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Fourteen volumes of sermons, 1682-1815, some of them written by Walter Davies.

Diaries of Edmund Jones, Pontypool

Eleven printed diaries (Poor Robin, Merlinus Liberatus, Merlinus Anglicus junior, The Coelestial Atlas, Tymhorol ac Wybrenawl Newyddion) for the years 1729, 1731, 1732, 1739, 1768, 1770, 1773 (2), 1778, 1780, and 1789 kept by Edmund Jones (1702-17...

Jones, Edmund, 1702-1793

Daniel Jones : Sermons

  • NLW MSS 7058A, 7059B, 7060A, 7061-7068B, 7069C, 7070B, 7071-7072C
  • Ffeil
  • [1800-1862]
  • Rhan oNefydd Manuscripts

Fifteen volumes of sermons by Daniel Jones.

Jones, Daniel, 1788-1862

Daniel Jones

Sermons and notes by Daniel Jones.

Jones, Daniel, 1788-1862

Sermons, etc.

Sermons written by various persons. Included among them are a sermon by James Rowe, Baptist minister, notes of a sermon preached by Christmas Evans, and a translation into Welsh by T. Griffiths, Llanerchymedd, of two sermons by C. H. Spurgeon.

'Amryw' and sermon notes,

A composite ('Amryw') volume of early nineteenth century printed Welsh texts (ballads, minor tracts etc.) with thirty-six pages of manuscript sermon or expository notes in Welsh and English.

George Cumberland papers,

A bundle of papers of G[eorge] Cumberland containing miscellaneous notes on religion, etc., sermon notes, a description of Hafod and Devil's Bridge, poetry, etc.

Sermons and recipes

English sermons written by 'R. W.', [c. 1620]; medical recipes, in Welsh, 1712; a short Latin treatise on logic; and a Latin stanza with an English translation.

Notes of sermons, &c.,

Notes of sermons and memoranda, with indications showing where some of the sermons were preached by Thomas Evans ('Tomos Glyn Cothi').

Tomos Glyn Cothi.


'Special sermons of the late Rev. John Davies, congregational minister of the Welsh Churches at Glandwr and Moriah, in the Pembrokeshire Association of Churches. These sermons were preached on special occasions, and were selected out of his m...

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