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Evan Richards papers

  • GB 0210 EVARDS
  • Fonds
  • 1787-1873

The papers consist of the personal papers and letters of, and acquired by, Evan Richards of Nanthenfoel, 1823-1872; family correspondence, 1826-1891; unproved Cardiganshire wills, 1805-1847; and miscellaneous documents of Cardiganshire interest, 1787-1853.

Richards, Evan, of Nanthenfoel

Llyfr Achau Cyf. VI,

A composite volume containing pedigrees in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd; 1802-1863). There are two main sections, both indexed: (A) 'Llyfr Achau amryw Deuluoedd yn Neheubarth a Gwynedd. Adysgrifiwyd genyf fi Ebenezer Thomas 1843'; (B) 'Several of the Carnarfonshire Pedigrees with some others. Copied by Ebenezer Thomas from accredited Authorities 1846', with some later additions by 'Eben Fardd' and one or two loose papers, not all in his hand. Inserted between pp. 74 and 75 in the first section are verses 'On the proposed Restoration of Clynnog Church by the "Archeological Association", 1847 ...' by 'Ebenezer Thomas, Bard; Clynnog Vawr'. At the end of the volume preceding some blank leaves are seven folios, the first of which is headed 'A Next of Kin Investigation' (concerning Erasmus Lloyd). These contain a pedigree of the descendants of Allan Lloyd of Freystrop, Pembrokeshire, exhibited by (?)Erasmus Thomas, Penygelli near Carnarvon and copied by E[benezer Thomas], 29 May 1843, at the Crown & Anchor, Carnarvon, genealogical notes concerning the Lloyds of Penamser, [Ynyscynhaearn], extracts relating to legal actions, 1843, involving the Tremadoc Estate, 'The Family Register of Ebenezer Thomas of Clynnog', lines entitled 'On the Death of my Mother' composed by Ebenezer Thomas 'after his beloved mother who died March 12: 1821', and a pedigree chart, with notes, showing the descent of Ebenezer Thomas through his maternal grandmother from the Lloyds of Penamser. The volume has been annotated here and there by John Jones (Myrddin Fardd).

Waste book of Eben Fardd,

A 'waste book' of Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd') consisting largely of problems in fluxions, together with 'The Welsh' and 'The Welsh Language' (being attacks on the Welsh people for their prejudices against the English language and their adherence to their native language), an incomplete draft of a play entitled 'Deio Meurig's Visit to Pwllhely on a Saturday afternoon in June', English and Welsh verses; etc.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

Llawysgrif Eben Fardd,

A miscellaneous volume largely in the autograph of Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'). The contents include items of poetry by Eben Fardd, pedigrees (one outlining the descent of Thomas Jerman Jones, 'my Pupil 1859'), two sketches ('The Cwmgwara Plantation' and 'my Birthplace'), a list of poetical compositions by Eben Fardd, 1819-39 (damaged), 'Analysis of Farmed Tenements in the Parish of Clynnog', notes on place names in the parish of Clynnog, a sketch map entitled 'A rough Delineation of the Parish of Clynnog fawr, showing very nearly the boundaries of its ancient 4 Villes' and another sketch map showing the Llanaelhaearn - Llangybi area, 'Annerchiad i Eben Vardd, ar Farwolaeth ei Anwyl Briod' by [Robert Hughes] 'Robyn Wyn' and 'englynion' entitled 'Annerchiad i Ebenezer Thomas' by Griffith Roberts, notes of a sermon by the Reverend W[illia]m Roberts, 1853, accounts relating to Cwm & Monachdy Manganese, 1841-2, and an early composition by Eben Fardd entitled 'Dyrnodiau ar bedair cadwyn ar hugain sy'n dal Meddyliau Beirdd Cymru yn gaeth yn Ngharchardy Cerdd Dafod'. Then follows a notebook labelled 'The Aberffraw Royal Eisteddfod MDCCCLIX [sic, for 1849 (MDCCCXLIX)]. The Judges' Controversy &c.,' originally containing outlines of one or two legal documents and a copy of a stamp bond, 1848, and subsequently used to contain press cuttings, etc. relating to the controversy which followed the adjudication of the poetical compositions at the Aberffraw Eisteddfod. There are also some transcripts by Eben Fardd and a holograph letter, 21 January 1850, from [John Jones] 'Talhaiarn', London to Eben Fardd. Preceding the blank pages at the end of the volume are some miscellaneous press cuttings and one or two items in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd '). Some of the material, including an advertisement for a literary meeting at Clynnog Fawr, 1859, has been pasted on to the pages.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

Gwaith 'Owain Gwyrfai',

A volume put together by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing material by, or relating to, Owen Williams ('Owain Gwyrfai'; (?)1790-1874), including Caniad Solomon, ... at yr hyn y 'chwanegwyd dwy o garolau newyddion; ynghyd ag awdl marwnad ... Sior y trydydd. gan Owen Williams (Caernarfon, 1820), cuttings from newspapers and periodicals of items by Owen Williams in prose and verse, obituary notices and articles concerning him, and a few items in the hand of 'Myrddin Fardd' e.g. 'Achau Owen Williams Waunfawr [O'i lawysgrif ef ei hun].'

Myrddin Fardd, 1836-1921

Gwaith 'Nicander',

A scrap-book of printed matter compiled by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') containing poetry by, and material relating to the life and work of, Morris Williams ('Nicander'; 1809-74).

Myrddin Fardd, 1836-1921

Gwaith Edward Samuel o Gwt y Defaid,

An exercise book (19 pp.) containing transcripts by John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of a few items of poetry in strict and free metre by Edward Samuel (1674-1748), including 'Cywydd Marwnad Hugh Jones o Fottegir .. [1715]', 'Beddargraff Robert Humphreys ['Robin Ragad']' and 'Carol Plygain ar y Fad-lef fawr.'.

Samuel, Edward, 1674-1748

Gleanings from God's Acre,

A draft version in the hand of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd') of pages 7-27, 42-49 of Gleanings from God's Acre (Pwllheli, 1903).

Myrddin Fardd, 1836-1921

Genealogical notes,

Genealogical notes, etc. in the autograph of John Jones ('Myrddin Fardd'), including notes on various Caernarvonshire families (e.g. Llandegwning [Williams], Saython, Nanhoron, Penardd, Wern-fawr, &c.), accounts of Gruffydd ab Cynan and Bleddyn ab Cynfyn and their descendants, a copy of a petition, undated, relating to Pwllheli Free School, and particulars of tombs at Edeyrn, Bodvean monuments, etc. The first page is headed 'From Kersley's Heraldry', otherwise the source is not given.

Myrddin Fardd, 1836-1921

Goronwy Owen,

A copy of 'Awdl er coffadwriaeth am y diweddar Goronwy Owain' composed by Ebenezer Thomas ('Eben Fardd'), with a letter from J. O. WIlliams ('Pedrog'), Liverpool, to G. J. Williams, Birmingham.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

Papurau Owain Lleyn,

  • GB 0210 OWAEYN
  • fonds
  • 1809-[1891] /

Llythyrau Owain Lleyn at ei feibion ac oddi wrth Eben Fardd, 1851-1860; torion papur newydd, barddoniaeth Owain Lleyn yn bennaf [1842]-[1891]; barddoniaeth a gyhoeddwyd yn Gwaith Barddol Owain Lleyn (1909), [c. 1842]-1860; barddoniaeth na chyhoeddwyd, [c. 1842]-[c. 1853]; a llyfrau nodiadau o ryseitiau ac ymarferion ysgol, 1809-[c. 1868]. = Letters from Owain Lleyn to his sons and from Eben Fardd, 1851-1860; newspaper cuttings, mainly of poetry by Owain Lleyn, [1842]-[1891]; poetry published in Gwaith Barddol Owain Lleyn (1909), [c.1842]-1860; unpublished poetry, [c. 1842]-[c. 1853]; and notebooks of recipes and school exercises, 1809-[c.1868].

Owain Lleyn, 1786-1867.

Llawysgrifau 'Tremlyn'

Papers, [c. 1860]-[c. 1890], of David Davies ('Tremlyn'), a clerk at Pen yr Orsedd quarry, Nantlle, Caernarvonshire, comprising notes on early British history, local history and genealogy, and on figures such as 'Eben Fardd' (Ebenezer Thomas) and 'Dic Aberdaron' (Richard Robert Jones), together with compositions by 'Tremlyn', entered at local eisteddfodau. Papers found loose inside the volume have been filed separately (MS 23630iiE).

Davies, David, -1901

Scrapbook of D. Silvan Evans

A massive though ill-arranged scrap-book compiled by D. Silvan Evans containing holograph letters, addressed, except where otherwise stated, to D. Silvan Evans, from D[avid] Nutt, London, 1879 (the text of Presbyter Johannes), S. Prideaux Tregelles, Plymouth, 1860 (the importance of publishing old Welsh prose texts, the writer's views on the essentials of a Welsh dictionary), P[ierre] F[ran?] Merlet, [London] 1853 (advice on French grammars), W[illia]m Smith, [London] 1846 (the proposed publication of a dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology), Reverend T[homas] Briscoe, Holyhead, 1861 (thanks for a copy of the recipient's Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg), W. W. E. Wynne [of Peniarth] from London [1862] (an invitation to Peniarth to meet Mr Skene), W. Williams ('Caledfryn'), Groes Wen, Pont y Pridd, 1868 (compositor's errors in an article by the recipient), [William] Sotheby to [Thomas Burgess] bishop of Salisbury, 1831 (presenting a copy of the writer's version of the Iliad), C[onnop Thirlwall] bishop of St Davids, Abergwili, [18]43 (accepting the dedication of the recipient's volume of poems), T. Price ('Carnhuanawc'), Cwmdu, 1842-8 (2) (subscribing to a copy of the recipient's Blodau Ieuainc, the derivation of the English 'bother'), W. Owen Pughe, Egryn to 'Unben Gee', 1831 (declining an invitation to Rhyl), I[sidore] Brasseur, King's Coll[ege], Lond[on], 1853 (advice on French grammars and 'the genius of the French Language'), A. Tallenyn, London, 1853 (advice on Italian grammars), C[harles] Meyer, Windsor Castle, [18]47 (subscribing to the recipient's new English and Welsh Dictionary), John M. Traherne, Coedriglan, 1844 (Cardiff eisteddfod), Ernst Sattler, Coburg, 1869 (enclosing a list of Welsh books in the writer's possession), John Thomas ('Ieuan Morganwg'), Newcastle [upon] Tyne, undated (covering poetry by the writer), H. Gaidoz, London, 1869 (an article on Skene's Four Ancient Books of Wales, the recipient's Dictionary and Llyfryddiaeth y Cymry) (French), Le Chevalier de Chatelain, London 1864 (2) (the writer's French translation of the Canterbury Tales, etc.), [John Jones] 'Tegid', Nevern, 1845 (enclosing poems for competition, Aneurin Owen's translation of the Gododdin), James Tully, R[oman] C[atholic] College, Maynooth, 1868 (English-Irish dictionaries), Thomas Powell, Llanwrtyd [aft. Prof. Thomas Powel, University College, Cardiff] to [J. H. Silvan] Evans, undated (criticism of Jeremiah's paper on 'The Milky Way' in relation to the recipient's father's letter), Cha[rle]s B[rodrick] Scott, Freshwater Gate, Isle of Wight, 1862 (admission to [Westminster School]), W[illiam] Spurrell, Carmarthen, 1889 (requesting printer's copy), J. Ceiriog Hughes, Caersws, 1872 (Welsh dialect words), Ev[an] Evans, Dinas Mowddwy, 1868 (a meeting of the Commissioners of Land and Assessed Taxes for the division of Mowddwy), John Davies, Walsoken Rectory, near Wisbeach, 1868 (subscribing to the recipient's proposed Welsh dictionary), [Edward James Herbert, 3rd earl of] Powis, Powis Castle, [18]68 (the authorship of the 'Epigram Ap-pollo'), [Joseph Hughes] 'Carn Ingli', Meltham Parsonage, 1853 (information from Lady Hall about the election to a post), [John Williams] 'Ab Ithel', Middleton, Manchester, 1856 (an invitation to the recipient to act as local secretary to the Cambrian Institute), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd, 1855 (the writer's correspondence with Mr Madocks's daughter, Mrs [Eliza Anne] Roche, the importance of publishing the works of 'I[euan] B[rydydd] Hir', surviving manuscripts of Welsh poetry at Plas Hen [Pwllheli] and Glasfryn [Chwilog], unfavourable observations on the antiquarian interests of Owen Williams of Waunfawr, the success of the [Eifionydd Literary] Society), C. Mahony, Queen's College, Galway [1852] (advice on Irish grammars and dictionaries), V. Pistrucci, King's College, London, 1853 (advice on Italian grammars), Th[omas] De Vere Coneys, Ballinasloe, Galway, 1847 (advice on Irish grammars), A. Heimaan, London, 1849 (advice on German grammars), [Ebenezer Thomas] 'E[ben] Vardd', Clynnog, 1861 (thanks for a gift of the recipient's Llythyraeth yr Iaith Gymraeg, with the writer's observations on the subject), Adolphus Bernays, Harrow Road, [18]53 (advice on [German] grammars), John Jenkins ('Ifor Ceri'), Kerry to Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Manafon, 1826 (the Ossian controversy, personal), Henry T[homas] Edwards, [vicar of] Carnarvon, 1870 (thanks for a letter), R[owland] Williams, Meifod, undated (enclosing poetry for publication in Y Gwyliedydd), R. Richards, Penrhoslligwy, Amlwch, 1877 (parentage and pedigree of the Morris brothers of Anglesey), Evan Evans ('Ieuan Glan Geirionydd'), Parsonage, Ince, 1843 (subscribing to the recipient's 'intended work' [Blodau Ieuainc]), Morris Davies, Upper Bangor, 1869 (the writer's article on Edmund Prys, enclosing dictionary words and additions to Llyfryddiaeth [y Cymry], Tho[ma]s Edwards ('Caervallwch'), London, 1843-6 (2) (the recipient's Blodau Ieuainc), William Rees, Llandovery, 1842 (Lady Charlotte Guest's reply to the recipient's objection about the English translation of 'dyniewid', a request for the return of the 'Notes' for the publication of Part V), R. G. Latham, New Malden, Kingston-on-Thames, [18]64 (accepting the accuracy of the recipient's remark), Rowland Williams, Salisbury, [18]64 (a subscription to the recipient's school), John O'Donovan, Dublin, 1852 (advice on Irish grammars), Tho[mas] Holland, Sheffield, 1863 (the legend of S[t] Collen), O[wen] Connellan [of Cork], from Dublin, 1852 (advice on Irish grammars and dictionaries), and [Thomas James ('Llallawg'),] Netherthong, ?1875 (dictionary words) (incomplete); a few miscellaneous manuscript items, among them being 'Cynwysiad Gramadeg y Dr Gruffydd Roberts' in the hand of John Jones ('Tegid'), 1848, a holograph 'hir a thoddaid' to Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain') by Dr Carl Meyer, verses entitled 'Castell Conwy' by Edward Evan Jones ('Glasvryn'), a list of 'Geiriau Taleithiol' in the hand of Benjamin Williams ('Gwynionydd'), a fragment on Welsh metrics in the hand of Edward Williams ('Iolo Morganwg'), 'Englynion i Clebryn' by Robert Parry ('Robyn Ddu Eryri'), verses entitled 'The Bard's Return' ('Translated by Lady Charlotte Guest'), etc.; printed matter, including an appeal for subscriptions towards the repair of Llanymawddwy Church, c. 1862, University College of Wales (Aberystwyth) examination questions in Welsh, 1875 and undated, a broadside and leaflet appealing for subscriptions towards the defence of [Joshua] Evans, vicar of Llanover, 1875, and numerous prospectuses of printed publications, e.g. D. Silvan Evans, A Dictionary of the Welsh Language, D. Silvan Evans (ed.), Casgliad o Hymnau at wasanaeth yr Eglwys, D. Silvan Evans (ed.), The Works of the Rev. Walter Davies ... (Gwallter Mechain), Morris Williams ['Nicander'], Hermes Cambrenses: or an Etymological Welsh-English Dictionary, Ysten Sioned (1882), D. Silvan Evans, Telynegion, Rhys Jones, Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru (1773), D. Silvan Evans, Blodau Ieuainc (Early Blossoms), Y Brython (Tremadog), etc.; copious press cuttings, including articles and reviews by, and reviews of works by, D. Silvan Evans, letters published by D. Silvan Evans in Yr Arweinydd and Y Gwron in 1858 concerning his controversy with Thomas Gee over the publication of his Welsh-English Dictionary, an air and verses entitled 'Marwolaeth fy mrawd' by Daniel Thomas Williams ('Tydfylyn'), 'The Sagranus Stone, St Dogmaels' by Robert Williams, Rhydycroesau, and poetry by John Jones ('Tegid'), D. Silvan Evans, Edward Roberts ('Iorwerth Glan Aled'), Edward [Evan] Jones ('Glasfryn'), Llanfair Caereinion, Evan Jones ('Gwyneddon'), Walter Davies ('Gwallter Mechain'), Daniel Evans ('Daniel Ddu o Geredigion'), Robert Harries Jones ('Quellyn'), Thomas Lloyd Jones ('Gwenffrwd') Henry George Thomas, London, John B. Pedler, Liverpool, John Emlyn Jones ('Ioan Emlyn'), John Williams ('Ab Ithel'), Ellis Owen, Cefnymeusydd and many others; and a few engraved portraits and prints, including Morgan Evans, vicar of Llangynllo, Radnorshire, Thomas Charles, Bala, Christmas Evans, and a view of Denbigh, 1847. At the end of the volume there is one loose folio (numbered pp. 203-4) in an eighteenth century hand containing verses (beginning wanting) to 'y twcca' ('nis Gwn'i pwy ai ganodd ond Hugh Hughes ai scrifennodd 1760') and 'englynion' (some attributed to 'E. Rob' and R. Jones).

Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903


Miscellaneous papers including poetry, partly in the hand of [Owen Evan(s) Jones, Llanrwst], 1846-1887 and undated, by John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), Jno. M. Jones ('Garmon'), Richd. Williams, Portmadoc, W. J. Mollineux, Llanrwst, J. J. Lloyd, [John Williams] ('loan Madog'), and [Ebenezer Thomas] ('Eben Fardd'); printed poetry by 'Glasfryn'; 'Rhestr o Blant Dafydd Jones o Drefriw' (transcribed by 'E. J.', 1909, from a sheet lent by Dr. [ ] Jones, and based on a manuscript of David Jones himself); a short biography of John Jones ('Pyll Glan Conwy'), in the form of a copy of a letter from [his son] Evan Jones to Edward Jones ('Iorwerth Ceitho'), 1908; a printed leaflet 'At y Llenorion appwyntiedig yn Llangollen i drefnu Orgraph y Gymraeg' by R. I. Prys ['Gweirydd ap Rhys'], Denbigh, and T. Stephens, Merthyr Tydfil; a holograph letter from W. A. Parry, Llanrwst, to J. Jones, ['Pyll Glan Conwy'] at the Post Office, Port Madoc, 1857 (a request for demy mill boards) (countersigned by John Morris Jones); a receipt, 1864, by Thos. Williams, curate of St. Mary's, Llanrwst, to John Jones, Printing Office, for a sum of £8/8/0 in payment for a double vault with iron railings in the church-yard; miscellaneous press cuttings; etc.

Owen Evan Jones, Evan Jones, and others.

Llyfr Catherine Jones,

'Llyfr Miss Catherine Jones Post Office Clynnog 1861', being a notebook containing a pedigree showing the descendants of Gruffydd Humphrey, Llangybi, Caernarvonshire, one of them being Evan Owen, who was a Calvinistic Methodist preacher at Talysarn in 1861, together with miscellaneous poems by Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd).

Jones, Catherine, of Clynnog.

Cofnodion teuluaidd Joseph Eaton,

Dalen o gofnodion teuluaidd, [?1860au], yn llaw Joseph Eaton, wedi ei ysgrifennu ganddo yn wreiddiol mewn copi o'r Drysorfa (1851). = A leaf containing family memoranda, [?1860s], in the hand of Joseph Eaton, originally written by him in a copy of Y Drysorfa (1851).
Ceir gwybodaeth am deulu Eaton yn Henllan, sir Ddinbych, yn arbennig ei nain, Mari Jones. Ar y verso mae englynion beddargraff i William Jones (Eos Henllan), cefnder Eaton, gan Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd). = The memoranda relate to Eaton's family in Henllan, Denbighshire, in particular his grandmother, Mari Jones. On the verso are englynion from the tombstone of Eaton's cousin, William Jones (Eos Henllan), by Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd).

Eaton, Joseph.

A miscellany,

A small notebook containing 'Englyn ar fedd y diweddar D. R. Pughe, Esq. or Frondidion, Clynnog fawr Gan un oi hen gyffeillion ffyddlon Eben Vardd', and other poems, etc.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

Gwlad Canaan,

Llythyr, 15 Mai 1852, oddi wrth Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd) i'r Parch. E[dward] Lloyd, Treffynnon (ff. 1-2), yn cynnwys cerdd ganddo o'r enw 'Gwlad Canaan' (f. 1). = A letter, 15 May 1852, from Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd) to the Rev. E[dward] Lloyd, Holywell (ff. 1-2), enclosing a copy of his poem 'Gwlad Canaan' (f. 1).
Ceir hefyd lythyr ynghylch y llawysgrif oddi wrth E. G. Millward at [J. E.] Davies, [?1950au] (f. 3). Cyhoeddwyd ffacsimili o'r gerdd ac adysgrif o'r llythyr yn Cymru, 18 (1900), 84, 98. = Also included is a letter concerning the manuscript from E. G. Millward to [J. E.] Davies, [?1950s] (f. 3). A facsimile of the poem and a transcript of the letter were published in Cymru, 18 (1900), 84, 98.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

Llythyr gan Eben Fardd,

  • NLW MS 9117D.
  • Ffeil
  • 1844.

A letter, 3 February 1844, written in the third person by Ebenezer Thomas (Eben Fardd), to be delivered by Thomas Owen to William Edwards, Penrhos, Holyhead.

Eben Fardd, 1802-1863

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