Ffeil NLW MS 12895C. - Letters to the Rev. C. Tawelfryn Thomas (A-G),

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NLW MS 12895C.


Letters to the Rev. C. Tawelfryn Thomas (A-G),


  • 1874-1934. (Creation)

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Guarded and bound at NLW, 1967.

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Thirty-one holograph and autograph letters and postcards (surnames A-G), 1874-1934, addressed to the Rev. C. Tawelfryn Thomas. Frequent references to the Rev. Evan Jones (Ieuan Gwynedd) in the correspondence relate mostly to Thomas's biography, Cofiant Darluniadol Mewn Rhyddiaeth a Chân i'r Diweddar Barch. Evan Jones... (Dolgellau, 1909).
The correspondents are [Professor, aft. Sir] E[dward] Anwyl, Aberystwyth, 1896 (2) (a letter to Dr. [Andrew Martin] Fairbairn [principal] of Mansfield College, Oxford, on behalf of a student, the Anglican influence at Oxford, a tendency by students to reject religion, the influence of Dr. Fairbairn and Mansfield College); [the Rev.] R[obert] G[riffith] Berry, Gwaelod y Garth, [18]96 and undated (2) (preaching engagements); Ben Bowen, Ton, Pentre, [19]02 (the writer's ill health, his voyage to [South] Africa, the return trip via the Red Sea, a visit to Pompeii and Naples); [the Rev.] B[en] Davies, C[astell] N[ewydd] Emlyn, 1929 (autobiographical details); Evan Davies, Bala, 1902 (information relating to [?the Rev.] W[illiam] J[ones, 1784-1847, Congregational minister] and his father); [John Davies] (Taliesin Hiraethog), [the] Green, [nr] Denbigh, 1888 (thanks for the list of competitions at Caerphilly eisteddfod, preparatory work on a pryddest on the subject '[Henry Morton] Stanley', sending recipient copies of his awdlau 'Gorsedd' and 'Unigedd' and his rhieingerdd '[Elwy ac] Alwen', leisure hours spent in adjudicating and organising literary meetings, a chair won by [the Rev. William Thomas] (Glanffrwd) at Dolgellau, favourable opinions of the awdl 'Victoria'); T[homas] J[ones] Dyke, Merthyr Tudful, [18]95 (a request for recollections of the Rev. Griffith Hughes [1775-1839, Congregational minister]); Owen M[organ] Edwards, Llanuwchllyn, 1915 (2) (an article and booklet by recipient on the Rev. J. D. Williams [1823-56, Congregational minister]; see Cymru, cyf. XLIX, and C. T. Thomas, Y Diweddar Barch. J. D. Williams… (Caernarfon, 1915)); W. T. Edwards, Cardiff, 1906-14 (2) (a memorial tablet by Goscombe John ? to be set up in the chapel at Whitecross (Y Groes-wen), reluctance to become a trustee ? of recipient's church); Beriah [Gwynfe Evans], Caernarfon, 1900 (attacks on the writer's book [Diwygwyr Cymru (Caernarfon, 1900)] in Yr Herald Cymraeg [19, 26 June 1900], points relating to the said book particularly its treatment of Howell Harris); the Rev. D[aniel] Gwenffrwd Evans, Gelli, Pentre, 1926 (recipient's impending retirement, preaching engagements); [the Rev.] D[avid] Silyn Evans, Aberdar, [undated] (a request for an article for Dysgedydd y Plant); [the Rev.] D[avid] Tecwyn Evans, Birkenhead, 1917 (2) (preaching engagements); [the Rev.] E[van] H[erber] Evans, Carnarvon, 1874 (personal, preaching engagements, a call to the writer from a church in Bath, points relating to Y Dysgedydd); Hugh Evans (publisher), Liverpool, 1934 (thanks for material received, the writer's proposed book on fairy tales [Y Tylwyth Teg (Liverpool, 1935)]); John Evans, Merthyr Tydfil, [19]19 (appreciation of recipient's short biography of the Rev. J. D. Williams [see above]); the Rev. Owen Evans (co-editor of Y Dysgedydd), Liscard, 1908 (forwarding reminiscences of Ieuan Gwynedd); W. Evans, Aberayron, [18]88 (information re the Rev. M[oses] Rees [1796-1856, Congregational minister]); Thomas Gee (publisher), Denbigh, 1885 (the adoption of Mr. Alfred Thomas [aft. baron Pontypridd] as prospective [parliamentary] candidate by the Liberals [in the East Glamorgan constituency]); D[avid] Lloyd George, House of Commons, 1894 (recipient's approval of the attitude taken by the writer, [David Alfred] Thomas [MP for Merthyr, aft. viscount Rhondda], and [Francis] Edwards [MP for Radnorshire, aft. 1st bart.], would recipient write to Alfred Thomas [MP for East Glamorgan], the need to direct public opinion 'so as to form a thoroughly strong independent Welsh party'); Ifor Griffith, Llanfair Caereinion, [19]08 (a promise to obtain information re Ieuan Gwynedd); and the Rev. Alex[ander] B[alloch] Grosart (of Dublin), from Llanfairfechan and Barmouth, 1896 (5) (enquiries concerning a copy of the poems of the Rev. William Williams (Caledfryn), namely Caniadau Caledfryn [(Llanrwst, 1856)], and of the account of his life [Cofiant Caledfryn, ed. By Thomas Roberts (Bala, 1877)], comments on the poem 'Y Gog').

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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Preferred citation: NLW MS 12895C.

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