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Emyr Humphreys Papers

  • GB 0210 EMYREYS
  • Fonds
  • 1882-2019

Papers of Emyr Humphreys, 1882-2019, arranged in two groups.
The first group consists of papers of Emyr Humphreys, 1908-1993, comprising mainly correspondence, 1930-1993, including personal correspondence, 1939-1993, correspondence between parties other than Emyr Humphreys, 1930-1993, and correspondence relating directly to his work, 1942-1994, and his interests, such as the arts and politics, including papers relating to Plaid Cymru and Gymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, 1956-1992; volumes, published and unpublished, [1946]x1991; short stories, in manuscript and typescript form, together with some poems and scripts and unidentified prose, 1937x1981; articles, reviews, adjudications and lectures, c. 1949x1993; radio and television scripts, including scripts containing references to Emyr Humphreys, with contributions by him and reviews of his work, 1946xc. 1993; poems, 1936xc. 1993; together with miscellaneous items, which include a file of official publications, circulars, memoranda and related papers (c. 1945-1946) relating to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in Italy, and Welsh and English newspaper cuttings, 1908-1990.
Additional papers, 1882-2019, were received in February 2022, comprising correspondence, 1929-2019; papers relating to novels and prose works by Emyr Humphreys and others, 1931-2017; papers relating to collections of poetry by Emyr Humphreys, 1902-2019, published and unpublished; notebooks and papers, [?1938x?1948]-2014, relating to collections of short stories by Emyr Humphreys, published and unpublished; scripts for stage and television and related papers, 1882-2010; administrative papers, 1943-2009; articles, lectures, and essays by Emyr Humphreys and others, 1938-2019; published items, 1917-2019, collected by and relating to the works of Emyr Humphreys, including cuttings and magazines; notebooks and papers, 1906-1966, of the Rev. Griffith Jones, Llanwnda; and other miscellaneous items and papers kept and collected by Emyr Humphreys, 1922-2013.

Humphreys, Emyr

Pedigree of John Edwards of Stansty

  • NLW MS 24200G.
  • Ffeil
  • 1654-[?1670s]

Pedigree and achievement, 1654, of John Edwards (1619-1673) of Stanste [Stansty], Denbighshire, compiled and executed by Randle Holme II, containing thirty-nine other fully painted coats of arms, mostly impaled, tracing Edwards's descent in the male line from Coel Godebog and Cadwalader ap Cadwallon, through their mutual descendant Rhodri Mawr, alongside his paternal grandmother's descent from Morion ap Morgenew, Lord of Dyffryn Clwyd.
The names of individuals, together with additional biographical and genealogical information, are enclosed in roundels, with those of the earliest royal and noble figures being surmounted by crowns, coronets or caps of maintenance as appropriate. The pedigree is mostly arranged as two parallel lines of descent, except the final three generations where other relatives such as siblings and John Edwards's son and stepchildren are recorded, without heraldry. The title, beginning 'The Genealogie or Pedegree of John Edwards of Stanste', is given in a scroll cartouche at the head of the roll; the achievement of John Edwards, with eleven quarterings, is placed at the foot. There are a few additions in a different hand, [?1670s], including notice of the marriage of John Edwards the younger (aged 2 in 1654) to Mary, daughter of the Rev. Robert Lloyd of Llanychan; two sections of text appear to have been altered by scraping away the original ink. The pedigree is an example of Style 3 in Michael Powell Siddons, Welsh Pedigree Rolls (Aberystwyth, 1996), pp. 11-12.

Holme, Randle, approximately 1601-1659


Anthems, hymn-tunes, part-songs, etc. composed or arranged by William Davies (Cae'r blaidd, Ffestiniog), Edward Stephen ('Tanymarian'), John Owen ('Owain Alaw'), J. B. Jones, D. Emlyn Evans, David Jenkins, J[ames] H. Rowlands ('Asaph Glyn Dyfi'), Daniel Read, David Lewis, D[avid] J[enkin] Morgan, John Ambrose Lloyd and John Thomas (Llanwrtyd), and a copy of Edward Stephen ('Tanymarian'): An Oratorio! The Storm of Tiberias ... (Bethesda, R. Jones).

Llythyrau a phapurau,

Letters, press cuttings and other papers, most of them relating to The Welsh Colonising and General Trading Co. Ltd (Cwmni Ymfudol a Masnachol y Wladfa Gymreig) and to Congregational affairs in Wales, etc. The papers include a list of subscribers in the U.S.A., mainly Welshmen, for shares in the Colonising Company, and letters, 1871-1911, from [R. D. Edwards] ('Derfel'), E. Herber Evans ('Herber'), H. Tobit Evans, Thomas Gee, William Grifth (Holyhead), Walter D. Jeremy, D. Ll. Jones (Ruthin, secretary of the Colonising Company), George James Jones (Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A.), J. Spinther James ('Spinther'), Lewis Jones, Michael D. Jones, R. Gwesyn Jones (Utica, U.S.A.), Wm. S. Jones (Swyddfa Baner America, Scranton, U.S.A.), Job Miles (Aberystwyth), Thomas Nicholas, Joseph Parry (Mus. Doc.), Thomas Rees (Swansea), Daniel Rowlands (Normal College, Bangor), Edward Stephen ('Tanymarian'), John Thomas (Liverpool), Robert Thomas ('Ap Vychan'), etc.

Letters of Richard Cobden

  • NLW MS 11340B
  • Ffeil
  • 1849, 1872-1887, 1958

A holograph letter from Ric[hard] Cobden to [Joseph] Sturge, 1849 (the progress of the peace movement, a tribute to Henry Richard); correspondence, 1872-8, relating to the proposed publication by the Cobden Club of the letters of Richard Cobden, including holograph letters to Henry Richard from Thos. Thomasson; Mrs Catherine Anne Cobden; Thomas B. Potter; [Sir] Louis Mallet; Henry Ashworth; [Sir] Thomas Bazley; [Sir] Edward Baines; C[harles] Cobden; W. Cowper Temple; and others; and copies of correspondence between Mrs. Catherine Anne Cobden, Thos. Thomasson, Henry Richard, and others; and holograph letters to Henry Richard from John Morley, Viscount Morley of Blackburn, 1878 (the writer's proposed biography of Richard Cobden; A. J. Mundella, 1882; J[ohn] Thomas, Congregational minister, Liverpool, 1887 (Samuel Morley's contribution to Congregational and other causes in Wales, the writer's proposed biography of the Reverend Thomas Rees, Swansea); and others. Bound with the letters is an offprint of an article by the donor, the Reverend H. R. Evans, M.C., M.A., on 'Henry Richard and Cobden's Letters', published in The Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1958, pp. 54-81.

Cobden, Richard, 1804-1865

Scrap books

Two scrap books of manuscript and printed material and press cuttings. The manuscript material consists of holograph 'englynion' entitled 'Pennillion i anerch yr Arglwyddes Hall: (sef Gwenynen Gwent)' by John Jones ('Tegid'), 1838; a transcript of an 'Epitaph. On the grave of "John", a Parish Clerk near Newbridge Glamorganshire' by Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'); 'englynion' by John Davies ('Brychan'), Thomas Williams ('Gwilym Morganwg'), John William Thomas ('Arvonwyson'), Morgan Llewelyn, William Thomas ('Gwilym Teilo'), Rees Lewis, John L. Thomas ('Ieuan Ddu'), 'Gwilym Ddu Glan Cynon', Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy'), William Ellis Jones ('Cawrdaf'), William Williams ('Carw Coch'), Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu [Eryri]'), D[avid] Charles ('Sierlyn Tegid'), Trevecca, George Hwel [sic] ('Celer'), rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, William Thomas ('Islwyn'), and Jno. Jones ('Watcyn Fardd'), Llanerfyl; holograph letters to 'Caradawc y Fenni' from 'Cambrina', Newport [co. Monmouth], 1839 (requesting information about the 'Hirlas Horn', enclosing verses in praise of the recipient), William Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'), Carmarthen, 1848-1853 (poetry by the recipient, a request for Welsh flannel plaids, the distribution of Carmarthen eisteddfod compositions), John Jayne, Bayley [sic], 1863 (a school Exhibition for the writer's son), W. Hicks Owen ('Owain ap Bradwen'), Rhyllon, St. Asaph, 1862 (enclosing a portrait, etc., of Mrs. Hemans), Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), Bethesda, 1862 (2) (enclosing a portrait of the writer), Sarah Edith Wynne ('Eos Cymru'), undated (enclosing a portrait of the writer), and P. D. Phillip, Brynmawr, 1862 (enclosing two printed items for the recipient's album); an obituary of John Jones ('Tegid') by Alfred T. Hughes, with lines by 'Gwilym Mai'; a holograph letter from John Jones ('Tegid') (in the third person) to Col. [Charles Kemeys Kemeys Tynte] 1848 (requesting permission to recite stanzas); 'englynion' entitled 'Anerchiad i Gymreigyddion y Fenni', 1852, by 'Gwilym Mai'; a notice to Lewis Bevan [father of 'Caradawc y Fenni'] to serve in the Militia for co. Brecknock, 1807, and a certificate of the balloting of Thomas Bevan, shopkeeper, of the parish of Llanelly, co. Brecknock, into the Regular Militia of the county, 1826; and franks of John Jones ('Talhaiarn'), W. Downing Evans ('Leon'), Brinley Richards, William Jones ('Gwrgant'), Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), David Morgan ('Mynyddawc'), [Richard William Payne] Davies, Court-y-gollen, Crickhowell, archdeacon of Brecon, Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli'), William Ellis Jones ('Cawrdaf'), Charles Smith, Droitwich, Geo. Howell, rector of Llangattock Crickhowell, D. James, Pant-teg, Thomas G. Jones ('Tafalaw'), Morris Williams ('Nicander'), David Charles, Trevecca, Lewis Thomas, London, Eliza Hughes, London, Jno. Jayne, Jonathan Reynolds ('Nathan Dyfed'), Thos. Kerslake, bookseller, Bristol, Rowland Williams ('Hwfa Môn'), W. Morris ('Gwilym Tawe'), Swansea, Philip D. Phillips [sic], Brynmawr, William Williams ('Caledfryn'), Ellis Roberts, harpist, London, Edw. Williams (son of 'Taliesin ab Iolo Morganwg'), Jno. Thomas ('Ieuan Glantawe'), Llanelly, Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy') (from Pennsylvania, U. S.A.), [Jane Davies] daughter of 'Gwallter Mechain', etc. The printed items include a prospectus of a collection of Prize Poems and Essays of the Beaumaris Eisteddfodau and North Wales Literary Society, to be edited by W. Jones, London; a prospectus of J. A. Simons: Meddlings with the Muse, 1840, together with a manuscript list of subscribers; Anerchiad at Genedl yr Hen Gymry. (Oddiwrth Cymreigyddion [sic] Caerludd), 1832; a theatre bill of the Theatre, Abergavenny, 1838; Extract from the Merthyr Guardian . . . November 11, 1837, relating to the commission of the peace of John Frost [Chartist leader]; a programme of the third anniversary of Abergavenny Cymreigyddion Society, 1836; a circular letter by Thomas Bevan ('Caradawc') to 'Cymreigyddion y Fenni', 1840; Can, o Glod J.J. Guest, Yswain, Cynyrchiolwr [sic] Merthyr, a'i hamgylchoedd yn y Senedd, by William Davies ('[Gwilym] Grawerth'), 1835; Pigionach o Benillion Ymadawol a adroddwyd gan Eiddil Ifor, yn Nghyfrinfa'r Iforiaid Caredig, 1844; verses entitled Brenin y Canibalyddion by 'Talhaiarn'; Can Newydd yn dangos Ardderchogrwydd yr Ysgol Sabbothol by D. Evans, Pontypridd, with the music score; verses entitled Y Sabboth by I. J.; verses entitled The Feelings of the Heart, written on the death of General Sir W. Nott, G.C.B. January 1st, 1845, and General Nott. Verses written on the Arrival of General Nott at Carmarthen, Sept. 11th 1844 and Lines written on the emphatic Words of General Nott, when meeting his friends at Carmarthen . . . by W. Thomas ('Gwilym Mai'); Can o Glod i Mr. John Jones, Am ei nodweddiad rhinweddol - a'i fedrusrwydd cywreingamp - fel Peirianydd, ac Arolygwr Gwaith Haiarn Cwmbran, Swydd Fynwy by Edward Williams ('Iolo Mynwy'); Lines occasioned by the interment of the Reverend Timothy Thomas, of Islington . . .1827 by Stephen Davis, Clonmel; verses entitled Y Cymreigyddion by 'Cyfaill i'r Cymreigyddion' [John Davies, 'Brychan', Tredegar]; Statement of Account of the Caradawc Benefit Society . . . Llanwenarth . . ., 1859-1860; Galar-gan er coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Mr. Abel Lewis, Taliedydd, (Cashier,) Pen y-darran, 1845, by 'Galarwr' (J. Edwards, 'Meiriadog'); John Michael, Treasurer, in Account with the Abergavenny Cymreigyddion Society, 1836-1837; Ode on the Death of His Royal Highness Prince Albert by W. Downing Evans, Newport, co. Monmouth, 1861; verses entitled Hanes Ffair y Waun by 'Gwilym Grawerth'; a proof programme and a broadsheet of subjects and prizes of the Swansea National Eisteddfod, 1863; broadsheets announcing a National Token from South Wales to [Alexandra] Princess of Wales, together with a list of subscriptions and a receipt, 1863, from the Treasurer [Augusta Hall] Lady Llanover to 'Caradawc y Fenni' for his subscription; verses entitled A Christmas Piece by William Jones, Abergavenny, 1862; Anthem, composed in celebration of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and the Princess Alexandra by the Reverend William Pollock, M.A., vicar of Bowdon, 1863; verses entitled Y Chwech Englyn Buddygol i Arglwyddes Llanover (Gwenynen Gwent,) yn cynnwys diolch am ei nhawdd i Gymdeithas Lenyddol Gwenynen Gwent, Brynmawr and Tri Hir a Thoddaid i John Jayne, Ysw., Pantybailiau House, am ei Haeolrydedd yn rhoddi £20 tuag at gynorthwyo Tlodion Llanelli, pan safodd y Gweithfeydd y lle uchod yn 1861, both by John Thomas ('Ifor Cwm Gwys'); and H. Hughes ('Tegai'): Pregeth Angladdol David Williams, Ysw. (Alaw Goch ,) Miskin, gynt o Ynys Cynon, Aberdare (Caernarfon [1863]). The press cuttings are taken from a variety of local and national newspapers, e.g., Monmouthshire Merlin, Merthyr Guardian, Hereford Times, Seren Cymru, Seren Gomer, Illustrated Times, Morning Post, The Times, The Observer, etc., and items of Welsh interest include accounts of coronation festivities at Abergavenny, 1831, and of the loss of the 'Rothsay Castle', 1831; a list of literary and musical competitions arranged by 'Cymreigyddion yr Alarch', Merthyr Tydfil, undated; accounts of the opening of the Crumlin Viaduct, 1857, of the destruction of the South Wales Railway bridge over the river Usk at Newport, 1848, and of the colliery explosion at Risca, 1860; and a mass of poetry by contemporary local bards. NLW MS 12355F contains two engraved portraits of the Reverend Francis Hiley, Llanwenarth, and at the end of the same manuscript are some additional press cuttings mounted by Lady H. A. Robinson, relating largely to the death of King Edward VII. The outside upper covers are labelled respectively 'Caradawc's Scrap Book No. 1' and 'Caradawc's Scrap Book No. 2'.

Account book,

  • NLW MS 2200D.
  • Ffeil
  • [19 cent.]

A Carmarthenshire general dealer's ledger, used also as a memorandum book by John Thomas, Cwmsydan, Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire.

Thomas, John, 1763-1834

Morris letters,

Twenty-eight holograph letters and a fragment of another, 1728-1764, of the Morrises of Anglesey and their circle, the correspondents being Rhist. Morys, London (4), Llywelin Deheubarth (1), Edward Hughes, Aberystwyth and Gallt Vadog (5), Lewis Morris, London and Galltvadog (10), [Goronwy Owen] 'Gronwy Ddu', Llundain (1), Margt. Owen, Pentrerianell (5), Wm Morris, Caer Gybi Sant (1), an unnamed correspondent, Llanvayr Clwydogau (1), and Richd. Morris, Rhydyraderyn (1). All these letters have been published except possibly that of Rich[ar]d Morris, Rhydyraderyn (1764), and a chronological list with references has now been inserted in the volume. Most of the letters have been published in Additional Letters of the Morrises of Anglesey (1735-1786), ed. Hugh Owen (Y Cymmrodor, Vol. XLIX, Part II (1949). They are followed by copies of letters written to [Hugh Hughes] Hugh ap Hugh, Llwydiarth Esgob by John Thomas [d. 1769], Bangor and Bewmaris [sic], 1764-7 (3), and Rhist. Morys, Llundain, 1760-70 (4, one possibly holograph). At the end of the volume are items of verse by various authors, including S. W., Owen Gruffydd, John Roderick, Sion Onest, 1736, Hugh Morris, Ellis Cadwaladr and Evan Williams 'Telynior yn Llundain' (a translation of 'Lovely Peggy').

Miscellaneous tracts,

A collection of historical tracts transcribed by John Thomas from manuscripts of Evan Evans ('Ieuan Brydydd Hir') - a transcript of the Charter granted by Henry VII to the inhabitants of North Wales, 1507; a translation of De Bardis Britannicis Dissertatio, 1760; extracts from correspondence concerning Welsh antiquities between Lewis Morris, Edward Richard, Dr Philips, Blaenpant, and Samuel Pegge, 1759-1760; a transcript of Sir John Wynne's History of the Gwydir Family; and a copy of the pedigree of the families mentioned in that work brought down to 1764, and taken from a manuscript in the possession of Lewis Owen, curate of Llanllechid.

Thomas, John, 1736-1769

Enwogion Sir Feirionnydd,

A manuscript written by Griffith Jones ('Gytyn Ardudwy'), containing biographical sketches of Ellis Pugh ('Ap Hu'), John Thomas, D.D. and Owen Wynne Jones ('Glasynys'); and a fragment of a questionnaire on constitutional history.

Jones, Griffith, fl. 1876-1886.


  • NLW MS 23692A.
  • Ffeil
  • 1826-1876

A volume containing Welsh poetry in free and strict metres, in the hand of David Evans (Dewi Dysul), Llandysul, Cardiganshire (see W. J. Davies, Hanes Plwyf Llandyssul (Llandysul, 1896, repr. 1992), pp. 253-5), mostly written by himself and relating to local events and personalities. Also included are diary entries, 1839-1872, relating to the weather and agricultural memoranda (ff. 70-81verso, inverted text).
The volume contains a Welsh carol, 1828 (ff. 1-2), Welsh poems sent as Valentines, 1850-1851 (ff. 13, 15, 33), a poem in praise of Llanover Hall, [1860s] (f. 52 verso), a poem in praise of John Hopkins (Ioan Glan Tees), 1863 (ff. 53 recto-verso), a Welsh metrical version of Mother Shipton's Prophecy, 1873 (f. 59), a poem on the death of the son of David Davies (Glan Cunllo), 1867 (f. 55 verso), and a chart of early-nineteenth century Welsh poets compiled by John William Thomas (Arfonwyson), [c. 1840] (f. 74 verso).

Evans, David, Dewi Dysul.


  • NLW MS 16633A.
  • ffeil
  • 1840

Copi o Almanac am 1840…, gol. gan John William Thomas (Llanrwst, [1839]), gyda chofnodion dyddiadur, Ionawr-Rhagfyr 1840 (gyda bylchau), gan Thomas Richard, [Ty'ncoed, Lledrod, Ceredigion], yn cofnodi yn bennaf cyfarfodydd crefyddol (ff. 10-39 passim). = A copy of Almanac am 1840…, ed. by John William Thomas (Llanrwst, [1839]), with brief diary entries, January-December 1840 (with gaps), by Thomas Richard, [Ty'ncoed, Lledrod, Cardiganshire], mainly recording religious meetings (ff. 10-39 passim).
Ceir cyfeiriadau hefyd at weithio ar y cynhaeaf yn ardal Weobley, swydd Henffordd (ff. 27 verso-28, 29 verso), a chyfrifon parthed ei waith fel saer celfi (f. 20). = Thre are also references to his work on the harvest in the Weobley area, Herefordshire (ff. 27 verso-28, 29 verso), and accounts relating to work as a cabinet maker (f. 20).

Richard, Thomas, active 1840.

E. T. John papers

  • GB 0210 ETJOHN
  • Fonds
  • 1881-1931

Personal and political papers of E. T. John, 1881-1931, including correspondence, 1886-1931; personal and family papers, 1882-1930; political papers, 1907-1930; papers relating to Welsh and Celtic cultural movements, 1912-1930; posters and programmes, 1881-1927; and miscellaneous papers and publications, [c. 1894]-1930.

John, Edward T. (Edward Thomas), 1857-1931

Welsh Nationalist League papers,

  • NLW MS 21910E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1911-1912.

Correspondence, papers and press cuttings, 1911-1912, relating to the Welsh Nationalist League (Cyngrair Cenedlaethol Cymreig), formed at Caernarfon in January 1911 to press for Home Rule for Wales on federal lines and organised by Dr Edward Lloyd Owen ('Iorwerth Feddyg') and John Williams ('Cambrensis'), both of Cricieth. There are also a few papers relating to the St David's Order of Chivalry (Urdd Arwrol Dewi Sant), founded in 1912. The correspondence, mainly addressed to 'Cambrensis', includes letters from W. Llewelyn Williams, MP, Walter F. Roch, MP, Sir J. Herbert Lewis, MP, Francis Edwards, MP, E. T. John, MP (8), Clement Edwards, MP, the Reverend E. Tyrrell-Green, Beriah Gwynfe Evans (2), Silyn Roberts and Lord Harlech.

Letters: Jacki-Joseph,

The correspondents include: J. Spinther James (4), 1901-1910, Gwili (Rev. J. Jenkins), 1918, E. T. John MP, 1913, and W. Goscombe John (8), 1899-1922.

James, J. Spinther (James Spinther), 1837-1914

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from John Ballinger, W. J. Gruffydd (2), John M. Howell, Aberaeron, David James ('Defynnog'), E. T. John, J. Ifano Jones, J. Towyn Jones, T. Gwynn Jones (3), Timothy Lewis, Robert Williams Parry (2), D. Rhys Phillips (2), A. Osmond Williams, and John Williams, Brynsiencyn.

Ballinger, John, 1860-1933

General letters to O. M. Edwards

The file includes letters from Alfred T. Davies, D. Miall Edwards, H. J. Fleure (2), William George, J. Ceiriog Hughes ('Ceiriog'), E. T. John, Henry Haydn Jones, T. Gwynn Jones, J. Herbert Lewis, Thomas Powel, John Rowland, Alfred Thomas, Lord Pontypridd, David Thomas, Sir John Williams Bart, and John Owen Williams ('Pedrog').

Davies, Alfred T


Letters addressed to Gwilym Hughes mainly concerning the activities of Salem Welsh Calvinistic Church, Canton, Cardiff, by W. Daniel, Cardiff, 1911, Aaron Davies, Barry Dock, 1912, W. J. Davies, Cardiff, 1906, John Grant, Llanfaircaereinion, 1911, E[dward] T[homas] John, Eaglescliffe [co. Durham], 1910, Job John, Cardiff, 1910, Tom John, Cardiff, 1907, R. C. Lewis, Port Talbot, 1905-1911, Albert H. Moreland, Cardiff, David Morgan, Cardiff, D[avid] O'Brien Owen, Caernarvon, 1911, D[aniel] M[ydrin] Phillips, Tylorstown, 1905, M. Radcliff, Dinas Powis, 1906, J. Richards, Blaengwynfi, 1911, James Stephens, Cardiff, 1917, Cuthbert Thomas, Aberystwyth, Llandeilo and Cardiff, 1908-1911, J. Williams, Pencoed, 1911, T[homas] Charles Williams, Gwalchmai, 1903, and W. G. Williams, Cardiff.

Letters to T. Huws Davies

  • NLW MS 16354D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1906-1930

Some thirty-eight letters, 1906-1930, in English and Welsh, addressed to Thomas Huws Davies, relating to the work of the Welsh Church Commission (of which he was secretary, 1914-1940) and to other religious bodies in Wales and the Welsh Church Acts.
Among the correspondents are J. H. Davies, 1913 (ff. 5-10), A. G. Edwards, Archbishop of Wales, 1909-1923 (ff. 13-15, 17), E. T. John, 1930 (ff. 21-24), Frank Morgan, 1920 (f. 27), Sir H[enry] W. Primrose, 1918-1919 (ff. 28-41), Alfred Thomas, Baron Pontypridd, 1913 (ff. 48-49), R[ichard] M[acaulay] Thomas, 1909-1911 (ff. 50-57), Sir John Williams, 1909 (f. 58), and W. Llewelyn Williams, 1910-1917 (ff. 61-70). Also included are one letter each from Davies, 1919 (ff. 42-45), and A. G. Edwards, 1920 (f. 16), to Sir H. W. Primrose; a letter from C[harles] P[restwich] Scott to J. Arthur Price, 1912 (f. 47); and two drafts of a letter by Davies, on behalf of the Home Secretary, published in The Times, 17 June 1912, p. 4 (ff. 71-77).

Davies, T. Huws (Thomas Huws), 1882-1940.

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