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Tom Macdonald Papers,


  • 1917-1983 / (Creation)

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0.243 cubic metres (26 boxes, 5 wallets)

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Tom Macdonald (1899-1980), novelist, short story writer and journalist, was brought up in Llandre, Cardiganshire, where his father, an Irish tinker, had settled. He was educated at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and then worked as a journalist and editor for the Western Mail and the Daily Express. He travelled extensively during his forty-year career in this profession, working in China, Australia and Africa, before returning to Wales in 1965. In addition to his journalistic articles, he produced a considerable amount of fiction, much of which was published and broadcast; this included a number of autobiographical novels, short stories, stories from Africa, China and Australia, children's novels, plays, and novels dealing with apartheid and wildlife in South Africa. Responsibility for his dealings with publishers was taken on by his family after his death in 1980.

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Deposited by Mrs Gillian M. Jones, Heaton, Bradford, and Mr Robin Macdonald, Cowley, Oxford, the children of Tom Macdonald, in 1989

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Papers, 1917-1980, of Tom Macdonald, including manuscript drafts of his published and unpublished novels and short stories; non-fictional writing and research notes relating to his work as a journalist; correspondence; poetry; plays; a collection of newspaper cuttings; minutes of committee meetings, 1917-1921; educational certificates, 1918-1919.

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Arranged into the following: novels (autobiographical; Wales; South Africa; children's; other); short stories (Wales; Africa; Australia; China and Hong Kong; children's; general); plays; non-fiction (Wales; Africa; China and Japan; general); research notes and notebooks; correspondence; miscellaneous documents; newspaper cuttings; works by other authors.

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Macdonald, Tom, The White Lanes of Summer: a memoir (London, 1975); trans. Haydn Morgan, Y Tincer Tlawd (Aberystwyth, 1971); trans. W. J. Gruffydd, 'Elerydd', Gwanwyn Serch (Aberystwyth, 1982); Gareth the Ploughman (London, 1939); Croesi'r Bryniau (Welsh adaptation by Nansi Griffiths of Gareth the Ploughman) (Aberystwyth, 1980)

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February 2003


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Compiled by David Moore for the ANW project. The following source was consulted in the compilation of this description: NLW, Schedule of Tom Macdonald Papers

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