Is-fonds A. - David Davies: General and Political Correspondence,

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David Davies: General and Political Correspondence,


  • 1901-1950 (Creation)

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13 boxes; 0.372 cubic metres.

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Comprises letters to David Davies, from 1932 the first Baron Davies of Llandinam, 1901-44, mainly on domestic political matters and international issues. Some of the early letters are from David Davies while he travelled extensively abroad, 1901-05. From 1932 onwards some concern the affairs and the running of the New Commonwealth Society set up by Davies himself in that year, mainly the proceedings of its British Section. Some letters also relate to Davies's researches and many publications in the form of monographs and journal articles. There are also references to the role and activities of the League of Nations Union and to the publication of the periodical the Welsh Outlook. There are also significant files of copies of letters sent out by Davies's various secretaries on a wide range of subjects. The group also comprises correspondence and papers, 1916-43, relating mainly to the Montgomeryshire County Liberal Association and political life within the county, including the circumstances leading to David Davies resolving to retire from parliament in 1926-1927. There are also some interesting memoranda, 1918-44, deriving from the Liberal Party nationally during a crucial period in its history. There is also correspondence and papers, 1945-50, concerning E. H. Garner-Evans MP.

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Series A1-A8 comprise general and political correspondence addressed to David Davies, later the first Baron Davies of Llandinam, 1901-1944, interspersed with copies of some of the replies dispatched by him or one of his secretaries. Arranged chronologically by and within each file. Series A9-A12 comprise copies of letters sent out by David Davies' various secretarial staff on a wide range of issues. Arranged chronologically by and within each file. Series A13 consists of political and Montgomeryshire constituency correspondence and papers, 1916-44. Files A13/1-A13/5 are arranged chronologically by and within each file. A13/6-A13/10 are arranged by subject. Series A14 consists of correspondence and papers concerning E. H. Garner-Evans, the National Liberal and Conservative MP for Denbighshire, 1950-59, where the original files have been retained and then arranged chronologically by and within each file.

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