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Welsh Baseball Archive,


  • 1892-2014 (Creation)

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The South Wales Baseball Association was established in 1892, when its predecessor, replaced the word ‘rounders’ with ‘baseball’, due to changes in the game. Later, in 1912, the Association adopted the name Welsh Baseball Association and assumed responsibility for all games and clubs, which were arranged into 2 sections: the Monmouthshire League and the Glamorgan Section.

In 1921 the present Welsh Baseball Union was founded when the Association changed its name. By then 60 clubs and 1,400 players were registered with the Union. A Welsh league was created, comprising the main clubs and which was divided into two divisions: the Monmouthshire Association and the Cardiff and District League. Each league was independent and was responsible for its own business, although they remained accountable to and had representation on the Council of the Welsh Baseball Union.

1927 saw the establishment of the International Baseball Board of England and Wales, which was formed in order to deal with the laws of the game. Following this standardised rules and a unified rule book were developed.

The first international game between England and Wales was played in 1908, followed by another in 1914, and after [1920], apart from the war years, became an annual fixture.

Further developments that contributed to maintaining the game’s popularity and development include the establishment of the Cardiff Schools Baseball Association and the Cardiff and District Ladies League in 1922 and the formation of the Newport Schools League in 1923. Baseball’s popularity was at its peak in the 1930s but despite its popularity in some areas, the game never gained a following beyond Cardiff and Newport in South Wales and Liverpool in Northwest England.

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Donated by Mr Ken Gough, Cwmbran, January 2016; $e 99632737502419.

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Papers of the Welsh Baseball Association, 1892-2014, relating to matches, the game in general in Wales, clubs, players and teams, including ladies teams and youth teams, comprising items such as programmes, yearbooks, fixture lists, cuttings, articles, score books and scoring cards, handbooks, rules and official laws, photographs, biographies, correspondence, minutes and minute books, diamond drawings, accounts and financial reports, newsletters, statistical information, league tables and results, together with draft and proof copies of the magazine Around the Bases.

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Arranged at NLW into 27 series: Master copies; Player profiles: Full Internationals Wales; Player profiles: B Internationals Wales; Player profiles: Youth and Under 14 Internationals Wales; Player profiles: Full Internationals England; Baseball personalities; Player statistics and information; Club histories; Names to faces; Spare photos; Match programmes; League tables and results; Score books and sheets; Around the Bases; Handbooks, yearbooks and fixtures; Matches and tournaments; Cups and trophies; International games' information; Schools; Youth baseball; Referees; Welsh Ladies Baseball League; Minutes books and typed minutes: various committees; History of the game and general information; Press cuttings; Photographs and negatives; and Miscellaneous administrative and general papers.

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May 2016


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The following sources were used in the compilation of this description: NLW, Welsh Baseball Archive; ‘Poor Man’s Cricket’:
Baseball, Class and Communityin South Wales, c. 1880-1950, Martin Johnes viewed on:, January 2017.

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