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Stephens, Meic
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Event papers 1982: Literary quiz

The file contains correspondence, quiz papers and various other papers relating to the literary quiz night held at the Oriel in Cardiff. Many prominent writers contributed rounds and there are letters from Glyn Jones, Roland Mathias, Peter Finch, ...

Jones, Glyn, 1905-1995

Letters S-V

The file comprises letters to David Jones arranged alphabetically, S-V, including Helen Sutherland, Nancy Sandars, Meic Stephens, Walter Shewring, Tony Stoneburner, Stephen Spender, Frances Stevenson, Lilian Somerville, Denys Sutton, Petra Tegetme...

Sutherland, Helen, 1881-

Letters: S,

Includes letters from Anne Stevenson (11); Andrzej Szuba (2); Carole Satyamurti; Nick Stimson; Meic Stephens; Dai Smith (2); Jaci Stephen (7); Donald Swann (2); Ken Smith; and David Saunders.

Stevenson, Anne, 1933 Jan. 3-

Correspondence: 1982-1986,

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6, including poems); Harriet Zinnes (including poems); Roger Conover (3); Talat Halman; Michael J. Collins (3); Joseph Clancy (including a poem); Jean Earle (3); Sylvia Kantaris (4); Angela Morton (14, inclu...

Prys-Jones, A. G. (Arthur Glyn)

Correspondence: 1986-1990,

Includes letters from Douglas Houston; Sylvia Kantaris (2); Angela Morton (5, including poems); Lesley Grant-Adamson (3); Irene E. Thomas (4); Michael Horovitz (4); Sue Stewart; Berenice Moore (4, including a poem); Meic Stephens; Ian M. Emberson;...

Kantaris, Sylvia.

Correspondence: 1989-1991,

Includes letters from Betty Mulcahy (2); Mavis Carter (6); Robert Minhinnick; Gwyn Parry (11, including a poem); Shelagh Hourahane (2); Berlie Doherty (3); Christine Evans (2); Mary Oldham; Lesley Grant-Adamson (4); Candyce Clayton (2); Berenice M...

'Poetry and publishers',

Correspondence, including letters from publishers, mostly concerning poetry by Gillian Clarke including The sundial, with a copy of the agreement with the publishers (1978), and Poetry introduction 3. Also included are drafts of the poems 'Rh...

'Letters (writers)',

Includes letters from A. G. Prys-Jones (6); Ted Hughes; Anne Stevenson (4); Jean Earle (4); Bobi Jones; Gwyneth Lewis (5); Olivia Byard; Christine Evans (3); Maura Dooley (4); John Emyr (enclosing poem for Gillian Clarke); Sally Roberts Jones (3);...

Correspondence and statements,

Correspondence, 1976-1984, pertaining to The Anglo-Welsh Review, including draft letters by Gillian Clarke and letters from the Directors Gareth and Freda Walters; Sandra Anstey; Meic Stephens (13); Peter Finch; A.J. Heward Rees (2); and Greg Hill...

Correspondence: prose,

Correspondence, mostly concerning articles, stories and poems submitted for The Anglo-Welsh Review, including letters from Steve Griffiths (2); A. G. Prys-Jones; Greg Hill; Ronald Lowe; Mike Jenkins; John Pikoulis (5); Sylvia Kantaris (2); Ruth Bi...

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