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A compendium of texts,

A compendium, [late 15th cent. x early 16th cent.], of works on astrology, medicine, sayings, Brut y Saeson, a short chronicle, Lives of Saints David and Gwenffrewi, Bonedd y Saint and other texts. The manuscript was previously ascribed to Gutun Owain (see Daniel Huws, Medieval Welsh Manuscripts (Aberystwyth, 2000), p. 190).

A diary and a letter book,

The journal of Mrs Elizabeth Baker, Dolgelley, 1778-1786. Part I in ten volumes.

The letter book of Mrs Elizabeth Baker, relating to mining ventures in Merioneth, 1770-1775. With printed appeals for contributions towards her relief, 1787-1788, and lists of donors.

Elizabeth Baker.

A passional

'La passion de nostre seigneur Jhesucrist translatee de latin en francois'; and a religious poem. Illuminated.
Also included is an envelope of notes by J. A. Herbert.

A prayer book,

A printed book: The Book of Common Prayer ... and The Whole Book of Psalmes: collected into English Meeter ... London : 1638, and the title page of Articles to be enquired upon VVithin the Diocesse of Bangor ... London : 166-.

Achau &c.

Pedigrees, mainly south Welsh or of Welsh historic figures, in the hand of Thomas Gruffydd, with a few short prose texts, also in his hand, including 'Enwau y milwyr' (p. 38), 'Marchogion y vort gron' [see National Library of Wales Journal, 14 (1965-6), 242-5] (p. 39) and 'Arfau y kwnkwerwyr a vyant ymorganwc' [the earliest known text, printed from here in M.P. Siddons, The Development of Welsh Heraldry, 4 vols. (Aberystwyth, 1991-2006), I, pp. 376-9] (p. 46).

Achau De Cymru,

A collection of pedigrees mainly of South Wales families, mostly in the hand of Gruffudd Hiraethog, with an index by William Llŷn.

Achau teuluoedd De Cymru,

A collection of south Wales pedigrees in the hand of Wiliam Llŷn, written with greater care, and earlier perhaps, than most of his surviving genealogical manuscripts, with use of red and green. Up to p. 178 he is assisted by two other hands: Huws’ X130, making frequent short stints, often completing pedigrees begun by Wiliam Llŷn (e.g. pp. 15-17, 19, 24-7, 28, 30-5), and Huw Llŷn (pp. 162-3, 169-71, 176, 178). Another hand appears on p. 173 and another on p.177. From p.179 there is one assisting hand, Huws’ X131 (e.g. pp. 223-5, 240-1, 243-4). On pp. 372-7, ‘Gohelyth Glyn Nedd’, etc., signed ‘R T’, 1573, is added in the excellent hand of Richard Thomas of Ynysarwed. The latter part of the manuscript is written in Wiliam Llŷn’s increasingly untidy hand; use of red ceases after p. 318. Written not before 1561 (p. 212). On p. 8 in his later hand is ‘Henwau y pedair kamp ar ugain’. Pages 358-67 are in the early hand of Rhys Cain; there are additions in his mature hand on pp. 121, 224 and 324. On p. 1 is Robert Vaughan’s title: ‘Llyffr o Iachau Deheubarth o law Wiliam Llyn’ and on f. iv, ‘D. W. ll. llyfr Wm. Llyn am ddeheubarth’. On this compilation, see P.C. Bartrum, ‘Notes on the Welsh genealogical manuscripts’, Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1976, 112.


The manuscript consists of two parts: The first part comprises a collection of pedigrees in the hand of Gruffudd Hiraethog, with some later additions, c. 1545, in the same hand. The second part of the manuscript comprises pedigrees; a list of receipts in the hand of Rhys Cain; etc.
One of the other hands is that of Siôn Cain.


Pedigrees and genealogies; and a brief chronicle of the sons of Idwal.


Pedigrees in the hand of Gruffudd Hiraethog, which include fairly full details of authorities and sources.


A collection of pedigrees compiled by Gutun Owain and others.
The manuscript is in four main hands, including apparently that of Ieuan Frechfa.

Ancient laws,

A handbook of English law containing the following books: 'premier livre des personels plees'; 'Ie secunde des condiciouns de vileins'; 'Ie livre des disseisines'; 'Ie livre de mort dauncestre & primes de intrusiouns'.
The text is incomplete.

Ancient laws,

A collection of charters, statutes, laws, etc., including Magna Carta (confirmation by Edward I of the 1225 reissue), the Forest Charter, Statute of Westminster I, Statute of Gloucester, Statute of Westminster II, Statute of Winchester, Statute of Merton, Statute of Marlborough, Statute of the Exchequer, etc.

Ancient laws, etc.,

A collection of statutes, writs, and other legal instruments, including the Provisions of Merton, the Statutes of Westminster I and II, the Statute of Merchants, the Statute of the Exchequer, and the Statute of Winchester.

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