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Anglesey (Wales) -- Genealogy

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Anglesey extent and pedigrees

A transcript, [?1699] (p. 1), of the extent of Anglesey made before John de Delves, locumtenens of Richard Earl of Arundel, justiciar of North Wales, 26 Edward III (1352) (pp. 1-88); a list of freeholders of Anglesey, 1606 (pp. 1-30); an account of the gentry of Anglesey, arranged by commotes, and a list of sheriffs to 1676, both in the hand of William Williams, Beaumaris, but with earlier pedigrees incorporated (pp. 1-94); 'a note taken of the demeanes nowe heald and belonginge to the Heanllis' (pp. 95-96); and a note of a survey of the lands of Arthur Bagnall in Tyndaethwy and Menai (pp. 99-102).

Williams, William, approximately 1625-1684

Anglesey history

Notes by John Williams (1833-1872) on Local and Family History in the Isle of Anglesey and neighbouring counties.

Williams, John, 1833-1872

Anglesey notes

Abstracts and notes taken by John Williams (1833-1872) concerning local history and genealogies of Anglesey families, particularly of the Bulkeleys.

Williams, John, 1833-1872

Anglesey records

Notes relating to Anglesey and pedigrees of some Anglesey families copied by John Williams (1833-1872) from manuscripts in the British Museum.

Williams, John, 1833-1872

Genealogies of Anglesey

A volume of genealogies of Anglesey families, mostly of the maternal descent. Also included are a cywydd by Ie[u]an Tew Brydydd, 'Kowydd i ofyn cyngor i'r llwynog' by Hugh Lloid (Cynfel) (pp. 156-157) and a poem in free metre, written in 1636.
Five fragments of parchment have been pasted in on pp. 171, 173, 175, 177 and 179.

Llwyd, Huw, 1568?-1630?

Index to Anglesey notes

A general index by John Williams (1833-1872) to his own notes relating to estates and families in Anglesey and North Wales.

Williams, John, 1833-1872

J. E. Griffith Manuscripts

  • Fonds
  • [c. 1715]-1929

Manuscripts of, or collected by, John Edwards Griffith, [c. 1715]-1929, including pedigrees, memoranda and genealogical notes relating mainly to Anglesey and Caernarvonshire; a volume of pedigrees by John Ellis, Tai Croesion, 1723; manuscripts of William Williams, Llandygái; and some 350 letters, [c. 1892]-1929, to J. E. Griffith relating to botany and genealogy and to his publications.

Griffith, John Edwards

Llythyrau John Morgan

Three letters, 1887-1888, from John Morgan, Cadnant, Menai Bridge, to Edward Humphrey Owen, relating to Anglesey families.

Llyvyr y Llwythau Cymreig ...,

A volume written largely in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas, ('Eben Fardd') and described on the title-page as 'Llyvyr y Llwythau Cymreig yn cynwys Taflenau Achol o'r Pum Llwyth Breninol a Phymtheg Llwyth Gwynedd ynghyd a Byrdraith hanesiol am Sylfaenwyr yr amrywiol Lwythau a Gwroniaid Cymreig eraill Eu Preswylfeydd, Tiriogaethau, Paisarfau a Disgynyddion. Casgledig gan Ebenezer Thomas, Clynnog, Hâf 1843.' At the beginning of the volume are 'A Map of North Wales' [Anglesey and West Caernarvonshire] and a list of the contents to p. 69. More than half of the volume is blank but the written pages after p. 69 contain, among other things, details of 'Villas [Vills] in Eifionydd' ('Abridged from a letter of the Rev. J. Jones Llanllyfni to Ellis Owen Esq. Cefny meusydd'), pedigrees of Rhwngyddwyryd (Dolbenmaen), Rhiw and Bodfel (Llŷn), and Cefn Coch in Anglesey, etc., 'Carol Nadolig, 1859 - ar "Diolch i Ti yr Hollalluog Dduw &c"' by E. Thos ('Eben Fardd'), a petition (draft), undated, from Jane Jones of Penarfynydd in the parish of Abererch, Caernarvonshire to the bishop of Bangor and the other trustees of the Llandwrog Almshouses, particulars of the ancestry of Tho[ma]s E. Roberts, Hendre, Abereirch sent by him to Eben Fardd, 24 July 1861, and a printed prospectus, undated, of 'The Works of the Bards of Llyn and Eifionydd, collected by Myrddin Fardd'. Loose between pp. 27 and 28 are notes by J. Jones, Llanllyfni, May 1844, headed 'A. D. 1352. Hanes ardrethol Cwmmwd Isgorfai', and pasted on to these or vice versa is a printed sheet concerning Gwydir Chapel, Llanrwst (J. Jones, Printer, Llanrwst). Facing the title-page of the volume is a label bearing the words 'Llyfr Achau ac Arfbeisiau y 5 Llwyth Breninol a 15 Llwyth Pendefigol Gwynedd ynghyd au Disgynyddion, &c.' and above it John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') has written 'Costiodd y Llyfr yma i mi ddwy bunt heblaw talu am ei rwymo wedi hyny.'

North Wales and Shropshire

Topographical, historical, and genealogical material relating mainly to the counties of Anglesey, Caernarvon, Denbigh, Merioneth, Montgomery, and Shropshire, accumulated by Thomas Pennant and including letters or other contributions from Paul Panton, Hugh Davies (botanist), E. R. Owen (Bangor), John Thomas (Llandegai and Beaumaris), John Lloyd (Caerwys), Sir John Cullum (Hardwick), Richard Thomas (Llanegryn), Thomas Bownall (London), Thomas Jones (Caernarvon), George Ashby (Cambridge), John Price (Oxford), Thomas Ford Hill (London), Foote Gower (Chelmsford), Francis Leighton (Shrewsbury), J. Plymley (junior), J. Worthington (Llanrhaiadr ym Mochnant), Thomas Addenbrooke (Buildwas), David Pennant, and Richard Gough (Enfield).

North Wales pedigrees

A nineteenth century manuscript containing pedigrees of North Wales families, mainly of Caernarvonshire and Anglesey, with letters and additional notes.

North Wales pedigrees, etc.

A manuscript containing North Wales pedigrees, mainly of Anglesey and Caernarfonshire families; transcripts by Angharad Llwyd (1780-1866) of other Welsh pedigrees and of legal and historical records; letters to Angharad Llwyd from Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick (1783-1848), John Hughes, barrister, and W. W. E. Wynne (1801-1880); correspondence from Viscount Bulkeley (1736-1791), 1774, to John Lloyd (1733-1793), Caerwys, father of Angharad Llwyd.

Llwyd, Angharad


Pedigrees of Anglesey and elsewhere in the hand of David Ellis of Criccieth and Amlwch.


Pedigrees (54 pp.) of various families in Caernarvonshire (Llŷn and Eifionydd), Montgomery, Merioneth, Denbigh and Anglesey, etc. transcribed by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') from an unnamed source or sources, possibly early eighteenth century. The first page is marked 'Copy No. 28'. A loose press cutting in the volume contains a carol ('Carol Newydd') by [Gruffydd Roberts] 'Gyttyn Lleyn'.

Pedigrees, &c.

Rough drafts of pedigrees on sheets of paper, including that of Bishop Lloyd, of Worcester, the Lloyds of Bodewryd, the Pulestons, the Trevors and other families; memoranda in Welsh relating to the Mostyn family; copies of grants of arms to Sir Thomas Holland, of Barrow, Anglesey, and Lewis Owen, of Crewthyn.

Pedigrees, &c.

A bundle of papers containing drafts and fragments of pedigrees of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire families. Some of the papers are in the autographs of Dr Humphrey Humphreys and Dr Edward Wynne.
There are also letters from Peers Mauduit, 1693 (item 39), and Giles Campion, 1695 (item 38), to Bishop Humphreys; a copy by the Bishop of a curious Welsh inscription in memory of Tomas Palmer of Holt (item 31); and a short biography of Bishop Humphreys by Chancellor Wynne (item 1).

Humphreys, Humphrey, 1648-1712

Pedigrees, genealogical notes, etc.,

Miscellaneous papers including genealogical notes on the descendants of [the Rev.] Hugh Williams, D.D. [father of Sir William Williams ('Speaker Williams') and founder of the family of Wynn of Wynnstay]; a pedigree tracing the descent of the children of [the Rev.] Rich[ar]d Howard [rector of Denbigh, 1818-1843, and of Llandegfan with Beaumaris, 1826-1843] and Dorothea, his wife [née] Clough, from the aforementioned Hugh W[illia]ms; a pedigree headed 'The Carreglwyd Pedigree Copied at Carreglwyd [co. Anglesey] the 20th Sept. 1820' tracing the descent of John, William, Sarah and Barbara, children of the Rev. Rich[ard] Griffith, vicar of Carnarvon (Llanbeblig) [1746-1762], and Margaret, his wife [née Griffith of Carreglwyd], from Ednyvet Vychan and thence from 'Marchudd one of the 15 Tribes of North Wales'; a record of the births and christenings [at Llanbeblig] of John, Edw[ar]d, Emm [sic], W[illia]m and Sarah [children of the aforementioned Rev. Richard Griffith and Margaret, his wife], 1730-1737, and of the births, 1733-1734, of two other children of the said Richard and Margaret who were not christened; a pedigree tracing the descent of Maria Emma Elisabeth Conway [nat. 1840], only child and heiress of Rich[ar]d Trygarn Griffith [of Carreglwyd] and wife of Sir Chandos Stanhope Hoskyn Reade [8th Bart.], from Edward Griffith of Carnarvon, mercer [grandfather of the aforesaid Rev. Richard Griffith]; a copy of a memorial inscription to the Rev. William Griffith, son of the aforesaid Rev. R[ichard] Griffith, vicar of Carnarvon (Llanbeblig) [1762-1766], in the parish church of Frodsham, co. Chester; genealogical memoranda relating to the family of Powell of Glanywern in the parish of Llandyrnog, co. Denbigh, including a pedigree showing the 'Descent of the Cloughs from the Powells of Glanywern & their Consequent Half Blood Relations'; a copy of a memorial inscription to Howel Lloyd of Hafodunos and Dorothea, his wife; a pedigree (with armorial bearings) showing the parents, paternal grandparents, and children of the aforesaid Howell and Dorothea Lloyd; a record of the births and of the christenings in St. Mary's chapel, Carnarvon, 1772-1785, of Thomas, Emma, Margaret, Wynn, Richard Coytmor, Robert and Hugh, children of Richard Howard [of Carnarvon, ob. 1792] and Barbara, his wife; genealogical memoranda relating to Katherine of Berain and her descendants; a copy (? translation from Latin) of the memorial inscription to Sara Horsley, ob. 1805, wife of Samuel Horsley, bishop successively of St. Davids [1788-1793], Rochester [1793-1802], and St. Asaph [1802-1806]; a copy of an obituary notice in respect of Mrs. [Anne] Wynne, relict of John Wynne, bishop [successively of St. Asaph, 1715-1727, and] of Bath and Wells [1727-1743]; a draft of a memorial inscription to the Newborough family which was to be set up [in the parish church of Berkley, Somerset] in 1751; a pedigree tracing the descent of [the Rev.] Benjamin Conway Potter [who circa 1825 assumed the surname Conway in lieu of Potter] from Henry de Novoburgo, [cr. 1st] earl of Warwick [1088]; biographical notes on [the Rev.] Robert Potter, 1721-[1804], his father, grandfather and great grandfather; and papers relating to law suits in connection with a messuage and lands called Nant yr Helfa, parish of Llanyckill, Merioneth (second half of the seventeenth century).

Plas Cadnant pedigree book

  • NLW MS 24014E.
  • File
  • [late 18 cent.]-[1840s]

A volume, [late 18 cent.]-[1840s], containing pedigrees, in several hands, mostly of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire families. The earlier portions, [late 18 cent.] (pp. 37-140), were copied mostly from Llyfr Melyn Tyfrydog (now NLW MS 23969F); later additions, [?1820s] (pp. 5, 151-283), are derived from the Taicroesion Manuscript (now NLW MS 19058E and Bangor MS 13564) or from intermediate copies.
A note by Jonathan Jones of Caernarfon in NLW MS 825D (inside front cover), dated 1855, describes the present volume as having been copied 'about 60 years ago from Llyfr Melyn Tyfrydog' by Robert Jones, for John Price (d. 1804) of Mona Lodge, Amlwch, with the pedigrees being continued by Price's son, John Price of Cadnant. The volume also includes descriptions of the Five Royal Tribes of Wales and the Fifteen Tribes of Gwynedd, partly in Welsh (pp. 137-150), and various antiquarian notes and statistics [in the hand of John Price of Cadnant] (pp. 290-355), including lists of Anglesey Sheriffs to 1843 (pp. 309-323), and transcripts relating to Amlwch parish church (pp. 341-347). Items loose within the volume, including a pedigree of the Bulkely family in the hand of John Price (watermark 1825), and a newspaper cutting, [1881], listing Caernarvonshire landowners, have been placed in an archival envelope. The contents of the manuscript are listed on pp. i-iv, 1-2.

Jones, Robert, of Amlwch?

Taicroesion Pedigrees,

A volume containing a late nineteenth or early twentieth century transcript of the Taicroesion Pedigrees, described on the title page as 'A most valuable copy transcribed by a Solicitor and examined and compared with the original, so it is the most reliable copy extant'. There are, however, some errors of transcription and some additions. There is a table of contents at the beginning and the pedigrees are followed by a list of the names of the high sheriffs for Caernarvonshire, 1540-1796, written in a different hand.

Transcripts of pedigrees and lists of officials

A transcript, made from British Museum Harleian MS 1974, of pedigrees of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire families; lists of justices of the peace in Anglesey and Caernarvonshire, 1620; names and arms of the justiciaries of Anglesey and Caernarvonshire, 1601; and lists of the high sheriffs of Anglesey, 1541-1601.

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