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Thomas Stephens Manuscripts
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'Cyflwr y Cymry'

'Traethawd ar Gyflwr moesol a llenyddol Cenedl y Cymry yn y Deheubarth, ynghyd a sylwadau ar y cyfnewidiadau a gymerasant le yn y ganrif ddiweddaf', awarded a prize at the Cardiff temperance eisteddfod, 1858.

'History of the Bards'

A draft of an essay entitled 'History of the Bards' which contains an account of the bards of Britain from the earliest times to the sixth century and which was awarded a prize at the Abergavenny eisteddfod, 1853.

'The History of Wales ...'

Two volumes containing an essay entitled 'The History of Wales from the earliest period to The Present Time with an Introduction containing the history of The Migrations of the Kymry prior to their arrival in The Isle of Britain', awarde...

'The Origin of the English Nation'

'An Essay on the Origin of the English Nation', submitted for competition at the Chester national eisteddfod, 1866, together with a copy of a Report of the National Eisteddfod of Wales held at Chester, September, 1866.

'The Working Men of Wales ...'

An essay entitled 'The Working Men of Wales, compared with those of England, Scotland and Ireland', with an appendix of statistics relating to population, moral conditions, etc. in England and Wales, 1842-1843, and which was awarded a pr...

'The history of Trial by Jury ...'

An essay entitled 'The history of Trial by Jury: its Origin and Progress in the Principality of Wales; and also the History of Trial by Jury in England', awarded a prize at the Abergavenny eisteddfod, 1853.

'Y Gododin'

The original manuscript of Stephens's Welsh version and English translation of 'Y Gododin' of Aneurin Gwawdrydd [6th century], with an introduction and explanatory notes, as submitted for competition at the Cymreigyddion y Fenni eis...

A history of Cardiff

'The History of the Town and Castle of Cardiff', written for the Cardiff eisteddfod, 1851; press cuttings; and maps of the railways and docks at Cardiff.

An Irish grammar

A transcript of an Irish grammar by James Lynch, with additional notes and extracts in Irish, Gaelic and Manx.

Barddoniaeth Cynddelw

Transcripts, [c. 1850] (watermark 1848), of poems by Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr, printed in The Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales, I (London, 1801).

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