-218, 451-3), and Lewis Morris, 'Llewelyn Ddu' (pp. 221-33), and instances of the work of the following poets: Edward Williams, 'Iolo Morganwg' (pp. 43-5, ?523-4, holograph), William Philyp [sic] (pp. 170-1), William Wynn, Person Llan- Gynhafal (pp. 189-96), Edm[un]d Price, Archiagon Meirionydd (pp. 197-8), Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal or Ieuan ap Rhydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd (pp. 235-7), [David Thomas], 'D[afydd] Dd[u] Er[yri]' (pp. 253-4, holograph), D. Pugh (pp. 529- 30), Robert Davies, Nantglyn (pp. 535-8), Jo. Davies ['Siôn Dafydd Las'] (p. 548), and 'Owen ap loan', Caer-gybi (pp. 553-6) with anonymous pieces on pp. 517-8 and 561-8. Miscellaneous items include the following: pp. 173-84, a transcript in the autograph of Evan Evans, 'Ieuan Fardd' or 'Ieuan Brydydd Hir', of the 'Mirabilia' associated with the 'Historia Brittonum' and of c. 57-66 of the Historia (cf. NLW MS 7011D, pp. 202-12, and NLW MS 1982 (Panton 13), ff. 42 verso-58 recto); pp. 259-62, extracts from certain Wynn of Gwydir papers headed 'Instances of the custom of making presents to the Judges' (? in the autograph of Paul Panton, senior); pp. 407-14, a list, under headings, of Welsh physical and geographical features (? in the autograph of David Thomas, 'Dafydd Ddu Eryri'); pp. 475-6, a list of diocesan registrars, etc.; p. 520, a note concerning the medals to be awarded at the Gwyneddigion eisteddfod of 1790 with mention of those for 1791; pp. 545-6, notes concerning Dr. John Davies of Mallwyd; and pp. 549-50, a list of 'British names of Shells & Crustaceous fish' and 'Prif gaerae ynys Brydain gynt'. The printed items comprise: p. 1, 'Trial by Jury' . . . A Song, sung . . . Feb. 4, 1795 in celebration of the . . . trials . . . and . . . acquittals of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, and John Thelwall . . .' by Edward Williams ['Iolo Morganwg']; pp. 166-7, 514-5, 540-1, a broadsheet containing 'Dull ac amcanion Cymdeithas y Cymreigyddion' by E[dward] Charles, 1796, and 'Cerdd y Cymreigyddion' by J[ohn] Jones, Glan y Gors (three copies, the first endorsed 'Mr. Owen from T. Roberts'); pp. 361- 3, 'Ode for the New Year', 1790, attributed elsewhere to David Samwell; pp. 365, 519, an announcement concerning the Gwyneddigion eisteddfod to be held at Bala the following Michaelmas [1789] and the subjects for the ensuing year (two copies); p. 521, 'Plan of the Triangles made use of for obtaining the Geometrical Distance and Altitude of Snowdon and Moel Eilio with respect to the Sea at Carnarvon. Augt. 1775' extracted from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. LXVII, Tab. XVIII, p. 788; pp. 525-8, 'The Arabic Alphabet' with notes (two copies); and p. 533, an announcement of the forthcoming publication of Heroic Odes and Elegies of Llywarch Hen, with translation by William Owen. There are also a few loose papers.

Letters, vol. III,

A volume made up of over two hundred and fifty items of correspondence, 1789-1807 and undated, nearly all addressed to William Owen [-Pughe]. The correspondents are the following: p. 843, Joseph Allen 'at Richard Mathias's Esqre. Hayston-hill near Johnston & Haverfordwest', 1803 (1) (suggestions re a Welsh Grammar); p. 145, Dr. [?Carl Gottlieb] Anton, Görliz in Ober Lauslz, [17]97 (1) (a reply concerning the Wendish language, queries); p. 348, J[oseph] G[urney] Bevan, Stoke Newington, 1803 (1) (the addressee's proposed grammar); pp. 287, 335, 397, 869, John Brand, Secretary, Society of Antiquaries, 1802-1805 (4) (acknowledging gifts of books, etc.); p. 655, E. W. Brayley, n.d. (1) (a request for a Welsh tale); pp. 221, 438, J. Britton, n.d. (1) (an invitation) and a short note; p. 37, E. Carpenter, Bermondsey, 1804 (1) (defending himself); p. 559, WM. Carter, Newry, 1801 (1) (returning a (money) draft); pp. 235, 299, 303, 307, 319, 323, 327, 339, 343, 349, 361, 371, 373, 381, 385, 401, 425, 459, 467, 497, 519, 523, 527, 535, 541, 549, 619, 635, 749, 793, 797, 801, 809, 817, 821, 831, 839, 865, 903, Geo[rge] Chalmers, Office for Trade, 1801-1804 and undated (39) (invitations, requests for information, the addressee's sister-in-law, Mrs. Jane Owen, re arranging to see the Earl of Macclesfield's Welsh MSS); pp. 67, 71, 75, 77, 81, 139, 181, 185, 189, 193, 197, 495, Thos Charles, Bala, etc., 1802-1807 and undated (12) ( corrections for editions of the Welsh Bible and Testament, mention of his Welsh spelling-book, etc.); pp. 447, 451, 455, 479, 511, 539, 679, 685, 689, 693, 705, 709, 713, 791, 825, 838, 847, Wm. Coxe, Bemerton, 1800-1802 ( 17) (acknowledging papers, queries, Abury and Stonehenge, the Answer to Mr. Pinkerton's Dissertation); pp. 33, 51, 163, Wm. Cunnington, Heytesbury, 1804 and 1806 (3) (tumuli, etc.); pp. 509 (corrections), 569, 573, 603, 757, Edwd. Davies, Olveston, 1799 and 1801 (4) (he has moved from Sodbury, repeating his thanks for the copy of the bardic alphabet, the addressee's dictionary, the [Myvyrian] Archaiology, he has a volume almost ready for the press, Hu Gadarn, printed proposals for publishing certain tracts (essays)); pp. 534, 827, 913, Hugh Davies, Beaumares, 1802 and 1804 (3) ( the addressee's dictionary, Diddanwch Teuluaidd, Llyfr y Resolution, etc.); p. 921, [Robert Davies], 'B[ardd] Nantglyn', Coviadur [sic] (y Gwyneddlgion), Llundain, [1802] (1) (notice of a meeting); p. 265, [Walter Davies, 'Gwallter Mechain'], Myfod, 1805 (1) (he is now engaged in preparing a Welsh Bible for the press); p. 475, A. Didier, 'Proffesswr ieithodd y Deheubarth Europa', Bath, 1802 (1) (sending a letter to Iolo Morganwg (enclosure wanting)); pp. 377, 419, J. & W. Eddowes, Shrewsbury, 1803 (2, one addressed to Messrs. Longman & Rees) (re an order for books); pp. 227, 231, 315, 883, 895, 909, G[eorge] Ellis, London and SunningHill near Staines, 1803-1804 and undated (6) (queries, the Mabinogion, etc.); p. 123, R[ichar]d Fenton, Carmarthen, 1804 (1) (requesting a literal prose translation of the Hirlas of Owen Cyfeilioc, how he is seriously occupied in arranging and collecting materials for his historical Tour of So[uth] Wales); p. 879, Wm. Fox, Hackney, 1804 (1) (thanking him for the loan of his translation); p. 29, Edmund Fry (Fry, Steele, and Co., Letter Founders ) [London], [1719] (1) (a request in connection with his work [? Pantographia]); p. 161, W. Godwin, Somers Town, 1805 (1) (a request in connection with his examination of the ancient Britons); p. 173, Samuel Greatheed, Newport Pagnel, 1806 (1) (remarks on the origin of the ancient British dialects, etc.); pp. 99, 103, 113, 264, 285, 429, 491, 553, 565, 585, 591, 595, 773, 777, 891, Wm. Gunn, Irstead near Norwich, 1801-1805 (15) (re Nennius, information received in a letter from a clergyman at Dolgelley of the name of Herbert, mention of Mr. Lloyd, a clergyman (a native of Caermarthenshire [sic]) living at Northwalsham); p. 240, (?) T. Handley, Captn. Grenadiers, Winchester Place, 1804 (1) (acknowledging his resignation as a member of the Clerkenwell Loyal Volunteers, a testimonial ); pp. 435, 505, 851, 874, Geo[rge] Hardinge [London], 1802 and undated (4 ) (he is the friend of [Edward] Davies, curate of Olveston, subscribers' names, sending a fourteenth and fifteenth letter, etc., mention of Mr. Henley); pp. 805, 813, S. Henley, [? 1802] and undated (2, one if not both addressed to George Hardinge) (Mr. [Edward] Davies's letters); (continued)

pp. 63, 65, 85, 95, 109, 117, 127, 141, 177, 203, 245, 253, 393, 781, (Sir) Richd. C[olt] Hoare, Stourhead, etc., 1802-1806 and undated (14) (queries and requests in connection with his work on Giraldus, etc.); p. 19, (Dr.) H. Hodgson, Market Rasen, 1801 (1, to Mr. Griffiths, Books[elle]r, Paternoster Row, London) (requesting information re books available, e.g. is there a Welsh grammar written in English); p. 665, J. W. Hucklebridge, 71 St. Paul's Ch[urch] Y[ar]d, 1803 (1) (an ultimatum from Mr. [Richard] Phillips to Mr. Rousseau); pp. 241, 257, 545, 663, 675, 681, 697, 701, 717, 725, 737, 741, 917, T[homas] Johnes, Hafod, etc., 1800-1805 and undated (13) (mention of his translation of Froissart, his daughter's health, his Advice to his Tenants translated by William Owen [-Pughe], harassment by an attorney, etc.); pp. 59, 281, (Revd. Dr.) Jno. Jones, Shipston on Stour, 1805-1806 (2) (a query concerning the present number of a Sebright MS in the possession of Mr. Johnes of Hafod, mention of a music MS then in the Welsh School); pp. 167, 213, 647, O[wen] Jones, 'O[wain] Myvyr', [London], 1803-1805 (3) (an invitation, an amendment, sending a draft for £25); p. 1, Rob: Jones, Ap[othecar]y, Denbigh, 1806 (1) (requesting a favour); pp. 201, 249, The[ophilu]s Jones, 1805 and undated (2) (queries, a request for (?)Y Greal, botanical names, his health); p. 261, [Thos. Jones, 'Y Bardd Cloff'], Long Acre, 1805 (1) (sending something for Y Greal (enclosure wanting )); p. 89, Mrs. Kennedy, [London], 1804 (1) (? lessons for her son during his Christmas holidays); p. 761, A. Lawrence, Highgate, 1801 (1) ( promising to settle an account); pp. 291, 295, 673, the Earl of Leicester, President, Society of Antiquaries of London, 1803 and 1805 (3) (printed notices concerning elections to the Council, etc.); pp. 389, 434, John Leyden, Holborn, [1803] (2) (an invitation, Mr. [George] Ellis); p. 487, Richd. Llwyd, Môn [sic], n.d. (1) (mention of the death of Mr. Griffith of Caerhun, literary matters); pp. 729, 733, (Lieutt.) John Lucas (Navy), Portsea, 1800 (2) (re harp strings for Mrs. Owen who had just left Portsmouth for Providence); p. 311, Samuel Lysons, [London], n.d. (I) (the addressee's paper on the ancient Welsh MSS, now printing for Archaeologia, vol. XIV); p. 47, (?) W. Miller, Albemarle St., [London], 1806 (1) (a gift of volumes from Sir Richard Hoare); p. 217, W. Murrell, Adjutant, Clerkenwell Loyal Volunteer Infantry, 1803 (1) (printed notice concerning winter drills); pp. 91, 211, 277, 899, Edwd. Owen (brother), Pool, Jersey, and Gurnsey [sic], 1804-1805 (4) (mention of the scoundrel Phillips and of being arrested at Gosport, Dyer's bills, etc.); pp. 357, 501, 599, Jane Owen (sister-in-law), Nassau, 1802-1803 (3) (her circumstances); pp. 15, 765, John Owen (brother), Nassau, 1801 (2) (instructions, business matters, yellow fever on a frigate, etc.); p. 169, R. Owen (?brother), Nottingham, 1806 (1) (Captain Herbert (son of Lord Carnarvon), who is studying Welsh, wishes the addressee to call on him); p. 461, Thos. Parry, 'Sopeboiler', Chester, 1802 (1) (the addressee's dictionary, mention of Mr. J. Jones of Ramoth); p. 615, D[avid] Pennant, Downing, [1801] (1) (replying to a query concerning certain manuscripts, mention of [Thomas] Jeffreys); pp. 11, 138, 155, 370, 643, 649, 659, 661, Richard] Phillips, [London], 1803-1805 and undated (8) (strictures on Rousseau, invitations, etc.); p. 415, Wm. Phillips, York Hosp[ita]l, [Chelsea], 1803 (1) (mention of a contract); pp. 21, 239, 625, 627, 629, 631, William Owen [-Pughe], 1804 and undated (6) (a letter and drafts or copies of letters to various persons, etc., the letter relating to the Clerkenwell Loyal Volunteers and the drafts or copies addressed to [Edward] Davies, Sodbury, the African Association, and others unnamed); pp. 55, 423, Richd. Rees [London], [1803] and [1806] (2) (enclosing a letter from Eddowes (see above), his friend, the Revd. John Jones, wishes to be introduced to the addressee); p. 25, G. Reveley, Portsmouth [Virginia], 1789 (1) (the Welsh Indians); pp. 751, 785, W[illiam] Richards, Lynn, 1801-1802 (2) (re Welsh terms of rhetoric, his fear that the papers of the late John Evans cannot be recovered, sending two pamphlets (wanting)); pp. 132, 444, 640, 722, 863, Griffith Roberts, senior, surgeon, Dolgelley, 1800-1805 (5) (inquiring about 'the Poet' [? Iolo Morganwg], re ear syringes, his efforts to obtain what is due following the death of his son, an order for a book); pp. 471, 745, J[ohn] Roberts, Stadhampton, 1801-1802 (2) (mention of Mr. Lloyd's visit, the addressee's request with regard to the tales in the Llyvr Coch, re a young man (Mr. Luff) who had come into his parish to keep a day school, etc., the Cambrian Register, Lord Macclesfield); (continued)

p. 855, P[eter], Roberts, 1802 (1) (returning the music of 'Hun Gwenllian' which he has copied); pp. 5, 207, 657, Robert Roberts, Caergybi and [London], 1806 and undated (3) (reference to the money left to the addressee by his kinsman, his own activities, an order for Testaments, etc., Joanna [Southcott], a reminder from Mr. Roy, re coming to Mr. Till); p. 157, S. Rousseau, n.d. (1) (he brought some copy from Mr. Sharp, requesting the loan of £1); pp. 581, 755, James Saunders, Carmarthen and Haverfordwest, 1801 (2) (the date of his ordination, after which he went to his curacy (Llanstadwell)); pp. 439, 515, Walter Scott [afterwards Sir Walter Scott], Edin[burgh], 1802 (2) (queries in connection with the metrical romance called Sir Tristrem, requesting that his name should be added to the subscription for the Welsh Dictionary, mention of Dr. Leyden); p. 215, Willm. Sharp, Titchfield Street [London], 1804 (1) (re the money to discharge the printing of the Warning to the World [? Joanna Southcott's prophecies]); p. 483, C. Smith, Strand, n.d. (1) (requesting the loan of [Lewis] Morris's Survey of the Coast of Wales); p. 875, Tho. Smith, Sec[retary] of the Committee of the Society for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday Schools in England and Wales, [London], 1804 (1) (the Committee thanks him for correcting the Welsh spelling-book); p. 121, S. Stevens, Sec[retary] of the Committee of the Rev[erend] Mr. [Richard] Lendon, (London], 1804 (1) (circular concerning an ecclesiastical dispute); p. 887, Alexr. Stewart, Moulin, 1803 (1) (replying to a letter [re Gaelic literature], mention of a neighbouring clergyman, Mr. James Maclagan, and of [?Alexander] Robertson, a parish schoolmaster who had been preparing a Gaelic dictionary); p. 653, Jos[ep]h Tarn, Spa Fields, 1803 (1) (sending a [?Welsh] spelling-book to be corrected); p. 151, Lord Teignmouth, P[residen]t of the British and Foreign Bible Society, London, 1805 (1) (requesting the addressee to meet the committee of the Society to consider the corrections proposed by Mr. Charles in the last Oxford edition of the Welsh Bible); p. 769, D[avid] Thomas, ['Dafydd Ddu Eryri'], Waunfawr, 1801 (1) (his health, his Grammar); p. 223, G[eorge] Thomson (Edinburgh), London, 1804 (1) (wishing to know whether the Welsh have good songs in English suited to their native airs, mention of the Reverend Mr. Williams of Chiswick); p. 269, Robert Townson, L.L.D. [sic], at Lydleys Hayes near Shrewsbury, 1805 (1) (sending a prospectus of his intended History of Yorkshire (enclosure wanting), requesting assistance with the etymology of the rivers, mountains, etc., of Yorkshire and its history in British times); pp. 57, 107, 273, 391, 465, Sh[aro]n Turner, [London], 1804-[1806] and undated (5) (invitations, mention of Southey, sending material for the printer); pp. 407, 859, T. R. Underwood, [London], 1803 and n.d. (2) (re attending a new introductory lecture by Davy); p. 135, Caroline (?) Waynem, [London], n.d. (1) (her little girls' education, Lady Sebright's wish to see him); p. 577, John Whitaker, Ruan Lanyhorne near Tregoney, 1801 (1) (acknowledging the gift of the two volumes of Welsh Archaiology); pp. 9, 13, 149, 159, 209, 309, 405, 669, 907, E[van] Williams, Strand, 1803-1806 and undated (9) (the dictionary, invitations, matters of printing); p. 353, Jenkin Williams, Merthyr Dydvyl [sic], 1803 (1) (his wish to obtain the addressee's dictionary, queries, etc.); p. 411, Peter Williams, rector of Llanrug, 1803 (1) (why the addressee's letter remained so long unanswered); p. 31, Ro[bert] Williams, Jes[us] Col[lege] Oxon, [17]95 (1) (concern about the addressee's note); and p. 331, Thos. Williams [bookseller and printer], Dolgelleu, 1803 (1) (re selling Welsh books if the Gwyneddigion intend to send some to that part of Gwynedd, queries, sending two items by Dafydd Ionawr which he (T.W.) has just published (enclosures wanting, but for one such item see NLW MS 13235B, p. 197)). The volume also contains the following: p. 607, 'A Translation of part of the Genealogy of Woden in the Cotton MSS. of Nennius - from the Llannerch MS.'; p. 623, 'Englynion i Gell Lyfrau Gwilim Owen' and a 'Proest' by 'Bardd (?) Glwyb'; and pp. 789, 835, etymological notes (?part of a letter from an unidentified correspondent). Some of the signatures have been cut away for autograph purposes, and a few letters had been removed altogether before the volume was paginated.

List of Welsh words,

A list of Welsh words with their references in the Mabinogion, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Myfyrian Archaeology, Iolo MSS, Llwybr Hyffordd, Rheol Buddedd Sanctaidd, etc.

'Llyfr barddoniaeth Gwilym Canoldref', etc.,

A composite volume, the contents being: ff. 1 recto-26 verso , 'Llyfr Barddoniaeth. sef y Gelfyddyd o ganu Cerdd Dafawd yn dda. O waith Gwilym Ganoldref. O Wynedd', i.e. William Midleton (the transcript, which is in the hand of 'Iolo Morganwg', is said on f. 25 verso to be copied 'o Lyfr Ieuan Tir Iarll, sef Sion Bradford', and appears to be similar to that found in NLW MS 13096B (Llanover C. 9.), pp. 201-35; there are references to the text published in Dafydd Lewys, Flores Poetarum Britannicorum . . . (Mwythig, 1710), pp. 59-80, on ff- 3 recto and 7 recto; 'Iolo Morganwg' dates his 'Rhagysbysiad' on f. 2 recto as follows: 'Trefflemin ym Morganwg Chwefror yr ail, 1806', and a note on f. 1 recto, 'For Mr. Wm. Owen', suggests that the text was to be sent to William Owen [-Pughe]; for confirmation see NLW MS 13221E, pp. 139 & 143, and also NLW MS 21282E, no. 370; ff. 27 recto-59 verso, & 62 recto-verso, 'Llyma Gadwedigaeth Cerz Davawd This is the Institute of the science of Language', being Welsh and English versions of a bardic grammar in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe]; f. 60 recto- verso, a transcript of a 'Toddaid Taliesin' with notes by 'Iolo Morganwg'; f. 61 recto-verso, 'Cywydd i Syr Walter Vicar Brynbuga ag i'r chware Miragl a wnaeth ef yno', attributed to Meredydd ap Rhosser, beginning 'Pwy'n Athro call wrth Allawr . . .', in the hand of 'Iolo Morganwg', who claims to have copied it from 'Llyfr Mr. Lewys o Ben Min'; ff. 63 recto-66 recto, vocabularies; f. 67 recto, memoranda by William Owen [-Pughe] dated 1807; and f. 68 recto, printed proposals for printing Dosparth neu Gramadeg yr laith Gymraeg . . . o Gasgliad R[obert] D[avies] o Nantglyn. At ba un y chwanegir, Rheolau Barddoniaeth Gymraeg, gan D[avid] T[homas] o'r Waun Fawr yn Arfon.

'Iolo Morganwg' and William Owen-Pughe.

Llyfr newydd cyfochraeth,

'Llyfr Newydd Cyfochraeth ... Enwau, Ymadroddion, Traddodiad, Chwedloniaeth, a Llên, Groeg-Cymraeg, wedi eu Taflennu'n Gyfochrol, a'u hegluro ag enghreifftiau o'r clasuron. Y Gyferbyniaeth yn ol Arddull Deheubarth Cymru. Gan Gerwyn Wyn', being a glossary, with index, purporting to trace from Greek the derivation of Welsh (especially Carmarthenshire) common, personal, and place names. The volume was submitted for competition at the National Eisteddfod held at Caernarvon, 1935.

T. Eurwedd Williams.

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