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Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Papers


  • 1913-1987 (Creation)

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0.164 cubic metres (16 boxes); 1 large box and 1 small box (August 2008 donation); 1 small box (May 2011 donation).

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Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was a physician, preacher and Christian leader.

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was born 20 December 1899 at Donald Street, Cardiff, to Henry and Magdalene Lloyd-Jones, but in 1905 the family moved to Llangeitho, Ceredigion, because of the father's health. The parents ran the Albion Stores and later opened a Creamery there. In 1911 he won a scholarship to Tregaron County School. The family moved to London in 1914 where Martyn Lloyd-Jones attended St Marylebone Grammar School. At the age of sixteen he entered St Bartholomew's Hospital as a medical student and passed his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery exams at the young age of twenty one. In 1923 he became Clinical Assistant to Sir Thomas Horder, royal physician, in Harley Street, and was appointed Chief Clinical Assistant in 1924. He married Dr Bethan Phillips, daughter of Dr Thomas Phillips, a Harley Street eye specialist, in 1927 at Charing Cross Chapel, London. Two daughters Elizabeth and Ann were born to them.

In 1927 Martyn Lloyd-Jones entered the ministry. From 1927 to 1938 he was a minister at Bethlehem Forward Movement Church at Sandfields, Aberavon, and afterwards at Westminster Chapel, London, 1938-1968. He became known as an eminent preacher in Britain and America. In 1969 he delivered a series of lectures at Westminster Theological Seminary, USA, which were published in 1971 as Preaching and Preachers. He died 1 March 1981 in Ealing and was buried in Newcastle Emlyn. A Thanksgiving Service was held at Westminster Chapel on 6 March 1981.

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Donated by Lady Elizabeth Catherwood, Cambridge, and Mrs Ann Beatt, Twickenham, daughters of Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in November 1999 and in February 2003. An additional group of papers was donated by Lady Catherwood and Mrs Beatt, August 2008. A further group was donated by The Banner of Truth TRust, per Iain H. Murray, Edinburgh, May 2011.; A1999/140, 0199905059

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The first group of papers, [c. 1927]-[1987] (1-72), which were received in November 1999, comprise sermon notes, correspondence, diaries, medical notebooks and press cuttings of reviews of books written by Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and about him. They also include the papers of his widow Dr Bethan Lloyd-Jones comprising letters received by her during her husband's illness and hospital treatment in 1968; letters to her daughters while on preaching tours in the USA and South Africa; letters of sympathy following his death in 1981; and papers relating to her book Memories of Sandfields 1927-1938 published in 1983. -- The additional papers, 1913-[1967], donated in February 2003 (no. 73), comprise miscellaneous papers including sermon notes, 1966-1967, personalia and press cuttings.

The August 2008 donation (unlisted) comprises holograph sermons, 1927-38, preached by the Reverend Dr David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) during his first pastorate at Bethlehem Forward Movement Church, Sandfields, Port Talbot, with some in the hand of his wife, Dr Bethan Lloyd-Jones; see Bethan Lloyd-Jones, Memories of Sandfields (Edinburgh, 1983) and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Evangelistic sermons at Aberavon (Edinburgh, 1983). Also included is a manuscript history of the cause at Sandfields entitled 'A brief outline of Sandfield [sic] Church and its Ministry from 1897 to 1938'.

The May 2011 donation comprises mainly newspaper cuttings collated by Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, some referring directly to himself, other cuttings he took from papers etc relating to the ecumenical scene etc. One handwritten page is full of numbers - the record he kept of the hymns sung (from Congregational Praise) over a lengthy period at Westminster Chapel. This group remains uncatalogued.

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1999 donation arranged into general correspondence; family correspondence; general papers; and Bethan Lloyd-Jones's correspondence and papers; 2003 donation arranged into a single file.

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Copyright in Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones's writings owned by his daughters, Lady Catherwood and Mrs Ann Beatt.

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A hard copy of the papers donated in 1999 is available at NLW in Minor Lists and Summaries 2000, pp. 48-52, and a hard copy of the papers donated in 2003 is also available at NLW.

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Printed material including newspapers and periodicals, together with copies of translations of works by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones are in NLW. Photocopies of eight letters from Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones are in NLW Facs 369/54. A photocopy of a scrapbook, including letters, 1926-1977, from Dr Lloyd-Jones, some relating to his decision to give up medicine and accept a call to minister at Sandfields Forward Movement Mission, Port Talbot, is in NLW Facs 577.

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The last date of creation exceeds the life of Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones since the papers also include the papers of his widow Dr Bethan Lloyd-Jones.

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March 2003


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Compiled by Ann Francis Evans.

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The following sources were used in the compilation of this description: Catherwood, Christopher, Martyn Lloyd-Jones. A family portrait (Eastbourne, 1995), Peters, John, Martyn Lloyd-Jones preacher (Exeter, 1986), Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones Papers and information supplied by P. H. Eveson.

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