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Casgliad o Gerddi a Charolau ...,

A collection of poetry almost entirely in free metres entitled 'Casgliad o Gerddi a Charolau ar amryw Destynau O waith amriw Feirdd Cymru'. The manuscript is in the hand of David Ellis, Cricieth, and was written around 1790-1. The poets represented are Arthur Jones ('Clochydd Llan Gadwaladr yn swydd Ddinbych') (1743-56), Morys Roberts (Bala), Huw Thomas (Llandderfel) (1729, 1752), David Ellis (1757-91), Huw Morys, Ellis Rowland (Harlech), William Wynne ('Person Llangynhafal') (1745), Richard Parry ('Athraw Ysgol yn Niwbwrch'), Ellis Cadwaladr (Edeirnion) (1718), Ellis ab Ellis ('Gweinidog Eglwys Rhos a Llan Dudno') (1683), Iolo ap Ieuan, Edward Morris, Edward Jones (Bodffari), Rhys Ellis ('o'r Waun'), David Jones otherwise 'Dafydd hir o Lanfair Talhaiarn', Griffith Edward, Morgan Llwyd (Maentwrog), Edward Samuel ('Person Llangarw gwyn'), and Evan Herbert ('Gweinidog Llan Illtud a Llan Fachreth'). At the end of the volume is a table of contents ('Cynwysiad y Caniadau') and an index of poets ('Enwau'r Prydyddion ...'). The spine is lettered 'David Ellis MS'.

Cerddi ac englynion

A collection of englynion, elegies, etc. in Welsh, apparently in the hand of Robert Hughes, 1739.

Hughes, Robert Collection of Welsh poetry (18 cent.), NLW MS 432B


A manuscript containing miscellaneous poetry in different hands, the earlier part c. 1710-1720; englynion and fragments of verse have been scribbled in the blank margins of the volume throughout. The manuscript also contains various extracts, notes, etc. Pagination is incorrect (see under Nifer Dail).

James Griffiths papers

  • GB 0210 JAMTHS
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1975 (accumulated 1912-1975)

Letters, newspaper cuttings, notes, pamphlets and periodicals, typescripts, reports, volumes of parliamentary debates, and other papers of James Griffiths relating to the following: the coal industry and the South Wales Miners' Federation, 1912-1967; the Labour Party, 1919-1975; the Central Labour College, 1919-1922; National Insurance, 1931-1954; the Colonies, 1939-1972; his work as Secretary of State for Wales, 1964-1966; papers relating to Welsh affairs including devolution, the Welsh Reconstruction Advisory Council, education and local government reorganization, 1935-1975; constituency affairs, 1937-1969; overseas visits, 1936-1968; the Nigeria-Biafra War, 1968-1970; papers relating to his autobiography Pages from Memory, including letters from Gwilym Prys Davies and others, 1961-1969, notebooks, [1960s], typescripts, [1964]-1969, and cuttings of reviews, 1969; unpublished reminiscences, 1955-1974; notes and typescripts for lectures and speeches, 1940-1971; typescripts of broadcasts by Griffiths, 1937-1967; typescripts of articles and reviews, 1940-1974; newspaper cuttings, 1919-1974; and other miscellaneous personal matter, [1930s]-1975; and papers relating to Mrs Silyn Roberts, 1897-1954.

Griffiths, James, 1890-1975

Personal correspondence

Personal correspondence, 2015 January-June, consisting of letters and cards, discussing mainly literary, political, and social matters, including correspondence from Ian McDonald (5); Emily Trahair (1); Bruce Clunies Ross (19); John Pickles (1); Anders Bune (3); Zoë Skoulding (1); Calvin Forbes (2); Nicholas Murray (10); Ned Thomas (1); Mike Parker (2); Peter Lord (2); Jen Wilson (1); Barry Butson (1); Jeff Titon (3); Jüri Talvet (2); Alan Barnie (3); Harriet Richards (2); Mike Wilson (1); Diane Bailey (1); Roynon Collings (1); Siân Melangell Dafydd (1); Helle Michelsen (1); Matthew Jarvis (1); and Manon Wynn Davies (1). The file also contains an order of service for the funeral of William Powell James; and a book report by John Barnie for 'Robert Graves, Wales & the White Goddess' by John Sharkey.

Personal correspondence

Personal correspondence, 2014 January-June, consisting of a card and letters, discussing mainly academic, literary, and social matters, including correspondence from John Barnie (1); Bruce Clunies Ross (14); Damian Walford Davies (1); Richard Poole (5); Ralph Maud (1); Peter Lord (4); Talfan Barnie (1); Carol Jenkins (1); Nicholas Murray (1); Ian McDonald (3); Stewart Brown (1); Gail Ashton (1); Cilla Huggins (1); Zoë Skoulding (1); Menna Elfyn (5); Twm Morys (1); David Lloyd (3); Ned Thomas (1); Robert Minhinnick (2); Mike Parker (2); Margot Morgan (2); Stevie Davies (1); Mick Felton (1); Gabrielle Carey (1); Barry Butson (1); Margaret Lloyd (1); and Tony Brown (1). The file also contains an order of service for the funeral of Nigel Jenkins; and a pamphlet for the memorial service of Dorothy Gwenlan.

Honouring T. H. Parry-Willliams

  • NLW ex 2873.
  • File
  • 1955

Letters, 1955, addressed mainly to T. I. Ellis, relating to securing a knighthood for Dr T. H. Parry-Williams 'for his services to Wales', including letters from Goronwy [Roberts] and James Griffiths. [He was knighted in 1958].

Ellis, T. I. (Thomas Iorwerth), 1899-1970

Aberavon constituency,

General correspondence relating to constituency matters, including several copies of letters from the Aberavon Constituency Labour Party. Includes a letter from James Griffiths.

Griffiths, James, 1890-1975

Caerynwch estate records

  • Fonds
  • 1534-[c. 1872]

Family papers and estate records, 1534-1872, mainly of the Edwards family of Cerrigllwydion, Denbighshire, and Dolserau, Merioneth, with a smaller amount of material of the Richards family of Caerynuwch, including family and estate letters, 1776-1859, deeds relating to the estate in Merioneth, Denbighshire and Flintshire, 1534-1859, and miscellaneous papers (mainly financial), [late 17 cent.]-1872.

Edwards family, of Cerrigllwydion, Denbighshire and Dolserau, Merionethshire

1. William Parry Richards of Park Crescent, Regents Park, Middlesex, esq,

  1. Marianne Catherine Richards of Eaton Square, Middlesex, spinster. Mortgage of a reversionary sum of stocks and shares in the Imperial Gas, Light, and Coke Co. Reversed is an assignment (1850, May 24) of this mortgage, being part of the marriage settlement of the said Marianne Catherine Richards and Le General Ramon Cabrera Conde de Morella in the Kingdom of Spain.

Robert Graves letters,

  • NLW MS 23931D.
  • File
  • [1966]-1973

Eleven letters, [1966]-1973, from the poet and novelist Robert Graves, to Owen M. Roberts, Bickley, Kent, his comrade in the Royal Welch Fusiliers, whom Graves credited with saving his life at High Wood in July 1916, during the Somme offensive (ff. 1-3, 5-12).
Also included is a carbon copy typescript letter from Roberts to Graves, 1 January 1968 (f. 4). The letters contain references to the battle at High Wood (ff. 1, 10), the Royal Welch Fusiliers (ff. 6, 8, 11), Siegfried Sassoon (ff. 1 verso, 2, 12 verso) and Harold Macmillan (f. 10 verso). Graves mentions Roberts in his autobiography, Goodbye to All That (London, 1929); Roberts's copy of the 1966 revised edition (see NLW ex 2334) contains an autograph dedication from Graves and a marginal gloss on p. 198.

Graves, Robert, 1895-1985

General correspondence,

Includes letters from T. F. Tout (4), Mary Davies (3), Almeric W. FitzRoy, Edward Anwyl, Edith F. Carey, E. Ch. Babut, W. H. Clark (2), W. A. Craigie, J. G. Frazer, Kuno Meyer (6), E. W. B. Nicholson (7), E. Vincent Evans (2), Salomon Reinach (3), Henry Owen (9), Edward Clodd (2), F. Haverfield (2), A. H. Sayce (3), John Ballinger, Henri Lechat (6), A. S. Green (12), Bertram C. A. Windle, Johannes Hoops, W. Boyd Dawkins (2), Alfred P Graves (2), Alfred Daniell, D. Rhys Phillips, Arthur L. Smith, Alfred E. Hudd, R. A. Stewart Macalister (2), G. L. Barstow (2), A. S. Napier, Edward Laws, J. E. de Hirsch Davies, James H. Cousins, C. P. Molhuysen, T. A. Glenn, T. Mansel Franklen (2), Émile Espérandieu, George Eyre Evans (6), D. Lleufer Thomas (2), Marie Henri d’Arbois de Jubainville (2), Michel Jouve, Patrick Lyons (2), Thomas Powel, J. Glyn Davies, Alfred G. Edwards, W. A. Henderson, Robert Cochrane (2), H. R. Reichel, John Edward Lloyd, I. Gollancz, P. M. C. Kermode (2), Henri Gaidoz (2), Julius Pokorny, Richard Lydekker, Charles Plummer, and J. P. Mahaffy.

General correspondence,

Includes letters from Lewis Morris (3), Eleanor Hull, T. Fisher Unwin, Harry Speight, J. Strachan (2), H. R. Reichel (2), Paul Vinogradoff, R. A. Stewart Macalister (6), Goddard H. Orpen (3), T. Mansel Franklen (10), D. Lloyd George, Rowland Ellis, Robert Cochrane (2), W. Warde Fowler (2, one enclosing a letter from Georg Wissowa), Marcus N. Tod, E. S. Dodgson (16), Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington (Earl Carrington), A. O. Vaughan ('Owen Rhoscomyl') (7), J. Glyn Davies (5), Norman Lockyer (2), J. H. Hessels, Betha Hills-Johnes, J. Jenkins ('Gwili'), James Hastings, Robert Mowat, P. M. C. Kermode (6), Kuno Meyer (2), W. R. Morfill (2), Hugh Williams (2), F. Haverfield (3), Edward Clodd (4), E. Maunde Thompson, E. Sidney Hartland, Patrick Lyons (9), John Beddoe, John Williams, E. Lorimer Thomas, John Garstang, Julio de Urquijo, Otto Franke, Camille Jullian (6), B. Nogara, O. A. Danielsson, E. Vincent Evans, H. Gaidoz, Émile Espérandieu, Sidney Herbert (Earl of Pembroke) (2), George Eley Halliday, W. H. Preece, Douglas Hyde, T. H. Thomas (14), E. P. Wright (2), Maurice FitzGerald (Duke of Leinster), W. Baldwin Spencer, S. H. Butcher, A. W. Howitt, J. Romilly Allen (4), T. Herbert Warren, Alfred P. Graves (2), E. C. Quiggin, E. Ch. Babut, W. H. Stevenson, D. Brynmor Jones (2), F. Carruthers Gould (2), Paul Meyer, T. C. Evans ('Cadrawd') (2), J. Mortimer Angus, William Osler, W. Llewelyn Williams, W. Temple (2), Francis J. Jayne, John Edward Lloyd, Martin Hume (2), Henry Owen, Frederick York Powell, Evan Jones ('Ieuan Buallt'), and Marcus Hartog.


General correspondence, 1907-1908, of David Lloyd George including letters from Alfred Perceval Graves (1), Marie Corelli (1), William Abraham MP ('Mabon') (1), Wilfred Laurier (1), Lord Murray of Elibank (1), Lord Tweedmouth (1), Andrew Bonar Law (1), Ellis Jones Griffith MP (1), Andrew Carnegie (3), Ellis W. Davies MP (1), and Herbert J. Gladstone MP (1). There are also six letters from a young lady friend, Gladys Gardner, 1908.

Poetry of John Dyer

Transcripts of variant texts of the poems of John Dyer, [c. 1855], compiled, with related notes, by William Hylton Dyer Longstaffe from Dyer manuscripts now lost and used by Robert Aris Wilmott for his 1855 edition of the poetry.


Miscellaneous notes, [c. 1726]-1756, by John Dyer, including farming accounts and memoranda, draft poems, extracts from devotional and secular literature, prayers and meditations, and various jottings, together with transcripts, [1847x1855], by William Hylton Dyer Longstaffe of poems and related material from other Dyer manuscripts, now dispersed.

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