English poetry -- Welsh authors -- 20th century.



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English poetry -- Welsh authors -- 20th century.

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English poetry -- Welsh authors -- 20th century.

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English poetry -- Welsh authors -- 20th century.

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Dylan Thomas: Into her lying down head

A carbon copy typescript, [?1940], of the third verse of Dylan Thomas's poem 'Into her lying down head', with the final ten lines crossed through and completely re-written (as nine lines) in Thomas's hand, [1943x1946] (f. 17).
The typescript appears to match the text as originally published in Life and Letters To-day, 27 (November 1940), 124-126, and collected in Dylan Thomas, New Poems (Norfolk, Conn., 1943), pp. 2-4; the manuscript changes, with one exception, conform to those made before its publication in Dylan Thomas, Deaths and Entrances (London, 1946), pp. 20-22. A typescript summary of the poem's history, [late 20 cent], reproducing the original version of the third verse, is also included (f. 18).

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Huw Menai poems

  • NLW MSS 21884iB & iiD.
  • File
  • [c. 1920]-1952

A copy of Huw Menai's Through the Upcast Shaft ([1922], 3rd edn), with newspaper cuttings of later poems pasted in and added to the list of contents and notes in the author's hand on flyleaf and f. i (NLW MS 21884iB). Additional cuttings of poems pasted on loose sheets as a continuation of the printed volume, together with three autograph poems, one typescript poem bearing manuscript additions and other cuttings found loose inside the volume, have been filed separately (NLW MS 21884iiD).

Menai, Huw, 1886-1961

Keidrych Rhys manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • 1936-1986

Papers, 1936-1986, of literary journalist, editor and poet William Ronald Rees Jones (Keidrych Rhys), comprising a significant amount of correspondence, 1936-1986, from numerous individuals, largely in the recipient's capacity as editor of Wales magazine and including literary articles, poetry, etc. submitted for publication; miscellaneous papers, 1936-1938, 1943-1969, relating to the Wales magazine and consisting mainly of publicity and editorial material; articles, both published and unpublished, and notes, [1950s]-[1960s], by Keidrych Rhys, mainly relating to literature and the arts; and drafts of apparently unpublished poetry, [1950s]-[1960s], by Keidrych Rhys.

Rhys, Keidrych

Letters and poems,

  • NLW MS 23474C.
  • File
  • 1976-1977

Five letters, 1976-7, from the poet R. S. Thomas to Christopher Carrell, Sunderland, mainly relating to a collection of his poems, The way of it (Sunderland: Ceolfrith Press, 1977); together with typescript copies of the eighteen poems concerned, and a proof copy of the volume.

Thomas, R. S. (Ronald Stuart), 1913-2000

Letters of Anglo-Welsh writers

  • NLW MS 22003E.
  • File
  • 1901-1991

Over a hundred letters, 1901-1991, of miscellaneous provenance from twentieth-century Anglo-Welsh writers to various recipients; the correspondents include Gillian Clarke (10, and three poems) 1986-1988, Rhys Davies (10) 1928-1929, 1975-1978, W. H. Davies (13, together with press cuttings, 1905-1950s, and four printed poems) [1909x1913]-1925, David Jones (8) 1960-1973, John Cowper Powys (7) 1927-1953, Dylan Thomas (10) 1938-1952, Edward Thomas (7) 1901-1912, Gwyn Thomas (2) 1952-1953, R. S. Thomas (6) 1956-1960 and Vernon Watkins (5) 1962-1966.

Clarke, Gillian, 1937-

Letters to Ceri and Frances Richards,

Some hundred letters, 1929-80 (correspondents N-W), to Ceri and Frances Richards, many of them concerned with their work as artists. The correspondents include John Ormond (11) [?1940s]-1976 (with typescript and autograph drafts and fair copies of poems, and typescript text of a radio broadcast by him, 1954, entitled 'Rest and Unrest: the Art of Ceri Richards'), Victor Pasmore (1) 1969, Peter Pears (8) [1960s-70s], Sir John Rothenstein (2) 1958-68, Roberto Sanesi (12) 1961-76, Stephen Spender (2) 1962, Graham Sutherland (3) [?1941]-56, Vernon Watkins (10) 1960-7 (see note 544, below), with one autograph and one typescript poem.

Letters to John Elwyn : H-K

Some one hundred and twenty-five letters, 1946-1997, in English and Welsh, to John Elwyn from various correspondents (surnames H-K), both personal and work related.
The correspondents include Leslie Harries, 1948-1957 (ff. 3-6), Alun [Hoddinott], [?1958]-[1978] (ff. 18-24), Shelagh Hourahane, 1967 (ff. 26-27), Bert Isaac, 20 May 1997 (f. 40), Herbert Lloyd-Johnes, 18 September 1959 (f. 52), Ewart Johns, [1996] (ff. 53-57), Bedwyr L[ewis] Jones, [1958] (f. 67), Emyr Wyn Jones, 1996-1997 (ff. 73-80), Glyn Jones, 1946-1992 (ff. 81-151), Harri [Pritchard Jones], 15 November 1985 (f. 152), Iorwerth Hughes Jones, 1949-1952 (ff. 158-159), Jack Jones, 9 June 1957 (f. 161), John [Gwilym Jones], 1 August 1997 (f. 163), Jonah Jones, 15 January 1984 (f. 164), and Jim [Parc Nest, T. James Jones], 1992-1997 (ff. 165-171). The letters contain references to Carmarthen School of Art (ff. 60-66). Also included are ten typescript poems, [1969], by Glyn Jones (all published) (ff. 100-107), along with sketched designs for some of them by John Elwyn, [1969] (ff. 109-112); a corrected typescript draft of Glyn Jones's article on John Elwyn, published in Y Genhinen, 26.2 (1976), 69-74 (ff. 124-129); brief autobiographical notes by Glyn Jones, 1987 (ff. 145-146); and a cutting from The Western Mail, 3 February 1996, Television Wales section, p. 12 (f. 168).

Letters to John Elwyn : L-N

Some one hundred and sixty letters, 1938-1997, in English and Welsh, to John Elwyn from various correspondents (surnames L-N), both personal and work related.
The correspondents include Morland Lewis, 16 October 1939 (f. 15), Richard Macdonald, 1938-[?1939] (ff. 26-28), Ronald Maddox, 1995-1996 (ff. 96-98), Roland Mathias, 1957, 1992 (ff. 101-102), Robert Morgan, 1980-1993 (ff. 112-141), Prof. T. J. Morgan, [c. 1980] (f. 150), Carey Morris, 14 August 1944 (f. 153), James Nicholas, 20 February 1992 (f. 176), W. Rhys Nicholas, 7 January 1976 (f. 177), and Leslie Norris, 1972-1997 (ff. 178-201); there are also two letters on behalf of the actor Robert Morley, 1957 (ff. 151-152). Letters from Nicolas and Frances McDowall of the Old Stile Press, Llandogo, 1979, 1990-1997 (ff. 30-93), relate mainly to the volume Dafydd ap Gwilym, Houses of Leaves (Llandogo, [1993]), illustrated by John Elwyn; letters from Megan Ellis, National Library of Wales, 1959-1961 (ff. 157-173, 175), relate mostly to an exhibition at the Library in 1959 to which John Elwyn contributed. Also included are copies of poems by Robert Morgan (ff. 137, 139) and Leslie Norris (ff. 184, 186, 198), cards produced by Old Stile Press, 1979-1991 (ff. 33-34, 38-41, 53, 57), and an exhibition catalogue relating to Robert Morgan, [?1994] (ff. 142-147). The letters from Leslie Norris contain references to John Arlott (f. 180), R. S. Thomas (f. 180), John Petts (f. 183) and Robert Morgan (ff. 193, 194).

Letters to Margaret Gilcriest,

One hundred and six letters and a telegram, 1915, from Saunders Lewis to Margaret Gilcriest, written while serving as a private soldier in Merseyside and later as an officer with the South Wales Borderers, and containing references to literature, including drafts of his own poems (ff. 102 verso, 179 verso-80, 196, 218 verso, 238, 252-3).

Letters to Margaret Gilcriest,

Eighty letters and a postcard, 1916, from Saunders Lewis to Margaret Gilcriest, many written from the trenches in France, including drafts of his poems (ff. 22 recto-verso, 118 verso, 119 verso, 143).

Letters to Margaret Gilcriest,

Sixty-one letters, 1918, from Saunders Lewis to Margaret Gilcriest, written from hospital and army camps in the Liverpool and Manchester areas, and later from Italy and Greece, where he served as an intelligence officer at Athens, and including a poem written by him (f. 8 recto-verso).

Letters to Margaret Gilcriest,

Fifty-seven letters and two letter cards, 1920, from Saunders Lewis to Margaret Gilcriest, written while studying at Liverpool University and while pursuing his research work at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, with many references to drama and poetry, and including a poem written by him (f. 29).

Letters to Margaret Gilcriest,

Seventeen letters, 1914, from Saunders Lewis to Margaret Gilcriest, written whilst he was a private soldier at Knowsley Park military camp, Merseyside, including references to English and Irish literature, and a draft of one of his own poems, entitled 'A Leaf of Last Year' (f. 36 recto-verso).


A notebook containing a manuscript poem 'Julian in Hercynia' by Edward Glyn Jones, Liverpool, together with a covering letter, 1923, sent by the poet to Saunders Lewis; and a child's story-book, comprising photographs and accompanying text, compiled by Kate Roberts for Mair Saunders Jones, 1930s.

Jones, Edward Glyn, Liverpool.

Poem by Alun Lewis,

  • NLW MS 21177C.
  • File
  • [1935x1944].

Poem by Alun Lewis beginning 'It seemed to me Truth lay at rest'.

Lewis, Alun, 1915-1944


  • NLW MS 12043B.
  • File
  • 1930 /

A page from an autograph album containing an original poem of two stanzas signed by Dylan M[arlais] Thomas and written at Hendre Farm, St. Dogmaels, co. Pembroke, in 1930.

Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953

Poetry of Elwyn Davies

  • NLW MSS 21712-3A.
  • File
  • 1966-1969

Two notebooks containing drafts of poems by Elwyn Davies, 1966-1969 and 1969-1970. Many of the poems were published in his two volumes of poetry, Words Across the Water (Swansea, 1970), and A Lifting of Eyes (Llandybie, 1974).

Davies, Elwyn, 1912-1994


Thirty-two poems in English by Saunders Lewis, written between 1912 and ca. 1919, drafts of four of which (ff. 14, 21-4) were included in letters sent by him to Margaret Gilcriest (see NLW MSS 23016-17, 23020) and later published in Jones, Mair Saunders, Thomas, Ned & Jones, Harri Pritchard (eds): Saunders Lewis: Letters to Margaret Gilcriest (Cardiff, 1993); together with two letters, 1991 (ff. i-iii) relating to the possible publication of the poems.

Raymond Garlick poems,

A letter, 9 August 1989, from the poet Raymond Garlick to manuscript collector Colin Huggett (f. 44), enclosing photocopies and original drafts of four published poems.
These comprise photocopies of worksheets of 'Miss Puw' and 'Emma von M. von N.', [?1974] (ff. 45-46), emended typescripts of 'Auguries of Guilt', 1968-1987 (ff. 47-48), and the emended manuscript and typescript of 'The Truth about Troy', 1989 (ff. 49-51). The letter includes comments on the poems and a description of his working methods.

Garlick, Raymond