Ffeil NLW MS 24111G. - Pedigree of John Bowen of Bath

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NLW MS 24111G.


Pedigree of John Bowen of Bath


  • [1810x1819] (Creation)

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36 panels (consisting of 72 sheets laid back to back onto a single linen backing), arranged consecutively and folded 'concertina style' (ff. 2 verso, 3 verso, 10 verso-19 verso (versos only), 24 verso, 25 verso, 34 verso, 35 verso, 36 blank) : paper ; 5630 x c. 345 mm. (each panel c. 155 x 345 mm.)

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Acquired by the seller from the widow of a member of the Moore family (presumed to be a descendant of the Drogheda line, see f. 32 verso).


Dr Robert Colley; Aberystwyth; Purchase; October 2017; 99769614302419.

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Pedigree roll, [1810x1819], of, and probably in the hand of, the Rev. John Bowen of Bath, incorporating seventy-five coats of arms, nearly all impaled and most fully painted by an unnamed artist, some surmounted with crests or crowns and all set within canopies, tracing Bowen's ancestors primarily from Caradog Fraichvras and Brychan [Brycheiniog] (f. 5), as well as Bleddyn ap Maenarch (f. 20).
The pedigree is based on 'the pedigree and achievements of Robert Bowen of Bally Adams [in Queen's County (now Co. Laois), Ireland]', a roll (now lost) of 1608 by Thomas Jones of Fountain Gate, Tregaron, together with a continuation of Robert Bowen's line to 1720 by William Hawkins, Ulster King of Arms (f. 32 verso). Three main lines of descent are depicted, from Caradog Fraichvras and Brychan (f. 5), and Cadwaladr (f. 9) down to John Bowen (f. 34), with a single generation on each panel. Preceding these are the ancestors, some spurious, of Caradog and Brychan (ff. 2-4), together with a 'Regal Line' (ff. 2-8). Some collateral lines are also shown alongside the main lines of descent (ff. 29-30, 32-35); however in nine instances (ff. 4 verso-5 verso, 21 verso-23 verso, 27 verso-33 verso (versos only)), for reasons of space, the collateral lines extend onto the versos, most significantly to show the Bowens of Ballyadams (ff. 30 verso-32 verso). The early lineages (ff. 2-4), 'Regal Line' (ff. 2-8) and collateral lines are depicted without heraldry, other than occasional blazoning. Various notes have been added in the same hand, including lists of the children of Brychan Brycheiniog (ff. 6 verso-9 verso), a description of a monument to the Bowen family in Ballyadams (f. 30 verso) and notes on the original pedigree (f. 32 verso) and Thomas Jones (f. 36 verso). A few later annotations, to 1832, are on f. 34. A painted figure of a woman holding in her left hand a shield displaying the Bowen arms and in her right hand a pedigree roll is on f. 1. The matches shown in the line of Roger ap John of Llanfrynach (see f. 27) differ significantly from those in P. C. Bartrum, Welsh Genealogies A.D. 300-1400 (Cardiff, 1974), pp. 863, 865. For the Bowens of Ballyadams see Lord Walter FitzGerald, 'Ballyadams in the Queen's County, and the Bowen Family', in Journal of the Archaeological Society of the County of Kildare and Surrounding Districts, 7 (1912-1914), 3-32, and Rhys Morgan, The Welsh and the Shaping of Early Modern Ireland 1558-1641 (Woodbridge, 2014), pp. 76, 146, 193, 197.

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Text on ff. 1 verso and 36 verso (effectively the pedigree's covers) partly illegible due to rubbing. Linen joins and damage to ff. 1 and 36 repaired at NLW, November 2017.

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A registered copy of the original pedigree and William Hawkins's continuation to 1720 is Dublin, National Library of Ireland, Department of Manuscripts, Genealogical Office MS 160, pp. 54-58.

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Title based on contents.


'The Pedigree of John Bowen Clerk ... Examined and confirmed at the Carmarthen Gorse[dd] July 11th 1819. The Lord Bishop of St Davids President' (ink on f. 1 verso).


Thomas Jones's original, lost, pedigree of Robert Bowen of Ballyadams is No. 460 in Michael Powell Siddons, 'Welsh Pedigree Rolls - Further Additions and Corrections', NLWJ, 36.3 (2016), 266-270.


Dated on the basis of dates given on ff. 1 verso, 36 verso.

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January 2019.




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Description compiled by Rhys M. Jones.

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