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Gogerddan Estate Records,


  • 1290-20th cent. / (Creation)

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4.765 cubic metres (125 boxes, 401 volumes, 8 rolls)

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The Pryses of Gogerddan traced their lineage back to Gwaethfod, Lord of Cardigan (c. 1057). They settled at Gogerddan in the first half of the fourteenth century, the first member of the family to live there probably being Rhys ap Dafydd Llwyd. Gogerddan was originally built in the latter half of the fifteenth century.

Sion Prys (John Pryse) became the first to use the surname Pryse and was the first member of the Gogerddan family to become an M.P (1553-1555). Richard Pryse (d. 1623), eldest son and heir of John, married Gwenllian, daughter and heiress of Thomas ap Rhys ap Morris ap Owen of Aberbechan, Montgomeryshire. He was succeeded by his son, Sir John Pryse (d. 1621), referred to as of Aberbechan, Montgomeryshire. His son, Richard Pryse (d. 1651), succeeded to the estates and bought himself a baronetcy in 1641.

Richard's eldest son, Sir Richard Pryse, 2nd Bart., was a supporter of Cromwell and held various offices during his administration. Sir Richard died without issue and was succeeded by his brother, Sir Thomas Pryse, 3rd Bart. who died unmarried in 1682. Sir Carbery Pryse, 4th Bart., a nephew, then succeeded to Gogerddan and became M.P. for Cardigan 1690-1694. In 1690 lead was discovered on the estate at Bwlch yr Esgair Hir and Sir Carbery formed a company to mine these deposits. When he died unmarried in 1694 the baronetcy expired. The estates eventually passed, after the death of Edward Pryse, who sold his interest in the mines to Humphrey Mackworth for £16,000, to Lewis Pryse, who became M.P. for Cardiganshire in 1701, when only 18 years old. Lewis married Ann, daughter and heiress of John Lloyd, of Aberllefenni, Merionethshire.

Lewis Pryse died without male issue, the estate passing to his cousin, Thomas Pryse. He married Maria, daughter and heiress of Rowland Pugh of Mathafarn, Montgomeryshire. Their son, John Pugh Pryse died unmarried in 1774 and the estate passed to his cousin, Lewis Pryse (1716-1779). Lewis married Margaret, heiress of Edward Ryves of New Woodstock, Oxfordshire. As well as the Gogerddan estate, through his father, Walter Pryse of Painswick, Gloucestershire, Lewis had an interest in the Llangors estate, Breconshire, together with extensive lands in Pembrokeshire, brought together by Nicholas Lewes of Hean Castle and the Abernantbychan estate in South Cardiganshire. Lewis and Margaret's daughter and heiress, Margaret, married Edward Loveden Loveden of Buscot Park, Berkshire in 1773. Lewis and Margaret's son, Lewis pre-deceased his father and died unmarried in 1776. By this period the estate comprised some 30,000 acres in Cardiganshire alone, with other land in Pembrokeshire, Merionethshire and Breconshire.

It was Edward and Margaret's son, Pryse Loveden (1774-1849) who inherited Gogerddan and Buscot. He took the surname Pryse by royal licence in 1798. Pryse was M.P. for Cardigan Borough 1818-1835, 1837-1849. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Pryse Pryse (d. 1855) who reverted to the surname and arms of Loveden. His son and heir, Pryse (1838-1906) took the Loveden surname by royal licence in 1855, then taking the surname and arms of Pryse in 1863. Sir Pryse Pryse became the 1st Baronet of the second creation in 1866.

Sir Pryse Pryse sold the 3,548 acres Buscot estate in 1859. According to the return of owners of land, he owned an estimated 32,359 acres in Wales (in Cardiganshire, Montgomeryshire and Pembrokeshire) with an estimated rental of £11,325. However, he was forced to sell parts of the estate, begining in 1875, when management of the estate passed to his son, Pryse Pryse, who pre-deceased his father, and land to the value of £186,552 was sold up to 1895. The estate was inherited by Sir Pryse Pryse's second son, Sir Edward John Webley-Parry-Pryse, 2nd Bart. In 1892 he took on the additional surname and arms of Webley-Parry by royal licence following his marriage to Nina Catherine Angharad, only daughter of David Kedgwin William Henry Webley-Parry of Noyadd Trefawr.

Sir Edward died without issue and was succeeded by his brothers, Sir Lewes Thomas Loveden (1864-1946), 3rd Bart., and George Rice-Pryse-Saunders (1870-1948), 4th Bart. The latter took on the additional surname of Saunders when his wife, Geraldine Mabel Saunders (b. 1872), inherited the Glanrhydw estate. George's son, Sir Pryse Loveden Pryse-Saunders-Pryse (d. 1962) of Glanrhydw became the 5th and last baronet. Having resided at Gogerddan for 600 years, the estate was sold off. Over 7,000 acres was sold in 1930 to the Forestry Commission and the remainder, around 3,700 acres was sold in 1948.

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Most of the papers were deposited by Sir Pryse Loveden Saunders-Pryse, Bart., Gogerddan, Cardiganshire, and Glanrhydw, Carmarthenshire, in November 1948, and subsequently purchased by NLW in August 1949. Further deposits since 1949 include deposits by Messrs Farrer & Co., per the British Records Association in 1971 and Bridges, Sawtell & Adams, London, per the British Records Association in 1983, as well as a number of donations or deposits of single items between 1955 and 1973.

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Records of the Pryse family of Gogerddan, Cardiganshire, and the associated families of Lewes of Abernantbychan, Cardiganshire, and Hean Castle, Pembrokeshire, Lewis of Llangors, Breconshire, Lloyd of Aberllefenni, Merionethshire, and Pugh of Mathafarn, Montgomeryshire, including deeds, 1290 onwards, mostly relating to the Gogerddan estate in Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire, the Mathafarn estate in Montgomeryshire; the Llangors estate, Breconshire, and the Abernantbychan estate, Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire; manorial records, 17th cent.-20th cent., mainly of Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, and Lampeter, Cardiganshire, and Emlyn Iscych, Pembrokeshire, 1832-1861, 1893-1918; silver and lead mining records, Cardiganshire, 17th cent.-1918; game, fishing and fox hunting journals, 1883-1923; rentals of the Gogerddan estate, 1745-1931, and valuations, 1805-[early 20th cent.]; and rentals of the Abernantbychan estate, [c. 1722]-1887, and valuations, 1790-[c. 1881].

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The rentals and valuations of the Gogerddan and Abernantbychan estates have been transferred from a previous catalogue and are listed first. The remainder of the Gogerddan estate records are arranged by estate, namely Gogerddan, Breconshire, Abernantbychan, Mathafarn, Rug .........NEED TO COMPLETE THIS

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Records relating to the Pryse family's Buscot estate are Berkshire Record Office, D/ELV and D/ECH.

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Colyer, Richard J., 'The Pryse Family of Gogerddan and the decline of a great estate, 1800-1960', The Welsh History Review, vol. 9, no. 4, (1979); Huws, Daniel, 'The Lewes family of Abernantbychan', Ceredigion, vol. VI, no. 2 (1969); Jenkins, Dafydd, 'The Pryse family of Gogerddan', National Library of Wales Journal, vol. VIII, (1953-54).

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April 2002.


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Compiled by Mair James.

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The following sources were used in the compilation of this description: James, Brian, 'The Great Landowners of Wales in 1873', National Library of Wales Journal, XIV (1965-66); Jones, Francis, Historic Cardiganshire Homes and their families (Newport, 2000); Edkins, Jennifer, Gogerddan Mansion and Estate (Aberystwyth, 1989); Colyer, Richard J., 'The Pryse family of Gogerddan and the decline of a great estate, 1800-1960', The Welsh History Review, vol. 9, no. 4 (Cardiff, 1979); Huws, Daniel, 'The Lewes family of Abernantbychan', Ceredigion, vol. VI, no. 2 (1969); Jenkins, Dafydd, 'The Pryse family of Gogerddan', National Library of Wales Journal, vol. VIII (1953-54);

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