Is-gyfres 2/6 - Year of Literature 1995

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Year of Literature 1995


  • 1991-2002 (Creation)

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Material relating to events surrounding 1995's Year of Literature and in particular the involvement of Women in Jazz , including proposals, aims and objectives and mission statement; funding applications and responses; press release; correspondence; and press cuttings. Jen Wilson was appointed a member of the 1995 Year of Literature General Advisory Group. Together with material relating to double bassist Paula Gardiner, pianist Stan Tracey and trumpeter Cris Haines, who were each commissioned by Swansea University's Department of Adult Continuing Education to compose new works to celebrate the Year of Literature.

Although this was a British-wide celebration of literature and the arts, Swansea's successful bid to host the Arts Council's Year of Literature in 1995 meant that the majority of events were held in and around that city.

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Dated correspondence arranged chronologically.

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See also Jen Wilson: Swansea Writers' and Artists' Group (SWAG).
See also Nigel Jenkins Papers (at NLW).
For Karen Vuranch and her one-woman play Coal Camp Memories, see Performances, events, festivals and tours: Cultural exchange tour: West Virginia/Wales.

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