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Undated deeds and documents.

The following undated material has been transferred to NLW MS 1444F: photograph of the pedigree of the Broughtons of Marchwiel, near Wrexham, bringing it down to about 1650 (formerly no. 395); transcript from "The life of George Fox" by Samuel M. Tauney, describing the Quaker's experiences in Tenby in 1657 (396); excerpt from a hearth tax roll, 1661, in the Public Record Office, in the hand of Mr Laws, giving the names of the more important inhabitants of Pembrokeshire (397); an account of a jollification on board the "Blast", commanded by Captain Stephen Martin, R.N., at Tenby, 5 Nov. 1696, in the autograph of Mr Laws (398); extract from the diary of Erasmus (afterwards Sir Erasmus) Philipps, uncle of the first Lord Milford, giving a description of the election of a member of Parliament for Haverfordwest, 5 Sept. 1727, in the hand of Mr. Egerton Allen (399); extract made by Mr Laws describing the call of two adventurers at Tenby, 1777 (400); fragment of a list of horses, giving sire and dam, bought by John Philipps Laugharne (401); poem in the autograph of L.E. L[andon] (402); an anecdote about R. Fenton, the historian of Pembrokeshire, in the hand of Jacob Richards (403); recipes for the cure of snake-bite, toothache, piles and rats, by John Philipps Laugharne of Orlandon, in the hands of Charles Hassell and Jacob Richards (404); account of the history of Sion House, Tenby, built by John Nash of Carmarthen who was called "The Apostle of Stucco", in the hand of Mr Laws (405); copy of a broadsheet, in the hand of Mr Laws, concerning the quarrel between William and Henry Richards of Tenby and the Rev. James Cousins, rector of Gumfreston, 1832 (406); photograph of a scurrilous placard published at Tenby in 1836, with notes by Mr Laws (407); copy of an Act of Parliament for the regulation of traffic in High Street and Market Street, Tenby, 1837, in the hand of Mr Laws (408); copy of a public notice, dated 2 Nov. [c.1839], for a Chartist meeting on Castle Hill, Tenby (409); extract from a case in the King's Bench, April 1820, between Dr Howell JP, captain in the Carm. Yeo. Cav., and Mr. Pawlett Williams, copied by Mr Laws (411); poem composed and written by G. D. Manby, the historian of St Davids, with a note by Mr Laws (412); note by Mr Laws on Agnes daughter of Griffith ap Rhys, son of Sir Rice ap Thomas (413); note on Mrs Shears' Recollections of Tenby in the first half of the 19th century, in the hand of Mr Laws (414); copy, in the hand of Mr Laws, of a ballad on the French invasion of Pembrokeshire (1797), which was taken down by the daughter of Mrs Ollin, landlady of the Pear Tree Inn, "from the lips of an old man living in the neighbourhood" and sent to Mrs John Leach (415); notes by Mr Laws on the Scourfield and Lost families, and an extract from Lurgard's history of England (416); genealogical notes on the Gower family of Glandovan (417); memorandum of what money was disbursed in re-building St Julians Chappel beginning 10 July 1699, copied by Charles Francis Egerton Allen from "the fly leaf at the end of a copy of Norris' 'Etchings of Tenby' lent to me by Reginald Ll. Allen" (419); notes on a lecture on geology (418); printed translation of the grant of lands to the mayor and corporation of Haverfordwest by Sir John Perrot of Haroldston, with many corrections and notes by Dr Henry Owen, [20 cent.] (420); newspaper cutting giving a list of the goods and chattels left in Haverfordwest by Richard II, with notes in the hand of Mr Laws (421); and genealogical notes on the Wogans, and Stokes of Hean Castle, and the devolution of that property to the present family of Lord Merthyr, [20 cent.] (422).

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