Ffeil NLW ex 2688. - Hubert Davies (composer) scrapbook

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NLW ex 2688.


Hubert Davies (composer) scrapbook


  • 1911-1971 / (Creation)

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1 vol.

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Mrs Eirwen Davies; Swansea; Donation; June 2010; 006018719.

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A scrapbook kept by Hubert Davies (1893-1965), composer and musician, born at Abersychan, including papers relating to his time as a student of the violin at the Royal Academy of Music, concert programmes, photographs and photocopies of articles on music by him published in the Western Mail, together with a list of his manuscripts deposited at the BBC Library, Cardiff, and tributes to his widow Mrs Hannah Davies (d. 1970).

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Hubert Davies music manuscripts are in NLW and three musical compositions by him: - a variation on the Bells of Aberdovey, 1927; 'In Normandy', 1930; and Passacaglia for full orchestra, 1931 are in NLW MS 9333E.

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Preferred citation: NLW ex 2688.

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