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London (England).

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D. R. Hughes Papers,

  • GB 0210 DRHHES
  • Fonds
  • 1835-1955 (accumulated [1894]-1955) /

Letters, 1902-1947, to D. R. Hughes; letters of literary interest, 1835-1902, collected by D. R. Hughes; material relating to the National Eisteddfod, 1881-1944, including poetry, 1881-1936; miscellaneous periodicals and books, 1904-1945; manuscript and newspaper cuttings belonging to the Rev. John Jones, Talysarn, Sir John H. Puleston and T. R. Roberts, [1857x1940].

Hughes, D. R. (David Rowland), 1874-1953

Emlyn Williams Papers,

  • GB 0210 EMLWILLS
  • Fonds
  • 1898-1989 /

Papers relating to Emlyn Williams, 1898-1989, comprising correspondence between EW and Sarah Grace Cooke, 1917-1964; other letters and copy letters of Sarah Grace Cooke, 1928-1964; letters from EW to other teachers, 1922-1944; transcripts of correspondence between EW and Molly Williams, 1940-1944; family letters, 1942-1987; correspondence between EW and theatrical friends, 1955-1989; letters of congratulation on CBE, 1962-1963; letters of condolence on death of Molly Williams, 1970-1971; family papers, diaries and school records, 1919-1982; scrapbooks compiled by EW, containing newspaper cuttings, fan letters and other material relating to his family and works, 1869-1961; manuscripts, typescripts, printed copies and annotated drafts of staged plays, 1926-1986; manuscripts and typescripts of unpublished novels, plays and short stories, 1919-1987; scripts, with revisions, of shows on Dickens, Dylan Thomas and Saki, 1951-1987; play adaptations and translations and copies of scripts for EW's acting roles 1935-1986; newspaper reviews of EW's works and appearances, 1961-1970; theatre porgrammes, photographs, and material rleating to current affairs, 1910-1987; radio scripts, 1940-1987, and script for TV commentary on Investiture of Prince of Wales, 1969; typescripts of speeches and readings, 1950-1987; papers relating to EW's autobiographies, novels, and 'Beyond Belief', 1962-1981; miscellaneous papers, [1933]-1990, and printed books, 1898-1987.

Williams, Emlyn, 1905-1987.

'Hen Hanes Dyn',

Notes and schemes of lectures on prehistory, Edinburgh, London, and the Barmouth district, 1898-1899.

Miscellaneous poetry and prose,

  • NLW MS 13225C.
  • File
  • [1779x1835] / William Owen-Pughe, 'Iolo Morganwg', David Samwell and others.
  • Part of Mysevin Manuscripts

A composite volume containing miscellaneous material, chiefly in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe] and lettered on the spine 'M.S.S., Vol. I'. The contents include: pp. 1-3, 'At y Beirdd yn Eisteddfod Caerwys', being a 'cywydd' by 'Y Bardd Clôff' [Thomas Jones]; p. 5, transcript of, and notes on, an inscription found at Pap Castle near Cockermouth, [Cumberland]; pp. 7-9, 'An outline of the Tale of Arthur and his Warriors, popular in Glamorgan and other parts of Wales, as given by Edward Williams'; pp. 11-13, notes on the Welsh and bardic alphabets, and the alphabet introduced by E. Llwyd [Edward Lhuyd] into his Archaeologia Britannica; pp. 17-18, further notes on Welsh orthography; pp. 19-24, 'Llyma Ystori Aza ac Eva - Wedi ithyny o' r ail Lyvyr o'r Beibl, yr hwn a elwir Genesys' (text published, see J. E. Caerwyn Williams: 'Ystorya Adaf ac Eua y Wreic', The National Library of Wales Journal, vol. VI, pp. [170]-75; this version is probably a copy of the text found in Wrexham MS 2 [NLW MS 873B], see the colophon at the end of the present text: 'Mez John Edmonde curad Tal-y-llyn. Adysgrived gan Gwilym Owain o Lyvyr Havod Uçdryd, Gorfenav 12d. 1799'); pp. 24-26, 'Llyma y saith gair azywed y doethion', and a series of questions and answers on Biblical and ecclesiastical subjects [cf. NLW MS 873B, pp. 138-42]; pp. 27-33, 'Llyma Ystori Titws Vesbessianws Arbenig a Filatws' (text published, see J. E. Caerwyn Williams: 'Ystorya Titus Aspassianus', The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, vol. IX, pp. 221-30; appended to the text is the following colophon: 'Gwilym Owain o Veirion a adysgrives hyn o lyvyr cylç 300 mlwyz oed, Gorfenav. 11d. 1799; Y llyvyr hwnw a berthynai i lyvrgell Havod Uçdryd' [cf. NLW MS 873B, pp. 83-90 ]); pp. 35 and pp. 37-38, drafts of two letters in the hand of William Owen [-Pughe], relating to the perusal of MSS and the compilation of his dictionary; p. 39, notes on bards and bardism; pp. 41, 43-44, onomastic notes attempting to prove the names 'Peebles', 'Fife' and 'Caledonia', to be of Welsh origin; p. 45, printed receipt, dated 7 January 1805, recording W[illia]m Owen [-Pughe]'s annual subscription to Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion; p. 47, 'Proclamation for a Meeting of the Bards, at Midsummer, 1798' (printed); p. 51, printed proposals, dated 1801, for the second volume of Edward Jones, Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards . . .; pp. 53-54 a poem entitled 'To Maenwyn', beginning: 'Maenwyn, e'er Age had shook my head . . .', being a translation of 'Llywarch a Maen' (see Ifor Williams: Canu Llywarch Hen (Caerdydd, 1935) tt. 20-21); p. 55, proposals for encouraging the Welsh bards by means of eisteddfodau; p. 56, draft proposals, dated 1 February 1789, for printing a Welsh and English Dictionary by [William Owen-Pughe]; pp. 57-58, notes 'On the etimology [sic] of London'; p. 59, a list of Welsh words, some of which are followed by phrases and couplets illustrating their meaning; p. 60, 'Gwedy dwyn koron Lundeyn ay theyrn wyalen . . . Ac ny bu en oes Vaelgun, ac wrth henny ny alley hwnnw vot en Vael da hynaf' (text published, see Dafydd Jenkins: 'Llawysgrif Goll Llanforda o Gyfreithiau Hywel Dda', The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, vol. XIV, pp. 103-04); p. 62, a table and extract relating to the payment of 'galanas' (see Dafydd Jenkins, art. cit ., p. 102); (continued)

pp. 63-65, 'Trioedd ynys Brydain en Llyfr Coch o Hergest. Ex eodem col. 599', p. 65 bears a note in Latin by Iorwerth ab Madog, 'Transcript taken by Moses Williams from the original M.S. in the House of Mr. Llwyd of Penyrallt, near Bangor'; pp. 67-68, 'Association for exploring the Madawca Country', stating the objects of the society intent on an expedition to America in search of the White Padoucas; pp. 69-70, Slavonic versions of the Lord's Prayer with an attempt to correlate them with a Cornish version (incomplete); pp. 71-72, a poem by 'Meilirion', entitled 'On the Revolution', and beginning: 'Hail sons of Cambria, bards of ancient lore . . .'; p. 73, notes on 'Brigant', a type of dance, in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), including tunes entitled: 'Canu cylch y Brigant' and 'Canu rhedfa'r Brigant'; pp. 75-76, draft title of 'A Comparison Between The Erse language as contained in Shaw's Dictionary and the Welsh in II Parts. done in December 1797 by W.O.'; p. 77, a vocabulary of the terms of rhetoric; p. 78, draft proposals in English and Welsh for printing a guide to the Welsh language; p. 79, printed proposals for printing by subscription, Poems Lyric and Pastoral . . . by Edward Williams; p. 81, notes on 'Lleiku Llwyd' and 'Llywelyn Goch ab Meyrig Hen'; pp. 83-84, 'Hanes am grëad y Byd', being the beginning of the book of Genesis, written in William Owen [-Pughe]'s own orthography; pp. 85-86, further notes on the 'Etymology of London'; p. 87, [?] draft inscription for the tombstone of Robert Hughes, 'Robin Ddu yr Ail o Fôn'; p. 89, 'Cywydd Marwnad Robert Hughes o Fon. 1785' attributed in pencil to 'Sion Lleyn' [John Roberts, Pwllheli], beginning: 'Clywyd clych mynych ym Môn . . .'; p. 91, a list of some MSS of Welsh interest in the Cotton library; pp. 93-96, a collection of fifty-three miscellaneous 'englynion'; pp. 97-103, a paraphrase of a portion of the book of Job, chapters 38-41; pp. 105-06, 'Plan for exploring the country of the Padoucas, commonly denominated the White, or Welsh Indians . . .'; p. 108, invitation dated 2 Oct. 1784, to a meeting of the Cymmrodorion Society addressed to Mr. [William] Owen [-Pughe]; p. 109, a printed ticket ( blank) to the St. David's Day meeting of 'Cymdeithas y Gwyneddigion'; p. III, notice, dated 29 May 1784, of a meeting of the Cymmrodorion Society, addressed to Mr. [William] Owen [-Pughe]; p. 113, 'Cerdd arferol ei chanu gan y Gwyneddigion; Wrth dderbyn Cyfeillion', a printed poem beginning: 'Cyd unwn Wyneddigion, Brodorion freiscion fryd . . . '; p. 115, 'Buddugoliaeth Rhydd-did. Can Newydd', a printed poem by [Edward Williams ], 'Iolo Morganwg', beginning: 'Y Diddig Brydyddion, Wyr glewion o'n Gwlad . . .'; pp. 117-18, notes on punctuation and emphasis; p. 119, four 'englynion' headed: '1798 Un 87 o'i oed', by Rhys Jones, beginning: 'Rho fawl tro buddiol tra byddaf - erglyw . . .', together with another two entitled: 'I'w Wyr', beginning: 'Glân yr â'r baban i'r bedd . . .'; pp. 121-22, notes on the words 'Derwydd', 'Bardd' and 'Ofydd'; p. 123, English and Welsh versions of eleven Psalm-like verses, beginning: 'Simple are the children of the mountains, but their hearts beat high in their breasts'; p. 127, a copy of [?the Lord's Prayer] in unpointed Hebrew; and pp. 129-42, a draft by David Samwell, in the author's autograph, of portions of 'The Padouca Hunt', a satire on a debate by the Caractacan Society in 1791 on the existence of the Welsh Indians; and a printed booklet entitled: Araeth y Gwir Anrhydeddus Iarll Caernarfon, Yn Nghyfarfod Aelodau Lleyg Eglwys Loegr, a gynnaliwyd yn Winchester, Swydd Hants, Mehefin 29, 1834 . . . (Bala: R. Saunderson, 1834).