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Background paper on Aber Reseach

The file comprises a paper written by Gwyn Jenkins, explaining the background to Aber Research, its relationship with Plaid Cymru and its role in providing data mainly in Ceredigion and Pembroke North and Ceredigion, but also in other constituencies in Wales.

Jenkins, Gwyn.

Plaid Cymru

The sub-series comprises printed materials relating to Plaid Cymru, 1929-2020, including general printed items, 1960-1995, papers concerning the Plaid Cymru annual conference convened at Rhyl during October 1992, leaflets and pamphlets produced by, or relating to, Plaid Cymru, 1929-2003, local election addresses and leaflets, 1934-2002, printed miscellanea, 1960-1992, and miscellaneous printed circulars deriving from the activities of the Federation of Plaid Cymru Students.

Plaid Cymru lctgm -- Meetings

Aber Research Papers

  • GB 0210 ABRRSH
  • Fonds
  • 1985-2022

Papers of Aber Research, an organisation founded by the donor to conduct opinion polls and gather statistical information on behalf of Plaid Cymru during the 1990s, including a background paper, opinion poll reports, General Election statistical reports, correspondence, press cuttings and related documents.

Aber Research

Political parties

The series consists of various printed materials relating to the Labour Party, 1887-2019, the Independent Labour Party, 1925-1960, the Liberal Party (later the Social and Liberal Democrats), 1971-2000, the Conservative Party, 1949-2003, Plaid Cymru, 1929-2019, the Communist Party, 1954-1999, and a number of minor political parties, 1979-1999.

Covid 19 Pandemic

The file comprises material related to the Covid-19 (Coronvirus) pandemic, mostly distributed by the UK and Welsh Governments, explaining public health rules and vaccination plans. It also contains a "newspaper" produced by anti-vaccination and anti-restriction campaigners.

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