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Timothy Lewis manuscripts
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Notes on signalling

Notes, 1917, of a course of lectures given to signalling instructors at the Command School of Signalling, Curragh Camp, co. Kildare, Ireland, given by Daniel Bertram Jones (b. 1888), who became headmaster of Abergele County School, and others.

The tribal system in Wales examined

A typescript copy, 1940, of 'The Tribal System in Wales Examined' by Timothy Lewis (1877-1958), a version of which was published as 'The Tribal System in Wales' in the Economic History Review, second series, 6 (1954), 297-304, and also 'Seebohm's Tribal System of Wales' in ibid., second series, 9 (1956), 16-33.

Timothy Lewis manuscripts

  • GB 0210 MSTIMLEW
  • Fonds
  • 1917-1940

A typescript copy, 1940, of a work entitled 'The Tribal System in Wales Examined', together with notes on signalling, 1917.

Lewis, Timothy, 1877-1958