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Swansea (Wales)
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Claim for allowances, &c.

  • NLW MS 4848D.
  • File
  • 1715-1716, 1800,

A claim for allowances sent to the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury by Thomas Clifford, receiver general of taxes for Monmouthshire for the years 1715 and 1716, and including notes on plays presented at the Swansea Theatre in 1800.

Commonplace book

  • NLW MS 24115C.
  • File
  • 1754-1933 (mostly [1850s]-1898)

Commonplace book, [1850s]-1898, of the Rev. William Rees, curate of St John-juxta-Swansea, Glamorgan (1848-1861), and vicar of Bettws, Carmarthenshire (1861-1865), and Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire (1865-1898), containing quotations and other transcripts from printed sources and material relating to Rees, his family history and to genealogy and local history in the Swansea area more generally.
Material relating to Rees and his work includes memoranda concerning Bettws Church, 1862-1865, including registers of attendance, lists of parish poor and copy letters (ff. 295 verso, 296 verso, 297 verso-302, 303, 304 verso); registers of attendance at Llanboidy Church, 1866-1868, 1876-[1897] (ff. 257 verso-264, 266 verso-271, 289-292); copies of nine letters published in The Welshman (1867) concerning his mixed language services at Llanboidy (ff. 153 verso, 154 verso-163 verso); transcripts of deeds, 1822, 1880, relating to family property in St John-juxta-Swansea (ff. 222 verso-229 verso); and copies of eleven letters to Rees, 1895-1898, mainly concerning the death of his wife (ff. 244 verso-247). Genealogical and historical material includes pedigrees and notes relating mostly to families in the Swansea area, as well as Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire (ff. 3 verso, 15 verso, 69, 166 verso, 174, 175, 180-184 verso, 191 verso, 198, 200 verso-217 verso, 240 verso-241, 264 verso, 271 verso-278, 280 verso-281 verso, 285-286, 287 recto-verso, 297, 303 verso, 309-310, 311, 312-314, 316); transcripts from parish registers and other records, mostly eighteenth-century, relating to Llangyfelach (ff. 159, 165-166, 171 verso, 175, 176, 193, 195 verso-196 verso, 198 verso-200, 215, 216, 217-218, 221 verso- 222, 230, 231 verso-236, 237 verso-240, 288, 295) and Llansamlet (f. 197 recto-verso, 244, 315 recto-verso); transcripts from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century wills, together with lists of wills, mainly relating to Llangyfelach (ff. 167, 169-171, 173-174, 176 verso-179, 180 verso, 218, 278 verso-280, 284 verso, 286 verso, 292 verso-295); names and other genealogical information extracted from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century manorial and taxation records relating to the manors of Kilvey and Clase, and to the hamlets of Parcel Mawr and Parcel Penthery [Penderry], Llangyfelach (f. 167 verso-168 verso, 172 recto-verso, 174 verso-175 verso, 185-191, 236 verso-237, 240, 241 verso-243 verso, 310 verso); miscellaneous transcripts and notes relating to Rees's ancestors, the Popkin family (ff. 176, 191 verso-192 verso, 195, 197 verso-198, 230 verso-232, 288 verso); and a transcript of the diary of Lewis Thomas [of Swansea] for January-October 1684 (ff. 282-284, 307-308 verso). The general quotations and transcripts, [1850s]-1897, concern a wide variety of subjects, including theology, history, Biblical history, literature, philosophy and Welsh poetry (ff. 2-3, 4-68 verso, 69 verso-148, 149-154, 164 recto-verso, 167 verso, 171 verso, 243, 247 verso-248 and 301 verso-306 passim). Items found loose within the volume, including two leaves excised between ff. 281 and 282 (now ff. 307-308), miscellaneous original documents collected by Rees, 1754-[mid 19 cent.] (ff. 320-325), and newspaper cuttings, [?1825]-[1933] (ff. 331-336), have been placed in an archival envelope (ff. 307-336).

Rees, William, 1823-1898

Detholiad o adroddiadau Cymraeg

  • NLW MS 2144C
  • File
  • 1863

A manuscript containing selections from Welsh poetry and prose compiled for competition at the Swansea National Eisteddfod, 1863.

Hanes lleol

Papurau yn ymwneud ag ymchwil ar hanes lleol, [1919]-1970, gan gynnwys nodiadau amrywiol ar bynciau a phobl lleol; cerdyn â darlun o dad Ceri Richards arno; nodiadau a llythyr ar y Parch. Isaac Williams; nodiadau ar academi Crwys; nodiadau ar gyfer anerchiad ar hen lyfr eglwys Cilfwnwr (nid yn llaw y Dr Iorwerth Hughes Jones); rhaglen cyfarfodydd sefydlu yn Eglwys Annibynnol y Crwys; llyfr nodiadau ar wahanol gapeli yn cynnwys Ebeneser, Dunvant, yn llaw y Parch. W. Glasnant Jones o bosibl; pennill traddodiadol ar Gastell Ystumllwynarth; nodiadau ar y teulu Mansel; nodiadau ar Cila a'r enw Cila; llun o deulu Lewis, Cila; nodiadau ar Wernllath; nodiadau ar, a lluniau o, Gellihir; cynllun o Gellihir; bwndel o achau teulu; hanes y diwidiant copr yn Abertawe; erthygl papur newydd ar hanes Abertawe wedi'i hysgrifennu gan y Dr Iorwerth Hughes Jones; llyfrau nodiadau, un â nodiadau wedi eu cymryd o lyfr R. Rees, hen ysgolfeistr y Crwys ac un ar hanes achos yr Annibynnwyr yn y Crwys; lluniau o Ysgol John Evans y Crwys; amlenni yn cynnwys lluniau a nodiadau ar, a gan, R. Lewis John; lluniau o Sgwd Gwladys; a thorion papur newydd yn ymwneud â hanes lleol.

Real Swansea Two

Printed copy of Real Swansea Two by Nigel Jenkins, published by Seren Books in 2012, annotated by Nigel Jenkins and inscribed 'NJ's own copy' at front of volume in Nigel Jenkins' hand; together with photocopied sections of the work.

Jenkins, Nigel, 1949-

Real Swansea: Draft text

Draft text comprising section of Real Swansea by Nigel Jenkins, published by Seren Books in 2008.

Jenkins, Nigel, 1949-

Real Swansea

Printed copy of Real Swansea by Nigel Jenkins, published by Seren Books in 2008, annotated by Nigel Jenkins and inscribed 'NJ's copy' at front of volume in Nigel Jenkins' hand; together with related material, comprising overview of Real Swansea, printed map of Swansea and surrounding areas (large folder), printed Swansea City Centre Heritage Trail booklet, bibliography, letters and printed emails to Nigel Jenkins and information relating to Swansea taken from an online source.

Jenkins, Nigel, 1949-

Swansea: 1995 City of Literature

Material relating to events surrounding Swansea as City of Literature during the 1995 Year of Literature celebrations. Items include proposals regarding events; maps and plans of Swansea city centre; correspondence; notices and printed programmes of events and exhibitions; details relating to Arts Council grants; article by Nigel Jenkins; notes, partly in shorthand, by Nigel Jenkins; poetry; biographical data relating to Nigel Jenkins and other participating poets; and press cuttings.

Jenkins, Nigel, 1949-

Prosiect celf dinesig Abertawe

Deunydd yn ymwneud â phrosiect celf dinesig yn ninas Abertawe, gan gynnwys cynlluniau, drafftiau a nodiadau, torion papur newydd a llythyr at Menna Elfyn oddi wrth ei chyd-weithiwr Nigel Jenkins a'r caligraffydd Ieuan Rees.

Workshops for women in swing band, jazz and blues

Material relating to a series of Jazz Heritage Wales/Women in Jazz-run workshops for women musicians and vocalists held at Swansea Metropolitan University's Townhill campus, September 2009 to August 2010, with a view to forming a new swing band; together with material relating to subsequent performances given by the band (known as the Allstars Swing Band) at the 1911 Llanelli Railway Strike Gala Concert, held at Theatr Elli, Llanelli, 7 October 2011, and at a Charity World Music Night held at the Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, 14 October 2011.

Roots exhibition and festival

Material relating to the Roots Festival and Exhibition, staged in association with the Women's Jazz Archive, being a photographic exhibition combined with musical performances celebrating African-American music in Swansea, including programme of events at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea; posters; list of bookings; press release; reviews; and correspondence.

Swansea Writers' and Artists' Group (SWAG)

Material relating to the Swansea Writers' and Artists' Group (SWAG), of which Jen Wilson was a member, including correspondence; agendas and minutes of group meetings; press releases; SWAG constitution and list of members; invitations to SWAG social events; accounts; press cuttings; posters and flyers; and copies of the group's magazine, SwagMag.

University College of Wales, Swansea research seminar

Notice of paper titled Gender Issues and Women's Music, to be presented by Jen Wilson at a research seminar held at University College of Wales, Swansea's Department of Adult Continuing Education, 28 January [?1993]; together with text relating to women's rôle in music and reference to a talk by Dr Roberta Lamb titled Music, Gender and Education, to be given at Bristol University, 27 March 1993.

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