Prophecies -- Early works to 1800.



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Prophecies -- Early works to 1800.

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Prophecies -- Early works to 1800.

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Prophecies -- Early works to 1800.

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Copies from the Red Book of Hergest,

Copies made from the Red Book of Hergest by David Parry in 1697 (see f. 202), written mostly on one side only. The volume contains De Carolo Magno (ff. 7-77); Historia Caroli Magni (ff. 78-91); Imago Mundi (ff. 91-98); Brief Chronicle (f. 98 = cols 516-518 of the Red Book of Hergest); Cato Cymraeg (ff. 100-104 = cols 520-527 of the Red Book of Hergest); Breuddwyt Ronabwy (ff. 104-113); Proffwydolyaeth Sibli Doeth (ff. 114-119); Kyvoessi Myrdin etc. (ff. 120-125 = cols 577-584 of the Red Book of Hergest); 'Proff: yr Eryr, Pan aeth llu i lychlyn, Enweu ynys prydein etc.' (ff. 125-129); Iarlles y Ffynnawn (ff. 130-147); Peredur (ff. 147-172); Amlyn ac Amic (ff. 172-187); poetry (ff. 188-199 = cols 1366-1396 of the Red Book of Hergest); and Y Mab Cric Iustus llwyt (ff. 200-202 = cols 1362-1367 of the Red Book of Hergest). This text is followed by sayings of 'Cattwn ddoeth', Taliesin, etc. (f. 203); 'Breuddwyd Gron: Ddu' (f. 203); triads (ff. 204-207); and poetry by Lewis Glyn Cothi, Lewys Morganwg and others (ff. 208-214).

David Parry.

Poetry, prophecies, &c.,

A manuscript containing poetry, prophecies, 'histories', etc. and including 'Kynghorev Kattwn ddoeth ar bardd glas or gadeir' (pp. 27-29). The poets cited include Taliesin, Iolo Goch, SiƓn Cent and Lewys Morganwg.
The text beginning at p. 39 is imperfect and the end is wanting from the texts beginning at pp. 42, 80, 116. Four leaves, more or less fragmentary, by a later hand, have been bound between pp. 82 and 83, the end wanting from the text on the last leaf of this section. At p. 112b, c is a misplaced leaf containing English poetry.


A miscellaneous collection of prophecies, etc. in prose and verse (including those of Myrddin and Taliesin), probably in the hand of William Phylip. There is a table of contents by Richard Morris at the beginning, written April 1748 for William Jones.

William Phylip and others.


A manuscript containing prophecies in prose and verse and including alleged prophecies of Myrddin and Taliesin and the works of Iolo Goch, Dafydd Llwyd and Rhys Nanmor.
The text at p. 39b is said to be 'copied out of the Chronicle of Guttun Owain'. The text at the end beginning 'Proffwydoliaeth Banastr o Brydain fawr ...' is continued on p. 13 of the manuscript.