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Co-operative Party Wales papers


  • 1977-2013. (Creation)

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13 boxes (0.117 cm3)

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Karen Wilkie is (2015) board secretary and acting general secretary to the Co-operative Party; also sometime national organiser of the Co-operative Party in Wales.

A 1999 diagram of the structure of the Co-operative Party in Wales gives the composition of the Wales Council of the Co-operative Party/Cyngor Cymru y Blaid Gydweithredol as three MPs, two AMs, one official Co-op Councillor, representatives of the Party Councils (2 each, plus 1 for each 50 members), and the National Organiser. The council affiliates to the Wales Labour Party, nominates to the Wales Labour Party Executive and Forum, sends delegates and motions to Wales Labour Party conferences, and is funded by party council affiliations and a grant from the NEC. The party councils were CRS West Wales (3 branches), CRS South Wales (12 branches), CRS Bristol (members in Chepstow), Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester (until recently [1999], members in Monmouth), CRS North West (branches in north Wales) and Shropshire Party (members in east/mid Wales). The party councils each comprise six members nominated by their Retail Society Regional Committee, and two from each party branch. The party councils affiliate to Constituency Labour Parties, send delegates to Constituency and County Labour Parties (although they may delegate this to the branches), and are funded by a grant from their Societies. The branches comprise all members, who should receive notice of branch meetings, and are funded by membership subscriptions and a grant from their Party Council.


Donated by Karen Wilkie, deputy general secretary, Cardiff, May 2014.

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Files of Karen Wilkie as deputy general secretary and the board secretary to the Co-operative Party; national organiser of the Co-operative Party in Wales; founder member of Co-operatives & Mutuals Wales; lead on policy in Wales; and close contact of the Co-operative Group of Welsh Assembly Members.

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Material containing personal contact information, including mailing lists and some nomination forms and correspondence, has been extracted from the files, and is stored separately under FOIA, s.40, sensitive personal information. Files that have had material extracted are noted at file level, and the extracted material is embargoed for 84 years after the last date in the file description.


Accruals are expected.

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Arranged into four groups: The Co-operative Party, The Co-operative Party in Wales, subject files and printed matter.

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