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Sir John Williams Manuscripts,
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Achau a barddoniaeth

A volume, 17 cent., containing pedigrees and poetry, the pedigrees being of considerable interest as many of them have been brought down to 1670 and later. Three places entered in the list of contents - Festiniog, Nanheudwy and Rhiw bebyll - do no...

Agoriadau Datguddiad Creadigaeth y Nefoedd

Transcript, written by Owen Owens about 1813 (p. 183), of Agoriadau Datguddiad Creadigaeth y Nefoedd, &c., Bodedern, 1761, by Thomas Williams of Talybont, Carnarvonshire. The transcript starts on p. 26 of the printed text and finishes on p. 210.

An account of the Morris family

A volume, compiled c. 1774, containing an account of the family of Morris of Piercefield in Monmouthshire and of their connections in the West Indies and in the United States. Also included are additions of a later date.


A volume containing an incomplete interlude in an unknown hand (possibly Arthur Jones, whose name appears on p. 62), in which the chief characters include Warwig, Tobit, Gabael, Raguel, Sara and Anna.


A volume containing an interlude by Ellis Roberts (Elis y Cowper) copied, 1889, by William Roberts (Gwilym Cowlyd) "o lyfr Robin Delynwr". The characters are Tameinia, her daughter Teresia, their steward Argulus, who eventually marries T...

Antiquitates Parochiales Insulae Monae

A volume containing a copy of a work on the parishes of Anglesey by the Rev. Henry Rowlands, author of Mona Antiqua, and other works. This copy was transcribed by G. M. [William Morris] in 1726 and was printed, with a translation, in the Arch. Cam...

Rowlands, Henry, 1655-1723

Arcangelo Corelli: Music

A volume containing parte prima Sonate a Violino e Violoncello o Clauicimbalo ... da Arcangelo Corelli da Fusignano and Opera Quinta.

Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713 Music (1700), NLW MS 151C

Assize rents of Tindaethwy

A rent roll of assize rents, dated 22 October 1649, relating to the commote of Tindaethwy, Anglesey. Names of landowners, villes and gwelïau, and names of tenants and their holdings are given.

Baptismal register of Craig y Bargoed Chapel

The register of baptisms at Craig y Bargoed Chapel from 9 November 1831 to 14 November 1838, the ministers officiating being the Reverend J. Jones (9 November 1831-27 September 1835) and the Reverend Thomas Rees, D.D. (1815-1885) (18 September 183...


A volume containing Cefncoch MS A, which was printed together with Cefncoch MS B in the Reverend John Fisher's volume (Liverpool, 1899), in which a full description of Cefncoch MS A is given (pp. ix-x) (see the description section in NLW MS 2...


A collection of poetry, in Welsh, copied by John Rowlands for Sir Thomas Phillipps from Cardiff MS 13 (formerly Phillipps MS 2586).


An imperfect manuscript of Welsh poetry, c. 1611, which contains one long and curious poem by Thomas y Darllenwr (pp. 8-24).


A volume containing Cefncoch MS B, which was printed in full by the Reverend John Fisher and published together with Cefncoch MS A (see NLW MS 279D) (Liverpool, 1899); a full description of Cefncoch MS B appears in the preface to Fisher's com...


A collection of poetry, in Welsh, 19 cent., copied, very inaccurately, by John Rowlands for Sir Thomas Phillipps. The original of this manuscript is Cardiff MS II, vol. ii, though pp. 23-35 of the Cardiff MS are omitted in this volume.

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