Ffeil 1. - Letter to Ifor's parents,

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Letter to Ifor's parents,


  • 27 April 1920. (Creation)

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Ifor's life continues much as usual. His hours of service have been cut to 8 conversations a week. He is in good health and can work almost as well as before the war. Ifor fancies that he will be ready for the examination on Constitutional law as well as the other subjects. However he does not find coaching by correspondence to be satisfactory. He then discusses and explains the marks he has received for his compositions. States that he is gradually succeeding in memorising the functions of administrators, from Archbishops to Justices of the Peace. Ifor encloses a post card to be sent by his parents in respect to his application to the University of London and requests his parents arrange for someone well deposed to him to provide a certificate of good conduct for him. He writes that he is quite certain that Michenean was killed in 1915, a friend of his has endeavoured to find out further information and not succeeded. Ifor will return home almost immediately after Whitsum and states that David has not made the progress with his French he had anticipated. He describes the friends he has recently met and those he hopes to see shortly. He was in Paris last Sunday and attended a very enjoyable concert. He will go again next Saturday to hear 2 concerts by the New York Symphony Orchestra.

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Action: digitized. Action identifier: cymruww1. Date: 2013. Authorization: The Welsh experience of World War One, 1914-1918.


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