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First broadcast: 1987.
UID: Unknown.
Typed fragment of script advertising a concert with proceeds going to cystic fibrosis.

Papers relating to John Jones, Junior

  • NLW MS 24046E.
  • Ffeil
  • (1545/6)-[1840s]

An album, [19 cent., second ¼], probably compiled by a member of the Clay family of Liverpool and St Asaph, which includes some thirty-one items, (1545/6)-[1716], relating to John Jones, son of Col. John Jones, the regicide, and his family (ff. 1-14, 16-19).
Among these items are some fourteen letters addressed to John Jones, Junior, 1663-1714 (ff. 1-3 verso, 4 verso, 5-6, 16, 17), and two to his wife (f. 3); three letters to Thomas Jennings, Dudleston, 1633-1634 (ff. 7 verso-8); a copy of The Post Man, And the Historical Account, &c., 230 (27-29 October 1696) (f. 9); a poem on the Battle of Oudenaarde, 1708 (ff. 10-11); a handbill for a performance of Henry IV, [Part I], [1716] (f. 13); a final concord levied on properties in Salisbury, (1545/6) (f. 18); and a letter from Robert [?Nedham] to Roger Puleston of Emral, [?1582] (f. 19). The album also includes papers of the Clay family, 1739, 1743, 1806-[?1843], being mostly letters addressed to Henry Clay (onetime Mayor of Liverpool) from correspondents including aristocrats connected with Liverpool (ff. 66 verso-73 verso passim, inverted text); various pencil or pen and ink sketches and watercolour paintings, [19 cent, first ½], at least some of which are by Henry's daughter B[arbara] F[rances] C[lay] (ff. 57 verso, 60 verso, 61 verso, 62 verso, 76 verso-81 verso (versos only), 84 verso, 85 verso, 86 verso); newspaper cuttings, [1831]-[1841] (ff. 26 verso-35); and miscellaneous engravings, 1809-[?1840s] (ff. 14 verso, 36-37, 39-43, 88 verso-90 verso). Items found loose within the volume have been tipped in, either in situ or on blank leaves (some 22 ff.).

Correspondence, &c., of John Jones, Junior, and others,

Holograph letters and miscellaneous papers of the family of John Jones, Junior, of Wrexham, etc. The writers include Anne Vaughan, Corsygedol, to her brother Collonell Hugh Wynne, Bodscallan near Conway, [16]72 (a dispute with Mr. Jones of Wrexam over a right of way); Humphrey Jones to John Jones, 1673-1681 (4), and to [his step-daughter] Mary Jones, [16]86 (James Payne's portion, a debt due from Tho. Humphreys, and other money matters, a tenant for the ferry at Conway; the receipt of the writer's rent, the troubles of 'poor Dicke' [Richard Jones of Llanenddwyn]); J[onathan] Edwardes [archdeacon of Londonderry], Newtown Limavady, to his nephew [John] Jones, [16]79 (news of the writer's family); Charles Price, Machynlleth, to [John Jones] 1683 (Humffrey Jones's estate) (endorsed with a letter from Thomas Griffith, Llanciling, [16]83); Ann Major, London, to her aunt Mrs. Mary Jones, Brynnyfunon in Wrexham, 1684 (news of the writer's family); Jo. Jones to [his father-in-law Humphrey Jones], [16]84, and from Wrexham, etc., to his wife Mary Jones, Brin y ffynnon, etc., 1686-1690 (9) (an account of the possession of Penamnen, the likely ruin of the Taltreithin estate, personal, concerns in Mallwyd, Sir Richard Middleton's death, hangings in the Wrexham area, news of friends, money matters, the writer's term of office as sheriff [of Denbighshire], elections of 1690, Merioneth sessions); Roger Sontley, Wrexham, to Mr. 'Debity' Jones, Aldermanbury, London, 1689 (legal, news of actions in Ireland); Mary (Marry) Jones to her [step-]father Humphrey Jones, Aldermanbury, London, [16]86, and to [her husband John Jones], undated (2) (the recipient's concerns, losses caused by Tho. Jones, a visit to Sir W[illiam] W[illiams]); Wm. Williams to [ ] Jones, 1688 (arrears of rent) (fragment); F[ranics] Prichard, Jesus Coll[ege, Oxford], to John Jones, [16]88 (Oxford University news); Vrsula Mathewes, Blodwell, to her aunt Mary Jones, Cheapside, London [1689/90] (personal, the elections) (together with a postscript by the recipient's niece F[rances] Edwards); Thomas ?Speed, London, to John Jones, 169[ ] (the passing of Sir J. Fenwick's Act, Hugh Nanny's appointment as Vice-Admiral of North Wales, the negotiation of a treaty, a proclamation concerning hammered money) (mutilated); E. Wynne to John Jones, [16]92 (a transaction with the recipient's uncle) (endorsed with a note by John Jones); O[wen] P[richard] to John Jones, 1693 (money matters, alms money belonging to Beaumaris School, Dyffryn [Ardudwy] and Mallwyd rents, the employment of a miner); [Sir] Wi[lliam] Williams [1st bart.], Greys Inn, to Mr. Sergeant Rutland, [16]95 (the sealing of cousin Jones's deed); George Wooller, Chester, to John Jones, [16]95 (Mrs. Anne Jones's poor and low condition); Jo. Nicholas, Hook Norton, etc., to John Jones, 1696-1709 (2) (an invitation, family news); Richard Vaughan, Dolegwin, [16]99 (the writings belonging to Vchlawrcoed, etc., the recipient's rights to Talwrn); Charles King, Oxon., to John Jones, 1705 (the sale of the recipient's books, life in Oxford); U. Bridgeman, Blod[well], to her uncle John Jones, 1710 (legal); and John Williams, London, to John Jones, 1714/15 (lottery tickets). The miscellaneous papers include the certificate, 1663, by John Taylor, clerk of the parish of Woolwich, of the marriage of John Jones and Mary Paine on 9 February, 1662/3 (mutilated); rentals and memoranda, 1665-1696 and undated, relating to estates in Mallwyd, Montgomeryshire, and in Dyffryn [Ardudwy], Merioneth; the instrument, 17 April, 1696, of the appointment of John Jones, esquire, to be deputy lieutenant of the county of Merioneth (seal wanting); a sheet containing particulars of the location and measurements of parcels of land, 1701; lists of title-deeds, temp. Edward VI-1695 and undated, relating to land in Ardidwy, Merioneth; the will of John Jones of the township of Dudliston, co. Salop, esquire, 24 February, 1714/15 (cancelled 17 April, 1717); a poem, undated, by John Carless entitled 'To His Ever Honoured Patron Mr. Humphry Jones of Aldermanbury. And one of the Common Counsell of this Great Matropolis'; instructions, undated, to Owen Prichard concerning deeds and writings [of John Jones]; a list of manors in the lordshp of Bromfield and Yale, with an estimate of the profits of their courts, 11-14 Charles [II] (1659-1662); an account of the reprises due to the purchasers of Bromfield and Yale [after 1653]; and a list, undated, of the hundreds, parishes, and parts of parishes in the lordship of Englefeild.

Correspondence, &c., of Ann Edwards, Cilhendre,

Holograph letters addressed to, and papers of, Ann Edwards [the elder] of Cilhendre. The writers include Griffith Kyffin, 1704 (the gift of beef, personal); Ja. Bridgeman, Blod[well], 1718 (the exchange of books, the wedding of Sr. Charles Lloyd); cousin E. Morrall, 1719/20 (Mr. Trevor's case before the House of Lords); Eliz. Markham, 1730 (a bond and a loan); niece Kath. William[s], Chester, undated (2) (personal); niece V. Mathewes, Blodwell, undated (the return of the writer's cousin); daughter F[rances] E[dwards], undated (cousin John's visit to Glascoyd, godmother to cousin Richard Kyffin's daughter); etc. The miscellaneous papers include a note by Edward Podmore for sums of money received from Madam Edwards's servant; a memorandum of account between Edward Morrall and Ann Edwards, 1730 (see also NLW MS 11452C); receipts, 1752-1753, for legacies bequeathed by Mrs. Frances Edwards; etc.

David Davies (Dewi Eden),

Llawysgrif David Davies (Dewi Eden), Ardudwy a'i gwron sef y Cyrnol John Jones o Faesygarnedd, Cwmnantcol, ger Drws Ardudwy ym Meirion (1600-1660) , 1912 [a gyhoeddwyd yn 1914]. Y teitl gwreiddiol oedd 'Bywgraphiad neu Hanes y Cyrnol John Jones, o Faesygarnedd ...'. Ceir englynion coffa ganddo i Hedd Wyn a ddarllenwyd yn y cyfarfod coffa yn Nhrawsfynydd, 1917, a llythyr oddi wrth W. Lloyd Davies, 1927.

Davies, David, Dewi Eden, 1858-1929.

Llandecwyn, Llanenddwyn and Llanfair[-juxta-Harlech] deeds,

Title deeds dated between 1500 and 1664, relating to properties of the Wynn family in the parish of Llandecwyn, 1500-1601, including mortgages between Moris ap Robert Wynn and his brother, Ellis; a bond to Moris ap Robert Wynn for further assurance of property in Llanfair[-juxta-Harlech], 159; and deeds for Taltreuddyn in Llanenddwyn, 1595-[c. 1695]. The Taltreuddyn deeds include a copy of the prenuptial agreement of Henry Price and Lowry vch Edward, 1596, in which Moris and Ellis ap Robert Wynn were nominated trustees; documents relating to a mortgage of Taltreuddyn and Yr Hen Efel to John Jones the Regicide, which after his execution was administered by his trustees, 1664; and authorisation by Griffith Wynne to Robert Wynne of Taltreuddyn to make leases and collect rents on his behalf, [c. 1695].

Taltreuddyn Estate (Wales)

Llythyrau cydymdeimlad,

Llythyrau cydymdeimlad, 1985, a anfonwyd at deulu Harri Gwynn, gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Glyn Ashton, Teleri [Bevan], Marged Dafydd, Eirian Davies, Islwyn Ffowc [Elis], Mari [Ellis], Gwynfor Evans, Mered[ydd Evans], R. Geraint Gruffydd, D. G. Lloyd Hughes, Dafydd Islwyn, A. O. H. Jarman, Gwilym R. [Jones], Harri Pritchard Jones, John [Gwilym Jones], R. Gerallt Jones, D. Tecwyn Lloyd, Alan Llwyd, Emyr Price, Selyf [Roberts], Gwyn [Thomas] a Gwilym Tilsley. Ceir hefyd restr o'r rhai a anfonodd lythyr neu gerdyn cydymdeimlad.

Ashton, Glyn M

Llythyrau J-N,

Llythyrau, [1948]-[1983], gan gynnwys rhai oddi wrth Bedwyr Lewis Jones, Bobi Jones (2), Dafydd Glyn Jones, E. D. Jones, F. Wynn Jones, Glyn Jones, Gwilym R. Jones, J. E. Jones, John Gwilym Jones (2), Kitty Idwal Jones, Henry Lewis, [D.] Tec[wyn] Lloyd (8), Alan Llwyd (2), Tom Macdonald, Awen Mona, Prys Morgan, T. J. Morgan, James Nicholas (3), a W. Rhys Nicholas.

Jones, Bedwyr Lewis

Llythyrau J

Mae'r ffeil hon yn cynnwys llythyrau oddi wrth: D. Lloyd Jenkins (1), R. T. Jenkins (2), Cynan (1), Yr Athro D. James Jones (1), E. D. Jones (1), Dr Gwenan Jones (1), John Charles Jones, Archesgob Bangor (1), John Gwilym Jones (1), John Morris-Jones (1), Mary Vaughan Jones (1) a T. Gwynn Jones (1). Ceir hefyd saith llythyr gan Annie M. Jones, Machynlleth, yn trafod hanes yr achos Methodistaidd ym Melinbyrhedyn, Darowen.

Jenkins, D. Lloyd (David Lloyd), 1896-1966

Llythyrau : marwolaeth Dafydd

Llythyrau a chardiau cydymdeimlad, 1980-1981, yn dilyn marwolaeth Dafydd Peate. Yn eu plith mae rhai gan Douglas Bassett; Gerard Casey; Alun Talfan Davies; J. Eirian Davies; Jennie Eirian Davies; Gwilym Prys Davies; Gwyn Erfyl; George Ewart Evans; R. Alun Evans; David Jenkins; E. D. Jones; Gwyn O. Jones; Harri Pritchard Jones; J. Gwilym Jones; R. Brinley Jones; Ceri Lewis; D. Tecwyn Lloyd; W. Rhys Nicholas; Dyfnallt Morgan; Trefor M. Owen; Thomas Parry; Ernest Roberts; Kate Roberts; Selyf Roberts; Wyn Thomas; Gwilym R. Tilsley; John Roberts Williams; a Stephen J. Williams. Yn ogystal, mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys copi o'r deyrnged, 1980, a draddodwyd yn yr angladd.

Bassett, Douglas A. (Douglas Anthony)


Printed items, typescript and press cuttings, and a few letters, 1984-1987, on the general theme of unemployment. There are references to the 1984-1985 miners' strike in South Wales. The file includes letters from Derrick Childs, Archbishop of Wales, (2) 1986, Nicholas Edwards (3), 1984-1986, Rev. John Gwilym Jones (2), 1986, Elaine Morgan (2), 1986, Siân Phillips (2), 1986, Sir Cennydd Traherne, 1986, Peter Walker (2), 1984, and John Aloysius Ward, Archbishop of Cardiff, 1986.

Childs, Derrick Greenslade, 1918-1987.

Hugh Griffith

Deunydd yn ymwneud â'r actor Cymreig Hugh Griffith, sy'n cynnwys:
Cardiau post yn dangos Theatr Frenhinol Shakespeare a Theatr yr Alarch (Swan Theatre), Stratford-upon-Avon (di-ddyddiad).

Taflenni argraffiedig gyda manylion dadorchuddio cerflun er cof am Hugh Griffith gan y cerflunydd John Meirion Morris. Am yr achlysur hwn, gweler, er enghraifft: https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/hugh-griffith-19121980-277631 [1980].

Llungopi o 'Y Gigfran', drama radio a ddarlledwyd ar Radio Cymru, 15 Tachwedd 1946, sy'n seiliedig ar waith y llenor Edgar Allan Poe, yn arbennig felly ei gerdd 'The Raven', a atgynhyrchir yma ochr-yn-ochr â chyfieithiad y gerdd i'r Gymraeg; cymerir rhan cymeriad 'Llais 2' gan Hugh Griffith. Dyddir y deunydd gwreiddiol [1946].

Llungopi o erthygl yn y wasg gan Hugh Griffith yn dwyn y teitl 'Tro ym Mhen Llŷn' (dim dyddiad yn amlwg, ond mae cynnwys yr erthygl yn awgrymu dechrau'r Ail Ryfel Byd).

Llungopi o gyfieithiad i'r Saesneg [?gan ac] yn llaw y gwleidydd, bardd, dramodydd a'r adolygydd llenyddol Saunders Lewis o bennill gyntaf yr emyn 'Iesu, Iesu, 'rwyt ti'n ddigon, 'Rwyt ti'n llawer gwell ['mwy' yw'r testun cywir] na'r byd ...' (di-ddyddiad).

Llungopïau o ffotograffau yn dangos Hugh Griffith yn ei fynych rannau mewn ffilmiau (di-ddyddiad, ond awgrymir dyddiad yn ôl y ffilm).

Darlun cartŵn o Hugh Griffith yn rhan Falstaff (1964) (gweler https://collections.shakespeare.org.uk/search/museum/strst-sbt-2017-13-38). Dyddir y deunydd gwreiddiol [1964].

Llungopïau o lythyrau at Hugh Griffith, sydd bennaf yn trafod gwaith a llwyddiannau Griffith, y gohebwyr fel a ganlyn:
Y gwleidydd, bardd, dramodydd a'r adolygydd llenyddol Saunders Lewis (1950, 1959, 1960, 1975); y darlledwr a swyddog gweithredol y BBC Huw Wheldon (1954); yr actor a'r canwr Richard Harris (1962); y bardd, adolygydd ac ysgolhaig Gwenallt (1962); y gwleidydd, cyfreithiwr ac awdur Gwynfor Evans ([?1963]); y bardd a'r dramodydd Cynan (1965); y dramodydd, awdur ac ysgolhaig John Gwilym Jones (1965); y bardd a'r dramodydd Christopher Fry (1975); a'r newyddiadurwr, awdur a gohebydd John Arlott (di-ddyddiad).
Ceir hefyd lythyr di-ddyddiad oddi wrth 'Charlotte' (enw'r derbynnydd yn annarllenadwy).

Llungopïau a chopïau o lythyrau oddi wrth Hugh Griffith, y gohebwyr fel a ganlyn:
Y gwleidydd, cyfreithiwr ac awdur Gwynfor Evans (1964); y bardd a'r dramodydd Cynan (1965); y bardd, adolygydd ac ysgolhaig Gwenallt (1965); a'r awdur, cynhyrchydd drama ac ymgyrchydd iaith Norah Isaac (1940-1941, 1961 a di-ddyddiad), rhai o'r llythyrau wedi'u hanfon tra bod Griffith yn cyflawni gwasanaeth milwrol yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd.

Llungopïau a chopïau teipysgrif o lythyrau oddi wrth Hugh Griffith at aelodau teuluol, gan gynnwys yr actores a'r athrawes Elen Roger Jones a'i gŵr Gwilym Roger Jones, sef chwaer a brawd-yng-nghyfraith Hugh Griffith, a'u merch Mary (neu Meri) Rhiannon (un llythyr yn anghyflawn) (1942-1945, 1957-1959 a di-ddyddiad); a'i fam Mary Griffith (di-ddyddiad). Anfonwyd nifer o'r llythyrau tra 'roedd Griffith yn cyflawni gwasanaeth milwrol yn ystod yr Ail Ryfel Byd.

Llungopïau a chopïau yn bennaf o ohebiaeth, 1960-1961 a di-ddyddiad, rhwng Hugh Griffith a chynrychiolwyr o gwmni ffilmiau Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) tra 'roedd Griffith yn chwarae, neu'n paratoi i chwarae, rhan 'Alexander Smith' yn y ffilm 'Mutiny on the Bounty' (1962), ynghyd â rhai amserlenni (call sheets) a rhan o'r sgript. Rhai o'r llythyrau oddi wrth Griffith wedi'u croesi allan a heb eu hanfon. Un llythyr yn Ffrangeg.

'The Peak'

Dau gopi o sgript 'The Peak', 1973, drama deledu gan y bardd a'r awdur Emyr Humphreys, wedi'i gyfieithu a'i addasu o'r stori fer Y Garnedd Uchaf gan y dramodydd, llenor ac academydd John Gwilym Jones o'i gyfrol Y Goeden Eirin, a gyfieithwyd fel The Plum Tree (https://www.ebay.com/itm/394017519616), ynghyd ag amserlenni (call sheets) dyddiedig Ionawr 1973.

Darnau rhyddiaith amrywiol,

  • NLW MS 21819E.
  • Ffeil
  • 1945-1970s.

Autograph drafts or texts of prose pieces, 1945-1970s, of miscellaneous provenance, by twentieth-century writers, mostly published. They include short stories: 'Tedi' by Harri Pritchard Jones, 'Cyfri Bysedd' by Marged Pritchard, and 'Yr Wylan Deg' by Kate Roberts; and two addresses, 'Y Broses Greadigol' and 'Saunders Lewis' by John Gwilym Jones, both published in 'Y Traethodydd'.

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol: 1965

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys llythyrau sy'n trafod gwaith yr Academi o ddydd i ddydd dan ysgrifenyddiaeth Euros Bowen, a threfniadau Cynhadledd Caredigion Taliesin yn benodol, ynghyd â sylwadau ar gyhoeddi Taliesin. Mae'n cynnwys llythyrau gan, a chyfeiriadau at, nifer fawr o lenorion adnabyddus, yn eu plith; Gwenallt, Bobi Jones, Alun Talfan Davies, John Gwilym Jones, Kate Roberts, Bedwyr Lewis Jones, Gwyn Thomas, Rhiannon Davies Jones, Alun Jones, Y Cilie, Gareth Miles a G. J. Williams.

Jones, Bobi, 1929-2017

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol: 1961

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys llythyrau sy'n trafod gwaith yr Academi o ddydd i ddydd dan ysgrifenyddiaeth Bobi Jones, ynghyd â sylwadau ar gyhoeddi Taliesin. Mae'n cynnwys llythyrau gan, a chyfeiriadau at, nifer fawr o lenorion adnabyddus, yn eu plith; D. Myrddin Lloyd, T. H. Parry-Williams, John Gwilym Jones, R. Gerallt Jones a J. E. Caerwyn Williams.

Jones, Bobi, 1929-2017

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol: 1960

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys gohebiaeth yn trafod cyfarfodydd cynnar yr Academi ac ethol ei swyddogion cyntaf; Yr Athro Griffith John Williams (Llywydd), Iorwerth Peate (Cadeirydd), Bobi Jones (Ysgrifennydd) a Gwilym R. Jones (Trysorydd), ynghyd â llungopïau o'r drafodaeth a fu yn y wasg a sylwadau ar gychwyn cylchgrawn yr Academi, y cyfeirir ato fel 'Y Llenor Newydd' ac a gyhoeddwyd yn ddiweddarach dan yr enw Taliesin. Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys llythyrau gan, a chyfeiriadau at, nifer fawr o lenorion adnabyddus, yn eu plith; J. Gwyn Griffiths, Islwyn Ffowc Elis, Kate Roberts, John Gwilym Jones, Emyr Humphreys, R. Gerallt Jones, T. H. Parry-Williams, R. T. Jenkins, E. Tegla Davies, Cynan, Saunders Lewis, J. M. Edwards, Thomas Parry, Gwenallt, Waldo Williams, Aneirin Talfan Davies, Pennar Davies, Euros Bowen, D. J. Williams, T. J. Morgan a D. Myrddin Lloyd.

Jones, Bobi, 1929-2017

Gohebiaeth gyffredinol: 1958

Mae'r ffeil yn cynnwys gohebiaeth yn trafod sefydlu'r Academi Gymreig dan ysgrifenyddiaeth a chadeiryddiaeth dros dro Bobi Jones a Thomas Parry, ac yn cynnwys trafodaeth ar natur ac aelodaeth wreiddiol yr Academi, gwahoddiadau i ymuno â hi ac ymatebion y rhai a wahoddwyd, ynghyd â llungopïau o'r ymateb a fu i'r newyddion yn y wasg. Mae'r llenorion dan sylw yn cynnwys Gwenallt, Gwilym R. Jones, J. Gwyn Griffiths, Waldo Williams, Islwyn Ffowc Elis, Kate Roberts, Euros Bowen, Aneurin Talfan Davies, Alun Llywelyn-Williams, Elis Gwyn Jones, Emyr Humphreys, R. S. Thomas, John Gwilym Jones a Pennar Davies. Ar gefn drafft o lythyr gan Bobi Jones mae copi o eirda a roddwyd iddo gan Griffith John Williams ym 1952.

Jones, Bobi, 1929-2017

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