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Denbigh Town Council election papers

The file comprises invitations by officials of Denbigh Town Council to George Griffith to be re-elected as alderman and W.D.W. Griffith to stand for election as mayor, a printed election notice and a newspaper article describing a civic service to...

Denbigh Corporation

Administrative papers of burgesses

The file comprises copy lists of burgesses admitted in Holt between 1720 and 1740, minutes abstracted from Denbigh Corporation books in 1741, recording election of officials between 1699 and 1741, minutes abstracted from Ruthin Corporation books, ...

Denbigh Corporation

Official lists

The file comprises lists of parishes and townships in the county of Denbigh, freeholders in the parish of Henllan and local tradesmen.

Local government papers

The series comprises copies and abstracts of charters, [post-1719]-1825, and records of the business conducted by burgesses in Holt, Denbigh and Ruthin, 1740-1741, 1803, lists of parishes, towns, freeholders and tradesmen, 1730, [c. 1791?], 1847, ...

Local government and political papers

The group comprises papers recording the history, organisation and administrative procedures of local government institutions in Denbigh, Holt and Ruthin [post-1719]-1847, Denbigh town council elections, 1865, 1887, 1921, borough elections in Denb...

Clergy papers

The file comprises a record of the institution of Richard Edmunds to the Rectory of Llanaber, 1727, and undated notes on chapters of the Old Testament, probably late 18th-early 19th century.

Ecclesiastical papers

The group comprises a small number of papers linked with the clergy, 1727, the poor law, 1764 and disestablishment, 1912.

Public administration papers

The group comprises ecclesiastical papers, 1727, 1764, 1912, local government and political papers, [post-1719]-1926, militia papers, 1801-1813, 1871-1876 and papers concerning the Menai Bridge and Bangor to Holyhead road building scheme, 1820.


Trust of the estate of Thomas Roberts

The file comprises a notification that goods remaining in the Tan Yard, late in the holding of Robert Price, were trust property of John Wynne Griffith and others, and a summary of the will of Thomas Roberts [of Chweffordd, Henllan].

Non-family trust papers

The series comprises papers deriving from trusts involving John Wynne Griffith, [c. 1814] and 1827, and George Griffith, 1825-1879, for the administration of estates belonging to other families in Denbighshire and Flintshire.

Plasnewydd trust papers

The file comprises papers relating to Plasnewydd and the property of Mary Wynne, including a rental of her estate, 1783, an abstract of deeds, 1791, valuations, accounts, bills and receipts, 1795-1826, an agreement for the sale of Plasnewydd to Sa...

Wynne, Mary, of Plasnewydd, Henllan, 1724-1814

Voelas trust papers

The file comprises deeds for land in Royton Seswick, Flintshire, and Acton, Denbighshire, 1712-13, rentals and accounts, 1719-1762, bonds, a mortgage by Cadwallader Wynne to John Griffith (2), 1731, of lands in Llanrwst, Tiryrabad, Tre-brys and Ll...

Wynne, Cadwallader, d. 1732

Family trust papers

The series comprises papers deriving from John Griffith's trusteeship of Cadwallader Wynne's Voelas estate, 1712-1763, and John Wynne Griffith's trusteeship of Robert Watkin Wynne's Plasnewydd and Garthmeilio estates, 1783-1843.


Trust papers

The group comprises deeds, rentals, accounts, bonds, letters, agreements, arbitration papers and legal papers relating to the Griffith family trusts of the Voelas estate, 1712-1763, and the Plasnewydd estate, 1783-1843, and to three non-family tru...

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