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Iolo Morganwg, 1747-1826
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Iolo, or The Mystery Of The Thirteenth Stone

Script of three-act play by Dedwydd Jones titled Iolo, or The Mystery Of The Thirteenth Stone, based on the life of the antiquarian, poet and literary forger Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); together with covering letter, synopsis and brief critical evaluations.

List of Welsh words,

A list of Welsh words with their references in the Mabinogion, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Myfyrian Archaeology, Iolo MSS, Llwybr Hyffordd, Rheol Buddedd Sanctaidd, etc.

Triads, etc.

A manuscript in the hand of David Richards ('Dewi Silin') containing transcripts from Edward Williams ['Iolo Morganwg']: Poems, Lyric and Pastoral, Vol. II (London, 1794), pp. 217-37, of 'An Account of, and Extracts from The Welsh-Bardic Triades', 'Trioedd Braint a Defod', with an English translation entitled 'Institutional Triades', and 'Trioedd Barddas' (incomplete). Beginning at the end are an account of the city of Jerusalem ('History of the Roman Empire', vol. 2, p. 388), dissertations on 'The Resurrection' and on the Principles of Toleration, and extracts from the Salopian Journal, 24 August, 30 November 1825.

A Display of Herauldry; Dosparth Edeyrn Dafawd Aur; etc.

A manuscript in the hand of David Richards ('Dewi Silin') containing transcripts of John Davies: A Display of Herauldry (Salop, 1716); 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys; 'Edeyrn Dafawd aur' (see Cwrtmawr MS 233); 'cywyddau' by Ieuan ab Hywel Swrdwal and Gruffudd ab Ieuan ab Llywelyn, and 'Chwedl Rhitta Gawr' from a transcript by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') of a manuscript of James Davies ('Iaco ap Dewi'); a 'Letter from Mr Owen [William Owen-Pughe], Author of the Welsh and English Dictionary, containing Remarks on the Structure of the Welsh Language, and on the Characteristic of the Gwentian Dialect ...', printed in William Coxe: An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, part II (London, 1801), pp. 405-7; and 'cywyddau', an 'awdl' and 'englynion' by Hugh Morys, Jno. Davies ('o'r Rhiwlas'), William Miltwn, Doctor Sion Kent, Simwnt Fychan, Richart Phylip, Sion Philip and Sion Cain, and incomplete poems. Pasted on the inside lower cover is an imperfect printed prospectus of Seren Gomer, 1813.

Transcripts by Mary Richards, etc.

A volume almost entirely in the hand of Mary Richards, Darowen largely containing poetry ('cywyddau', 'englynion', etc.) by Rowland Williams, Sion Philip, Guttun Owen, William Philip, Dr John Kent, Dafydd ap E[dmwnt], Edmwnt Prys, Robin Ddu o Fon, James Dwnid [recte Dwnn], Thom. Williams (1817), Iolo Goch, Ifan Tew Brydydd, Taliesin, Davydd ap Gwilim, Huw Arwystl, Hugh Morris, Edward Morris, Walter Davies ['Gwallter Mechain'], [David Richards, 'Dewi Silin'], Robert Parry (Eglwys fach), David Rowlands (Plas Isa, Dolgelley), Rev. D. Davies (Castle Caereinion), John Parry, Robert Davies (Nantglyn) and Hu ap Ier. ap Robert, and anonymous poems. Among other items included are a code of manners ('Dysg Vanners dda'); a pedigree of Oliver Cromwell; a drawing and a description of a brass object discovered at Hen fryn fawr near Caersiws [sic], Montgomeryshire, 1808, 'Teilyn[g]dod a theithi yr Iaith Gymraeg', etc. [from Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'): Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain (Abertawy, 1829)]; and a diagram illustrating the civil order and the ecclesiastical order of the months. Much of the volume appears to have been written during the period 1817-18 but there are some personal and other memoranda dated to 1857. Some of the items appear to have been copied from NLW MS 2691 ('Llyfr Pant Phillip').

Testunau Cymraeg yn llaw W. H. Mounsey, etc.

A composite volume of the period c. 1869-70, almost entirely in the hand of W[illiam] H[enry] Mounsey and containing miscellaneous extracts and fragments of transcripts of literary and historical texts, with copious annotations by the scribe. Among the contents are a collation of the printed text of Y Marchog Crwydrad (Y Brython, 1862, pp. 1-17, 138-52, 257-67, 361-74) with the text of Llanstephan MS 178; 'Iolo Morganwg's opinion of Lewis Morris'; an Irish-English glossary (part of letter A, 4 pp.); 'Prophwydoliaeth y Ddau Fuddugoliaeth a gant Hwch y Maran', with an English translation; 'Stabat Mater', with an English translation; 'englynion', 'cywyddau', etc. from a variety of sources, such as 'Llyfr Hir' and 'Llyfr Du' and manuscripts of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') and David Thomas ('Dafydd Ddu Eryri'), 'Llythyr at Dafydd Jones [Trefriw]' from John Pywel, Rhyd Eirin, Llansannan, 1766; etc. The spine is lettered 'Welsh Miscellanea - W. H. Mounsey'.

Medical prescriptions, etc.

A late eighteenth and early nineteenth century manuscript of Thomas Davies containing medical recipes and prescriptions, notes on the treatment of diseases and on the virtues of herbs, and a few miscellaneous notes and extracts. The contents have been taken for the most part from printed sources but a few isolated prescriptions are ascribed to Jno. Morgans, surgeon, of St Davids, 1808 (p. 346) and Mr [Thomas] Jones, Neuaddfawr [Lampeter, Cardiganshire] (pp. 349, 357). Among some extraneous matter in the volume are 'Trioedd Offeiriaid' in 'triban' metre by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') (pp. 351-4) and a transcript of a Carmarthen Bank note, 1802. There is an incomplete index at the end of the volume.


Y sgript wreiddiol 'Iolo neu Galon wrth Galon' a berfformiwyd yn Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Bro Myrddin 1974 ac a gyhoeddwyd fel Iolo yn 1975, ynghyd â sgript 'Iolo Morgannwg' ar gyfer y teledu, 1978, gyda llythyrau oddi wrth Ifor Rees, cynhyrchydd gyda'r BBC. Ceir hefyd sgript 'Iolo' wedi'i diwygio. Mae'n bosib mai sgript ar gyfer perfformiad Cwmni Iolo, 1992, i ddathlu daucanmlwyddiant Gorsedd y Beirdd yn Theatr y Lyric, Caerfyrddin, ydoedd.

Rees, Ifor

Achau, etc.

A composite volume, originally owned by Owen Williams ('Owain Gwyrfai'), Waun-fawr, with copious insets, containing a folio (pp. [655]-656) from Baner Cymru, October 20 1858; a section ('Ordevices', cols 777-840) from William Camden: Britannia (? 1722 edition) with a map of North Wales by Robt. Norden (? from the 1695 edition); two keys to 'Coelbren y Beirdd', the one undoubtedly and the other probably in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); extensive transcripts of Caernarfonshire and other North Wales pedigrees, mainly in the hands of Owen Williams and John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'); and imperfect notes relating to the history and endowments of the Free School, Dolgellau.


A notebook in the hand of J. H. Davies, 1893, containing copious notes and extracts from Additional Manuscripts in the British Museum, e.g. notes by Lewis Morris in MS 15059, by [Edward Williams] 'Iolo Morganwg' in MS 15003, and Edward Charles in MS 15059; poetry and/or list of poems by Tudur Aled in MSS 14902 and 14866, Ieuan ap Rhydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd in MS 14866, and Gruffudd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan in MS 14866; a list of manuscripts in the British Museum containing poetry by Ieuan ap Rhydderch ap Ieuan Llwyd; a list of 'Books of Travels thro' Wales'; brief notes on the contents of manuscripts in the Thomas Phillipps and Richard Fenton Collections; an alphabetical index of first lines of the poetry of Lewis Glyn Cothi; an alphabetical index of first lines of poetry in BM Add MS 14967; a list of contents of, and some transcripts from, the first part of the British Museum copy of Y Drych Cristianogawl (1585); etc.

Material relating to Morysiaid Môn, etc.,

A scribbling tablet in the hand of J. H. Davies containing extracts and notes from manuscripts in the British Museum, the National Library of Wales and Cardiff Free Library and from printed sources largely on the correspondence of, and poetry by or relating to, the Morris brothers ('Morysiaid Môn'), Goronwy Owen ('o Fôn'), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Fardd') and Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg').

Descriptions of Llanover manuscripts,

A notebook in the hand of D. Silvan Evans containing descriptive observations on, and some extracts from, manuscripts of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg') at Llanover Court, Monmouthshire (now in the National Library of Wales, NLW MSS 13061-184). At the beginning of the volume is an index in the hand of J. H. Davies. Inset, in the hand of D. Silvan Evans, is a list of some Llanover manuscripts said to have been examined in some detail ('gyda rhyw faint o fanylder'), 21-26 June 1875.

Llythyrau llenorion,

A collection of holograph letters written to Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), schoolmaster, at Llangybi and Clynnog Fawr, Caernarvonshire. The writers include [the Reverend] T[homas] Richards, Berriew, secretary to the Cymmrodorion in Powys, 1824 (the success of the recipient's 'awdl' at the eisteddfod at Welsh Pool, congratulations from Will Owen of Newtown, Evan Evans of Trefriw, and John Blackwell 'now together in the next room'), Richard Jones ['Gwyndaf Eryri'], Caernarfon, 1826 (a criticism of English influences on Brecon eisteddfod), Spencer [Bulkeley] Wynn [aft. 3rd baron Newborough], Glynllivon, 1832 (an allocation of building ground in Clynog), Robt. Jones ['Tecwyn Meirion'], L[iver]pool ('gynt o Gefn trevor'), [18]33 (the writer's 'awdl' on 'Llongddrylliad [y Rothesay Castle]', a request for coal orders from Clynog), E[van] Evans, [vicar of] Llanarmon Yale, 1833 (details of the endowment and subscriptions of the school offered to the recipient at Llanarmon), Wm. Harrison, Abbot's Grange [Chester], 1833 (the possibility of the writer's appointment of the recipient as writing master, and an offer of assistance in classical studies), Robt. Morgan, [Baptist Minister], Llanfair [near Harlech], to David Lloyd, Llanystymdwu, 1834 (a split at Ramoth [Baptist] Church, Llanfrothen, enclosing money for the writer's sister), G. W. Edwards, Llanrug, 1835 (the recipient's request for a book on the history of Rome), Robert Williams, Fron Deg, Bangor, 1837-48 (7) (the possibility of appointments for the recipient, the writer's retention as one of the managing engineers in the St George's Harbour and Railway, the Portdynllaen undertaking, verses by the writer to the electors of Anglesey, a request for a translation of an English poem for publication, the publication of the recipient's [Caniadau] in 1841, the opening of a new quarry by the writer, the publication of a translation by the recipient of the 'Welsh Lines', the writer's removal to Clynnog) (together with 'Dau Englyn ar ol G[utyn] Peris' and 'Galar gwr am ei Wraig' by Robt. Williams), [Rev.] H[enry] Gryffydd [perpetual curate of Llandrygarn] 'Gweinidog', Llandrygarn, 1841 (2) (a request to include the recipient's elegy in a biography of John Elias), [Rev.] W[illiam] Roberts, Amlwch, 1841 (2) (the recipient's elegy to Jno. Elias), Griffith Owen Evans ('Glaslyn'), 'Argraffydd', Swyddfa y Cronicl, Bangor, 1841 (the purchase of the recipient's [Caniadau]), O. Hughes, 'Messrs. Davies & Sons's Wharhouse', Mena[i] Bridge, [18]41 (the recipient's elegy to J. Elias), Robert Williams, [? of Bwlch Derwin] from Bala, 1842 (personal), [Rev.] Morris Hughes, Port Dinorwic, 1844 (requesting Welsh translations of lines by Milton for inclusion in an essay by the writer on 'Anghymedroldeb'), John Jones, Gors, Llanedy, [18]47 (a request for an elegy to the Reverend John Evans, Pentwyn, formerly of Llwynyfforten), [Rev.] Lewis Hughes, Gogarth, 1848 (a request for keys left at the inn during the writer's removal from Clynnog), D. Rhys Stephen, Manceinion [Manchester], 1848 (support for the recipient's proposal to translate and publish the works of Chambers), John Prichard, Llangollen, from Llandudno, 1848 (recommending 'Chambers' Information for the people, and wishing the recipient well in his proposal), John Williams, Drefnewydd [Newtown], 1848 (the proposed translation of 'Addysg Chambers i'r bobl'), W[illiam] Williams ['Creuddynfab'], Oldham, [18]49 (the sale of the recipient's book), Wm. Jacob, Tredegar, [18]50 (the recipient's reluctance to act as adjudicator at Tredegar Eisteddfod), Thomas Edwards, Chester, 1850-1 (3) (an English poem by the late Mr David Owen, i.e. 'Dewi Wyn o Eifion', Rhuddlan Royal Eisteddfod and an accident to 'Tal[haiarn]', a request for a translation of a Welsh poem) (the second letter endorsed 'Pryddest yr Adgyfodiad Correspondence'), David R. Pughe, Barmouth, 1841 (a controversy in the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald and Cylchgrawn Rhyddid concerning the national character and language), John Pughe ('Ioan ap Huw Feddyg'), Barmouth, etc., 1840-6 and undated (11) (the recipient's victory at Liverpool, the progress of the recipient's Caniadau, the visit of Bishop Christopher Bethel[l] to Harlech, the writer's building of Bron Dirion and the choice of a tenant, the progress of the [Plymouth] Brethren, requests for Welsh translations of tract by [Samuel Prideaux] Tregelles, etc., the publication of the proposed hymn book, comments on total abstinence, etc.), H[ugh] Hughes ('Tegai), Capel Helyg, [18]54 (encloses an 'awdl', comments on the Bangor Eisteddfod), Lewis Edwards, Bala, etc., 1840-58 and undated (33) (an invitation to the writer's school, the recipient's lines on the death of Mr Elias and his 'awdl' on Job, the recipient's school, contributions to Y Traethodydd and the division of profits, the recipient's proposal to translate 'Chambers' Information for the People', Aberffraw Eisteddfod), Thomas Charles Edwards, Bala, 1859 (a request for a contribution to Yr Ymwelydd), S. Prideaux Tregelles, Neath Abbey, Islington, Plymouth, etc., 1844-61 (27) (the writer's preaching tour of Wales, the state of religion in Wales, a reply to a criticism of the Plymouth Brethren, the writer's Greek Testament, Elijah Waring's book on 'old Iolo Morganwg', search for 'Llyfr Twrog' among 'Iolo's manuscripts, a translation by the recipient of the writer's Lecture on the ... Authorship ... of the New Testament, the preaching of the Gospel in Italy, the writer's visit to Clynnog, the writer's complaint about postal arrangements at Clynnog, a controversy between O. Williams, C. M. minister, and Romish priests at Tremeirchion, the writer's meetings with freed Spanish negroes returning from Cuba to Africa, a book of hymns by the writer's cousin Anne Laetitia Waring of Darran near Neath, a translation by the recipient of a hymn by A. L. Waring, the recipient's introduction to a collection of hymns, a gift to the recipient of a copy of 'Cyfrinach Beirdd Ynys Prydain', the death of Elijah Waring, the writer's meeting with Welshmen returning from Barnet cattle fair and an account of special Welsh religious services arranged for them at the fair, condolence on the death of the recipient's wife, an account of the writer's visit to Spain), John Phillips, Llanerchymedd and Bangor, 1844-52 (6) (inability to admit the recipient to the British Institution for a year, recommends the Welsh translation of 'Chambers' Information for the People', a request for assistance 'on a certain point', a proposed visit to Clynnog, the recipient's teaching post at Clynnog and the possibility of removal), [Edward Roberts] 'Iorwerth Glan Aled', Rhyl, 1851-5 (19) (poetry by the writer, the recipient, 'Ieuan Glan Geirionydd', 'Gwilym Hiraethog', 'Creuddynfab' and others, the relationship of the recipient with 'Ieuan Gwynedd' and with 'Caledfryn', rules of Welsh metrics, views on literary criticism, etc.), John Edwards, 'Eos Glan Twrch', Floyd, Oneida County, New York, 1853 (requesting the recipient's recommendation of his 'awdl' for publication), Wm. Ambrose ['Emrys'], Porth Madog, etc., 1850 (2) (an 'awdl' by 'Nicander', observations on John Richards's critique), Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), Llandovery, etc., 1849-52 (3) (the publication of the 'awdl' submitted by the writer to Aberffraw eisteddfod, compositions submitted to Merthyr eisteddfod), Josiah Gibson, Carnarvon, undated (the enclosed lines of Sam Goodman), O. Pritchard, Tregaian, 1842 (a Welsh translation of enclosed lines), [Rev.] Evan L[ewis] Davies [of Cefnceido Hall near Rhaeadr], from Bangor, etc., 1845-61 (14) (the writer's study of the Welsh language, personal), Isaac Clarke, Rhuthyn, 1851 (the publication by the writer of a volume of recipient's works and of his portrait, the publication of Blackwell's works and comments on his portrait), R. O. Rees, Dolgelley, [18]51 (subjects for Eisteddfod Gwynedd at Dolgelley), [John Prytherch Williams] 'Rhydderch o Fôn', Denbigh and Rhyl, 1851 (2) (personal, poetry by the writer and others, the writer's letters to Y Cymro in defence of the recipient and the writer's assessment of 'Dewi Wyn [o Eifion]', a pryddest by 'Bardd Du Môn', sermons by 'Gwilym Hiraethog' and 'Caledfryn', etc.), Jno. Jones ('Talhaiarn'), London, Mentmore, Battlesden, etc., 1850-62 (16) (poetry by the writer and the recipient, eisteddfodau, a fund for the recipient's portrait, the health of the writer and of the recipient, the writer's views on the possibility of a national eisteddfod, a new palace in France for Baron James Rothschild, the writer's publications, the loan by the writer to the recipient of 'Y Piser Hir' and its sale to Robert Jones, Rotherhithe, etc., together with a draft agreement for the return of 'Y Piser Hir' and a letter from Robert Jones, 'Rhudd-ddwr-hydd' (Rotherhithe), 1856),

Robert Ellis ('Cynddelw'), Sirhowy, 1853-60 (4) (the writer's Tafol y Beirdd, the writer's loss by theft, Denbigh eisteddfod (1860) adjudications, the death of the writer's son), [William Davies] 'Gwilym Teilo', Morriston, 1854 (2) (eisteddfod accounts, poetry by the writer), [Thomas Gwallter Price] 'Cuhelyn', Beaufort, 1855 (2) (poetry by the writer, personal), John Williams ab Ithel, Middleton, near Manchester, 1855 (material for the Cambrian Journal), R. I. Prys ('Gweirydd ap Rhys'), Llanrhyddlad, 1854-9 (3) (a request for the recipient's views on series of 'englynion' for a monument to Mari Williams, 'Owain Aber's mother, at Llanwenllwyfo, the distribution of a paper relating to the reform of Welsh orthography, subjects of a proposed 'Eisteddfod Machreth Mon' at Llanfachreth), Aneurin Jones ('Aneurin Fardd'), Penllwyn Mills, Pontllanfraith, 1861 (4) ([Aberdare national] eisteddfod adjudications), W. E. Hughes ('Cowlyd'), Llanrwst, undated (a 'sketch' of the writer in the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald), Wm. Ambrose ['Emrys], Porth Madog, 1861 (a testimonial to the recipient), Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc y Fenni'), Y Fenni [Abergavenny], 1862 (the writer's journey to Caernarvon), and J. W. Jones, 'Swyddfa y Drych' [Y Drych office, USA], 1856, (contributions to Y Drych); verses entitled 'To a Smiling Infant'; an account entitled 'Cantref y Gwaelod (The Lowland Hundred)' embodying translations from the Black Book of Carmarthen. Some of the letters are published in Adgof Uwch Anghof. On one of the fly-leaves is an imperfect list of scribes ('Rhestr o enwau prif Ysgrifenwyr y Llythyrau canlynol') in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), with additions by J. H. Davies.

Scrapbook of D. Silvan Evans

A massive though ill-arranged scrap-book compiled by D. Silvan Evans containing holograph letters, addressed, except where otherwise stated, to D. Silvan Evans, from D[avid] Nutt, London, 1879 (the text of Presbyter Johannes), S. Prideaux Tregelles, Plymouth, 1860 (the importance of publishing old Welsh prose texts, the writer's views on the essentials of a Welsh dictionary), P[ierre] F[ran?] Merlet, [London] 1853 (advice on French grammars), W[illia]m Smith, [London] 1846 (the proposed publication of a dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology), Reverend T[homas] Briscoe, Holyhead, 1861 (thanks for a copy of the recipient's Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg), W. W. E. Wynne [of Peniarth] from London [1862] (an invitation to Peniarth to meet Mr Skene), W. Williams ('Caledfryn'), Groes Wen, Pont y Pridd, 1868 (compositor's errors in an article by the recipient), [William] Sotheby to [Thomas Burgess] bishop of Salisbury, 1831 (presenting a copy of the writer's version of the Iliad), C[onnop Thirlwall] bishop of St Davids, Abergwili, [18]43 (accepting the dedication of the recipient's volume of poems), T. Price ('Carnhuanawc'), Cwmdu, 1842-8 (2) (subscribing to a copy of the recipient's Blodau Ieuainc, the derivation of the English 'bother'), W. Owen Pughe, Egryn to 'Unben Gee', 1831 (declining an invitation to Rhyl), I[sidore] Brasseur, King's Coll[ege], Lond[on], 1853 (advice on French grammars and 'the genius of the French Language'), A. Tallenyn, London, 1853 (advice on Italian grammars), C[harles] Meyer, Windsor Castle, [18]47 (subscribing to the recipient's new English and Welsh Dictionary), John M. Traherne, Coedriglan, 1844 (Cardiff eisteddfod), Ernst Sattler, Coburg, 1869 (enclosing a list of Welsh books in the writer's possession), John Thomas ('Ieuan Morganwg'), Newcastle [upon] Tyne, undated (covering poetry by the writer), H. Gaidoz, London, 1869 (an article on Skene's Four Ancient Books of Wales, the recipient's Dictionary and Llyfryddiaeth y Cymry) (French), Le Chevalier de Chatelain, London 1864 (2) (the writer's French translation of the Canterbury Tales, etc.), [John Jones] 'Tegid', Nevern, 1845 (enclosing poems for competition, Aneurin Owen's translation of the Gododdin), James Tully, R[oman] C[atholic] College, Maynooth, 1868 (English-Irish dictionaries), Thomas Powell, Llanwrtyd [aft. Prof. Thomas Powel, University College, Cardiff] to [J. H. Silvan] Evans, undated (criticism of Jeremiah's paper on 'The Milky Way' in relation to the recipient's father's letter), Cha[rle]s B[rodrick] Scott, Freshwater Gate, Isle of Wight, 1862 (admission to [Westminster School]), W[illiam] Spurrell, Carmarthen, 1889 (requesting printer's copy), J. Ceiriog Hughes, Caersws, 1872 (Welsh dialect words), Ev[an] Evans, Dinas Mowddwy, 1868 (a meeting of the Commissioners of Land and Assessed Taxes for the division of Mowddwy), John Davies, Walsoken Rectory, near Wisbeach, 1868 (subscribing to the recipient's proposed Welsh dictionary), [Edward James Herbert, 3rd earl of] Powis, Powis Castle, [18]68 (the authorship of the 'Epigram Ap-pollo'), [Joseph Hughes] 'Carn Ingli', Meltham Parsonage, 1853 (information from Lady Hall about the election to a post), [John Williams] 'Ab Ithel', Middleton, Manchester, 1856 (an invitation to the recipient to act as local secretary to the Cambrian Institute), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd, 1855 (the writer's correspondence with Mr Madocks's daughter, Mrs [Eliza Anne] Roche, the importance of publishing the works of 'I[euan] B[rydydd] Hir', surviving manuscripts of Welsh poetry at Plas Hen [Pwllheli] and Glasfryn [Chwilog], unfavourable observations on the antiquarian interests of Owen Williams of Waunfawr, the success of the [Eifionydd Literary] Society), C. Mahony, Queen's College, Galway [1852] (advice on Irish grammars and dictionaries), V. Pistrucci, King's College, London, 1853 (advice on Italian grammars), Th[omas] De Vere Coneys, Ballinasloe, Galway, 1847 (advice on Irish grammars), A. Heimaan, London, 1849 (advice on German grammars), [Ebenezer Thomas] 'E[ben] Vardd', Clynnog, 1861 (thanks for a gift of the recipient's Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg, with the writer's observations on the subject), Adolphus Bernays, Harrow Road, [18]53 (advice on [German] grammars), John Jenkins ('Ifor Ceri'), Kerry to Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Manafon, 1826 (the Ossian controversy, personal), Henry T[homas] Edwards, [vicar of] Carnarvon, 1870 (thanks for a letter), R[owland] Williams, Meifod, undated (enclosing poetry for publication in Y Gwyliedydd), R. Richards, Penrhoslligwy, Amlwch, 1877 (parentage and pedigree of the Morris brothers of Anglesey), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), Parsonage, Ince, 1843 (subscribing to the recipient's 'intended work' [Blodau Ieuainc]), Morris Davies, Upper Bangor, 1869 (the writer's article on Edmund Prys, enclosing dictionary words and additions to Llyfryddiaeth [y Cymry], Tho[ma]s Edwards ('Caervallwch'), London, 1843-6 (2) (the recipient's Blodau Ieuainc), William Rees, Llandovery, 1842 (Lady Charlotte Guest's reply to the recipient's objection about the English translation of 'dyniewid', a request for the return of the 'Notes' for the publication of Part V), R. G. Latham, New Malden, Kingston-on-Thames, [18]64 (accepting the accuracy of the recipient's remark), Rowland Williams, Salisbury, [18]64 (a subscription to the recipient's school), John O'Donovan, Dublin, 1852 (advice on Irish grammars), Tho[mas] Holland, Sheffield, 1863 (the legend of S[t] Collen), O[wen] Connellan [of Cork], from Dublin, 1852 (advice on Irish grammars and dictionaries), and [Thomas James ('Llallawg'),] Netherthong, ?1875 (dictionary words) (incomplete); a few miscellaneous manuscript items, among them being 'Cynwysiad Gramadeg y Dr Gruffydd Roberts' in the hand of John Jones ('Tegid'), 1848, a holograph 'hir a thoddaid' to Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain') by Dr Carl Meyer, verses entitled 'Castell Conwy' by Edward Evan Jones ('Glasvryn'), a list of 'Geiriau Taleithiol' in the hand of Benjamin Williams ('Gwynionydd'), a fragment on Welsh metrics in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), 'Englynion i Clebryn' by Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), verses entitled 'The Bard's Return' ('Translated by Lady Charlotte Guest'), etc.; printed matter, including an appeal for subscriptions towards the repair of Llanymawddwy Church, c. 1862, University College of Wales (Aberystwyth) examination questions in Welsh, 1875 and undated, a broadside and leaflet appealing for subscriptions towards the defence of [Joshua] Evans, vicar of Llanover, 1875, and numerous prospectuses of printed publications, e.g. D. Silvan Evans, A Dictionary of the Welsh Language, D. Silvan Evans (ed.), Casgliad o Hymnau at wasanaeth yr Eglwys, D. Silvan Evans (ed.), The Works of the Rev. Walter Davies ... (Gwallter Mechain), Morris Williams ['Nicander'], Hermes Cambrenses: or an Etymological Welsh-English Dictionary, Ysten Sioned (1882), D. Silvan Evans, Telynegion, Rhys Jones, Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru (1773), D. Silvan Evans, Blodau Ieuainc (Early Blossoms), Y Brython (Tremadog), etc.; copious press cuttings, including articles and reviews by, and reviews of works by, D. Silvan Evans, letters published by D. Silvan Evans in Yr Arweinydd and Y Gwron in 1858 concerning his controversy with Thomas Gee over the publication of his Welsh-English Dictionary, an air and verses entitled 'Marwolaeth fy mrawd' by Daniel Thomas Williams ('Tydfylyn'), 'The Sagranus Stone, St Dogmaels' by Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau, and poetry by John Jones ('Tegid'), D. Silvan Evans, Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'), Edward [Evan] Jones ('Glasfryn'), Llanfair Caereinion, Evan Jones ('Gwyneddon'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Daniel Evans ('Daniel Ddu o Geredigion'), Robert Harries Jones ('Quellyn'), Thomas Lloyd Jones ('Gwenffrwd') Henry George Thomas, London, John B. Pedler, Liverpool, John Emlyn Jones ('Ioan Emlyn'), John Williams ('Ab Ithel'), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd and many others; and a few engraved portraits and prints, including Morgan Evans, vicar of Llangynllo, Radnorshire, Thomas Charles, Bala, Christmas Evans, and a view of Denbigh, 1847. At the end of the volume there is one loose folio (numbered pp. 203-4) in an eighteenth century hand containing verses (beginning wanting) to 'y twcca' ('nis Gwn'i pwy ai ganodd ond Hugh Hughes ai scrifennodd 1760') and 'englynion' (some attributed to 'E. Rob' and R. Jones).

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903

Slipiau ymchwil

Slipiau ymchwil yn cynnwys cyfeiriadau at enwau personol a thestunau mewn llawysgrifau. Mae nifer yn ymwneud â Iolo Morganwg ac yn deillio o'i lawysgrifau.

Torion papur

Torion papur, [1920x1963], yn ymwneud â Iolo Morganwg, llenyddiaeth Gymraeg, crefydd, diwylliant ac addysg yng Nghymru. Yn eu plith ceir un bwndel o dorion, 1954-1956, o ysgrifau 'Cartrefi Cymru' gan Bob Owen, Croesor, yn Y Cymro.

Owen, Bob, 1885-1962

Extracts from manuscripts

Extracts, made by T. C. Evans ('Cadrawd'), from some of the manuscripts of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg').

Evans, T. C. (Thomas Christopher), 1846-1918

Albwm llofnodion, &c.

An album of annotated autographs, photographs and engravings, printed matter, press cuttings, etc., compiled during the years 1858-1881. The volume is almost entirely devoted to persons who were prominent in the literary and musical life of Wales during this period, and it appears from internal evidence to have been well known to the compiler's friends and contemporaries. The autographs are largely in the form of personal entries, recorded mainly at national and other eisteddfodau, but there are also a number of mounted holograph letters, 'cut-out' signatures from holograph letters, and franks. The writers include Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli'), Meltham, Richard Williams Morgan ('Mor Meirion'), Tregynon, John Williams ab Ithel, Llanymowddwy Rectory, Ellis Roberts ('Eos Meirion'), London, Jerome Greene Pym ('Ap Ednyfed'), Inner Temple, Thos. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil, David James, Ph.D., F.S.A. ('Dewi o Ddyfed'), rector of Panteg, co. Monmouth, John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), John Owen ('Owain Alaw'), Chester, E. P. Meredith ('Ieuan Gryg'), Monmouth, Jos. Bailey, Jr., London, Connop Thirlwall, bishop of St. Davids, Alfred Ollivant, bishop of Llandaff, Jas. Williams, F.R.C.S. ('Iago ap Gwilym'), Brecon, Joseph Joseph, Brecon, Owen Wynne Jones ('Glasynys'), Thomas Edwards ('Carnvaldwyn'), St. David's College, Lampeter, W. Downing Evans ('Leon'), Newport, co. Monmouth, Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc'), Thomas Anthony Bevan ('Ab Caradawc'), Llanhilleth, Mary Bevan ('Meillionen Glanwysg'), Richard Foulkes Edwards ('Risiart Ddu o Wynedd'), Plas Llanychan, near Ruthin, D. Williams ('Alaw Goch'), Aberdare, John Williams ('Clwydwyson'), Ruthin, Elias Jones ('Llew Hiraethog'), Hendre ddu, near Cerrigydrudion, Owen Davies ('Eos Llechid'), Llanllechid, Robert John Pryse ('Gweirydd ap Rhys'), Denbigh, Jno. Emlyn Jones ('loan Emlyn'), Ebbw Vale, Jno. Jones ('Mathetes'), Llangollen, Richard Davies ('Mynyddog'), Llanbrynmair, John Jones ('Idris Vychan'), Dolgellau, David Hughes ('Eos Iâl'), Llansantffraid, near Corwen, Dr. William Price, Pontypridd, Richard Parry ('Gwalchmai'), Conway, Thomas Edwards ('Sulien ap Iorwerth'), Corwen, Robert Isaac Jones ('Alltud Eifion'), Tremadoc, Robert Ellis ('Cynddelw'), Sirhowy, Henry Harris Davies, M.A ., Ph.D. ('Pererin'), incumbent of Llangoed, William Morris ('Gwilym Tawe'), Swansea, Thomas Jones ('Tudur Ddu'), Llangollen, William Richard Johns ('Mathonwy'), Wick, Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Edwin Foulkes ('Rhen Ddyrnwr'), Holyhead, John Jones ('loan Maethlu'), Holyhead, Thomas Hughes ('T. ab Gwilym'), Ruthin, Hugh Hughes ('Tegai'), Pwllheli, Thomas Jones ('Taliesin o Eifion'), Llangollen, L. W. Lewis ('Llew Llwyvo'), Evan Davies ('Myfyr Morganwg'), Pontypridd, Richard Pugh ('Telynor'), Corwen, Jno. Hughes ('Ceiriog'), Thos. Simon Jones, Ruthin, John Williams ('I[oa]n Madog'), Portmadoc, David Evans ('Dewi Glan Llugwy'), Llanrwst, Joseph Jones ('Caradog'), Bangor, William Jones ('Publisher of 'Y Bedyddiwr' from 1855 to 1859'), Cardiff, Joseph Thomas ('Josephus Eryri'), Liverpool, Griffith William Thomas ('Mab Afonwyson'), Chester, John William Jones ('Barlwyd'), Liverpool, John James, B.D. ('Cynfab'), Liverpool, Thomas Williams ('Cynydr'), Crickhowell, David Lewis ('Ehedydd Gwent'), Llanwenarth, David Morgan ('Mynyddawc'), Llangeitho, curate of St. David's, Ffestiniog, D. Howell ('Llawdden'), Ll. Williams ('Bardd Cefn Mabli'), Blaenau Gwent, Thomas Evan Watkins ('Eiddil Ifor'), Blaenau Gwent, Daniel Seys Lewis ('Ifor Gwent'), Ebbw Vale, Sara Morgan ('Morvudd Glan Wysg'), Llangattock iuxta Usk, E. M., Llangattock Court, Aneurin Jones ('Aneurin Fardd'), Gelligroes, Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), John Jones ('loan Prydydd Gwent'), Gelligroes, John Thomas ('Ifor Cwm-gwys'), Troed-y-rhiw, Thomas Jones ('Eos Glan Rhymni'), Bedwas, William Thomas ('Islwyn'), Thomas Michael ('Ab loan Brycheiniog'), Evesham, Rees Williams ('Blwchaiarn'), Vaenor, Rees Lewis ('Ab Tudful'), printer, Merthyr Tydfil, William Evans ('Cawr Cynon'), Merthyr Tydfil, Evan Roberts, Furnace Manager, Merthyr Tydfil, Theophilus Williams ('Glan Cleddau'), Merthyr Tydfil, David Caleb ('D.C.'), Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Austin Bruce, 1st baron Aberdare, Duffryn, Aberdare, Evan Davies, A.M., Swansea, J. Rhys Jones ('Kilsby'), Llanwrtyd, John Roberts ('Ieuan Gwyllt'), Aberdare, Sarah Edith Wynne ('Eos Cymru', 'Pencerddes'), Liverpool, Daniel Thomas Williams ('Tydfylyn'), Merthyr, Thomas Levi, Ystradgynlais, Thomas Robinson, Merthyr Tydvil, Rhys (Gwesyn) Jones, Joseph Thomas ('Ab Cenydd'), Cardiff, George French Davis, Professor of Music, John Wilkes, organist of St. David's, Merthyr, H. Humphreys ('Peblig'), Caernarvon, Margaret Montgomery ('Angharad Gwent'), David Evans, B.A., Trevecca College, Thomas Walters, rector of Ystradgynlais, P. Sainton, G. Piaque, Jos. Schreurs, George Dolley, A. Pollitzer, Meyer Lutz, Charlotte Helen Dolby, Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Vincent, London, Thomas Vaughan ('tailor-poet'), Hereford (continued)

Robert Jones ('Cyrus'), Bethesda, William Jones ('Gwilym Ilid'), Caerphilly, Rachel Williams ('Gweddw Gwilym Morganwg'), Cardiff, Taliesin Williams ('Ab Gwilym Morganwg'), Caerphilly, John Williams ('Ap Gwilym Morganwg'), Cardiff, N. Bennett, Trefeglwys, Flavell Edwards, editor of Hereford Times, Charles Anthony, Hereford, James Price, M.D. ('Cymro Llawen'), Brixton, Edward Capern ('The Rural Postman and Poet'), Bideford, W. Owen Pughe ('Gwilym Owain o Feinon'), Rob. Roberts, astronomer, Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), Thos. Powel ('Hywel Cynog'), Dowlais, 1834 (personal, reference to 'Ab Iolo', etc.), Joseph Harris ('Gomer'), Richard Robert Jones ('Dic Aberdaron'), Thos. Williams ('Gwilym Morganwg'), Thos. Ap Catesby Jones, secretary of the United States Navy, George Gordon, 6th baron Byron, David Owen ('Brutus'), 1858 (the employment of the writer's daughter by a solicitor at Abergavenny), D. Rhys Stephen, Newport [co. Monmouth], 18So (the departure of the writer's wife and daughter from Newport), Charles Morgan, Tredegar, 1809 (the writer's concurrence with the proposed measure to unite all roads in co. Brecknock by incorporating the two Trusts), John Parry ('Bardd Alaw'), Thomas Edwards ('Caervallwch'), London, 1835 (2) (the writer's Dictionary, the writer's success at the Eisteddfod, comments on the Welsh termination '-awc', enclosing circulars, thanks for Eisteddfod programme), W. Williams, Aberpergwm, 1838 (the return of a book, a subscription of £21 to the Abergavenny Cymreigyddion, the success of the Welsh Manuscripts Society and their indebtedness to Lady Hall), Saml. R. Meyrick, Goodrich Court, 1841 (admission to Christ's Hospital, London), Saml. Evans, editor of Seren Gomer, Carmarthen, 1849 (personal) (incomplete), [Evan? Williams] 'Ieuan Morganwg', Walker Iron Works, Newcastle on Tyne, 1853 (personal), Richard Jones ('Rhydderch Gwynedd'), Twynyrodyn (1845), John Jones ('Tegid'), Christ Church, Oxford, 1838 (the writer's subscription [to 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni'), J. Blackwell ('Alun') (1830), John Elias ('o Fôn'), Robt. Davies ('Bardd Nant-glyn'), M. Williams ('Nicander'), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), Walter Wilkins, Maeslough (1809), Dd. Davies, Langattock Crickhowell (1808), John Davies ('Brychan Bach') (1837), J. Jones ('Ioan Edred'), Goitre Wharf, Jno. Rees, Penydaren I[ron] Works, Merthyr (1848), Thomas Gwallter Price ('Cuhelyn'), 1853 (a receipt for manuscripts), Thomas Williams ('T. ab Gwilym'), Quaker's Yard, Robert Lloyd Morris ('Rhuvoniawc'), Tremadoc, 1859 (greetings), John Evans ('Ieuan ab Gruffydd'), London (1844), Jo. Jenkins, Morlaix, 1835 (personal, greetings to the Reverend T. Hiley and James Lewis), Benjamin Jones ('P. A. Môn'), Carmarthen, 1830 (the distribution of books), Thomas Price ('Carnhuanawc') (a transcript of the memorial inscription of John Jones, family harpist to Sir B[enjamin] Hall, Llanofer, 1844, and extracts from printed sources), R[ichard] Williams ('Gwilym Ddu Glan Cynon'), Daniel Jones ('Gwerinwr'), Tongwynlas, Lewis Jones ('Iago Mynwy'), Mountain, near Aberdare, Daniel Morgan ('Daniel ab Gwilym'), Aberaman, Howel Williams ('Ap Gwylim Ddu'), Pant y Gerdinen, Aberdare, William Williams ('Carw Coch'), Trecynon, T. J. Jones ('Cynonwyson'), Trecynon, John Jones ('Eiddil Glan Cynon'), Aberdare, Philip John, Aberdare, Walter Lloyd (publisher of Y Gwladgarwr), Aberdare, David Griffith ('Clwydfardd'), Denbigh, Thomas Jones ('Glan Alun'), Mold, John Davies ('Gwyneddon'), Bangor, Josiah Thomas Jones, Aberdare, John Ambrose Lloyd ('Emrys Llwyd'), Chester, James Davies ('Iago ab Dewi'), Aberdare, Roger Williams ('Gwilym Llywel'), Merthyr Tydfil, Abel Seth Jones ('Evrawc'), Aberdare, John Thomas ('Ieuan Morgannwg' [otherwise 'Pencerdd Gwalia']), Hughe William Hughe ('Huw Arwystl'), Dinas, Thomas Evan James ('T. ab Ieuan'), Glyn-neath, Morgan Davies ('Morganwysion'), Goitre, William Roberts ('Nefydd'), Philip Morgan ('Dyfnwal'), Morriston, Moses Cule ('Moesen' or 'Moesen Gwernygerwn'), Pentrebach, Pontypridd, John Griffiths, The Rectory, Neath, William Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Carmarthen, Thomas David ('Dewi Wyn o Esyllt'), Dinas Powis, Hugh Cefni Parry ('Hywel Glan Cefni'), Talybont, co. Cardigan, William Jones ('Gwrgant'), London, Hugh Owen, Whitehall, London, Thomas Price, M.A., Ph.D. ('Pridwerth'), Aberdare, E. G. Price, Aberdare, Jno. Morris Jones ('Cunllo'), Rhydlewis, William Davies ('Gwilym Teilo'), Llandeilofawr, Benjamin Williams ('Gwynionydd'), Penboir, William Williams ('Creuddynfab'), Stalybridge (continued)

Wm. Gwynne Stedman Thomas, Carmarthen, Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Edward Williams Gee ('Iorwerth Clwyd'), Denbigh, Robert Lloyd ('Eos Clwyd'), Ystalyfera, John Francis ('Mesmonydd'), Manchester, Kate Wynne ('Llinos Gwynedd'), Holywell, Frances Mathews ('Gwenfron'), Cardiff, Eliza Hughes, London, Lewis W. Thomas, London, H. Hussey Vivian, Swansea, Crawshay Bailey, Aberaman, Tho. Williams, editor of Star of Gwent, John Griffiths, vicar of Llandilofawr, Morgan Williams ('Sylvanus'), Merthyr Tydfil, Thomas Williams ('Cilfynydd'), Quaker's Yard, John Jones ('Mc Ebrill'), Aberdare, N. Martin, Paris, John Evans ('Ieuan Wyn'), Pontypridd, George Lewis Hiley ('Ifor Emrys'), Llanelly, co. Brecknock, Frederick Wicks, London, John Williams Morgan ('Ifan Ebwy'), Beaufort, Thomas Gee, Denbigh, Titus Lewis, F.S.A. ('Titan'), St. Quentin's, Cowbridge, etc., Benjamin Evans, Aberdare, editor of Seren Cymru, etc., Wm. Lloyd Jones ('Myllyn'), London, David Watkin Jones ('Dafydd Morganwg'), Merthyr Tydfil, John Griffith ('Wmffra') ('Gohebydd Llundain y Faner'), John Lloyd ('Sallwg'), Merthyr Tydvil, John Lloyd Davies, M.P., Blaendyffryn [Llanfair Orllwyn] (a note on the marriage of Robert surnamed the Pious, son of Hugh Capet), J. James ('Iago Emlyn') (an 'englyn'), Thos. Thomas, D.D., President of the Baptist College, Pontypool, George Thomas, M.A., Classical Tutor of the Baptist College, Pontypool, John Rhys Morgan ('Lleurwg'), Thomas Edwards ('Twm o'r Nant'), Ebenezer Morris, Blaenywern [Betws Ifan] (1825), J. H. Jones [tutor at Trevecca College], Robt. Williams ('Robert ap Gwilym Ddu'), J. M. Thomas ('Amicus' and 'Hwntw'), Cardigan, D. Silvan Evans (1847), J. R. Jones [Ramoth], Evan Jones ('Gwrwst'), Benj. Price ('Cymro Bach'), T[homas] Price, Ll.D., editor of Eclectic Review, H. L. Davies ('Bardd Coch'), vicar of Cenarth, Rebecca Sophia Evans (aft. Williams) ('Rebecca Mabws'), Mabws, Mathry, David Davies ('Dewi Emlyn'), T. Emlyn Thomas ('Taliesin Craigyfelin'), Christmas Evans, John Jones ('Pyll'), Joshua Morgan ('Rhifyddegwr Egwan'), Clydach Iron Works (1824) (a promissory note), Rice Rees [Llandovery], J. Dorney Harding, Doctors Commons, 1838, Wm. Lewis, Llangefni, Owain Williams, Waunfawr (a note on an edition of the works of Goronwy Owain), John Prydderch Williams ('Rhydderch o Fôn'), Rhyl, E. W. Davies ('I. G. ab Dafydd'), Liverpool, Robert Hughes ('Robin Wyn o Eifion'), Bangor, Thomas G. Jones ('Tavalaw'), Holywell, Thos. Thomas, Swansea, W. Williams ('Gwilym ab Gwilym Lleyn'), Caernarvon, Wm. Bulkeley Hughes [Plas Coch, Anglesey], Charles Wynne [aft. Wynne-Finch, of Voelas], [Sir] Llewelyn Turner [Parcia, Caernarvon], G. S. D. Pennant [aft. 2nd baron Penrhyn], James Rees (of the Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald), Eunice Jones, Liverpool ('merch Pedr Fardd'), Hugh J. Hughes ('Eos Tegyd'), Rome, N.Y., Newman Hall, Carnarvon, William Hicks Owen, Rhyllon, St. Asaph ('Brother in law to Mrs. Hemans'), Wm. Williams ('Caledfryn'), John Evans ('I. D. Ffraid'), David Roberts ('Dewi Ogwen'), Caernarvon, Aristote Terrieu (native of Loch Ryan, Morbihan), E. Stephen ('Tanymarian'), Morris Jones ('Meurig Idris'), Criccieth, John Hugh Evans ('Ehedydd'), Bangor, John Jones ('Idrisyn'), Llan-dysilio Gogo, co. Cardigan, 1862 (enclosing two of the writer's portraits), William Edwards ('Gwilym Gwynedd'), Wrexham, William Morgan Williams ('Ab Caledfryn'), Groes Wen, Pont y Pridd, Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), Robt. Davies ('Cyndeyrn'), St. Asaph, Edward Edwards ('Morwyllt'), Llangefni, John Williams ('Eos Môn'), Llanerchymedd, Robert Llystyn Jones ('Llystyn'), Llandegai, David H. Jones ('Dewi Arfon'), Llanberis, John (Gaerwenydd) Pritchard ('Gaerwenydd'), Bethesda, Hugh Hughes ('Gethin'), Liverpool, C. Paget [? of Plas Newydd, co. Anglesey], John Elias Roberts ('loan Cemlyn'), Caernarfon, William John Roberts ('Gwilym Cowlyd'), Robt. J. Humphreys ('Arwyddfardd'), Edward Davies ('Iolo Trefaldwyn'), Adwy'r Clawdd, Evan Jones ('Ieuan Glan Soden'), Felinsynod, New Quay, David Charles (1812-1878) ('wyr i Charles o'r Bala'), John Jayne ('loan Glyncynon'), Ty Pantybeili, Llanelly, co. Brecknock, Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Tho. Charles [Bala] (1797), How[el] Harris [Trevecca], Geo. Howell, rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, John Evans, B.D. ('loan Geler'), Crickhowell, Thos. Hughes (author of Tom Brown's School Days), Lin[coln's] Inn, Will. Edwd. Jayne, Panty Baileau [sic], near Abergavenny, David Davies, Llantilio Crossenny (continued)

Jane Davies ('Merch Gwallter Mechain'), Taliesin Williams ['Taliesin ab Iolo'], Evan Jones, D. Owen ('Dewi Wyn o Eifion'), William Thomas ('Tewdwr'), master of Crickhowell Grammar School, Wm. Jones ('Bragwr'), Talybont, co. Brecknock, William Jenkins, Dowlais Iron Works, Edw. Williams ('wyr Iolo Morganwg'), Dowlais Iron Work, John Arthur Herbert, Llanarth Court, A[ugusta] C[harlotte] E[lizabeth] Herbert ('Merch Arglwydd Llanover a Gwenynen Gwent'), Llanarth [Court], Aug[ust]a [ Hall] ('Arglwyddes Llanover') ('Gwenynen Gwent'), Anne Wheeley, The Pentre [Aber-gavenny], M. E. A. Hughes ('Morvydd Glan Tawe'), Morriston, George E. Williams, Abergavenny, Madame E. L. Williams ('Welsh Nightingale', 'Eos Cymru', 'Seren Cymru'), London, Mrs. E. A. Williams (the mother of 'Eos Cymru'), Geo. Osborne Morgan, J[ames] C[olquhoun Campbell], bishop of Bangor, J[ohn] Williams [Treffos, co. Anglesey], Isaac Foulkes ('Ffowcyn'), Liverpool, Joshua Evans, vicar of Llanover, W. H. Nicholl, The Ham, William Watkins, Welsh Collegiate Institution, Llandovery, William Evans, perpetual curate of Rhymney, Chrisr. Cook, incumbent [perpetual curate] of Mamhilad, John White, San Francisco, Cal., J. de Rovere, Julia de Rovere, London, W. J. Morrish, Ledbury [chaplain to Ledbury Union-house], William Harris ('Gwilym Vychan'), Aberdare, Gomer Leek ('Ceninfab'), Pyle, 'Aptommas', O. James ('Waldo'), Dowlais, Charles Williams, Ystalyfera, Richard Richards ('Nennius'), Morriston, William Williams ('Gwilym Gwent'), Brynmawr, Benjamin D. Thomas, Neath, William Madoc ('Ap Madoc'), Maesteg, William Frederick Frost ('Alaw'r Dyffryn'), Cardiff, Thomas David Llewelyn ('Llewelyn Alaw'), harpist, Mountain Ash, John H. Evans ('Alawydd Ogwy'), harpist, John Bryant ('Alawydd Glan Taf'), Llanilltyd Fardref, John Williams ('Golygydd y Byd Cymreig'), Newcastle Emlyn, William Evans ('Gwilym Cyrwen'), Aberdare, Humphrey Bradley Jones ('Garmonydd'), Bethesda, W. Williams ('Gwilym Medi'), Trecynon, M. J. Williams ('Llinos', late of Aberpergwm), E[lizabeth] A[nn] Williams, Ynyslâs (late of Aberpergwm), W. Geo. Davies, chaplain to J. C. Asylum, Abergavenny, Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau Vicarage, Oswestry, 1867 (enclosing an old prospectus of his last work [Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum, 1865], the writer's intention to publish a Cornish-Welsh Grammar), Joshua Williams, D[avid] Pugh [Manoravon, M.P. for Carmarthenshire], John Johnes, Dolaucothi, W[illiam] Spurrell, Carmarthen, David Davis ('Dewi Hir'), Cowbridge, Thos. O. Morgan, Aberystwith, Annie Edmonds ('Eos Morganwg'), London, Thos. Lewis, Carmarthen, Brinley Richards, Janet Patey otherwise Janet Patey Whytock [London], Henry Lazarus, London, William H. Cummings, London, Henry Leslie, London, Latimer Maurice Jones, The Vicarage, Carmarthen, H. Vincent Lewis, London, William Griffith ('Tydain'), Llewelyn Williams ('Cerddor y De'), John Carwad Hughes [Chester], David Henry ('Myrddin Wyllt'), Penygroes, co. Carmarthen, W. Graham, Jr., mayor of Newport, co. Monmouth, David Archard Williams, archdeacon of Carmarthen, Hugh Jones, Carmarthen, D. R. Watkins, surgeon, Carmarthen, H[ugh] W[illiam] Jones, Carmarthen, William Griffiths ('Alonzo'), Abersychan, Andrew Williams ('Ap Gwillym'), London, John Williams, B.A., Baptist minister, Abergavenny, D. Evans, Baptist minister, Newport, co. Monmouth, Alfred Thomas [aft. 1st baron Pontypridd], Cardiff, Martin Luther Evans, Merthyr, Charles Morgan Robinson Morgan, 1st baron Tredegar, Rosamund Morgan, baroness Tredegar, H[enry] Gore Lindsay [of Glasnevin House, co. Dublin], John Griffith, rector of Merthyr, Geo. M. Rees ('Cilgwynog'), Nantyglo, Edward Lawrance ('Cerddor Tydfil'), Merthyr Tydfil, William Lewis [Abergavenny], James Charles Hill, Abergavenny, Arthur Griffiths, Llanelly, co. Brecknock, David Brythonfryn Griffiths, Aberdare, Evan Parry, surgeon, Crickhowell, Jacob Saunders, Abergavenny, William P. Evans ('Gwilym Dyfri'), Nantyglo Iron Works, William Stephens ('Gwilym Brycheiniog'), Brynmawr, Robert Rees ('Eos Morlais'), Swansea, Bessie M. Waugh ('Eos Mynwy'), Edmund Herbert, Llansantffraid, Alfred Stone, conductor of the Bristol Festival Choir, Moses Arthur Rees, headmaster, Docklow Academy, near Leominster, Edward Jones ('Brythonwr'), Garndiffaith, Joseph Harris Stephen ('Ap Shon Kent') ('Mab y Parch. David Rhys Stephen'), John Price Lewis ('Melltenydd'), Merthyr Tydfil, John R. Evans ('Ioan Egwest'), Merthyr Tydfi (continued)

Elizabeth Williams, Merthyr Tydfil ('Merch Taliesin Ab Iolo ac wyres i'r enwog Iolo Morganwg'), David Bowen, Dowlais Iron Works, organist to the South Wales Choral Union, T. E. Rowlands ('Eurglawdd'), Caerphilly, James Webber, master of Boy's National School, Abergavenny, Alfred Rosser, B.A., vice-principal, Diocesan Training College, Exeter, Charles Clagget Caird, accompanist, Tredegar, Fanny Isabel Morgan ('Bronwen Morganwg'), Treherbert, Moses H. Davies ('Ap Herbert'), London (late of Ebbw Vale), Wm. Norman Jones ('Gwilym Alaw') ('Welsh Tenor'), Abergavenny, Powell Thomas, London, William John Coussmaker Lindsay, Llanfair [Cilgedin] Rectory, Abergavenny, William Thomas Price ('Gwilym Tudno'), Llangollen, D. Llwyd James, D.D., vicar of Pont Robert, Louis-Lucien Bonaparte, London, Isaac Bevan ('Isaac Ddu o Lan Ebwy') ( Baptist minister, Clark's Green, Pennsylvania), William Davies ('Gwilym Ifor'), Clydach, near Abergavenny, Alfred Llewelyn Jenkins, Baptist missionary, Morlaix, Richard Cope Morgan, London, editor of The Christian (son of James Hiley Morgan, printer, Abergavenny), William Abbott, Hull, Samuel Heber Chapman, Liverpool College, John Davies ('Mavonwyson'), Pandy, near Abergavenny, T. Morgan Owen, M.A., H. M. Inspector of Schools, A. Brooke Clarke, Collyhurst, Manchester, Charles Anthony, Junior, Roger Price, missionary in South Africa, George Frederick Morris, sub-editor, Hereford Times, Sarah Ann Stowe ('Gertrude'), Hereford, Henry Llewellyn, publisher, Hereford Times, Elizabeth Catharine Poole ('Merch Caradawc-y- Fenni'), Hereford, Rhys Davies, Brecon (author of Sketches in Wales), John Davies ('Ioan Brycheiniog'), Talybont, Lumley R. Lumley ('Cardi Pen Mynydd'), Merthyr Tydfil, David Rhys Davies, School House, Talybont, Brecon, GwilymThomas ('Ap Eidydd'), Clydach, Charles Wilkins ('Cattwg'), Merthyr Tydfil, Mary Davies ('Merch Mynorydd'), Lizzie Evans, Evan James ('Ieuan ab Iago'), John Davies ('Ap Myfyr'), Pontypridd, David Evans ('Dewi Haran'), Pontypridd, Henry Mills ('Tafonwy'), Pontypridd, Isaac Watts, Baptist minister, Aber-gavenny, Anthony Griffiths ('Antoniensis'), Pontypridd ('Impromptu Lines. On being requested to give my Autograph'), Griffith Rhys Jones ('Caradog'), Treherbert, D. Rhys [secretary], National Eisteddfod, Birkenhead (1878) (a letter in connection with a portrait of 'Carnhuanawc'), David Mac Iver [M.P.], John Hughes [Liverpool], Robert Jones, vicar of All Saints, Rotherhithe, Edward Davies ('Iorwerth ap Huw'), Birkenhead, Edward Lloyd ('Tegfelyn'), Prenteg, Tremadoc, W. Cadwaladr Davies, Bangor, E. D. Williams ('Pencerdd Eryri'), Llanberis, Benjamin Evans ('Llywarch'), Birkenhead, C. W. Jones, secretary, Hon. Soc. of Cymmrodorion, William Ryle Davies ('Zeno'), Clwtybont, E. Garmon-Jones, John Roose Elias ('Y Thesbiad'), Stephen Evans, London, [Sir] Lewis Morris, Penbryn, Carmarthen, Thomas Jones ('T. Bangor'), Gruffydd Rees ('Eclecticus'), Birkenhead, Joseph Skeaf ('Pencerdd Lleifiad'), Liverpool, Jno. Evans ('Eglwys Bach'), David Jones ('Eos Mai'), Rhiwlas, Pentir, Bangor, O. E. Owen ('Tertius'), Birkenhead, A. J. Foli, London, Tho. M[c]K[enny] Hughes, Trin[ity] Coll[ ege], Cambridge, William Tegerin Hughes, Llanerchymedd, David S. Davies, Liverpool, Henry Roberts, Liverpool, Win. Lewis, Birkenhead, Martha Harries, London, John Morgan ('Glan Rheidiol'), Baptist minister, Llanwenarth, E. J. Reed, C.B., F.R.S., M.P., Hextable, co. Kent, David Lewis, mayor of Cardiff, Geo. Thomas ('Morganed'), Ely Farm, Cardiff, David William Jones ('Dewi Glan Taf'), W. P. John ('Mathonwy'), Cardiff, Thomas C. Evans ('Cadrawd'), Llangynwyd, David Williams ('Dafydd ap Gwilym Ddu'), Pontllanfraith, Thomas Williams ('Gobaniensis'), rector of Rotherfield Peppard, Emma Catherine Williams ('Tegwedd'), Mary Williams ('Morvydd'), Abergavenny, J. Edmund Jenkins ('Creidiol'), curate of Vaynor, Cefn Coed, Chas. H. James, M.P., Merthyr Tydfil, Henry Richard, M.P., Thomas Marchant Williams, Temple, London, Watkin B. Joseph ('Y Myfyr'), Colwyn Bay, Richard Jenkyn ('Yr Iwan'), Penypark, Cardigan, John Williams ('Glanmor'), Ebbw Vale, Jonathan Miles Jones ('Dic Shon Davydd'), Paris, Portage, co. Ohio, Evan Roberts ('Gwylltwaliwr'), Merthyr Tydfil, D. Emlyn Evans, Hereford, E. M. Williams, Merthyr Tydfil, David Jones Rowlands ('Morganiensis'), Merthyr Tydfil, Rhys T. Williams, Treherbert, D. C. Harris ('Caeronwy'), Llandeilo Fawr, Joseph Parry, W. Griffiths ('Ivander'), Evan Rees ('Dyfed'), Cardiff, J. Spencer Curwen ('Ap Pencerdd Dyrwent') (continued)

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W[illiam] Spurrell, H. W. Jones, Carmarthen, David Archard Williams, archdeacon of Carmarthen, T. Lewis, Carmarthen, Latimer M. Jones, Carmarthen, John Owen ('Owain Alaw') (2), Mr. [ ] Rees (winner of the £50 Scholarship, Carmarthen Eisteddfod, 1867), Thomas Burgess, bishop of Salisbury, Connop Thirlwall, bishop of St. Davids, Wm. Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Daniel Seys Lewis ('Ifor Gwent'), Miss [ Annie] Edmonds, John Jenkins, Morlaix, John Crichton-Stuart, 2nd marquess of Bute, Griffith R. Jones ('Caradog'), Edward Lawrance, Merthyr Tydfil (with a covering note, 1873), Thos. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil (with a covering letter, 1873), John Price Lewis ('Melltenydd'), D. Evans, Newport, Henry Richard, M.P. (2), Richard Davies ('Mynyddog'), Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte, 'Gertrude Hereford', Hereford Times Office, Hereford, Charles Anthony, editor, Hereford Times, L. R. Lumley and Evan Roberts, Merthyr Tydfil, David Evans ('Dewi Haran'), Pontypridd, Thomas Essile Davies ('Dewi Wyn o Esyllt'), John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, 3rd marquess of Bute, James Price, M.D. ('Cymro Llawen'), Chas. H. Price ('Cymro o Gymry'), Clapham, London, Henry Austin Bruce, 1st baron Aberdare, Sir Lewis Morris, Robert Rees ('Eos Morlais'), W. J. Edwards ('Gobaniensis'), Manchester, Henry James, Q.C., M.P., Solicitor-General, etc. Also included in the volume are a few casts of individual seals; a certificate of appointment of Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc') to membership of 'Cymdeithas Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1833; a transcript of the memorial inscription of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), together with a printed copy; a certificate of the graduation of Thomas Bevan ('Ab Caradawc') as Ovate of the Gorsedd of Gwent and Dyfed, 1834; printed items, including a poem in strict metres entitled 'Llawer mewn ychydig' by 'Caradawc', a circular letter entitled 'Y Llythyreniaeth Gymreig' distributed to members of 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1840, the words of a ballad 'Anita' sung by Mr. W. H. Cummings at the Carmarthen National Eisteddfod, 1867, 'Englynion i Garadawg y Fenni' by 'Arfonwyson', 'T. ap Gwilym', 'Brychan', and 'Llew Llwyvo', stanzas entitled 'The Rescued Colliers in the Welsh Rhondda Valley, April 1877' by Sarah Ann Stowe, Hereford, notices of the National Eisteddfodau at Birkenhead, 1878, and Merthyr Tydfil, 1881, and the South Wales Chair Eisteddfod at Cardiff, 1879, and 'Brinley Richards. A biographical sketch'; and press cuttings, including 'Englynion i Goflyfr Mr. T. Befan (Caradog), Abergafeni' by 'Llanc o'r Coed', 'Unveiling a Monument of the late Dr. Emlyn Jones ['loan Emlyn'], at Ebbw Vale', 1878, 'At the Tomb of Iolo Morganwg', 1876, 'Caradoc [Griffith R. Jones]. The Story of his Life', 'Welsh Curiosities. (By Antonius of Pontypridd.)', and 'Ymweliad Caradawc o' r Fenni a Phontypridd'. The volume is partly indexed by the compiler. On the fly- leaf is a printed label inscribed ' "Y gwir yn erbyn y byd"; ac enwau gwyr a wiriant hyny, "Yn wyneb haul a llygad goleuni", Yn nghydag anghraifft [ sic] o Lawysgrif athrylithgar feib yr awen, &c. "Gorau cof, cof llyfr". Caradawc. Y Fenni, Alban Elfed. 1858'. The spine is lettered 'Enwau Beirdd a Llenorion' Cymru. Duw a phob daioni'.


A volume of miscellaneous transcripts and extracts largely of Carmarthen and Carmarthenshire interest. The contents include an alphabetical list of place-names in England, Wales, and Scotland, with etymological notes; an alphabetical list of English, Welsh, and other personal names, with brief notes on their derivation; notes on the chief elements in Celtic river names, English place-name elements, English vocabulary, Carmarthen fairs, folk-names, genealogy, early Britain, Owen Glyndwr, the monastic orders, the Stone-Age men, 'Twm Sion Catty's alleged marriage with the Heiress of Ystradffin', etc.; annotated transcripts of the last letters written by David Rees, Llanelly, who was hanged at Carmarthen in 1888; an account of Sir Hugh Vaughan, the duellist, from 'Les Chroniques de Jersey' written in 1585 by Samuel de Carteret, with an English translation; a transcript of a letter from Theo. Jones, Brecon, to the Reverend James Donne, D.D., Oswestry, 1804 (the genealogy of the Donnes of Radnorshire); notes on William Barlow, bishop of St. Davids, etc.; a poll of the parish of St. Peter's, Carmarthen, 1855, for the 'final extinction of Church-Rates'; a list of place-names in cos. Caermarthen, Cardigan, and Pembroke, 'as on Emanuel Bowen's County Seats Map of Wales', ca 1710'; transcripts of deeds of lease and release of the Quaker meeting-house at Caermarthen, 1748-1831; lists of names of persons extracted from records of the borough of Caermarthen, 1530-1835, and an annotated alphabetical list of place-names from the same source; notes on the recorders, 1569-1890, chamberlains, 1633-[1831], town clerks, ante 1578/9-1825, sword-bearers, [1688]-1823, and civic serjeants-at-mace, 1578-1831, of the borough of Caermarthen; transcripts of a final concord relating to properties in Eweny, Golwynston, Landowe, Wyke, Coychurche, Peterston, Pendyloyn, Saint George's, Saint Andreas, Wenvo, Cadoxton, Coston, Pennarth, Cogan, Landav, Whitechurche, Aberdare, and Saint Johns, and the advowson of the church of Peterston, co. Glamorgan, 1583, and of an estreat of the court roll of the manor of Peterston super Ely, co. Glamorgan, 1633; a transcript, with an English translation, of the roll of fealty and presentments on the accession of Edward, the Black Prince, to the Princedom of Wales, 1343; transcripts of 'Can Morfudd i'r Gyllell' by [Edward Williams] 'Iolo Morganwg', of a letter from Thomas Jones ('Twm Sion Cati'), Tregaron, to Gregory Price, the Priorye, Hereford, containing a pedigree of the recipient's family taken from Llyfr Baglan (The Book of Baglan), and of the will and probate of Sarah Daniel of Brondawe, parish of Llanegwad, co. Carmarthen, 1838; extracts from a lecture on 'The Public Records relating to Wales' by Richard Arthur Roberts ('son of the late respected Jonathan Roberts, of Dark Gate, Carmarthen'), delivered before the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1889 [see Y Cymmrodor, vol. X, 1889, pp. 157-206]; 'The Rising of the Welsh Rebecca-ites', probably in the form of extracts from newspaper files; a description of the arms of Sir William Nott, G.C.B. ( from the College of Heralds, by favour of T. M. J. Watkin, Portcullis, 1895); annotated transcripts of elegies in memory of the Reverend Peter Williams, Carmarthen, by Griffith Williams ('Gutyn Peris'), Braich Talog, and John Williams, St. Athan; English translations by the scribe of the Fabeln ('Fables') of Gotthold Ephrain Lessing and of Streit and Friede ('Strife & Peace or a few Scenes in Norway') by Frederica Bremer; geological notes on South Wales, with illustrations; extracts from Chas. Knight: The Pictorial History of England; a transcript of the letters patent granting county status to the borough of Carmarthen, 1604; forms of legal instruments, bills, insurance policies, etc.; 'Key to Norie's Navigation' [ i.e., John William Norie: . . Practical Navigation]; 'Exercises in Mathematics, etc.'; a list of Griffith wills and administrations among the ecclesiastical probate records in the St. Davids Diocesan Registry at Carmarthen; etc. The volume was originally in the form of loose leaves of uniform size contained in a box-file lettered 'Ex Alcwyn Evans MSS. Miscellanea'.

Alcwyn C. Evans.


A seventeenth century manuscript consisting of eighty-three folios containing transcripts of Welsh strict-metre verse, being almost entirely 'cywyddau' and 'englynion'. The poems were transcribed by Thomas ab Ieuan, the copyist of NLW MSS 13061-13062B, 13669B,13085B, in 1684 (see note in the scribe's own hand on f. 80 verso - 'Llyma lyfr kywyddav Thomas Ievan o Dre'r brynn ag ef i hvnan ai ysgryvennoedd ef pan oedd oedran yn harglwydd ni iesu grist 1684'; see also TLLM, tt. 170-71). Included are 'englynion' by Robin Ddu, Huw Pennant, Rhys Nanmor and others, and possibly the transcriber himself (see TLLM, tt. 170-71); 'cywyddau' by Robin Ddu (7), Rhys Nanmor, Huw Pennant, Dafydd Gorlech (2), Iolo Goch (3), Dafydd Nannmor (2), Siôn Mawddwy, Bedo Brwynllys, Guto'r Glyn (3) and others; and an 'awdl' ('odl vraith') by Rhys Nanmor. There are marginal notes in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg').

Thomas ab Ieuan and 'Iolo Morganwg'.

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