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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)

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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)

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Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)

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Peniarth Manuscripts Collection

  • Fonds
  • [12 cent.]-[1957]

A collection of manuscripts, [12 cent.]-1909, from the library of Peniarth, Merionethshire, the core of the historic collection being that of the library accumulated at Hengwrt, Merionethshire, by Robert Vaughan during the seventeenth century. The...

The fifteen tribes of North Wales, etc.,

A manuscript (watermark 1838) in a parchment cover made out of an affidavit sworn at Swansea, 1821, containing transcripts from a manuscript or manuscripts of Peter Vaughan, A.M., vicar of Llangerniw [Llangernyw, co. Denbigh] as follows: two '...

The Stokes-Meyer facsimiles of Irish Manuscripts,

  • NLW MSS 4631-4695.
  • Fonds
  • [1875x1919].

A collection, [1875x1919], made by Whitley Stokes and Kuno Meyer of photographic facsimiles of Irish manuscripts, or of Latin manuscripts containing Irish glosses, etc.

Heb deitl

Letters, &c.,

Miscellaneous letters:- W. H. Goldwyer, Bristol, to Walter Scott [aft. Sir Walter Scott], 1818 (comments on an enclosed copy of a portrait of Rob Roy), W. H. Goldwyer and [Mrs.] H. Goldwyer [from Bristol] to their son[s] Henry [and John] Goldwyer,...

Lewis Johnes' Book,

  • NLW MS 23985A.
  • Ffeil
  • [13 cent.], [16 cent., first ¼]-[17 cent., first ¼].

An imperfect copy, lacking title-page, and all following f. cxxxvi, of an unidentified early sixteenth-century printed edition of the Latin Decretales of Gregory IX. The text ends at the beginning of c. 1, X, De fideiussoribus, III, 22. Preceding ...

Texts on astronomy,

Latin texts in prose and verse, the bulk of the contents relating to astronomy. There are numerous coloured sketches and diagrams.

The 'Divinae Institutiones' of Lactanatius,

  • Ffeil
  • [15 cent.].

A vellum manuscript with illuminated capitals comprising an incomplete transcript of the 'Divinae Institutiones' of Lucius Caelius Firmianus Lactantius.

Leges Howeli Boni

A volume containing a Latin text of the Laws of Hywel Dda transcribed, [1625x1632], by George William Griffith of Penybenglog, Pembrokeshire, from Merton College Oxford MS 323 which was then in the possession of the mathematician, astrologer and a...

Griffith, George William, 1584-1655?

Secretum secretorum, etc.,

Miscellaneous astronomical treatises, psalms, prayers, and litanies - 'sortes apostolorum que numquam fallunt'; and the 'secretum secretorum' attributed to Aristotle.

Vita S. Wulstani,

[A transcript of?] a metrical version of the Life of St Wulstan ('Vita viri sancti Wlstani scripta roganti / pontifici metrico modulo brevitatis amico'); and a metrical summary of the Bible by Petrus Riga.

A book of hours,

A fragment of a Book of Hours, containing the Office of the Dead (imperfect), 'commemoratio animarum', and a rubric and prayer before the Psalter of St Jerome.

Tracts on the Mass

A manuscript containing expositions of the canon of the Mass by Pope Innocent III, Odo, bishop of Cambrai, 1105-1113, Richard of Wedinghausen, and others.

Miscellaneous tracts

A manuscript containing scholastic tracts including disputations on Aristotle's 'De Anima' said to have been collected by Master Benedict and pronounced by the Master Regent of 'Fragfordie' [sic] in 1418; treatises on ...

Ben Yom Tov, David, active 14th century

Vita Sancti Cadoci,

[A transcript of] the life of St Cadog by Lifris.It contains the following note: 'Henricus nominus scripsit'. There are two loose leaves from another Latin manuscript at the beginning of the volume.

Medical texts,

A Latin translation of the Arabic Almansor by Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya el-Razi Rhaeses. ('Albubecri arazi filii zacarie liber incipit qui ab eo vocatus est almasor' [sic]).


Securities for money advanced by two Antwerp merchants for the use of Queen Elizabeth, 1559-1563.Both deeds still have their seals attached.

Various fragments,

Fragments of manuscripts found with MS 540B, possibly once part of Peniarth MS 326 (see D. Huws, 'A Welsh manuscript of Bede's De natura rerum', Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies, XXVII, p. 492). They comprise a leaf from Gera...

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