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Llyfr tonau,

A tune book containing hymn-tunes and duets by Thomas Jones (Tynyffordd, near Bala), John Pugh (Bala), C[harles] James [Llanilar], J. Evans, William Owen, R[owland] H[uw] Prichard (Bala), John Williams (Dolgelley), Edward Stephen ['Tanymarian'] (Dwygyfylchi), R. Edwards, and J[ohn] A[mbrose] Lloyd, together with anonymous compositions and a Welsh air ('Glan yr Afon').

Accumulated manuscript volumes

Manuscript volumes, previously in the possession of musicians, collectors or precentors, and accumulated by Dr J. Lloyd Williams. Many were evidently acquired by him from J. H. Davies, Cwrt-mawr, and contain mainly folk songs and hymn tunes, recorded in eighteenth and nineteenth century Wales.

Welsh Music

Welsh music, vocal and instrumental, including national airs, hymn-tunes, etc., collected by John Jenkins and much of it transcribed by him; Welsh airs collected by John Gwynne (Philomusus) and Aneurin; and psalm-tunes, many of them sent for competition at the Powys eisteddfod, 1824, by J. Davies (Glynceiriog), David Harris (Nantllymysten, afterwards of Carno), David Jenkin Morgan (Dewi Cynllo), Cadwaladr Jones (saer maen, Trawsfynydd), John Cain Jones, Robert Jones (Saer maen, Llanuwchllyn), James Lewis (Cwmscawen, Radnorshire), William Owen (Gwilym Glan Hafren), David Owens (Eglwysfach, Denbighshire), Pierce Pierce (Mold), and Roger Woodhouse (Newtown).


Psalm- and hymn-tunes sung in Wales, transcribed, with Welsh words, by John Jenkins.


Welsh and English airs and hymn-tunes, and some English nursery rhymes transcribed by John Jenkins.

Jenkins, John, 1770-1829

Psalm- and hymn-tunes

A copy, which belonged to John Jenkins, of John Rippon : A Selection of Psalm and Hymn-Tunes ... adapted principally to Dr. Watt's Hymns and Psalms, and to Dr. Rippon's Selection of Hymns ... 4th ed. (London, [1800?]).

Jenkins, John, 1770-1829


A copy, which belonged to John Jenkins, of Psalmo-Doxologia A New and Complete Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes ... (London, no date).

Jenkins, John, 1770-1829


An early nineteenth century music book of Charlotte Louisa Talbot [afterwards the wife of the Reverend John Montgomery Traherne, Coedriglan] ('the gift of Mama'). The volume contains songs, psalms, hymn-tunes, dances, etc., and the titles include 'Glamorganshire March', 'The Soldier's Joy', ' La Piedmontaise', 'O What a beau my Grannie was', 'Progressive Lesson' ('by Hulmandel', i.e., Nicolas Joseph Hullmandel), 'Duke of Gloucester's March', 'Easter Hymn', 'Hymn' by [Ignaz Joseph] Pleyel, 'The Highland Queen', 'Song in Rosina', 'Song in poor Soldier', 'The Complaint' by [? William] Jackson, 'Somebody' by Lady Cornwallis, 1776, 'Rock & wie pickle tow', 'Lady Priscilla Bertie's Minuet', 'In Airy Dreams', 'Egyptian Love Song', 'Babling Echo', 'Song', 'Down the Burn Davy', 'The Belfast Almanack ', 'Sir Watkins Delight', 'Black Mary' ('very old Galic air'), 'Barcarole ', 'Marlbroug', 'Aria' by [Wolfgang Amadeus] Mozart, 'Kate of Aberdeen', 'The Fields were green', 'Rest beauteous flow'r . . .' by Jackson, 'Thou soft flowing Avon. . .' by Dr. [Thomas Augustine] Arne, 'Valenciennes March', 'Waltz', 'Mrs. Brunels Waltz', 'Lord Wellington', 'Oh the Moment was sad' ('Irish'), 'Leipsic Waltz', '2d Waltz', '3d Waltz', '4th Waltz', 'Amour, cruel amour', 'Oh Nanny' by [Jan Ladislav] Dussek, 'Rondo', 'Kielmark's Romance', 'Chatley Waltz', ['La pipe de Tabac'] by [ ] Varnier, 'Thirty second Psalm', '34th Psalm', '42d Psalm', 'Mrs. Macdonald ', 'Rousseau's Dream', 'La Brillante', 'Austrian Waltz' by [John] Parry [ of Ruabon], 'Air' by [?P.M] Meyer, 'Barcarole', 'The Porteynon Whim' (1817 ), 'Vincennes Waltz', 'Miss Knight's Waltz', ['Waltz'] by [ ] Ferstein, 'She rose and let me in', 'La Paysanne', 'Folia d'Espagna', 'La pion pion d' Estelle', 'March' by [Robert Nicolas Charles] Bochsa, 'Waltz' by [Johann] Schenk, 'The Hyperbole' ('composed by Mrs. R. J.'), 'Waltz', 'Thema', 'The Queens Minuet', 'Psalm 34th', 'How long wilt thou forget me Lord . . .' by [ George Frederic] Handel, 'Part of the Service of the Greek Church as performed in Russia', 'Psalm VIII' ('Magdalen Evening hymn'), 'No t'was neither shape nor feature . . .' by [Johan Sebastian] Bach, 'The Inconstant's Waltz', [ ] by [ ] Pleyel, 'The Lass that was laden wi' care', 'Conway Castle' by [John] Parry, 'Emma's Reel', Welsh air ('Os ai dithau duwa y lech blaen nant ty . . .'), [ ] by [ ] Pleyel, Welsh air ('[Pan] own i ar foreudydd ...'), 'Toi!', 'Air by Lady Catherine Bligh', ‘'Jones's Hornpipe', 'Andante' by [P. J.] Meyer, senior, 'Where the bee sucks' by Ame, [ ] by [Girolamo] Crescentini, 'Rondo' by Bach, [ ] by Bach, 'Lochaber', 'Miss Johnson's Reel', 'Sonata' by [William] Corbett, 'Romance' by [Franz Joseph] Haydn, 'Air' by [Giovanni Battista] Viotti, 'La Montaguarde' by [ ] Trenisi, 'Waltz', 'March' by Handel, 'Arietta Romana', 'Wire a' Noddin', 'Indian Air', 'Sonata' by [?Johann Samuel] Schroeter, 'Rondo in 11 Barone di Terre forte' by [?Tommaso] Giordani, 'L'Été', 'La Foe', 'La Flora', 'La Matilde', 'Le Tancred', 'Zitti Zitti', 'La Limerick', 'La Nouvelle Fantaisie', etc. The greater part of the volume is indexed.

Charlotte Louisa Talbot (aft. Traherne).


An early nineteenth century volume of airs, dances, etc., said on a label on the protective paper cover to have been 'copied by Mr. Gwynn of Llanbrain' [i.e., Glanbrân in co. Brecknock]. The titles include 'Lovly Nancy', 'Lady Northe's Minuet', 'Lady Fearans Minuet', 'Farwel to Mancher ', 'Air By Captain Heaky', 'Gavot in the 10t Sonato of Correlli-Ruabon', 'Barbarianas Minuet-Ruabon', 'Parris Minuet', 'Minuet In Samson-Ruabon', 'Gin thou wert Mine ain thing', 'Minuet By Mr. [John] Parry [of Ruabon]', 'Count Sax's Minuet by Mr Parry', 'Of a Noble Race Was Shenkin. With Mr. Parrys Vars.', 'Shenkin', 'God Save the King With Vars', 'Handel's Water Musick', 'Minuet in Ariadne', 'The Lass of Paties Mill. Vars. by Mr. Parry ', 'Gavot Alegro' by John Stanley, 'Burton's Chese', 'The Lass that was Laden With Care . . .', 'Gavot Alegro' by John Stanly, 'Rhyddlan Marsh, by Mr. Parry, Ruabon', 'Gavot in Otho', 'Thro the Wood Laddie', 'Highland Laddie' by Mr. Pary, 'Horse to New-Market', 'The Lien Solo of Correli', 'Meillionen or Sir Watkins Delight' by John Parry, 'Disobri', 'Roslin Castel', 'Minuet in Rodelinda' (1770), 'Pitts Hornpipe', and 'An Air by Mr. Deebourgh'.


A music book of Mary Thereza Talbot, 1816. The titles include 'Cudyn Gwyn ', 'Diniweudrydd Colomen', 'Lesson' by [John] Parry [of Ruabon], 'Welsh Rondo', 'Lesson' by Parry, 'White January days' ('Welsh'), 'Old tooth Psalm', '139 Psalm', 'The Morning Hymn', 'Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Morgan', 'Gorhoffedd Gwyr Harlech', 'Twll yn ei Boch', 'Breuddywd y Frenhines', 'Triban Gwyr Morgannwg', 'Plygaid y Bedol', 'Ar hyd y nos', 'Tlysig', 'Merch Megan', 'Mentra Gwen', 'Three Hundred Pounds' ('Welsh'), 'Conway Castle', 'Y Derien Du Pig Felin', 'Ferch o Bedlam', 'I heard the Cuckoo', 'Diddan Captain Morgan', 'Hoffedd Modryb Marged', 'Codiad yr Hedydd', 'A favourite Scotch Air' by [P. J.] Meyer, senior, 'The Queen's Minuet', 'The Spanish Patriots', 'The Anna Maria Waltz', 'A Waltz', 'Polonaise', 'Waltz der Tirol', 'The Atholl Highlander's March', 'German Air', 'Waltz', 'L'Anacreon', 'Le Jeune Honzard' (arranged for the harp), 'Russian Sauteuse', 'La Plaisanterie', 'An Air', 'Cawdor Fair', 'Austrian Waltz', 'Italian Air ', 'Bonnie Fanny', 'Neapolitan Waltz', 'Air in Psyche', 'A Madrigal', 'Barcarola', 'Minuet Lady Coventry's', 'Miss Wynnes Minuet', 'The Harriot', 'Waltz', 'Lord Sr. Orville', 'Put the gown upon the Bishop' ('very old'), 'The M. S. S. Waltz', 'Paddy Carey', 'Shelah O'Niel', 'A Chieftain to the Highlands', 'The Saxon Dance', 'Une Soirée d'été', 'Le garçon volage', 'The lass that was laden with care', 'Callar Herring' by N. Gow, 'Lord Beauchamp's March', 'Wetztein Waltz', 'From la Rosiere', 'The Guittar Dance in Telise', 'Swiss Allemande', 'Quadrille', 'A Spanish tune', 'Waltz',’ 'Allegretto Allemande', 'Mary's Favorite', 'Glamorganshire Rang des Vaches', 'There's nae Luck about the house', 'Dutch Minuetto', 'Le Cobourg ', 'Felton's Minuet', 'The land of the Leal', and 'O! Jenny'.

Mary Thereza Talbot.


An early nineteenth century volume whose contents are described on a paper label on the upper cover as 'Harp Music & Songs'. The titles include 'Arietta' by [?Michele] Mortellari, 'Swedish Air', 'Zephir', 'Sicilian Muleteer's Song', 'Accompanyment to Portuguese Air', 'Irish Air', 'Indian Dirge', 'German March', 'March', 'Romance' by [Étienne Nicolas] Méhul, 'Additional variations to Llangollen Vale', 'Gently touch the Warbling lyre', 'Cudyn Gwyn', 'Codiad yr Haul', 'Plygaid y bedol', [ ] by [John] Parry [of Ruabon], 'Welsh Air with Variations', 'Wallace' by [ ] Weippert, 'Llangollen Vale' by [ ] Tomlins, 'Savourna Delish' by [ Johann Bernhard] Logier, 'Rousseau's dream', [ ] 'From Lord Lothian', 'Rest weary Traveller' ('var: Kiallmark'), 'Ah pria the l'impegno' by [Joseph] Gelinek, 'On this Cold flinty rock', 'Arietta Romana', 'A rose tree in full bearing' (variations by Meyer), 'Count Sax's Minuet', 'Meillionen or Sir Watkins Delight', 'Ysgin Aur', 'Rhyban Morfydd' ('Gosteg or Prelud[e]'), 'Megen a Gollodd ei gardas', 'Rondo pour la Harpe', 'Das Mädchen', 'Air in Alonzo & Imogene', 'Dance', 'Meillionen', 'Pray Goody', 'Hoffder y Gwyneddigion', 'Oh no we never mention her', 'Dunque non sentj O Barbara', 'My lodging is on the cold ground', 'Air-Count Neuburg', 'Bugle Tune', 'March', 'Sweet Richard', 'Adagio' (Mora's Love), 'Grand March in Didone' by [Michele] Mortellari, 'Caingc Llywelyn', 'Brown Irish Girl', 'My Heart & Lute', 'La Poisonniere', 'Der Tippich Kramer', 'Fly not yet', 'Go where Glory waits thee', 'La cidarem la mano' by [Wolfgang Amadeus] Mozart, 'Pastoral Sinfonia' by [Ludwig van] Beethoven, 'Romance from the Opera of Joseph' by Mehul, 'The Legacy', 'Largo Lee', 'Twas within a mile of Edinburgh town', etc.


The improved manuscript music book containing an early nineteenth century selection of instrumental pieces. The titles include 'Dulce domum', 'Thema Russe' by [ ] Naderman, 'La cloche bleue' by M[arie Martin Marcel] de Marin, 'Introduction a March', 'Fête des Villagiers', 'Sil est vrai que d'être deux', 'Ah Perdona', 'Cader Idris', 'Codiad yr Haul', 'Glan meddwdod mwyn' ('Introduction') by C. Davies, 'Merch Megan', 'Mwynen Gwynedd', 'Orddigan Hun Gwenllian', 'Yr Hen Rogero Bengoch', 'Agoriad Cywair', 'Y Gwr a'i Farch' ('an old Welsh jig'), 'Y Bardd yn ei Awen', 'Cymro o ble?', 'Pant corlan yr wyn, neu Davydd o'r Garreg las', 'March Allegro', 'Caingc Llewelyn', 'Llwyn on', 'Mwynen Machno', 'Yr Helyg Gân', and 'Meillionen or Sir Watkins Delight'.


A music book containing anthem-, psalm-, and hymn-tunes.

Davies, Robert, fl. 1844

Llyfr tonau

A tune book containing hymn-tunes collected by David Lewis from various sources. The following Welsh composers are represented: David Lewis, the compiler, Charles James, Llanilar, Thomas Williams ('Hafrenydd'), Llanidloes, Morris Davies, Llanfyllin, Rowland H[uw] Pritchard, Bala, Richard Mills ['Rhydderch Hael'], Ros[s]er Beynon ]['Asaph Glan Tâf'], 'llyfrwerthwr, Merthyr Tydfil', John Edwards, Llangadog, Thomas Edwards, Caerfallwch, T. Phillips, Llanwynio, H. Thomas, 'oriorydd, Caerfyrddin', William Roberts, Caerfyrddin, T. Watkins, Llanfynydd, Thomas Jones, D. Davies, William Howell, Llanidloes, Thomas Davies ['Trithyd'], Llantriddyd, Thomas Jones, 'Trallwm ger Aberhonddu', John Williams ['Ioan Rhagfyr'], Dolgellau, John Edwards, Penderlwyn, Thomas Jordan, W[illiam] Roberts ['Wil Brych'], Tynymaes, J[ohn] Ellis, Llynlleifiad, Thomas Williams, R[ees] P. Williams, Rhymney, David Harri[e]s, Carno and D[avid] J[enkin] [Dafydd Siencyn] Morgan.

Llyfr tonau

The tune book of David Lewis, 1844, containing hymn-tunes by himself and by John Edwards, Penderlwyn, Morris Davies, Lewis Lewis, T[homas] Jarman, T. Jones, Trallwm, Brycheiniog and W. Griffith. Among the tunes by David Lewis is one for an 'englyn unodl union'.

Llyfr tonau

The tune book of John Lewis, 1857, containing hymn-tunes and anthems copied from several English and Welsh printed sources and from unpublished manuscripts, e.g. the tune 'Bryncleifion', which was awarded a prize at the Mallwyd Music Competition, 1857, from the original manuscript by the author, D[avid] Jones ('Dewi Wyllt'), Mallwyd, and tunes from a manuscript in the possession of William Pugh, Rhydgaled Isaf, Harlech, 1817, 'Llyfr Robert Jones, Ffridd, Harlech, 1848', 'Llyfr John Owen, Glanymor, Harlech', 'MSS. Thomas Jenkins, Corn, Llanychaiarn, 1881'; with notes on authorship and sources by David Lewis. The following note is written at the head of the copy of the anthem 'Dyn a aned o wraig': 'Sef anthem a gyfansoddwyd ar yr achlysur o farwolaeth R. R. Parry, Frondeg, gan Robert Davies (Asaph Llechid) yr hwn a laddwyd yn chwarel Cae-braich-y-cafn, dydd Sadwrn, Awst 28, 1858. A chanwyd yr anthem yn angladd yr Awdwr'.

Llyfrau tonau

Six tune books written by David Lewis, Evan Lewis and John Lewis, Llanrhystyd, 1847-1852, and containing hymn-tunes, anthems and songs by David Lewis, D[aniel] T[homas] Williams, J. Hughes, Alltlwyd, J[ohn] Jones, Towyn, R[owland] H[uw] Pritchard, Bala, ('Hiraeth y Cymro yn Lle'r-pwll'), E. Samuel, Racine, John Ambrose Lloyd, C[harles] James, Llanilar, J[ohn] Edwards, Llangadog, William Roberts, Caerfyrddin, M. Thomas, T[homas] Jarman and William Owen. The anthems include 'Y meirw ni folianant yr Arglwydd' by William Davies, Cae'r blaidd, Ffestiniog ('buddugol yn Eisteddfod Ffestiniog, 1854') and 'Gwyn ei fyd a ystyria wrth y tlawd' by John Owen ('Owain Alaw').

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