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2011 Assembly election

Labour Party strategy meeting papers, press cuttings and other papers relating to the 2011 Assembly election and Leighton Andrews's candidacy for the Rhondda constituency, including Labour Party campaign grids, Assembly welcome pack, and a le...

2016 Assembly election

Papers of campaign team meetings, pamphlets and communications for Leighton Andrews's Labour Party Assembly election campaign for the Rhondda constituency, Welsh Labour manifestos, and a few pamphlets from other parties' candidates, comp...

Constituency campaigns

A note of a meeting to discover the strength of the various parties and local 'Yes' groups in each constituency.

Other music and poetry groups

The file contains promotional and performance material, 1999-2015, relating to other music and poetry groups of which John Barnie was a member, including the groups Sportin' Life, T-Model Ford, and Hollow Log. The file also includes a licence...

Helen Thomas letters to Terence Cooper

  • NLW MS 23299C.
  • Ffeil
  • 1959-1967

One hundred and thirty-two letters and cards, 1959-1967, from Helen Thomas to Terence Cooper, London, containing mainly personal news and comments on Edward Thomas; also included are two letters, 1962-1965, from Myfanwy Thomas, daughter of Helen a...

Thomas, Helen, 1877-1967

Literary and editorial correspondence

Correspondence, 1996-2000, regarding the publication, commission, and use of literary works by John Barnie, including letters from John Barnie (1); Mairwen Prys Jones (7); Tony Bianchi (1); Ceinwen Jones (5); Neil Nuttall (1); Anne Cluysennar (3);...

Press, performances, and events

The group consists of papers, 1974-2016, relating to poetry readings, conferences, and music and poetry performances; including printed material, press releases, reviews, articles, programmes and press cuttings.

Barnie, John, 1941-

Other international poetry festivals and conferences

Printed material and some correspondence relating to other international poetry festivals attended by John Barnie, 1995-2008, including Saskatchewan International Literary Festival (1995); John Barnie and Iwan Llwyd's New York poetry tour (in...

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