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A survey of the cathedral-church of St. David's,

  • NLW MS 13265B.
  • File
  • [1728x1770] /

A copy of Browne Willis, A Survey of the Cathedral-Church of St. David's . . . (London, [c. 1730]), being a re-issue of the 1717 edition with a new title-page and supplementary material in the form of a twenty-two page list of churches, dedications and patrons later included in the author's Parochiale Anglicanum (1733). The volume contains copious manuscript additions, emendations and inserts, many of which are probably in the hand of Edward Yardley, archdeacon of Cardigan, quoting information received from various sources, including William Gambold and H[enry] Goffe. A Table of Kings and Queens. . ., being a printed page from an almanac recording the regnal dates of English monarchs from William the Conqueror to George II, is to be found pasted onto a fly-leaf. The present copy lacks the publisher's list which should face the title- page, as well as a plan and plate of the cathedral which should precede page one. The coats of arms between pages 92 to 93 are coloured.

Willis, Browne, 1682-1760

An alphabet of arms,

  • NLW MS 10611D
  • File
  • [1648x1699] /

An alphabet of arms written about 1650, probably by Sylvanus Morgan, with additions by Peter Le Neve, Norroy.

Morgan, Sylvanus, 1620-1693

Burlton Hall pedigree book,

  • NLW MS 23471E.
  • File
  • mid 17 cent.-1874 /

A volume compiled, c. 1846-1874, by Robert Chambre Vaughan, Burlton Hall, co. Salop [see DWB under Wynn (aft. Nanney, etc.) family of Maesyneuadd, Llandecwyn], containing pedigrees of families from whom he claimed descent, mostly Welsh or co. Salop, in particular those of Chambre of Burlton and Petton, and Vaughan of Burlton. Pasted or tipped into the volume are additional biographical, genealogical and heraldic documents and memoranda, mid-seventeenth cent.-1874, drawn from diverse manuscript and printed soruces, including certificates of baptism, marriage and burial and copies of monumental inscriptions, over a hundred emblazoned coats of arms, and letters, 1846-52, to Robert Chambre Vaughan, together with a list of sources and an index to the pedigrees (ff. 63-4).

Vaughan, Robert Chambre, 1796-1876

Coats of arms and pedigrees

Coats of arms and pedigrees, [c. 1572], in Welsh and English, apparently in the hand of Sir Thomas Wiliems.
A note on p. 177 states 'This books seemeth to have beene compyled in the yeere of o[u]r Lorde. 1572' (p. 177).

Wiliems, Thomas, 1545 or 1546-1622?

Kerry family pedigree roll

  • NLW MS 24015G.
  • File
  • 1680

A pedigree, 1680, of the Kerry family of Binweston, Worthen, Shropshire, containing twenty-five coats of arms, all emblazoned and painted. It is a copy, with continuation, apparently by Thomas Fr[ancis, of Montgomery], from a Lewys Dwnn original of 1598. The pedigree is traced from Gwrgene, Lord of Yal and Bromfield [?Gwernen ap Gwaeddgar], Llyr ap Maenyrch, King of Gloster [Llyr Marini], and King Pelenaur [Pellinore or Pelinor], as well as Cadell ap Rhodri Mawr and Severus [ap Cadwr Wynwyn].
Comparison with NLW MS 23219G, a 1792 copy of the pedigree, suggests that the present roll was created as the pedigree and achievement of Edward Kerry (d. c. 1698) of Binweston, the original achievement now having been lost from the foot of the roll. Several arms originally emblazoned 'or, a lion rampant regardant gules, armed and langued azure' seem subsequently to have been over-painted 'party per saltire, azure and ermine' (NLW MS 23219G shows the latter arms); all the arms have suffered from the loss of pigment.

Francis, Thomas, of Montgomery.

Manuscript relating to Wiliam Llŷn.

  • NLW Film 1058
  • File
  • 1990

A copy of extracts from University Library Cambridge MS MM1.3, relating to Wiliam Llŷn, used by the donor when compiling his reference works on the development of Welsh heraldry and Welsh pedigrees.

Myddelton family of Plas Cadwgan pedigree roll

  • NLW MS 23871G.
  • File
  • [c. 1628]

Heraldic pedigree roll, [c. 1628], of the Myddelton family of Plas Cadwgan, parish of Esclusham Below, Denbighshire (see W. D. Pink, Notes on the Middleton Family, of Denbighshire & London ([s.l.], 1891), pp. 10-11, and A. N. Palmer, History of the Thirteen Country Townships of the Old Parish of Wrexham (Wrexham, 1903), pp. 12-14).
The pedigree represents the descent of the family from Cunedda Wledig and Bleddyn ap Cynfyn to the children of Captain Roger Myddelton (d. 1642), three of whose sons are described as 'now livinge 1628', and contains some sixty painted coats of arms. It was probably compiled by Jacob Chaloner; further entries, including one dated 1654, were added, mid-seventeenth century, in a current hand to complete damaged portions of text. A shield or achievement at the bottom of the roll is now missing, with only the top part of the crest remaining.

Chaloner, Jacob, 1596-1631.


A volume, with insets, containing pedigrees, with annotations and some blazons of arms, partly in the hand of Robert Prys Morris ('Robyn Frych').

Ystorya Dared; brutiau,

  • NLW MS 13211E.
  • File
  • [1575x1660] /

A folio manuscript volume written almost entirely in the last quarter of the sixteenth century, and containing (a) ff. 1-7 recto, 'ystori Gruffydd ap Cynan Brenin gwynedd' beginning 'Yn nyddiau Edward Brenin lloegr a Therdelach brenin y werddon . . .' and ending '. . . ynghyd ag eneidiav brenhinoedd da eraill yn oes oessoed [sic] Amen'; (b) f. 7 recto-verso, 'Interdictio papae aduersus Lewelinum Principem Northwalliae filium Ierwerthium [sic]', dated Anagnia, 5 October 1223 [see Haddan and Stubbs, Councils. . ., 1, pp. 459-61]; (c) ff. 8 recto-9 recto, 'Literae Lewelini Principis Walliae ad Clerum Angliae apud London Convocat' . . . ex ipso autographo penes Dominum Thomam Yale . . . remanente per Ed: Theloal, transcriptae penvltimo die Augusti 1574', the letter dated Tall y bont, 6 October 1275 [see Haddan and Stubbs, Councils . . ., I, p. 508]; (d) f. 15 verso, a painting of the arms of [Tudur Trevor] with the subscription 'kar bob kywirdeb medd John Trevor Trevalun'; (e) ff. 16 recto-29 recto, a text of Dares Phrygius (Ystorya Dared) beginning '[Ll]yma yn Gyntaf ddechrav y sidg o droea ar Rhyfeloedd a fv ynechrav y kronigl kanis peleas vrenin a oedd yn y kastell A Elwid Pelopens [sic] . . .' and ending 'a chidac Elennys vab Priaf ai ddwy chwiorydd ai vam i doeth davkant a thair mil o ddynnion/Ag velly y tervyna ystoria Dared am y Sidg o droyaf'; (f) ff. 29 recto-86 verso, a text of the 'Brut Tysilio' version of Brut y Brenhinedd beginning with the prologue followed by 'Gwedi kael y gaer y ffoes Enneas yssgwyddwynn ac Essganiws i vab gidac ef . . .' and ending 'Ag velly Twyssogionn a fv ar gymrv bob eilwers o hynny allann' with the colophon 'Gwallted [sic] archiagon rrydychen a droes y darn hwnn or kronigl o lading i gymraeg. /A minnav Edward kyffin ai ail Essgrivennodd fo i Sion Trevor Trevalyn yssgwier Pann oedd oed krist 1577'; and (g) ff. 92 recto-158 recto, a text of Brut y Tywysogyon beginning 'Rann [sic] oedd oed yn Arglwydd ni Iessv grist yn 681 yr aeth kydwaladrvendigaid i lydaw at Alan nai selyf. . .' and ending [1270] 'Deng mlynedd a thrvgaint a devkant a mil oedd oed krist pan fv farw mredydd ap grvffydd Arglwydd hirfryn yn i gastell ehvn yn llanymddyfri Trannoeth gwedi Gwyl Saint Lvwck Evyngylwr'. The main hand is that of Edward Kyffin; ff. 7 recto-9 recto are written in two later and contemporary hands, one being that of Hugh Robertes who wrote on f. 7 recto 'Hugh Robertes a scrifennodd hwnn yn Nantclwyd yng. chilch Kalan gaia 1651'. This is the manuscript referred to as 'Thelwall MS.' in Brut y Tywysogyon or The Chronicle of the Princes, Peniarth MS 20 Version, translated . . . by Thomas Jones, Board of Celtic Studies, University of Wales History and Law Series, No. XI (Cardiff, 1952), pp. li-liii.

Kyffin, Edward, ca. 1558-1603