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Poetry, a chronicle, &c.

Poems by Taliesin, Sion Brwynog, etc., a chronicle of the history of Britain from the earliest times to the eleventh century, based on Holinshed, Gildas, Nennius, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Wiliam Llyn, Dr. David Powel, etc., miscellaneous prophecies, ...

Barddoniaeth ac areithiau

Copies of 'cywyddau' by Guto'r Glyn, Hywel Cilan, Edward ap Raff ('prydydd dall oedd ef, 1587'), Rhys Cain (1598), Sion Brwynog, William Llŷn, Hywel Gethin 'o Gelynog', Rhys Pennardd, Hywel Rheinallt, and Gruffud...

Y Llyfr Cyntaf o Lwyn y Gell,

Transcripts of Welsh poetry by Owen Williams, Waunfawr, 1859, including poems by Ieuan Tew Hynaf, Siôn Brwynog, Dafydd ab Ieuan ab Owain, Cadwaladr Cesail o'r Gesail Gyfarch, Dafydd Nanmor, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, William Llŷn, Rhys Cain, Simwnt Fy...

Owain Gwyrfai.

Penillion, &c.

  • NLW MS 10745B.
  • File
  • 1814

'A Collection of Welsh Pennillion, etc.', in the hand of Richard Williams, Denbigh, 10 November, 1814, containing 'penillion telyn', 'englynion', and extracts from 'cywyddau' by Siôn Brwynog, Wiliam Llŷn, Go...

Williams, Richard, of Denbigh

Llyfr Ystrad Alun

  • NLW MS 7191B.
  • File
  • [late 17 cent.]

'Llyfr Ystrad Alun', containing (a) items in prose, (b) a very large number of 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', 'englynion', and 'carolau' or 'cerddi', and (c) some poems in English. -- (a) The pros...


A transcript by William Jones ('Bleddyn'), Llangollen, formerly of Beddgelert, of 'cywyddau' and 'englynion' by Dafydd ap Gwilym, Iolo Goch, Dafydd ab Edmwnd, Tudur Aled, Guto'r Glyn, Tudur Penllyn, Syr Rhys o Ga...

Bleddyn, 1829?-1903


'Llyfr Cowyddeu i Mr. William Wynn o Langoed yn sir fon'. 'Y Llyfr hwnn a scrifennodd William Davies Curat or plwy yn y flwyddyn o oedran yr Arglwydd: 1642'. It contains 'cywyddau', 'awdlau', and 'engly...

Court martial papers

The file comprises papers presenting the case, evidence, charges and minutes in the court martial, in 1813, of Capt. John Davies of the Western Regiment of Denbighshire Local Militia, for disrespectful behaviour to Col. John Wynne Griffith, includ...

Griffith, John Wynne, 1763-1834

Militia regulations, accounts and registers

The file comprises printed pamphlets, circulars and handwritten notices outlining regulations to be observed nationally by militia groups in Britain, and more particularly, by the Denbigh and Lleweni Volunteers, 1801-1807, accounts, 1813, and reco...

Denbighshire militia papers

The series includes papers relating to the Denbighshire militia, 1801-1813, 1871-1876, and papers concerning the court martial of Capt. John Davies and others of the Western Regiment of Denbighshire Local Militia, 1813.

Militia papers

The group comprises general records relating to the organisation of local militia groups, particularly in Denbighshire, 1801-1813, 1871-1876, and papers deriving from the involvement of John Wynne Griffith in a court martial in the Western Regimen...

Denbighshire Militia

Flintshire boroughs elections

The file comprises lists of voters in Caerwys and burgesses resident in the borough of Overton, watermark 1803, and list of candidates and state of the poll in the Flint borough election, 1806.

Caerwys (Wales : Borough)

Papers of general political interest

The series comprises a copy of a Chichester MP's letter, 1814, draft petitions to the House of Commons, draft minutes of a meeting convened by the High Sheriff of Denbigh, draft speeches and press cuttings, [c. 1826]-1897, concerning the Corn...

Denbigh borough elections

The file consists of papers relating to Denbigh borough elections, comprising lists of burgesses who voted for the sitting member, and burgesses whose votes were offered but rejected [c. 1742], and an enquiry of a committee to investigate undue el...

Borough election papers

The series comprises papers concerning borough elections of Denbigh and the Flintshire boroughs, including lists of burgesses voting [c. 1742], state of the poll, 1806, and an enquiry into undue election procedures, 1813.

Denbigh Town Council election papers

The file comprises invitations by officials of Denbigh Town Council to George Griffith to be re-elected as alderman and W.D.W. Griffith to stand for election as mayor, a printed election notice and a newspaper article describing a civic service to...

Denbigh Corporation

Administrative papers of burgesses

The file comprises copy lists of burgesses admitted in Holt between 1720 and 1740, minutes abstracted from Denbigh Corporation books in 1741, recording election of officials between 1699 and 1741, minutes abstracted from Ruthin Corporation books, ...

Denbigh Corporation

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